Typhoon Morakot brings devastation to Southern Taiwan
INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Typhoon Morakot Brings Devastation to Southern Taiwan
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Latest Polls Report
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DPP in action for Typhoon Morakot
On Saturday, August 8, Typhoon Morakot struck Taiwan, bringing an historic amount of rainfall that caused the most serious flooding, as well as mud and landslides, in 50 years. The heart of the disaster area was in Southern Taiwan: Pingtung, Kaohsiung, Tainan, Chiayi and Taitung counties. Todate at least 376 deaths have been recorded, with 254 people still missing, and 24,950 evacuated, along with a total of NT$15,800,000,000 in property losses and NT1,036,414, 000 in agricultural losses. The DPP in Action: Week onedisaster relief (emergency supply of water and food) On Sunday, August 9, DPP Chairperson Dr. Tsai Ing-wen called an emergency meeting to announce the establishment of the DPP Typhoon Morakot Disaster Relief Operation Team led - Pg. 2

Government Rejects a Referendum on ECFA
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His Holiness the Dalai Lama visits Taiwan
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Latest Polls Report: Ma’s approval rating dips with typhoon
CNN ‘Quick Vote’(August 16-17) : “Should Taiwan's leader stand down over delays in aiding typhoon victims?” 82% of respondents voted “Yes”. ICRT News Survey (August 18 to 21): 97% voted ‘Yes’ that President Ma should step down over failing to effectively lead relief efforts. TVBS Poll on “Aftermath of Typhoon Morakot” : Ma’s approval rate dropped to 16% (the lowest since he took office as the president) with 65% expressing their dissatisfaction with President Ma's performance. ... continued on pg. 4


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DPP in action for Typhoon Morakot
by the DPP Secretary General Wu Nai-Ren. A Disaster Relief Information website ( was established. Through co-operation with the media, local governments and the keen web community, the DPP started to collect and distribute disaster information, aid supplies, funds, as well as recruiting volunteers. DPP Plurk (‘DPPOnLine’) also started to send out real-time updates of the disaster situation and volunteer demands through Plurk. On Monday, August 10, three operation centers were established in the DPP chapters of Kaohsiung, Tainan and Pingtung Counties and the first DPP disaster relief teams were sent to Tainan and Pingtung to assist in distributing clean water, food and clothing to victims of the typhoon, while the DPP headquarters took responsibility for co-ordinating the volunteers and donated supplies from DPP local chapters and those county councilors whose districts are less impacted. The English DPP Typhoon Relief website ( was established calling for international attention and assistance. On August 10- Dr. Tsai started her visits to disaster areas. On August 12- a second wave of DPP relief teams was sent. In the first week, more than 150 volunteers and 160 tons of clean water and other supplies were sent to the disaster area. Week two: Prepare for Reconstruction and Disease Outbreak Prevention While the death toll in mountainous areas was still on the rise due to the government's slow

response, refusal to accept foreign aid, and the president's refusal to deploy more military personnel for rescue missions and the region remained inaccessible for civilian volunteers due to road cut-

offs and landslides, most of the flood-affected areas were reporting a retreat of the floodwater, restarting of the electricity and water supplies, so warm foods and clean water were no longer in short supply. However, the thick mud had yet to be cleared. Garbage, damaged furniture, dead animals, and rotten fruit were still piled up in the streets. The major challenge was figuring out a way to recruit machinery from around the entire island to use in removing the mud and damaged furniture. Another major challenge was preventing the spread of an epidemic with the return of the summer temperature, and the breakout of the H1N1 virus. The DPP believed the disaster relief efforts should move to the second stage, which is preparation for reconstruction. Although there is certainly much left to accomplish, the DPP decided that from this point forward, local relief efforts will run much more smoothly if local governments take the lead. Thus, the DPP has referred the volunteers recruited to the local governments and is no longer accepting supply donations. Cash dona... continued on next page


