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Hospital Arts Programme

Working together

St John's, Western General,
Royal Infirmary and Royal Edinburgh

October - December 2018
© Anne Elliot
Royal Edinburgh Hospital Summer Camp
Hospital Arts Programme
October - December 2018

Working together

Introduction to Programme

It’s been a busy and beautiful summer; there’s been lots happening with new
projects beginning and new artists coming in to work on workshops, as well as the
continuation of our regular programme of events and activities.

We aim to provide a variety of activities across hospitals, involving people from
many different backgrounds and we are constantly looking at ways to improve the
wellbeingof patients in acute and elderly care settings. To achieve this we work
with staff, families and patients, asking for their feedback to ensure what we put
on is of real relevance.

So, this summer, as part of our conversations
with staff and patients, we have been
working closely with Activity Coordinators
and Occupational Therapists, looking at how
we combine ‘forces’ to reach more patients,
providing meaningful activities that enhance
wellbeing on the wards which reach as many
patients as possible. This can take many
different forms and is dependent on the levels
of identified need and interests within each
hospital. For example, we put on a series
of five- week making workshops on wards
Tom Krasny workshop at REH
identified by activity coordinators: where
boredom is highlighted as an issue we organise musicians, singers or performers
to go onto the ward to entertain; and sometimes its important to create a bit of
time where we simply sit down with each other and have a natter to work through
some ideas.
Working together

© Hannah Imlach
Working together works! The combination of all of our skills, experience and
knowledge leads to a more focused experience for a larger number of patients.
Together we address issues of boredom, isolation and stress. What we bring to
the collaborations is the perspective of artists, as occupational therapist Hazel
Samson says,

“Each artist that attends the wards brings with them their own talents and a
willingness to share and explore this with patients. This can have a positive impact
on the patients’ wellbeing and provide a space where the focus is not on the
reason they are in hospital. As occupational therapists it also provides us the
opportunity to discuss the impact of engaging in an activity and whether it might
be something they would want to continue with in the community.”

Hazel Samson, OT, St John's

So what’s new in the coming months?
In addition to working with the four hospitals, we have received funding from
EVOC to extend community links at Prospect Bank, a specialist dementia unit in
the heart of Leith and we will soon begin similar work at the Western General,
and also with Liberton Hospital once they move to the Royal Edinburgh campus.

We have just been awarded funding to establish a Reading Friends project across
the hospitals. Elaine Gallagher, who was the guest editor on the last brochure, will
work with us to establish the Reading Friends project which is a collaboration with
the Scottish Book Trust and the Reading Agency, but more about that later.

We have a fantastic group of volunteers across all the hospitals, and we are
always looking for more, so if you are interested please do get in touch (contact
info at the back of this brochure).  We have
introduced a volunteer variety hour over
three dates in the public space at the Royal
Infirmary, and we will be extending the
number of volunteers we work with through
the Reading Friends project. A big thank you
to everyone who gives so generously of their
time and talents, you all make a difference.
As usual we hope you enjoy our programme
and what we have planned for October
to December (plus some highlights and
photographs of the fantastic work completed
and fun events from July to September). We
look forward to working with everyone on 2018 REH Fete
the autumn programme. 

All the best,

Hospital Arts Programme team
© James McLardy
St John’s
Visual Arts Workshops
St John’s

© James McLardy
Steve Hollingsworth and James McLardy

A highlight from our work at St John’s over the last three months has been the
workshops developed by artists James McLardy and Steve Hollingsworth. James
and Steve have extensive experience of working with people with complex
disabilities. They have been working closely with the Occupational Therapy
department at St John's, particularly with Hazel Samson and Billi-Jo Bathgate on
Ward 3, and with Irene Davidson and Tara Donaldson on the Stroke Ward.

With patients they have created large and colourful collaborative artworks; big,
gestural swirls of colour on paper and canvas, but what has been happening in
these workshops is best told by the people involved:

Working together
St John’s

Steve Hollingsworth and James McLardy (cont.)

“We made long ‘wands’ with ink wads, sponge
pads and brushes on the end of the wands to
carry ink or paint. Each participant chose a colour
of ink or paint and loaded their wand with their
chosen colour. A large sheet of paper or canvas
was attached to a revolving turntable, and once
the paper or canvas was spinning the participants
lowered their wands onto the paper or canvas. By
moving their arms, hands and bodies to move the
wands on the paper, the groups worked together
to make a collaborative artwork. Even within this
collaborative process you could see peoples
personalities coming out in the marks they were
making, but everyone was equalised in making
one work, it felt very focused.’’

