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SIOP ® Lesson Plan Template 1 - Video Tape #3

Teacher: Brewis Date: 12 February Grade/Class/Subject:

6/6A/Individuals and Societies

Unit/Theme: Standards:

Ancient Civilizations A: Knowing and Understanding:

1. use terminology in context

2. demonstrate knowledge and understanding of
subject specific content and concepts through
descriptions, explanations, and examples

B: Investigating

1. Explain the choice of a research question

2. follow an action plan to explore a research question
3. collect and record relevant information consistent
with the research question
4. reflect on the process and results of the

Content Objective(s): Language Objective(s):

Organize the factors that lead to a successful human 1. Recognize familiar vocabulary
civilization and the systems that affect that. 2. use vocabulary in context

Judge the successfulness of civilizations based on cultural

universals and apply them to our own perspectives as well


Subcontinent, Hindu Kush and Himalaya, Ganges and Indus powerpoint presentation
Rivers, Monsoon, Artifacts, Caste System, Brahmanism,
Hip Hughes video
Deities, Reincarnation
Newsela and textbook PDFs
☐ Adaptation of content ☐ Modeling ☐ XWhole class
☐ Links to background ☐ Guided practice ☐ Small groups
☐X Links to past learning ☐ Independent practice ☐ Partners
☐ Strategies incorporated ☐X Comprehensible input ☐ Independent
☐ Reading ☐ Hands-on ☐ Individual
☐ XWriting ☐ Meaningful ☐ Group
☐ Speaking ☐ XLinked to objectives ☐ Written
☐ XListening ☐ Promotes engagement ☐ XOral
Before the video starts, we finished presentations from the previous class about what a day in the life of different
elements of Egyptian society would be like. Students prepared a short dialogue between two women or two soldiers,
for example, in order to show what their daily life was like. Therefore, for this clip, we introduced the Indus River
Valley, students go a look at the vocabulary words that will be used for a game next Tuesday, and we began to talk
about some of the similarities between the Indus River Valley and the other civilizations that we have studied so far
in this unit.

Overall, I thought that this was a good start to this particular lesson. One of the resources that I find is helpful and
that the students enjoy are the Hip Hughes History videos. Often times we watch these together, and do guided notes
through these videos, pausing many times in order to explain and discuss specific aspects of the video. I felt that
after watching two of those videos recently (Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt) kids needed a bit of a break from
them. Therefore, I led the discussion this time and will save the video for the future. By doing this, students will also
have more time to look at their vocabulary sheets, and we will have played a game with it prior to watching the
video. This will also help students to get more value out of the the video itself if they are more familiar with the

Template adapted from Echevarria, Vogt, and Short (2008), Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners: The SIOP ® Model.