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What do you see when you look at Western
student Jessica Grossman? What you can’t
see is the hardship she endured for years.
What you can see is her ostomy.
Arden Zwelling Waiting for the storm
ASSOCIATE EDITOR When Jessica Grossman was 11-
years-old she stood 5’3 and weighed
For most dads, it would be a horrify- all of 50 pounds.
ing realization. Her hemoglobin levels — which
Their daughter, their little girl — ballpark around 120 for an average
all of 19-years-old and away from 11-year-old girl — hovered at 55. Any-
home for the first time attending a thing 40 or below would have meant
university with a reputation for less certain death.
than responsible behavior — was Clearly something with Jessica
seeing a new boy and she had — gasp was terribly wrong.
— been sleeping with him. Two years prior to that, Jessica
Even the most even-keeled had been diagnosed with Crohn’s
father would immediately be on the Disease. A brutal intestinal disorder,
phone ordering the chastity belt. But Crohn’s often doesn’t develop until
not Jonathan Grossman — he could- somewhere between the ages of 15
n’t be happier. and 30, meaning Jessica could just
“You can do that?” Jonathan, a sit idly by, waiting for a storm to
hopelessly positive father if there come without a weather report.
ever was one, exuded. “I’m so proud Yet almost always there is a
of you. I would never even think you switch — an unrelated medical event
could do that. That’s awesome.” that wakes the disease and begins its
No, it wasn’t sarcasm. He was savage assault on the intestinal tract.
genuinely proud of his little angel For Jessica, it was a stomach
who took a little longer to grow into virus that she contracted right before
her wings. she began Grade 7. In the span of a
He was just so happy she could
live a normal life. >> see JESSICA pg.2