Steve Hollingsworth & James McLardy, Artists

‘’We had great feedback from patients and their relatives re: the workshops. Dr
Ramsay, consultant and nursing staff also popped in to give positive feedback.’’

Sam Tuff, SCN Stroke Ward.
© James McLardy (3)

8 Working together
St John’s

Steve Hollingsworth and James McLardy (cont.)

© James McLardy
“The workshop was very much a whole group task that I think worked well as
people felt ‘involved’ in doing something together. There was some really positive
chat generated by one of the participants who had been at the previous session
and was ‘looking forward to this one.' Also, one of our ladies with very little
language was attempting to communicate later with her daughter via her letter
communication chart that she ‘had been painting.' Her daughter was really
touched. I have to say the finished paintings look great and hopefully we can look
at putting them up on the wall in the unit.’’

Irene Davidson, OT, Stroke Ward

And don’t forget, during October to December you will have the fantastic
storyteller Max Scratchmann and the lovely Miss Annabel Sings visiting the wards.
We hope you enjoy them!

Working together
St John’s

© Albie Clark (2)
Max Scratchmann

Max is a fantastic storyteller and multimedia artist who uses different tools to tell a
story. He is also an exceptional collaborator, listening and transforming ideas into
something meaningful for patients. What a scorcher this summer has been but with
the autumn and winter nights drawing in Max will be working with Occupational
Therapists and staff on the wards to create sessions encouraging memories of
golden autumn afternoons and frosty winter nights and the gatherings that go with
them. This is a chance to gather together, listen to each other’s stories and enjoy
an hour with this very special storyteller.

10 Working together
St John’s

Singin' and Reminiscin' with Miss Annabel Sings

With a passion for reminiscence and the help of a huge back catalogue of your
favourite songs from every genre, Edinburgh’s premier Cabaret singer and host
will be celebrating the power of song and what they mean to us. Annabel is
pleased to be back for a regular session at St. John's and to bring her special
brand of stories and songs to friends old and new. She invites you to join her for
an informal hour to sing together, share stories, laugh, dance or simply sit back
and enjoy some entertainment.

Working together


11am - 12pm Ward 3
Monday 1st & 15th October
1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 17

11am - 12pm Ward 3
Max Scratchmann* Monday 5th & 19th November
1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 17

11am - 12pm Ward 3
Monday 10th December
1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 17

11am - 12pm Stroke Ward
Wednesday 10th October
1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 17

11am - 12pm Stroke Ward
Miss Annabel Sings* Wednesday 7th November
1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 17

11am - 12pm Stroke Ward
Wednesday 5th December
1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 17

* Open to patients and staff on the ward/s

© Albie Clark
Western General
Sarah Phizacklea
Western General

The Western General will be jam-packed with Artlink artists and performers
over the next three months! We are really excited about our first 5 week Making
Workshops on Wards 71 and 72, where artists James McLardy and Hannah
Imlach will be working with patients with support from Rachel Muir, the activity
coordinator for those wards. Look out for photos of that in the next brochure.

© Hannah Imlach

Anne Elliot will be cooking up a storm talking with patients about meals that evoke
fond memories for them. An illustrated recipe book which will include patients’
stories, paintings, drawings and the recipes for those meals will be coproduced by
the ward and Artlink.

As part of the EVOC-funded programme we are also talking with staff to extend
our programme to other elderly care wards. We are very interested in establishing
a team approach to this work, getting people together from the community and

14 Working together
Western General

from wards to explore how we can support older people moving from hospital
care to the community. Get in touch if you want to know more (details at back of

We will continue with a programme of performance events on wards.  Look out for
Sarah Phizacklea whose performance will be available to all patients on wards in
the RVB. 

What’s more, Miss Annabel Sings has curated a plethora of talent for the all new
‘That’s Entertainment’ slot; it’s all about the local community, getting people in and
making sure that by working together we can make people feel better!

As part of Reading Friends expect to see some volunteer readers on the wards. If
you are interested in volunteering or having a volunteer read on your wards then
get in touch with us. 

