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Outdoor Safety Action Plan FORM 13

Activity: Mountain walk Date:18/02/2011-20/02/2011 Teacher in charge: Mr Mathie.

Class level: Advanced Subsidiary No. of staff: 3 No. of helpers: 0
No. of students: 6 Location: Tongariro Northern Approved by: Mr.
Circuit Edmeades
Time of departure: 4.30 a.m. Time of return to school: 20th
February - evening

What could go wrong? What would cause it to How could we prevent it from going Whose When/where will it be Emergency plan
go wrong? wrong? responsibility is it? done?
One of us arrives late to the Over sleeping, traffic. Set several alarms each to make sure Individuals Very early on the 18th- A certain amount of
departure we arrive by 4.30. Traffic should not we should be awake by time can be waited.
be a problem at this time. 3.45 at the latest After this, separate
Ring other group members to ensure transport may need
they are awake. to be organized.
(Parents drop off

Crash on the way to Driver mistake, Driver must have a current full NZ Driver, passengers, Driving to and from the If injuries occur,
Tongariro or way home unavoidable accident license. If a crash does occur, safety other road users camp. dial, then
belts will protect us to some degree. ambulance – follow

FOOSH (Fall on Uneven terrain of the Be careful with our footing and where Individuals Throughout the 3 day Use a splint and
outstretched hand) injury Tongariro, steep hills we are walking throughout the camp. primarily, but the trek. bandage the hand.
covered in loose scoria. In bad weather, take extreme caution group can point Give the injured
or avoid as much as possible high dangerous spots painkiller to numb
peaks. out to each other. the pain and reduce
swelling. If fingers
are broken, strap it.
Reach a summit

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Volcanic activity occurs Lava surfaces from We cannot prevent natures course, In the event of an Any time over the camp hazard zone,
mountains, earthquakes but we can move to higher grounds eruption, the group leaving only when
underneath us. specified by DOC – so called “summit will have to work authorities give the
hazard zones” together to reach go-ahead
If somebody
Dehydration Lack of water Fill up with a plentiful supply at each Individual, group During the day – most collapses or cannot
consumption, lack of campsite and know where streams may carry probably when the sun continue, get them
water available in most are to refill our bottles. emergency water. is at its peak from 12 to to eat a snack high
areas. 4pm. in kilojoules, share
some water, and
give them panadol.

Let the affected

Sun stroke Most of the area is Sun block ourselves and wear Individual to Again, when the sun is member rest and
exposed and therefore adequate clothing to nullify the risk. prevent it, group at its peak. drink water slowly.
the sun will be needs to recognize Apply sun block
particularly strong the signs before continuing,
checking if they are
okay regularly.

Each candidate
Running out of food Not packing enough, Pack a little too much rather than ‘just Individual Last night or day of the should be carrying
underestimating energy enough’ camp most likely emergency food.
requirements. Technically
speaking, this is not
the correct use,
however we must
remain in good
nutritional balance
in order to perform

The lost person

Getting lost Falling behind, Stay together, number off frequently. Individual On the walk should stay where
misinterpreting or not Stop when others need to rest. responsibility to they are and make
following map, lack of Ensure we stay on track and stay with the group. use of their whistle.
roll-call system or triangulate if we believe we are off
similar. course

If there is an
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Severe weather of any sort The largely exposed We cannot counteract mother nature. Everyone should The weather can unexpected
Northern Circuit means However if the weather prediction is be checking the change at any time, and weather change
that we will be at the particularly extreme, we may look at metservice site in unexpectedly. Weather and it is particularly
mercy of the weather. rescheduling the camp. the days leading up forecasts should be extreme, we should
to departure. helpful in our remain at our
preparation for any campsite (if we are
weather though. there). Otherwise
we should put on
warm and
waterproof clothes
and find shelter.

If a soft tissue injury

Soft tissue injury (tear, Fatigue, excessive Be careful about where we walk. Also Individual During the day, or at the occurs we need to
rupture) strain for a prolonged we should take regular breaks so we campsite. use the RICE
time, walking un rocky can let our muscles rest for a period technique. However
terrain, slipping. before longer or more difficult legs. we will probably not
have ice available,
so we must use the
coldest thing
directly available to

If an arm is broken,
place in sling, use
Broken bones Falling over, walking into Remaining vigilant at all times will be Individual On tracks, at the painkiller and
something, falling off difficult later in the camp when we are campsite continue slowly and
cliffs, being struck by tired, but concentration will reduce the support the injured.
something, falling rocks. likelihood of any of the risks such as If a leg is broken,
falling or being hit actually occurring. splint it, use
painkiller and a
makeshift stretcher
to carry the injured.
Any other break
including all
fractures, stay
where we are,
using a whistle to
attract attention

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If the victim is okay,
have a short break
Falling off a cliff, ridge, or Slipping, avalanche, not Be alert as to where we are walking Individual At high points, before continuing. If
high point. watching where we are and aim to maintain secure footing especially those with the victim is
walking. with each step. rapid descents and seriously hurt, use
loose scoria underfoot. the primary and
secondary surveys
(if there is a safe
route to them), If
this is not possible,
get attention and
dial a paramedic

Pause and wait for

an instructor to
Concussion Falling on head, banging Judge hazards around head height Individual Anywhere where there judge the condition
head on trees, rocks or duly, and duck under them. are hazardous and hard of the injured
ridges. Avoid falling by paying attention to surfaces at around head person. After a
tracks. height. break we may
continue, the victim
walking aided or
unaided if
completely okay.
Otherwise wait for
paramedics to
arrive and guide
them out safely.

If someone is
drowning, attempt
Drowning Swimming in the springs Be water smart and act sensibly on Individual Rivers, springs. to save them if it is
at Ohinepango, falling bridges. safe. Use CPR if
off a bridge. they are
unconscious at the
shore. If drowned,
call for an
ambulance and
Submerge affected
area in cold water
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Cooking burns Gas cookers being used Do not leave cookers unaided, start Individual Campsites for at least 20
without due caution. them at a low heat and keep a minutes, then cover
reasonable distance. in glad-wrap or non

If a canister
explodes, check for
Gas cooker explosion Leaks in the cooker, Ensure the good condition of a Individual Campsites at night injuries first. If any
naked flames around a canister each time before use. If it have occurred, dial
gas canister. does not look to be in impeccable for paramedics. If
condition, do NOT use it. nobody is hurt, put
out any fires and
clean up the mess.

Drink plenty of
water and eat when
Food poisoning Undercooked or infected Read use by dates and smell food Individual When eating and possible. Take
food. before eating it as an indicator. If in storing food. breaks when the
doubt, do not consume it. person affected
needs to.

Contact medical
Iodine poisoning Irresponsible or Use the tablets as directed on the Individual When attempting to immediately.
misdirected use of water pottle. purify water.
purification tablets
Contact medical
assistance and wait
Death All aforementioned risks, Taking the upmost care at all times to Entire class At any time from the for direction from
existing medical avoid hazards, and abiding to the start to the end of our the lead instructor
conditions. country code to remain safe. Taking journey. on the camp.
the correct precautions for any
situation that may occur.

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Group members requiring
special consideration

Health: Michael Delbridge

(Candidate 0647) has a
prescription of Codeine
Phosphate painkillers for severe
migraines. This will be carried in
his first aid kit.



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Pre-activity checklist On the day Comments

Off site venue visited Medication

Trip application approved First aid kit

Permission slips returned Cell phone

Medical records checked Intentions left at office

SAP form to all teachers Equipment checked

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On completion of the SAP, does the activity still provide the opportunity to meet your intended outcomes?
Yes No

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