Courtesy of the Intestinal Disease Education and Awareness Society

2• thegazette • Thursday, April 7, 2011 thegazette • Thursday, April 7, 2011 •3

Jessica Grossman UNDERSTANDING

News Briefs

SRP referendum
now valid
Yesterday, the University Students’
>> continued from pg.1 any and all waste that passes in Calgary in 2007 when Grossman Council Appeal Board decided to
through her digestive tract, like a met Rob Hill, a fellow colon-less overturn the decision deeming the
few days Jessica was drained of all balloon attached to a water faucet. ostomy-wearer and mountain results of the March’s referendum on
her 11-year-old energy, replaced with And that was that. Off went little climber. 1 The doctor enters the the Student Refugee Program
abdomen and locates the
stomach-scraping pain that clawed Jessica Grossman, blindly into the Hill had founded the Intestinal >> continued from pg.2 Crohn’s, Jonathan was there. When colon or large intestine.
at her insides around the clock. world of having an ostomy after a Disease Education and Awareness the doctors told Jessica they were The referendum was ruled
“Basically I’m in a bed in a hospi- life-changing and likely life-saving Society (IDEAS) running campaigns Jessica scrambled to reschedule taking away her colon in order to 2 A portion of the colon is invalid after a number of demerit
pulled through the incision
tal — I don’t ever want to get up. The surgery. and providing education to raise the and move her flight so she could be keep her alive, Jonathan was there. points were levied against the “Yes”
in the abdomin.
pain keeps getting worse and worse. “I’ve been very lucky. This was a awareness of intestinal diseases in by her ailing father’s side as doctors Through her darkest nights, curled campaign.
You can’t really describe it. Imagine choice for me,” Grossman said. North America. tried to save his life. But Jonathan up in pain on a hospital bed, just 3 The colon is cut. The According to the report, the Board
your insides having sharp knives “Some people aren’t as lucky. There He immediately saw potential in was having none of it. waiting for the next hour when portion attached to the felt the “Yes” side’s violations were
STOMACH rectum is removed or
grinding through them constantly. are a lot of people who wake up with Grossman’s photos and, ever the “He said ‘Jessica, I don’t care. maybe the pain would be a little soft- sutured closed and left “not substantial enough to change the
That was my life,” Jessica said. an ostomy and have no idea what mountain climber, wanted to take You’re going there and you’re doing er, Jonathan was there. inside. results of the referendum.”
Jessica spent the majority of the happened. They don’t know it’s com- things to the next level. He wanted a this. You’re not going to sit here with And now he wasn’t. A mere two “I’m jumping for joy, I’m just so
ages 12 and 13 immobilized at Sick ing. One day it’s just there.” website, a new photo shoot, a brand me and let this pass you by. End of months before the expected launch 4 The portion attached to excited that it was overturned and
the stomach is brought
Kids Hospital in Toronto, only leaving — he wanted Jessica to be the world’s story,’” Jessica said. of Uncover Ostomy, Jessica had lost through the incision and [the levy] is going through,” Anna
briefly to go home and sleep in her The birth of an idea most successful ostomy spokesper- So as her dad lay in a hospital bed her support system. Just like the the ends are folded over Martin, director of Western’s Student
own bed before the pain would get All of a sudden the pain stopped. Jes- son. It would be called Uncover on the other side of the country colon the doctors removed six years OSTOMY and sutured to the skin, Refugee Program, said.
called a stoma.
worse and she would need to go back. sica would get dehydrated quickly, on Ostomy. receiving increasingly high levels of earlier — how could she function COLON Marino Felice, head of the “Vote
Her mother Julie, a physiothera- account of missing her colon, and her Jubilant to turn words, diagrams chemotherapy radiation that left without it? No” campaign against the [SRP] pro-
pist and manager of a health clinic body had trouble storing iron, but and brain storm sessions into a him a vomiting, feverish mess, Jes- But if anyone lives carpe diem, it’s posal, was not as pleased with the
in north Toronto, would spend time these were minor inconveniences movement, Grossman and Hill made sica was in British Columbia doing Jessica Grossman. Her father saw results.
with Jessica during her lunch when compared to being able to live plans to reconvene in Vancouver, BC the photo shoot and laying the just 47 years and there was a time “They cheated, repeatedly, and
breaks, hiding her lunch because she a healthy, normal life again. in the summer of 2009 to do the ground work for Uncover Ostomy — where it seemed like Jessica might significantly — why should the spread
knew her daughter couldn’t eat. Her Then in a Grade 12 media class photo shoot. the campaign that was supposed to not even make it to half that. If her matter at all?” Felice expressed. “The
father Jonathan, who worked from Jessica was given an assignment to For once in her life, Jessica was be the most exciting, substantial dad could have had anything in this Anders Kravis, Stuart A. Thompson GAZETTE decision of the Appeal Board basi-
home designing websites, was able come up with a marketing tool for a able to take her ostomy and turn it achievement of her life. world, it would have been for his cally says that we acknowledge SRP
to spend even more time with Jessi- charitable cause. She didn’t think into something that could help oth- After completing her photo shoot daughter to be successful and to cheated, but they won by so much,
ca, working from the hospital while much of it until she woke up in the ers — not just herself. and updating her aunt and uncle in achieve her dreams. their cheating doesn’t matter.”
she slept. middle of the night, as if struck by Victoria, Jessica raced back to So on Oct. 3, 2009 — world osto- —Kaleigh Rogers
Finally, when Jessica was 13 and lightning, and immediately knew Against all odds Toronto to be with her ailing father. my day in Canada — Uncover Osto-
after two years of constant suffering what to do. She was going to bare Then Jessica came crashing back to my launched. Jessica doesn’t mind being the
in the hospital, doctors presented one of the most private parts of her earth. Shortly after planning Uncover A life in 37 days The website’s splash page was one fielding the questions from first-
her with two options. body to her entire class — her osto- Ostomy, the news arrived: Jessica’s Jessica Grossman had spent more anything but subtle, with a seductive time ostomates. But what she really
“They said either you get this osto- my. dad Jonathan had myelofibrosis. time in hospitals than anyone else picture of Jessica, hair perfectly wants is for others to step up and