© The Reading Agency

Working together
Western General

© Hannah Imlach
Making Workshops with James McLardy and Hannah Imlach
Following on from the highly successful Making workshops on the Stroke Ward at
the Royal Infirmary, James and Hannah will join forces with activity coordinator
Rachel Muir. Rachel is the only activity coordinator at the Western General.
Working together will increase the scope of our work allowing us to involve more

James and Hannah talked of using what they had learned in their workshops at
the Royal Infirmary to inform a new series of workshops. As they so eloquently
put it, “all we have to do is start with a process and be ready to change it
for each person as we go along, we are always flexible in what we provide,
reactive and responsive to each participant's involvement which helps us build a
supportive environment where participants have the opportunity to talk and share
experiences during the making process.”

We look forward to the work that develops out of this workshop and will be
sharing photos and highlights from it in the next brochure.

16 Working together
Western General

NEW! Workshops with Anne Elliot: Recipes Hold Memories

Photos and ornaments hold memories for people and people don’t often realise
that food is also a great trigger for nostalgia. After all, who doesn’t have a
story to tell about their granny/mum/dad telling them off for not eating their
dinner? What's more, most of us will have fond memories of cooking or eating our
favourite foods.

Anne will work with staff and patients to talk about
their favourite meals and chat about the happy
memories each meal brings to the fore. Based on a
description of each meal, Anne will recreate the dish
and set up a series of still lives for people to draw
and paint. These artworks will be used to illustrate a
cookery book featuring the stories and recipes behind
© Anne Elliot

each meal. Ward 50 and Artlink will work together to
produce this illustrated recipe book.

Sarah Phizacklea

Western General here she comes! Sarah is Artlink’s multi-instrumentalist, golden-
voiced, super hero and is always a hit on the wards. It’s a two way street when it
comes to enjoying and learning from the performance and Sarah has commented
recently that her experience as a performer on the wards has taught her so much
about herself and her music and helped her grow in confidence. The power
of song is tangible but what songs speak to you? We all have one or two that
resonate. Sarah will be working with you and activity coordinator Rachel to find
the songs that have special meaning to you. Enjoy a relaxed hour of live music
and chat as she takes you on a journey through the eras to find your song.

Working together
Western General

Singin’ & Reminiscin’ with Miss Annabel Sings

With a passion for reminiscence and the help of a huge back catalogue of your
favourite songs from every genre, Edinburgh’s premier Cabaret singer and host
will be celebrating the power of song and what they mean to us in a hospital
environment. Annabel has been working regularly on ward 71 and noticed a real
sense of family as staff, patients and family got to know each other in her sessions.
She will visit all four of the wards Artlink works with over the next quarter to build
on this. You are invited to join her for an informal hour to sing together, share
stories, laugh, dance or simply sit back and enjoy some entertainment.

NEW! That’s Entertainment

Miss Annabel Sings has been curating a series
of performances on wards 51 and 55 in the
Anne Fergusson Building.

Artlink have introduced a few more wards to the
programme which include Medicine for The Elderly Wards,
and it is with great pleasure we begin a collaborative
journey with staff and patients to find out what makes them
laugh, smile and feel good. What we learn from working
together will inform future entertainment and workshops on
the wards so if you have any requests or suggestions then
just let us know! We have a big book of entertainers from
© Albie Clark

a variety of disciplines. Have a look below to see who will
be visiting your ward to brighten up the day with some
enlivening entertainment.
Paul Novak, Magician

18 Working together
Western General

Magadalena Durant

This classically trained singer will be bringing you pop and opera hits from all over
the world.

Paul Novak
Comedy, chat and magic from everybody’s favourite close-up magician.

Sarah Phizacklea
This golden-voiced multi-instrumentalist will be sharing her favourite songs and
what they mean to her.

Ben Nardone
There’s no business like show business so dust off those vocal chords: it’s
show-tune sing-a-long time!

The Pearls
Artlink love this Retro musical duo. Val and Sarah will be performing songs from
the ‘20s to the ‘70s!

