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Skills Application Assignment #1 (Learning About Your Library)


Name _____________________________
carol Paseta
Teacher _____________________________
Period _____________________________

@ Your New College Library

American University
Name of college you are planning to attend ________________________________________________________
What are the operating hours of the library? _______________________________________________________
WRLC Catalog
What is the name of the librarys catalog program? __________________________________________________

Can students access this library catalog off campus? How?

Students can access the catalog by using their personal computer off campus.
40 days
How long can students check out books? __________________________________________________________

How do students print and copy in the library? Students can print by using one of their computers.

Can students check their library account information online? Students can check their account through the
AU portal
Does the library have an inter-library loan program? What is the name of this service?
Yes, it's called the Washington Research Library Consortium
Name 2 databases or journal indexes the library offers to their students.
University Library
1) ______________________________________________
2) ______________________________________________
Does the library offer a library instruction class? no

they don't have a tutorial

Does the library have an online tutorial? If so, what is the URL for this tutorial? ____________________________
Books that shaped America
Name a workshop that the library offers __________________________________________________________

Does the library offer librarian assistance online? yes


Name one of the librarians and include his/her email address or phone number.

Name: Danea Freeman

_________________________ Email:
Does the library have a course and/or textbook reserve program? ________________

Describe any social media or technology the library provides: mobile apps, a QR code, Facebook, Twitter.
The _____________________________________________________________________________________
___ library has a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google account
Name 3 special resources the library offers that have not been listed above.
1) knowledge base has the answers to various questions
2) 1,000,000+ books
38% of the University Library's collection is housed at the Washington Research
3) Library Consortium (WRLC)

Print out a map of the school. Highlight where the library is located. If there is more than 1 library, highlight all of the
libraries. Better yet, use Awesome Screencast to mark the library. (Or place a map of the library on your Weebly
website - assignment #3). Just be sure to write on this sheet to let me know where I can find your map.

Santa Susana High School Library Media Center Mrs. Forbes. Library Media Specialist