my or you die,” Jessica remembered. “I decided the best way to get the An extremely rare and life-halt- should ever have to in their lives. messy, wearing a skimpy white tank follow her lead, putting a positive
“It wasn’t really much of a choice.” point across that I’m okay with this ing bone marrow disease, myelofi- And now she was going back. top and black jeans, undone at the spin on life with an ostomy.
And thus, the doctors at Sick Kids and I’m positive about it was to brosis — which quickly develops into But this time, when Grossman top with a tan ostomy bag peaking “If you come out with it and tell
went into Jessica’s stomach and har- show off my ostomy and just put it acute leukemia without treatment — arrived at Princess Margaret Hospi- out above the belt line. people about it and say ‘this is what
vested her colon, removing the final out there,” Grossman said. disrupts the body’s production of tal in Toronto — right across the street Her first blog, complete with I have and I’m fine with it,’ then peo-
part of her digestive system and with Grossman set up a provocative blood cells, leaving the afflicted with from Sick Kids where she logged her video and a written introduction, was ple see it positively,” Grossman said.
it her ability to go to the washroom photo shoot and edited the photos little to no energy, enlarged organs years in a gown — she was the visitor surprisingly positive for a girl who “If you go up to someone and say
whenever she pleased. They then with the help of her father, a comput- and a tremendous amount of pain in and not the patient, sitting by her had lost her father just a month prior. there’s this gross weird thing
made a small incision in her er whiz with a deft hand for Photo- the mid-section. It was cruelly sim- father’s side as he lay bedridden, But that shouldn’t have been a attached to me, everyone else is
abdomen and rerouted her small shop. The photo caption was: “70,000 ilar to Jessica’s Crohn’s, but dissimi- hardly able to move or even talk. surprise — Jonathan was an aston- going to see the same thing.”
intestines out of her body, folding people in Canada have an ostomy — lar in that there was no easy fix. It would go on like that for more ishingly positive man. Uncover Leaving Western after four years
the edges of the open ended tube it’s time to stop covering up.” Jonathan was to undergo a bone than a month as Jonathan’s body Ostomy wasn’t just for herself or the with a BA and going to New York
over on itself and stitching them And then it was over. Grossman marrow transfusion that July. The decided whether it would accept the thousands of Canadians living with University to do her Master’s in
down to form what’s known as a handed it in to be marked — “I didn’t exact same day as Jessica’s photo new bone marrow or not. Jessica ostomies. Jessica was doing this for graphic communications manage-
stoma. Waste would flow freely from do as well as I hoped” — and then shoot in Vancouver. blogged her father’s ordeal, as his her dad. ment and technology in the fall,
the stoma into an ostomy, a small, thought nothing more of it. body began bloating and spotting, “I’m just so happy that he kept change constantly fills the air in
tan-coloured pouch that collects Until an unusually rainy summer >> see IMAGINE pg.3 while the area around his eyes pushing me to do it no matter what. Grossman’s world. There’s always
puffed up like a fish and turned He was so involved in my life — he mountains to climb.
bright shades of red and yellow. would never let anything hold me “If you don’t have positivity, all
The Grossmans watched the doc- back,” Grossman said. you’re going to do is stop yourself
tors scrawl Jonathan’s daily blood “I know he was so proud of the from doing anything you want to
work on a white board across from fact that I had started it. I wish he do,” Grossman said. “I’ve been able
his bed, clinging to every tenth of an could have seen where it’s gone.” to look at it very positively and the
increase in Jonathan’s neutrophil ostomy hasn’t stopped me from
level or white blood cell count. The future is today doing anything.”
But their optimism remained If Jonathan was here today he would That much is clear for Jessica
guarded. Just finding a donor had see a unique online community, a Grossman. No one needs to tell her
been a miracle in and of itself — it one-of-its-kind arena for ostomates anything is possible. No one can
would take another one entirely for — if you don’t recognize that word, ever clip those wings.
the transfusion to work. you aren’t one of them — from around
In order to even receive the trans- the world to come together and
fusion, Jonathan had to endure eight exchange ideas, share tips and, most
straight days of chemotherapy to kill importantly of all, break the stigma.
all of the diseased bone marrow in his “The stigma is there so people
body and make room for the new that have [ostomies] hide it. But if
stem cells. Doctors had surged an they keep hiding it, the stigma is still
ungodly amount of radioactivity going to be there,” Jessica said.
through every single pore of his being.
On the day the Grossman’s were
In the next few months Jessica
and IDEAS are revamping Uncover
Teach English
supposed to find out if the new bone
marrow was working, the doctors
Ostomy with a new design, new
photos and improved functionality.
stopped putting Jonathan’s numbers She wants the website to grow into a
up on the whiteboard. Slowly, support system with areas for those
Jonathan’s breaths began getting with ostomies around the world to
farther and farther apart. interact with each other and share
Just before 1:00 pm. on Sunday, their own tips and stories.
TESOL/TESL Teacher Training
August 30, 2009, at just 47 years of
Certification Courses
age, Jonathan Grossman died of kid-
ney and liver failure. The • Intensive 60-Hour Program
chemotherapy had damaged his • Classroom Management Techniques
organs to the point where they • Detailed Lesson Planning
The Cryptoquip is a substitution cipher in which one letter stands for another. If you think that X equals refused to function. • ESL Skills Development
O, it will equal O throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words and words using an apostrophe give Solution to puzzle on page 10 • Comprehensive Teaching Materials
you clues to locating vowels. Solution is by trial and error. Jessica wrote of the news on her
• Interactive Teaching Practicum
© 2002 by Kings Features Syndicate, Inc. blog, announcing her father’s death
• Internationally Recognized Certificate
to the wide network of family and
• Teacher Placement Service
friends who followed it.
• Money-Back Guarantee Included
“Finally, he’s at peace.”
• Thousands of Satisfied Students
“I wish he could have OXFORD SEMINARS
seen where it’s gone” 1-800-269-6719/416-924-3240
Through her two-year battle with
4• thegazette • Thursday, April 7, 2011 thegazette • Thursday, April 7, 2011 •5