Miss Annabel Sings
Songs and stories inspired by the festive season with Edinburgh’s Queen of

Working together


Making Workshops Starting In October and
with James McLardy TBA Wards 71 & 72
running for 5 weeks
and Hannah Imlach+

1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th 2pm - 3.30pm Ward 50

Workshops with Anne Mondays
Elliot: Recipes Hold 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th 2pm - 3.30pm Ward 50
Memories° November

2pm - 3.30pm Ward 50
3rd December

11am - 12pm Ward 70
Wednesday 3rd October
1.30pm - 2.30pm Ward 71

11am - 12pm Ward 72
Wednesday 24th October
1.30pm - 2.30pm Ward 73

11am - 12pm Ward 70
Sarah Phizacklea* Wednesday 7th November
1.30pm - 2.30pm Ward 71

11am - 12pm Ward 72
Wednesday 21st November
1.30pm - 2.30pm Ward 73

11am - 12pm Ward 70
Wednesday 5th December
1.30pm - 2.30pm Ward 71

Magdalena Durant+ Tuesday 9th October 1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 55

* Open to patients and staff on all wards in the RVB building
+ Open to patients and staff on the ward/s
° Open to patients on Ward 50


11am - 12pm Ward 70
Wednesday 31st October
1.30pm - 2.30pm Ward 71
Singin’ & Reminiscin’
with Miss Annabel 11am - 12pm Ward 72
Sings* Monday 12th November
1.30pm - 2.30pm Ward 73

Wednesday 4th December 11am - 12pm Ward 70

Wednesday 18th December 11am - 12pm Ward 72

Paul Novak+ Tuesday 23rd October 1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 51

Sarah Phizacklea+ Tuesday 6th November 1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 55

Ben Nardone+ Tuesday 20th November 1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 51

The Pearls+ Tuesday 4th December 1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 55

Miss Annabel Sings+ Tuesday 18th December 1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 51

* Open to patients and staff on all wards in the RVB building
+ Open to patients and staff on the ward/s
© Laura Spring
Royal Infirmary
Laura Spring, Sensory Workshop, Midlothian
Royal Infirmary

We would like to say a big hello and welcome to Kim McGovern, the new
activities coordinator at the Royal Infirmary. To further develop this new working
relationship, Kim will be working with artists Claire Barclay and Laura Spring on 5
week Making workshops on different wards in the hospital.

We know we keep banging on, but this is yet again another example of where
working together benefits the patient experience. As Carey Moss and Kim
McGovern, the activities coordinators at the ERI say, "The importance of Artlink
and the RIE working together is that it opens up a wide range of interesting and
stimulating activities.  The activities the patients attend would not normally be
accessible to them within their communities; it also encourages group and social
interaction as a lot of patients in hospital can
become isolated and withdrawn."

We hope you managed to catch the fantastic
Vintage Chorus who performed in the Main
Foyer of the hospital, they stopped some
people in their tracks and brought a smile to

© Albie Clark
the faces of visitors and to the faces of busy
staff as they moved around the hospital. The
response to their performance was so positive
we’ve introduced the all-new Volunteer Carey Moss

Variety Hour: more info on that later in the brochure.

And finally we are really envious that the Royal Infirmary will have the wonderful
singer Magdalena Durant all to themselves throughout October to December.
Magdalena has the voice of an angel and the rare ability to sing songs from
opera to pop to folk. We hope you enjoy her visits to the Royal Infirmary.

Working together
Royal Infirmary

Making Workshops with Claire Barclay and Laura Spring

Claire and Laura undertook a research trip
to Brazil in 2017, visiting local communities,
universities and psychiatric hospitals in Rio
as part of a programme which explored the
work of Scottish and Brazilian artists who
work within care communities.

They took part in various activities and
events in favelas, hospitals, galleries and
universities. They were most influenced by
their meetings with artists and psychologists

© Alison Stirling
who had worked with the pioneering
Brazilian artist Lygia Clark.

Lygia Clark workshop by Laura Spring and
Claire Barclay

Clark’s work crosses over from art therapy to contemporary art and back again.
She created artworks and workshops in which the artists and the participants
in her workshops used objects to establish very different forms of non-verbal
communication, which she described as ‘relational objects’. Since their visit to
Brazil, Claire and Laura have been thinking about how these experiences and the
idea of the ‘relational object’ could feed into the work they do in the hospitals.

We are delighted that Claire and Laura will be working with Carey Moss –
Activities co ordinator on Ward 201 and Kim McGovern, Activities co ordinator
on ward 104. Ward 201 is a stroke ward and Ward 104 is a care of the elderly
ward. We look forward to some interesting artworks coming from them!

We'll be displaying photographs of the workshops in the next brochure.

24 Working together
Royal Infirmary

© Courtesy of the artist
Magdalena Durant
The Team here at Artlink welcomes Magdalena Durant back to the wards at The
Royal Infirmary. Magdalena is an old friend of the programme and we are very
excited for her and the activity coordinators Kim and Carey to have the chance to
work together and learn from one another for this next quarter.

