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PSIII Intern Teacher
Cardston Junior High School

Goal #1: Be aware and attend to the specific needs of individual students,
particularly in relation to their reading and writing skills.
Teaching Quality Standard Reference:

KSA #5: You understand that all students can learn, albeit at different rates and in different ways. You know how
to identify students different learning styles and when and how to engage other styles. You understand the need
to respond to differences by creating multiple paths to learning for individuals and groups of students, including
students with special learning needs;

KSA #9: You understand that there are many approaches to teaching and learning. You know a broad range of
instructional strategies appropriate to your area of specialization and the subject discipline that you teach. You
also know which strategies are appropriate to help different students achieve different outcomes;

KSA #12: You understand the importance of engaging parents, purposefully and meaningfully, in all aspects of
teaching and learning. You know how to develop and implement strategies that create and enhance partnerships
among teachers, parents and students;

Strategies Timeline Resources
-Review student IPPs and Learning Support documents September- -2017/2018 CJHS
on a regular basis. December 2017 Learning Support List
-CJHS Staff
-Work closely with Educational Assistants and parents to -Staff reading
discuss improvements and set-backs. resources
-Try various teaching strategies to pin-point learning
success and set-backs (Peer tutoring, group-work,
teacher conferences, technology aids, etc.)

-Differentiate assessment and learning tools.


-Model and use multiple strategies for teaching


-Increase student volume and complexity in reading, and

help students find something they love to read. (Author,
genre, etc.)

Measures: Formative and summative improvement in classroom assignments. (Daily journal writing,
library reading, change in required assistance, conversations with student, parents, and/or EAs)
Goal #2: Improve old and implement new classroom management strategies.
Teaching Quality Standard Reference:
KSA #7: You understand students needs for physical, social, cultural and psychological security. You know how to
engage students in creating effective classroom routines. You know how and when to apply a variety of
management strategies that are in keeping with the situation and that result in minimal disruptions to students

KSA #8: You understand the importance of respecting students human dignity. You know how to establish, with
different students, professional relationships that are characterized by mutual respect, trust and harmony;

Strategies Timeline Resources
-Adapt previous classroom September- The link below is a classroom management
management strategies to December and routine resource bank I created with a
fit the age group and needs 2017 colleague. There are many great resources
of my students. useful in helping to fulfill this professional
-Observe classroom
-Implement various
management strategies into
the classroom specifically in
the early weeks of my

-Continue to try new fun

and innovative ideas to
improve the management
and morale of my

Measures: Classroom observation and feedback (individual, mentor teachers, principals, and
university consultant), student feedback, student performance, and overall
student/classroom morale.