Haters Hayes’d and Confused, one last time

Opinions Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end.
But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.
— Winston Churchill
Hayes'd and
Traditionally, these last–issue
columns are offered to the paper’s
Front Office to give them one last
kick at the can. Some choose to write
shout–outs to those who made their
year extra special, others attempt to
pass on information to future gen-
and exciting opportunities, we also
lose unique and talented individuals
at the end of every year.
It’s something symptomatic of
the university system. We forget that
with most students in school for four
years, it only takes two years for half
ering the amount of dust our back
issues are currently gathering in the
office — I’d say make mistakes. Learn
from them, but also revel in them.
If everyone loves you or every-
one hates you, you’re doing some-
thing wrong. But if there’s a group of
YEAR IN REVIEW Mike Hayes erations of Gazetters. the students to be unaware of an readers willing to storm the office
MANAGING EDITOR I’m also positive these columns event. You may be able to look to the and another group of equal size will-

So sorry, have never in any way been used as student newspaper to provide con- ing to stand in front of them,
Kash-money a way to fill space at a time of year text to current events, but we’re chances are you’re doing something
There’s a certain note of finality to when many section editors are con- prone to exactly the same problems. right.
any piece of writing I’ve produced cerned with final papers and exams. Sure, we attempt to circumvent The Gazette should always be

it’s over
for the Gazette over the years. Once So where to start? I began at the this problem by writing reports looking for the difficult news sto-
Meagan Kashty it heads off to the printer, the words paper as a volunteer in my first year spanning the entire year, but they’re ries. But we also shouldn’t be afraid
DEPUTY EDITOR I put down on the page aren’t going at Western, back in ‘06/’07. I saw the a poor substitute for an actual per- to have fun. Unfortunately, with an to change, no matter how much I effects of the Spoof Issue of that year son who can answer questions and increasing blur between campus
may wish to have another crack at and watched as the paper emerged interact with you. newspapers and smaller–focus
Hell hath no fury like a student it. from the ashes the next year But maybe things are better that local papers, the irreverence of yore
scorned. So it’s with a certain amount of stronger than ever — if perhaps with way. Sometimes it’s better to not may be relegated to the dustbin of
With this being the Gazette’s last issue of Volume 104, Throughout this year, I’ll admit, consternation that I approach this, a less cavalier attitude. And while have to face a situation without history.
now is a good time to reflect back on the 98 issues pub- we’ve published an article or two the last “Hayes’d and Confused” I’ll other volumes may not have seen as someone telling you it was tried But for someone who was given
lished this year. calling the student demographic ever write for the Gazette. Though dramatic a change from year–to– before and didn’t work — having the blessing by his boss to try to do
apathetic. But the reality is you real- I’ve covered a variety of issues over year, each volume of the paper has freedom to make mistakes is often- The Spoke’s Around the World of
The Gazette, like all campus newspapers, strug-
ly care — some of the time. the years — from salvia divinorum to been as unique as the individuals times the most important mecha- Beer Tour in one day, I hope the
gles to define and fulfill a mandate that fluctuates And the result is a reader filled etiquette among Canadian political who wrote them. nism for learning. Gazette still retains a little bit of
from year to year. Looking at today’s centre spread, with so much emotion that it over- parties — having to provide an epi- It’s both the most exciting and So to look ahead to the future cheekiness far into the future. After
it’s clear plenty of important stories — like the flows onto our opinions page, the taph has proven to be the most dif- depressing part of the Gazette. generations who may read the words all, a sense of humour is a terrible
municipal election — failed to resonate with readers, website — whatever medium avail- ficult. Though every year provides new I’ve written — highly unlikely, consid- thing to waste.
able. And that’s great. I love seeing an
while less newsworthy pieces — like campus WiFi —
proved exceedingly popular. In retrospect, the USC and Letters to the editor open dialogue between our paper
and the readers — but that wasn’t
It’s in this context that campus newspapers must
guide their coverage. Some papers are faulted for Gazette are two of a kind Library tenants beware always the case.
You see, I didn’t always take criti-
looking too inward, focusing on their university To the Editor: cism well. This sentiment is shared
bubble instead of more significant news happen- a digital workflow that makes us online- This is a warning to all students in all by many of my peers I’m sure.
ready, or a creative section boasting video libraries. Spending hours poring over the
ing elsewhere. It’s true that a mandate focused on
and graphics. It was part of a mission to With the exam period looming over introduction of your final essay only
campus news will result in plenty of uninteresting Thomphoolery modernize the Gazette after years of the denizens of Western, the value of to receive a mediocre grade could be
stories. Covering campus news exclusively also meekly playing catch-up to a changing library space is at a premium. By 9 compared to agonizing over the per-