Magdalena is an accomplished classically-trained singer and teacher with a
gentle, bright personality. Staff and patients are always in a good mood once
Magdalena has visited; one patient at the western commented he felt, “Very lucky
to have heard such a magnificent voice during his visit and didn’t feel like he was
in the hospital at all.”

Look out for Magdalena in one of the brilliantly busy activity rooms on the ward or
roaming bed to bed. She’ll brighten up your day with some classical song, opera
or pop from all over the world.

Working together
Royal Infirmary

NEW! Volunteer Variety Hour

Artlink's Hospital Arts team has been working with some incredible volunteers
over the years and we want to show them and their skills off in the all-new
Volunteer Variety Hour showcase. Scotland has a fantastic history of variety
artists and that isn’t changing any time soon. It remains one of the UK’s most well
loved forms of entertainments in clubs, pubs, theatre and on TV. Every quarter
we will be celebrating some of the most
exciting talents of volunteer groups and
organisations in the local area to ERI,
The Western and St. John’s. We have
had singers, storytellers, choirs and all
manner of musicians offer their time for
free over the years. Most recently, the
truly inspiring Vintage Chorus (pictured)
based at the historic Festival Theatre in
Edinburgh performed at the ERI. Their

© Miss Annabel Sings
main passion (led by the inspiring Wendy
Weatherby and Duncan on the keyboard)
is to celebrate the healing power of singing
together and developing new skills,
whatever your age.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for some exciting local volunteer groups and
individuals cheering up the whole hospital community over lunch in the Main
Foyer. If you are interested in volunteering you or your group's musical or dance
skills for a public space performance during the next quarter at The Western
General (January – March 2019) then please do get in touch with Miss Annabel
Sings at and start the conversation!

26 Working together
Royal Infirmary

© Anne Elliot
Gramophone Disco with JRF

JRF is fast becoming a regular face on the hospital arts
volunteer scene. Fresh from a busy summer entertaining
the Summer Campers at The Glasshouses and the hit
of The Royal Edinburgh annual Summer Fête, JRF and
their vintage gramophones are a magic way to brighten
up any afternoon. Enjoy an hour of vintage musical
ambience as you have your lunch or come and have a
© Albie Clark

look at some wonderful gramophones. They will certainly
brighten up your lunchtime and get your toes-a-tapping.

Working together
Royal Infirmary

© Miss Annabel Sings
The Vintage Chorus
Artlink are excited to invite the Vintage Chorus back to sing for the hospital
community. The Vintage Chorus is an a capella community choir who meet every
Tuesday morning at the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh. The group is made up of
an eclectic mix of older people with a passion for song and a zest for life. The
Vintage Chorus are led by the brilliant musician Wendy Weatherby. Wendy hopes
the Vintage Chorus will be a chance for people to have a good time singing music
of all styles in an informal and cheery atmosphere. So come along and see what
The Vintage Chorus get up to and find out about joining the chorus!

Festive Fun!

Miss Annabel Sings is still on the hunt for a group or individual to provide some
festive fun over lunchtime! Are you a singing group and want to practice your
carolling? Maybe you are a dance troupe and you can show us some moves just
in time for impressing your colleagues during office party season. Whatever it is
you do, and you would like to show the hospital community what a wonderful
variety of volunteers are out there, than don’t hesitate to get in touch (see above
for contact email).

28 Working together


Mondays 10.15am - 11.45am Ward 201
5th, 12th, 19th and 26th
Making Workshops November 1.30pm - 3pm Ward 104
with Claire Barclay
and Laura Spring* 10.15am - 11.45am Ward 201
3rd December
1.30pm - 3pm Ward 104

10.45am - 11.45am Activity Room at 201 ERI
Tuesday 2nd October
1.30pm - 2.30pm Ward 202

10.45am - 11.45am Activity Room Ward 104
Tuesday 16th October
1.30pm - 2.30pm Ward 101

10.45am - 11.45am Activity Room at 201 ERI
Magdalena Durant* Tuesday 30th October
1.30pm - 2.30pm Ward 203

10.45am - 11.45am Activity Room Ward 104
Tuesday 13th November
1.30pm - 2.30pm Ward 202

10.45am - 11.45am Activity Room at 201 ERI
Tuesday 27th November
1.30pm - 2.30pm Ward 203