... continued from previous page tions are encouraged to raise enough funds for reconstruction work. So far, the DPP has successfully raised more than NT$60,000,000. On August 14, the DPP Reconstruction Consultation Team was established, led by former Transportation Minister Guo Yao-chi, former Public Construction Committee chairperson Wu Ze Cheng, and former Ministry of Transportation Deputy Minister Ho Chen-tan. The team’s purpose is to establish a long-term communications channel between the DPP headquarters and affected counties and cities governed by the DPP, assist in drafting a reconstruction white-paper, and draft relevant legislative proposals immediately. At a Central Standing Committee meeting on August 19, Dr. Tsai stated, "The 8th of August flooding disaster has saddened us deeply as it has caused much hardship for many of our people and a substantial amount of property loss. It is now the 11th day since the flood. Rescue missions as well as relief operations are still ongoing. On behalf of the DPP, I want to give the highest commendations to our front-line workers, rescuers, military personnel, volunteers and international rescue teams. We have seen countless individuals from all corners of the nation making a donation or volunteering, and this behavior shows Taiwan's united humanitarian philosophy which seeks to share the burden of hardship caused by this disaster. We should encourage them all - they are Taiwan's future.”

Additionally, Dr. Tsai strongly has urged President Ma to reshuffle his cabinet team. She pointed out, “It is clear that the major reason why rescue operations failed this time was because of poor leadership and lack of coordination. It will still be a disaster if this failed command system continues to lead the next reconstruction mission.”


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Premier Liu Chao-shuan's approval rate stood at 13% (the new ‘low’ record for premiers) with 70% expressing their dissatisfaction. 64% are unsatisfied with the central government’s response to the disaster. (Compared to last week’s poll, the satisfaction rate dropped by 10% while the dissatisfaction rate rose by 12%). 74% said that the Ma administration’s crisis management ability is “poor”. 66% think the cabinet should be reshuffled over the disaster. *poll conducted between August 17 to 18, 2009 with 977 valid responses. 62.3% lack of direction, lack of leadership 18.2% cold-hearted towards flood victims 14.5% late response, slow aid 1.9% rejecting foreign aid, indecisive 3.1% others/no opinion POLL: Typhoon Morakot Online poll (Apple Daily) 68% (out of 2,575 votes) Premier Liu should stand-down to take responsibility for the slow and ineffective rescue operations. Typhoon Morakot caused the most severe devastation in Taiwan for 50 years. What are your views? (673 votes) 41% - upset the government moved at a turtle’s pace. 19% - NT$88 Trillion flood prevention projects did not have any success. 19% - the most urgent task now is to help out in the disaster relief operation 11%- I am touched by the relief efforts the police and firefighters have done. 9%- this flood disaster is not just a natural disaster, it is also caused by human error. 1%- no opinion

POLL: Typhoon Morakot Online poll (United Daily News) 1. President Ma's rescue response: (39,402 votes) 13.9% very satisfied 0.9% satisfied 0.5% average 1.5% not satisfied 83.0% very unsatisfied 0.2% not sure/ no opinion Who should take responsibility for the 8/8 flooding disaster in southern Taiwan? (37,619 votes) 65.4% Central government 27.3% Local governments 5.7% The force of nature 0.7% Central Weather Bureau 0.9% Other 0.1% not sure/ no opinion The biggest mistake committed by the Ma administration in the disaster relief operations: (currently ongoing 10,095 votes)

63% believe that the biggest mistake committed by the Ma administration in the disaster relief operations was lack of direction and lack of leadership - Poll conducted by United Daily News after Typhoon Morakot



DPP: ECFA Referendum Rejection is Illegal, Unconstitutional, Unconscionable
The Executive Yuan's Referendum Review Committee’s rejection of the ECFA referendum on August 29 was clearly riddled through and through by the vested interest of the ruling Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) in unreservedly pushing for signing an ECFA with China without an objective and impartial review. This rejection was made through illegal and unconstitutional means, and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) absolutely opposes and will strongly protest this decision. authority by conducting a review of substance, not only formality. The law doesn’t allow it to review substance, and only formality instead. This once again proves that the function of the Referendum Review Committee, a committee which the DPP has always opposed, is to be the referendum assassin and the black hand of the political leaders.