forces newspapers to eschew more newsworthy medium. o’clock the libraries are packed with stu- fect lede only to have a reader com-

stories happening outside their mandated bubble. Meanwhile, the USC dove head-first dents stuffing as much information as ment on a poorly phrased sentence
Stuart A. Thompson into a new governance structure empow- possible into their worn out brains to buried in the last paragraphs. “But
Some newspapers, like Metro, tailor content
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ering councillors to do work previously make up for the fact that they haven’t they’re missing the point,” might be
specifically to reader interests: shorter stories, helmed by full-time executives. There done their readings in five weeks and a common exasperation.
smaller news sections, longer arts sections. But was a renewed spirit to involve students, slept through lecture just as often. But whether it’s constructive,
readers can be a fickle crowd to please, often It was a fitting finale yesterday when the emphasized by events they’d simply Well, sort of. useless or downright mean, criticism
demanding in-depth stories while thumbing their Gazette released its annual University appreciate, like the widely successful You see, half the seats are usually full, is a good thing. It forces you to jus-
way to the crossword. Students’ Council report cards. These Purple Fest. They had the most prudent while the other half have been marked as tify a point you’ve made public and
leaders represent the collective efforts of and reasonable approach to business and “taken” by a single sheet of paper, a cou- challenges you to cover all your
All campus and community papers exist in a
a mutli-million dollar organization. And finance in years. ple of pens, or a sweater thrown over the angles next time. For every sentence
bubble. But this focus is sensible because these while they do important work, only some But after months of optimism, reality back of a seat to mark the territory of a I write, I now have four more sen-
newspapers are often the only ones with a critical students will see the results. settled in. The USC floundered in han- student who hasn’t stepped foot in the tences in the back of my mind ready
eye on the goings-on of their communities. Mean- Big ticket events like the Purple Finale dling the UWO Faculty Association strike, library for hours. to defend that point. Criticism forces
while, dozens of larger newspapers fulfill the succeed by following a winning formula: provoking a salvo of criticism from aver- This exam season I’m going to you to stand by your convictions,
free lunch and free punch. Meanwhile, age students and the Gazette. Meanwhile, assume that these articles of academia, has the potential to discredit you,
requirement for provincial, federal or internation-
much of their work goes unnoticed, like our incessant interest in USC politics and these bits of stationary and these pieces but helps you improve next time.
al news. lobbying the province for more access to Western news kept news coverage local of clothing are all items that some poor The more criticism the better. It
Campus newspapers, like all student organiza- education. while offering a handful of forgettable student has lost in their exam frenzy and helps you distinguish between the
tions, are a learning experience — one where stu- While these leaders get the glory and stories. will treat such items with the respect individuals that want to help you
dent volunteers try, fail and succeed under public the scorn, a hefty amount of work is done Both groups are grappling with a they deserve. I’m going to take your cor- improve in the long run, and those
scrutiny. There is no guidebook setting a specific by other people: councillors, commis- changing and growing student body, one ral-hogging shit and give them to the who are just looking to have their
sioners, volunteers and staff. So as much far less engaged than years past. So while front desk to keep in the lost and found, voices heard. And either one is okay.
path, leaving students the opportunity to experi-

