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Peace Church Council

Joyce Hanson Peace Lutheran Church
PO Box 164
Our Sunday School would like to thank Karen Block for providing
music for us, Deb Erickson for leading us in music and teaching in
Gaylene Hanson
222 Central Ave N
our Cooking rotation, Kim Lang for teaching in our Movie
Elbow Lake, MN 56531 Rotation, Jodi Moss for teaching in our Crafts rotation, Chelsey Anderson for teaching in our Games/Drama rotation, and Kristy
Simar for being our faithful helper this year and many, many years!
You all are so appreciated!
Lois Scherer
26873 Grand View Road #1
Elbow Lake, MN 56531 We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Heather Danner for her work with Release Time, Confirmation, and our Youth
218-685-4465 Group. Our kids look forward to learning from you again next year!

Jim Johnson Our best possibility for Vacation Bible School dates this year are
18643 193rd Ave
August 11, 12, and 13. Please let us know what your wished are for
Barrett, MN 56311 scheduling VBS. We will be choosing a theme in the very near future
320-528-2393 and will be sending out information letters along with registration
Todd Schneeberger
26875 Oak Point Rd It’s never too early to sign up to help with VBS! Give Joyce a call at
Elbow Lake, MN 56531 320-424-9726 or email her at if you can help
218-685-5210 in anyway.

Robert Shervey We had several successes this year in Sunday School, such as our
21738 180th Ave community service projects, our field trips, and our Christmas
Barrett, MN 56311
Program. Our regular Sunday School classes were lacking in
218-685-4309 participants and we are sincerely hoping our attendance increases in
the upcoming year.
Kim Lang
504 3rd Street Join us at VBS this summer and then come learn more at Sunday
Barret, MN 56311 School which begins on Sunday, September 9th at 10:00 am!

Joyce Hanson, Director
Lexi Danner
PO Box 152 Peace Sunday School
Hoffman, MN 56339
P.S. Remember our church time has been changed from 8:30 am to
11:00 am to accommodate families with young children. Hope to see
Pastor Sarah Evenson: you in church!
Peace Church Council Meeting, April 11th 2018

Members Present: Joyce Hanson, Lois Scherer, Todd Schneeberger, Bob Shervey, Kim Lang, Lexi Danner, Gaylene Hanson,
Jim Johnson, and Sandy Kashmark
Absent: Pr. Sarah
Visitors Attending: Heather Danner, Jan Vipond and Brenda Long
Meeting called to order by President Joyce Hanson at 6:30pm
Secretary’s Report:
Motion to approve last meeting minutes with amendments to Pr. Sarah’s vacation days to read April 9th and 10th and 13th-
17th made by Todd, 2nd by Lexi, MCU
Treasurer’s Report
Transaction Report: Motion to approve by Gaylene, 2 nd by Todd, MCU Treasures Report approved by Gaylene, 2 nd by
Kim, MCU
Pastor’s Report:
We received in writing a report from Pr. Sarah. We will be changing our meeting time to allow for her to be able to
attend our meetings. Meeting times will now be the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm. Pr. Sarah met with Mutual
Ministry and items were discussed in regards to changing the service for Sundays. We are asking for the Mutual Ministry
meeting to provide a report to the congregation before the meetings with Pr. to keep clear communication.
Old Business:
Church Directory- Brenda Long attended our council meeting and showed us the directory for approval before we
send it to print and to decide how many copies we want.
Contracts and meeting with West and East Moe- We will meet on Tuesday, April 16th for a group congregation
meeting to discuss our partnerships and to decide if it is a fruitful for all churches still.
Youth Mission Trip- the youth group has had fundraisers to raise money for their trip to Colorado. They have more
fundraisers coming up before they leave in July. They may need to ask for outside donations as well.
Cancelation contacts- will be contacting the same radio stations and TV stations that the school uses.
Committee appointments-will table until we are sure what is happening with contracts first.
Synod Convention- Joyce will be going as representative of our Council, but we will open it up to the congregation
for anyone who wants to attend as well.

New Business
Supply Pastor will be here on our communion Sunday, so Pr. Sarah will do it on the 4 th Sunday instead, due to her
vacation. We will attempt a contemporary service the last Sunday of each month at the request of several youth
in our congregation. It has gone over very well at West Moe church.
The Berheim scholarship has funds available to Seniors who apply for it for college.
Confirmation is set for 11 am on May 20th at 11am.
Senior Sunday is April 22nd. The graduating seniors receive quilts from the Ever Blessed quilters during the regular
The Old Settler Reunion Service is at the pavilion on the Sunday of the weekend. We will ask Pr. Sarah if she wants
to provide the service at 11 am.
We have discussed meeting more frequently with our sub committees for updates outside of just the annual meeting.
We will change the time and date for the council meeting to the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm.
We will need to look at hiring someone for lawn care for the summer services, Dakotah Kashmark has been doing it,
but is not able to continue with is for us anymore. Kim will ask if the Overson boys would be interested. We
will open it to our congregation before we hire Frykman-Johnson to do it.