Gramophone Disco
Tuesday 30th October 12pm - 1.30pm Main Foyer
with JRF°

The Vintage Chorus° Tuesday 27th November 12pm - 1.30pm Main Foyer

Festive Fun!° Tuesday 11th December 12pm - 1.30pm Main Foyer

* Open to wards 101,104, 201, 202, 203
+ Open to patients and staff on the ward/s
° Open to everyone
Royal Edinburgh
Summer Fête

© Albie Clark
Royal Edinburgh


What a summer we have had, and we don’t just mean the weather. The Summer
Camp theme has been full on and a real success. Also, artist Tom Krasny worked
on ten wards doing workshops, which involved making goldfish hats, and these
creations have been truly spectacular. We hope you spotted your hats at the stall
during the summer fete.

Over the summer we have put on
quite a few activities such as the
Garden Party, the Bus Trip, Treasure
Hunt (who can forget that?!) the
Summer Fête and the final knees up
on the 26th September. It’s been
a blast! The creative output from
our Summer Camp redcoats Annie
and Miss Annabel Sings has been
© Anne Elliot

Tom Krasny has also picked up the
baton from the workshops Anne
Elliot and art therapist Lynda Girvan
have been doing on the Robert Fergusson Unit. Tom has taken some of the
ideas discussed in those workshops and has captured the interests of patients by
introducing materials that can be taken apart and put back together to create ever
changing sculptures.

We have really enjoyed the support and input from the OT’s on the ward,
particularly Alice Landrock and Alana Greenlees who have taken part in these

Working together
Royal Edinburgh

Introduction (cont.)
workshops and helped us to identify what elements work best with the patient
group. We have loved working with the patients to see how they respond to
materials, colour and texture and we have been inspired by the levels of interest
and concentration they have brought to the project. Tom will return in February
to present ideas for a finished artwork. Its been a long journey but we feel we
are getting there and we really look
forward to what we think will be a
stimulating and interactive artwork at
the end of the process.

Finally we hope you caught the
Doors Open Day at the Glasshouses
when photographer Natalie Feather
presented her work as part of the

© Tom Krasny
‘Significant Spaces’ photography
project. Natalie has been working
closely with Becky Brazil over the last
year. As this is likely to be our last year
in the Glasshouses, due to the
redevelopment of the hospital, we
thought this would be a fitting time to
give as many people as possible access
to these amazing spaces.
© Anne Elliot

32 Working together
Royal Edinburgh

Singin' and Reminiscin' with Miss Annabel Sings

© Anne Elliot
With a passion for reminiscence and the help of a huge back catalogue of your
favourite songs from every genre, Edinburgh’s premier Cabaret singer and host
will be celebrating songs that make us feel good and the memories that go with
them. This group has been growing in number every week since it started in July
and has quickly become a firm favourite in The Royal Edinburgh Weekly Calendar
with staff and patients alike gathering together for song and chat. One patient
on Craiglockhart ward recently mentioned to Miss Annabel that this group was
a real turning point and after it things really started to look up. Annabel now
wants you to join her and her lovely assistant (superstar volunteer JRF) for an
hour at the Glasshouses to sing, laugh, dance and enjoy the healing power of
music and song. All abilities are welcome and If you simply want to enjoy some
entertainment then please do come along for there really is nothing better than
sharing an experience with friends, old and new. Please take note of the dates the
group is running and see you there!

Working together
Royal Edinburgh

Soup-er Festive Celebrations!

‘Tis the season to get together! The Hospital Arts Team
and their bevy of brilliant volunteers invite YOU to a
festive afternoon of disco music, dancing, song and
of course SOUP. What better way to say thank you
and celebrate a fantastic year at Artlink than with a
party? Of course, ‘tis also the season for goodwill
so Artlink at the Glasshouses will be inviting a local
Edinburgh food charity to join the party. If you have
a non-perishable food item you would like to donate
than please do bring something along on the day.

© Anne Elliot
Never forget: The group who eats, dances and sings
together perform better together. See you there
Soup-er stars!

One-to-One Art Session with Anne Elliot

Anne is offering a small number of people the opportunity to make art on a
one-to-one basis. These sessions can take place either at the Glasshouses or
on the wards. If you know someone who would benefit from these one-to-one
sessions please contact Anne Elliot to discuss and book a slot.