$tudent pricing
as we love these evaluations, they can the USC preaches about getting students and then I’m going to take your seat, you Take feedback and use it when it’s
ment and continually adjust their mandate. only represent simple summation of a involved, the Gazette pleads with readers inconsiderate bastard. offered. But if a person is just looking
It’s here that campus newspapers can find their complex year. They evaluate the leaders, to volunteer. But most students want —Cody Sutherland to vent, remember heated discussion
single guiding purpose — to cover their geographi- while the rank-and-file go largely unno- nothing to do with either of us. MIT IV is better than no discussion at all.
cal area as best they can with diverse and important ticed. This should all be considered when That’s the biggest thing I’ve learned
It’s something true of the Gazette as summarizing a year of work. That student at my time at the Gazette.
stories. But while striving to fulfill this, they have
well. In fact, we mirror each other more organizations are always at the mercy of Dear Life Oh, and never quote someone
the freedom as students to experiment and mean- closely than either camps notice. We’re the people willing to do the work. That else as your final thought. It’s a cop
der, reporting on a variety of news outside of their both student-run, student-led organiza- leaders get the brunt of criticism and Your anonymous letters to life out — you should be able to phrase
bubble. tions. Our teams have similar trial-by-fire praise, but their achievements are owed your thoughts with more conviction
It’s crucial for campus and community newspa- mentalities, succeeding and failing in the to their employees, who in student circles Dear Life, than anyone else can.
pers to watch their communities closely with a dis- public eye. Our achievements go widely are the most devoted types you’ll find. Why would Tim Hortons raise the
unnoticed while our shortcomings Because it’s the volunteers who do prices of their food when exams are
cerning and critical eye — no matter the conse-
become the cause de jour for armchair obscene amounts of work for no discern- just around the corner? The cruelty!
quences or sacrifices. critics everywhere. able reason. It’s their devotion to an orga- For just $29.95, walk in with your taxes, walk out with your refund. Instantly.
Because if they don’t, no one will.
— The Gazette Editorial Board
There was a feeling in September that
both groups would achieve something
nization, a name, an idea. For newspaper
folks, it’s the Gazette and what it repre-
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I didn’t get a chance to write a last
different this year. sents. For the politically inclined, it’s the opinion column, so this will have to Student Harvest Special
At the Gazette, we overhauled every- student government and its aspirations. do: Math got hard, food tastes good,
MEDIUM maximum
thing we could, including the most sig-
nificant layout change in years. Much of
our work has been behind the scenes, like
But after years at the Gazette and a
term as editor-in-chief, I’m starting to
realize we’re not so different after all.
university is over forever, goodbye.
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Anders Kravis, Stuart A. Thompson GAZETTE

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saywhat? The sounds of the season

Arts&Life “Hey, you! What the hell are you doing? That gun’s NOT a toy —
stop waving it around! Look at you — your finger’s still on the
>> Tom Selleck, yelling at an extra on set after he picked up a real gun
and started pointing it at people
Check out Canadian music festivals this summer
Ashley Perl

Summer music festivals attract dis-

tinctive talents and create a com-
NXNE has expanded since its
start 17 years ago but McLean says
the essence still remains same.
“We built our reputation on
emerging bands. With no internet [at
Osheaga – Montreal
Speculating rumours about headlin-
ers were finally confirmed this past
week – recently reunited Death
From Above 1979 and The Eels will