PUBLISHED BY: Department of International Affairs Democratic Progressive Party 9F, No. 30, Pei-Ping East Road, Taipei, Taiwan Tel: 886-2-2392-9989 ext. 306 Fax: 886-2-2393-0342 Email: Website:

According to the review committee’s reasons for rejecting this referendum, no matter how the subject of the referendum is amended, if it is related to ECFA, then there is absoWhether or not to hold an ECFA referendum should be lutely no chance for a referendum. Regarding this “fire the decided by the people and not arrow before the bulls-eye is by the referendum review painted”, “reject first then make committee, which is only responsible to review the subup an excuse” review, the Taistance of a proposed referenwanese people absolutely do dum. When the principle of na- not approve. However, the DPP tional sovereignty is involved, will not give up our efforts to by law a referendum must be push for an ECFA referendum, held. At the same time, if ECFA and will not let-down the hunis signed, it will greatly impact dreds of thousand voters who our industries, affect the emsigned the petition for a referployment prospects and lives of endum, and we will live up to the public, and also widen the the expectations of supporters rich and poor divide. Therefore, to direct democracy. We will immediately file another petiit is the people, of course, who have the right to demand and tion and do everything possible decide on a referendum on this to make this referendum hapissue. pen. As of today, the Referendum Review Committee has expanded its delegated authority within the referendum law, and overstepped its legislative

DIRECTOR: Bikhim Hsiao DEPUTY DIRECTORS: Huang Chih-ta Hsieh Huai-hui EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Michael J. Fonte EDITOR: Ping-Ya Hsu



His Holiness the Dalai Lama visits Taiwan, offering compassion to victims of Typhoon Morakot
His Holiness the Dalai Lama paid a visit to Taiwan for five days to offer his personal condolences for the victims of Typhoon Morakot. The Democratic Progressive Party wishes to express its sincerest welcome and deepest gratitude to His Holiness. His Holiness brought a message of compassion and humanity out of religious concern, soothing the broken hearts of victims and encouraging them to gather strength to rebuild their homes. problem". Unfortunately, China firmly opposed His Holiness’ visit to Taiwan, violating the fundamental values of democratic countries, and also putting itself at odds with Taiwan's mainstream public opinion.

The DPP believes that the Holiness’ visit to Taiwan for the victims of Typhoon Morakot, in the eyes of the people of Taiwan, is a good His Holiness the Dalai Lama made two visits to deed. The Beijing government should not and Taiwan (in 1996 and 2001), creating a profound has no right to interfere in the matter. impression and deep appreciation from the people of Taiwan. During the Typhoon Morakot aftermath, His Holiness expressed concern to magistrates of the southern counties that were affected by the typhoon. Following, our magistrates believed that inviting His Holiness to visit the victims would bring them some relief. His Holiness the Dalai Lama's high position in the international community and his religious image are not only highly respected by all the people in the world, but he is also an important figure who reminds us that compassion is the best way to improve society’s illnesses. According to the latest poll conducted by the DPP Survey Center, 67.2% of the public agreed that "the Dalai Lama's visit is a religious blessing for the purpose of offering comfort and care to the victims of the typhoon and is a nonpolitical activity". Even among pan-blue supporters, there was approximately 57% who concurred with this view. In addition, 50.7% of the people did not agree that the "pan-green camp invited the Dalai Lama for political purposes, deliberately causing Ma Ying-jeou a

DPP Chairwoman Dr. Tsai Ing-Wen with His Holiness the Dalai Lama on September 3, 2009.