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#3037, Sector – 23
Gurgaon , Haryana
M: 9711108642

Career Objective

I would like to be a part of an organization, which has an open culture, and where new avenues of
thinking and learning are available. I want to develop technical skills & expertise in Emerging
Information Technology areas and contribute to the organization’s business and competitive

Educational Qualification

Degree University / Year of Division

Board passing
B.Tech Punjab Technical 2009 First (69.5%)
(Electronics & Communication) University

Senior SECONDARY C.B.S.E 2005 First(66.0%)

METRICULATION I.C.S.E 2003 First(74.4%)

Technical Proficiencies

Languages/ Database : RPG/400, CL/400, SQL,C/C++

Operating Systems : Windows 9X/2000/XP, Win 2003/server, Vista
Database : DB2/400, SQL

Professional Experience

 Professional with having Relevant experience in the area of Software Development, and having
Strong skills in IBM AS/400 Technology, with proven ability to manage projects in AS/400.
Continuously involved in Development, Testing, and Maintenance of project in AS400

Technical Trainings:
C-DAC - 2 months industrial training
 During 2 months industrial training in 4th sem. joined C-DAC (Centre for development
of advanced computing).
 Learnt the salient features on Computer Networks and the main features of Networking.
 Attended workshop titled Embedded Product Design & Development conducted by

6th month Training Engineer Experience in TATA Teleservices Ltd,Jalandhar.

 Switching Alarm Monitoring & Troubleshooting at Ericsson switch.

 Routing management which includes route creation, signaling definitions, link creation


Project Title : Enterprise Business Suite

Environment : AS/400
Project Summary : Enterprise Business Suite is transparent and tightly integrated business
software having its focus on enterprises dealing in distribution of products. With this software an
enterprise is able to manage its Supply chain Management (SCM) comprising Purchase, Inventory,
Order Entry, and Logistics, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) comprising Sales and
Marketing, Services, Customer Contact and Accounts & Finance operations. It also helps production
department, so that products can delivered on time and with efficient utilization of material and human
resources .

Responsibilities: Coding, Maintenance, Enhancements and Reports.

 Received Third prize for participating in Minerva’07-A national level technical festival.
 Got second prize in Quiz competition organized by R.I.E.I.T
 Organized event Young Turks in tech fest Minerva 2006
 Participated in Error Terror Event in Minerva’07.

Extra Curricular

 Participated in the working of Apt master committee in the MINERVA’06-A national

level technical festival held at R.I.E.I.T.
 Executive member of electronics club R.I.E.I.T.
 Was an active member of NSS camp during the third semester.
 Chief coordinator of Minerva 2007.

Personal Skills
Ability to deal with people diplomatically, willingness to learn team facilitator hard worker, good
exposure in games, communication.

Personal Profile

Name : Neeraj Puri

Father’s Name : Lt Rajinder Puri
Sex : Male
Marital Status : Single
Nationality : Indian
Date Of Birth : 18 May,1987
Hobbies : Listening FM, Watching movies, playing games.

Neeraj Puri