Motion to adjourn at 8:11 pm by, Kim 2 nd by Gaylene, MCU
June 2018

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the
Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you
always, to the end of the age." Matthew 28:19-20

These verses, I believe, are the call to ministry and mission that you and I share as the body of Christ. Really, this
is the calling or mission of the Church as a whole. What is missing from these verses? The goal of getting more
“butts in the pews”. Nowhere does Jesus call us to fill church pews with people. No, instead we are called to go
and make disciples, to share the Word of God….the good news of the Gospel.

I agree, more people in church is a wonderful idea. Hearing the voices of everyone singing together some of our
favorite hymns can often be a spiritual experience in itself. The reality of this time in our culture however, depicts
a much different scene. Churches everywhere are seeing a decline in membership, participation, and worship
attendance; it is not just Peace Lutheran Church in Barrett, MN. There are many other activities that beg and at
times demand the attention of people and families. Not too long ago businesses were not open on Sundays nor
were youth activities and sports were not held on Sundays. Church was, many years ago, a social gathering event
for families and neighbors. Communication and travel was limited, and church was a weekly outing in which to
catch up on the local happenings as well as worship together and enjoy fellowship. Technology and travel have
changed in significantly while church has not.

That is not to say that everything about church has to change. In fact, I believe one concept that we can take from
early church days and bring forward is the idea of coming together for one purpose, goal, mission, and vision.
Our vision comes from God…who through Jesus tells us to go, make disciples, baptizing and teaching them; we
are sent out to proclaim our faith and share God’s Word. We have our mission. More importantly than focusing
solely on putting people in the pews is to determine how to work together as God’s people and reach out beyond
the walls of the church and proclaim God’s love, grace, mercy, and redemption. People, regardless of the era, need
to hear these words. They probably need to hear them NOW more than EVER.

I firmly believe that when we unite as God’s people and serve as God has called us, the pews will have more butts
in them. People are yearning for a place to connect, to be fed spiritually, to hear they are loved and accepted, and
are seeking desperately a place to feel a sense of belonging. What better place than the house of God? So mem-
bers of Peace Lutheran that are reading this column in the newsletter…I invite you ALL to pray and ask God how
we can better UNITE as God’s people and REACH OUT to proclaim God’s Word. And then LISTEN to what
God places on your heart and be ready and willing to share what it is you hear and feel. Yes, some ideas may be
outside the box, or outside your level of comfort, but let me remind you of Jesus’ earthly ministry. Jesus’ ministry
was always pushing the limit, challenging people and their assumptions of how they believed God worked.
Friends of Christ, the Holy Spirit continues to challenge us in our own assumptions of how WE believe God
works today. So, be open. Be ready to listen. Be ready to go and make disciples of all nations. Be ready to serve
this earthy Kingdom for the glory of God in this time and place.

Pastor Sarah Evenson
June 2018
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June 24 Old Settlers Reunion—
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Church clean up day is set for Saturday, June 16th at 9am.
Let’s come and help out. Thank you!
Lutheran World Relief Kits
LWR Kits of care are a way for us to turn ordinary items into extraordinary gifts.
You can help people dealing with some of life’s most difficult situations—the
aftermath of earthquakes and floods, fleeing home to escape violence and living
in poverty.
Types of Care Kits:
Personal Care Kits
School Kits
Baby Care Kits
If you have questions contact: Baby Care: Annabelle Olson, Bea DeFrance;
School: Sandy Perry, Irene Shervey; Personal: Maureen Volker, Diane Puchalski;
Bandages: Bea DeFrance.
PO Box 206
Barrett MN 56311

2018 June

Pastor Sarah Evenson 320-808-8772
Office: 320-528-2536 email:
218 Church Street PO Box 206 Barrett, MN 56311

Word About Synod Assembly Offerings…………

Last year a number of Synod Assembly voting members, including one from
Peace Church, took home a pickle jar as part of the Bishop’s One-A-Day
Challenge, with a goal of raising $365.00 per pickle jar for the NW MN Synod
Fund for Leaders Endowment. We now need to convert our “pickle jar offerings”
into a check and bring them to the registration table on June 8th. So far we have
collected $51.00 ($314.00 short) but we have one more chance to contribute on
Sunday, June 2nd. Please consider donating to the cause. Thank you!