D.I.Y. Culture with Anne and Neil

The Glasshouses are open to patients and staff who have an interest in skills-based
activity working with wood, paint and plants whilst maintaining the much loved

34 Working together
Royal Edinburgh

© Albie Clark
Open Studio with Anne Elliot
As ever you are invited to make use of the art studio at the Glasshouses, a great
space to work on large scale art projects, a messy space to paint freely and
without worrying about getting paint everywhere, as well as being a meeting
place to gather with other like minded people to share ideas, knowledge and
techniques. Anne will introduce a new theme for October to December, which is
all about harvest and food sharing. People taking part will help make props and
decorations for the end of year event, the soup-er celebrations!

All materials and protective clothing are provided.

Working together
Royal Edinburgh
Workshops & Events

© Anne Elliot
Slow Gardening at the Glasshouses
As the growing season starts to slow down in autumn, there is still lots of seasonal
gardening activity you can get involved with at the Glasshouses. You can do jobs
such as collecting seeds, planting spring bulbs, pruning and feeding the birds. We
can even look to the start of next year’s growing season by planting garlic and
winter broad beans in the vegetable plot! 

The apple harvest is historically a significant time in the Royal Edinburgh calendar.
There are many apple trees around the hospital; you can find apple trees in the
old orchard, at the Glasshouses and the community gardens. Due to the hot
summer the apples will ripen earlier this year. It is a bumper crop so why not come
to the Glasshouses to pick your own and try out your favourite apple recipes. 
At the Glasshouses we have an apple tree nursery, some of which have been
grafted from the old trees in the R.E.H. orchard. As the Glasshouses are probably
moving next summer the trees need rehoming; please get in touch with suggestions
of where the trees could be transplanted.

36 Working together


Singin’ & Reminiscin’ with 17th & 24th October,
Miss Annabel Sings° 3pm - 4pm Glasshouses
14th & 21st November,
12th December

Soup-er Festive
Wednesday 19th December 1pm - 4pm Glasshouses

One-to-One Art Session
with Anne Elliot* VENUES

D.I.Y. culture with Anne 11am - 12pm Glasshouses
and Neil*

Open Studio with Anne
Wednesdays 1pm - 3pm  Glasshouses

Slow Gardening at the 1pm - 3pm  Glasshouses

* Open to inpatients only For more information and to book a place, contact
+ Open to anyone Miss Annabel Sings at the Glasshouses on 46127 or
° Open to patients, families and staff at the REH email
© Albie Clark
Prospect Bank
Findlay House at Prospect Bank
Prospect Bank

It has been a time of learning and getting to know everyone at Prospect Bank.
Artlink continues to work with staff, family and patients, finding ways to get to
know the staff and patients on what are very busy wards. So far staff and new
activity coordinator Jess Cody have begun working with Artlink to introduce a
programme of activities onto wards; activities that bring people together, raise a
laugh and build confidence. We also started to introduce staff workshops, the first
involving staff taking part in sound workshops with artist Jim Colquhoun to look at
ways of altering the ward environments with more positive and relaxing sounds.
We are still finding our feet on the wards and to do this means that we need to
make sure we meet as may people as possible and introduce activities where staff
and patients are relaxed and enjoy themselves. Miss Annabel Sings has been
entertaining staff and patients, and was delighted when at a recent performance
patients and staff started dancing. "I feel like a girl again! I’ve not done this in
years!" beamed one patient as she danced with staff.

Now the autumn and winter months are approaching we will be working with
patients, families and staff to create an exciting menu of ‘nights out at home’ with
a series of live music events called The Supper Club. We will also be introducing
volunteers from The Reading Friends Scheme and more afternoon sing-songs. It’s
going to be a busy winter at Prospect Bank! Prospect bank at Findlay House is
a Dementia unit in the heart of Leith. This project is funded by EVOC and we are
interested in tapping into the rich community of artists, musicians, groups and
individuals in the surrounding area. If you or your group would like to share your
talents, passions and skills we would love to hear from you and welcome you into
the community at Prospect Bank.

Contact for more information.

Working together
Prospect Bank

The Supper Club
Staff have identified that 6pm (between dinner and suppertime) is a time when
residents need some activity. Enter stage left: The Supper Club! We are inviting
a variety of musicians from Edinburgh’s vibrant live music scene to entertain with
a series of sumptuous evening events in the style of a Supper Club. We will be
working together to create a night out for residents in the comfort of their own
home. This is a chance for staff, families and patients to dress up and share an
experience. Each event will take place in the dining room and will be hosted by
Miss Annabel Sings and Prospect Bank Staff.

