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Math Club

Math is Radical!
AHS Math Club
Co-Presidents: Tuesdays 8:15 am
Tori Applewhite
& Or
Martin Rennaker
Wednesdays 4:25pm
Co-Vice Presidents:
Lauren-Megan Botha & Mila Vasquez

Secretaries: Kathleen Dinh &

Anevay Ramirez

Treasurers: Isabella Rodriguez &

Clara Sjolseth

Historian: Maddy Semerjibashian

Sargents-at-Arms: Rachel Williams
& Ben Fremin
Publicist: Lauren-Megan Botha
Community Service Chair: Nico
Scholarship Committee Chair:
Michael Luan
Programming: Annie Kepple
Head Coach: Kathleen Dinh
Honorary Freshman:
Ani Savk
Lois Huh
GrandMaster: Kiet Luan

Ms. Mardis
(room 330)

Phone: 512.841.1984
Math Club Basics

What Else Do I Need to

Mu Alpha Theta operates as a
1. Math Club actually houses
subset of Math Club at Austin
both Mu Alpha Theta &
High. You must earn 100
Academic UIL. You do *not*
points (10 hours) to graduate
need to be in either one, you
with a Mu Alpha Theta cord.
only need to support its
How do you earn points?
We exist to bring the fun back into members as best you can!
. 1. All fundraisers are
2. Remember that you can
mandatory & worth 20
How do I get involved letter in Academic UIL by either
in Math Club? going to District twice or
Regionals once. 2. Meetings are optional
1. Attend Tuesday morning & worth 5 points.
meetings (8:15am room
330) OR Wednesday 3. A member must
afternoon meetings compete at least one
(4:25pm room 330). math meet (worth 20
Attendance is NOT points each).
UIL Academic Club also
2. Join our Remind using operates as a subset of Math
the code: @737he Club at Austin High. Members
may compete in any category
3. Volunteer for Math Club at Academic UIL meets.

4. Compete in a UIL