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Jasmine Wright

(479) 637-6314 | | 814 S. Sixth Ave Bonanza, AR 72916

ü Master of Science Instructor, ENGL 1013 Russellville, AR
College Student Personnel Arkansas Tech University December 2016—May 2017
Arkansas Tech University ü Taught one section of ENGL 1013: Composition I
May 2017 ü Class size of 20 freshmen level college students
ü Bachelor of Science ü Developed and implemented lessons
English with Teacher Licensure 7-12 ü Incorporate Blackboard and other technology in the classroom
University of Arkansas Fort Smith ü Created assessments to measure student understanding
May 2015 ü Teach students how to write an essay that effectively
communicates a clear purpose
ü Academic Advising Graduate Certificate
ü Guide students on how to use critical thinking skills to argue
Arkansas Tech University
effectively, evaluate sources, and employ sound logic
Expected: Fall 2017
ü Educate students about developing ethical perspectives by
understanding and addressing multiple side of an argument
Instructor, ENGL 0404 Russellville, AR
ü Child Maltreatment Program Arkansas Tech University August 2015—December 2016
ü Title IX Program ü Taught 1-2 sections of ENGL 0404: Developmental Reading &
ü Step Up-By Stander Program Writing per semester
ü Computer Business Application ü Average class size of 20 freshmen level college students
ü Developed and implemented lessons
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ü Created assessments to measure student understanding
ü IDEA-Dyslexia ü Incorporate Blackboard and other technology in the classroom
ü IDEA-Youth Suicide Prevention Awareness ü Teach students basic reading, writing, and grammar skills
ü IDEA-Parental Involvement Graduate Practicum I Russellville, AR
Arkansas Tech University Summer 2016
VOLUNTEER ü Comprehend the internal affairs of the undergraduate
admissions process
ü Boys and Girls Clubs of Fort Smith, AR ü Observer and work with a variety of admissions staff with
With University Student Ambassadors various responsibilities
ü Girls Inc. of Fort Smith, AR ü Responsible for creating, redesigning, and updating multiple
With Gamma Phi Beta Sorority communication plans, specifically transfer and nontraditional
communication plans
Arkansas Tech University Summer 2017
ü National Society of Leadership & Success
ü Familiar with the operations of the Academic Advising Center.
ü UAFS Cub Camp Counselor
ü Understands the services and programs available for returning
ü UAFS Student Ambassador
undergrads, transfer, and freshman students at ATU.
ü Gamma Phi Beta Sorority Alumni
ü Observed the process of registering students for classes and
learned how to advise retuning students & incoming freshman.

ü Excellent written and verbal communication Undergraduate Internship
skills, multitasking, and detail oriented 10th Grade Pre-AP English
ü Proficient in Microsoft Suite: Greenwood High School // Spring 2015
Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, Mentor Teacher Ms. Audrey Hamilton
Outlook, etc. ü Instructed five classes of 20-25 high school students
ü Administrative Blackboard & TurnItIn ü Developed both unit and lesson plans
Programming ü Aligned semesters worth of unit and lesson plans with Common
ü Social media communication Core State Standards
Practicum II
9th-12th Grade English
Front End Associate Walmart Inc. Arkoma High School // Spring 2014
Walmart #380 Waldron, AR // August 2009-2011 Mentor Teacher Mrs. Krista Lassiter
Walmart #125 Fort Smith, AR // 2011-2015 ü Observed 9th-12th grade English
Walmart #058 Russellville, AR // 2015-Present ü Documented and reviewed observations
ü Money Center Associate: ü Developed and aligned one lesson plan with Oklahoma Priority
Executed financial services such as: Academic Student Skills
check cashing, wire transfers, and bill ü Instructed one class period of 12-15 junior and senior level high
payments school students
ü Customer Service Desk Associate: Practicum I
Monitored and completed sales returns 11th-12th Grade English
of merchandise 7th-8th Creative Writing
Assisted and resolved customers’ Hackett High School // Fall 2013
concerns Mentor Teacher Mrs. Bridgett Freeman
ü Layaway Associate/Site-2-Store Associate: ü Observed 7th-8th Creative Writing, and 11th-12th English
Responsible for creating and entering ü Documented and reviewed observations
sales ü Developed and aligned one unit plan with Common Core
Mange package inventory and State Standards
organization ü Instructed two class periods of 20-25 junior and senior
Complete inventory audits level high school students
Dispense packages to customers quickly
and efficiently
ü Cashier:
Assist customers through a fast and
friendly checkout service experience
ü Customer Service Supervisor:
Supervised between 10-25 front end
Managed cash flow
Resolve customer service disputes

ü Available upon request