Singin' and Reminiscin' with Miss Annabel Sings
With a passion for reminiscence and the help of a huge back catalogue of your
favourite songs from every genre, Edinburgh’s premier Cabaret singer and host
will be using songs and personal stories to help you remember good times and
create a bit more fun. Annabel invites you to join her for an hour to sing, laugh,
dance or simply sit back and listen.

40 Working together
Prospect Bank

Magadalena Durant

This classically trained singer will be bringing you Pop and Opera hits from all
over the world.

Chippy McFarlane
All your favourite Scottish songs and stories from this absolute diamond of a guy.

Miss Annabel Sings
Edinburgh’s Queen of Cabaret will entertain with stories and songs from cinema
and TV.

Ben Nardone
There’s no business like show business so dust off those vocal chords: It’s
show-tune sing-a-long time!

The Pearls
Artlink love this Retro musical duo. Val and Sarah will be performing songs from
the ‘20s to the ‘70s!

Lewis Forbes
Enjoy an hour of toe-tapping festive music from Edinburgh’s number one Jazz

Working together


Magadalena Durant* Monday 8th October 6pm - 6.45pm Prospect Bank

Chippy McFarlane* Monday 22nd October 6pm - 6.45pm Prospect Bank

Miss Annabel Sings* Monday 5th November 6pm - 6.45pm Prospect Bank

Ben Nardone* Monday 19th November 6pm - 6.45pm Prospect Bank

The Pearls* Monday 3rd December 6pm - 6.45pm Prospect Bank

Lewis Forbes* Monday 17th December 6pm - 6.45pm Prospect Bank

Monday 15th October 3pm - 4pm Living Room at Prospect Bank
Singin’ & Reminiscin’
with Miss Annabel Monday 26th November 3pm - 4pm Living Room at Prospect Bank
Monday 10th December 3pm - 4pm Living Room at Prospect Bank

* Open to patients and staff
<> Opento patients, staff and families at Prospect Bank

We are delighted to be working
together with The Reading Agency
and Scottish Book Trust to bring
the nationwide Reading Friends
programme to hospitals in the
Lothians. Reading Friends will bring
volunteers and participants
together through a shared
enjoyment in reading, being read
to, or just having a blether.

For the first time this year, we will
bring the Reading Friends scheme

© Albie Clark
into hospitals, building on Elaine
Gallagher's Books and Blether
sessions on the wards.  For three Elaine Gallagher
years, Elaine has been visiting
patients on wards, reading to them,
chatting with them and keeping
them company.

Working together

© The Reading Agency
Elaine’s new role as Volunteer Mentor will be to work with Reading
Friends to establish a network of volunteers across hospitals. Quite simply,
volunteers will bring a selection of books, magazines and other reading
materials to Care of the Elderly, Mental Health and Dementia wards in the
Royal Edinburgh, Western General, Royal Infirmary, Prospect Bank and St
John's hospitals. They will visit with patients and read and chat to them in
order to provide company and an activity to look forward to. 

If you would like more information or you are interested in becoming a
reading friend, then please don’t hesitate to contact Elaine by emailing

44 Working together
Reading Friends is a new UK-wide
About Reading Friends

project which uses reading to empower,
engage and connect isolated older
people, including people with
dementia and their carers. It uses a
unique befriending model and works
with partners to provide those who
are vulnerable and at risk of isolation
with opportunities to engage in social
reading activities.

Reading Friends works with people
drawn from the local community,
or partner organisations, who are
passionate about reading and
befriending older people. They use
© The Reading Agency (2)

resources and toolkits to provide
reading activities such as one-to-one
and group social reading, book chats,
themed and reader curated book lists,
book gifting and author events.

More information can be found at

Working together
Developing Future Partnerships

Artlink is an arts and disability organisation established in 1984. Artlink
believes participation in the arts has an important role to play in realising
personal and social change.

We want your involvement in this programme and your feedback on
exhibitions, events and workshops. We depend on you to make this
programme work and your participation will help us to shape future
direction. So call or email us if you need more information, or you want
to talk about what’s on or would like an activity placed on your ward.

Connect with Us
@ArtlinkEdin artlinkedin


Artlink Office: 0131 229 3555
Artlink Glasshouses: 0131 537 6127
Information on workshops:

Information on events:
Treasure Hunt at REH
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13a Spittal Street
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