Shad returns to London with a Juno munity atmosphere. This year is no

different with four promising festi-
vals to consider.
that time, we] needed to give a vehi-
cle for upcoming bands to give them
a place to be heard.”
Last year, NXNEi was also added.
be fronting this year’s Montreal fes-
tival, which runs from July 30-31.
Nick Farkas, director and co-
founder, explains Osheaga is all
Amber Garratt You released a track after the Home County Folk Festival – The interactive conference holds about maintaining the loose Mon-
ARTS & LIFE EDITOR Junos to thank fans. What London workshops on media tools and dif- treal vibe and creating a positive fan
motivated you to do that? The annual Home County Folk Fes- ferent technologies for independent experience.
Nothing seems to stand in the way of I had that track in the bank — me tival is celebrating its 37th anniver- creators. The remainder of this year’s lineup
London native Shadrach Kabango, and Skratch Bastid had worked on sary this year. Taking place from July Visit for more festi- will be released on April 12 at
more commonly known as Shad. At something. I met up with him after 15-17, artists like Dan Mangan and val information.
the age of 29, he holds a degree in the Junos on Saturday — he was London’s own Basia Bulat will be
business from Wilfrid Laurier Univer- spinning downtown — and I said, playing in Victoria Park. Admission
sity, is currently working towards a “Hey, let’s put this track out on Mon- is free with the option of a donation
Master’s degree at Simon Fraser Uni- day” and he agreed. It worked well that goes towards keeping the event
versity and is now the proud owner of
a Juno Award for Rap Recording of the
timing-wise. running each year.
Other than the six music stages,
Year. Between his win at the Junos and
his busy touring schedule, Shad took
Are you excited to be heading
home to London for a show? Do
over 150 craft and food vendors can
be found throughout the park.
t Ğ͛ǀĞŐŽƚũũŽďƐ͘
time to talk with the Gazette about his you expect friends and family More information can be found at
“Juno shocker,” coming home and his to attend?
musical influences. It’s always fun to come home and tĞĂƌĞĐƵƌƌĞŶƚůLJůŽŽ
play. We just try to have fun. My Rock the Park – London
What was going through your shows have always been the same — Another of London’s annual music
head when you won the Juno? pretty loose. I just try to interact with festivals will take place from July 21-
I was laughing. It was a massive people and try to make it a special 23 in Harris Park. Featured headlin-
surprise. It will be a cool memory experience. Some friends will be ers include Stone Temple Pilots and &ƵůůͲƟŵĞƉŽƐŝƟŽŶƐ
and something to celebrate with the there, but my parents and my broth- Sloan, as well as classic rock artists DĂĂLJLJͲƵŐƵƐ
team. er won’t — they moved back to Meat Loaf and Cheap Trick.
Rwanda and live there now. Set up in 2004 as a fundraiser for EŽĞdžƉĞƌŝĞŶĐĞƌĞƋ
They’re calling your win a Bethany’s Hope fundraiser, a portion
“Juno shocker” – were you Who are some of your musical of the profit is donated each year.
expecting it? influences?
More information is available at W ŽƐŝƟŽŶƐĂǀĂŝůĂďůĞŝŶ
No one was expecting it. Drake is I listen to a lot of different stuff That’s always a tough one for me together, but you never know. I We play a few more shows in Ontario Ăƌ ĞĂ͘ŽŶƚĂĐƚƵƐƚŽĚ
a massive star — he has massive tal- such as [music] from high school because [there are] a lot of artists would love to be in the studio with then we do some shows in the States
ent and had a huge year. It was too that is just a part of me now like Out- that I love, but that doesn’t neces- him and see what happens. and then back in Canada. I will be on NXNE – Toronto ϭͲϴϴϴͲϮϳϳͲϵϳϴϳ ͕ŽƌŽ
bad that he didn’t take anything Kast, Common and Lauryn Hill. sarily mean I want to work with the road for five or six weeks. This year, NXNE will take place ĂĂƚǁǁǁ͘ĐŽůůĞŐĞƉƌŽ͘ĐŽŵ͘
ƚ ǁǁǁ͘ĐŽůůĞŐĞƉƌŽ͘ĐĐŽŵ͘
home because I think he deserves to, them on a song — I’m just a huge fan. What’s coming up for you? Shad plays London Music Hall across 50 downtown Toronto venues
as much as there is any rationality to If you could perform alongside I’m a big Kanye West fan — I don’t Just going on tour and then after tonight. Tickets are $16 and are avail- from June 13-19.
Naira Ahmed GAZETTE
music awards. any musician who would it be? know if we could make a track that get to work on some new music. able at

Museum London’s exhibit plays with colour

Narayan Chattergoon in their choice of medium and use of art at Museum London.
GAZETTE STAFF texture. Different pieces of art in Colour
The result of all this variation is Fields follow the traditional defini-
When reflecting on art, it’s natural to an exhibit that displays how ele- tion of colour field painting —
first think about colour. In fact, the ments of art are employed and how abstract works consisting of broad
connection seems so natural that effective they are in influencing their areas of solid colour spread across
colour’s importance and breadth of audience. Within the exhibit, there the painting surface. However, some
use is often overlooked. are two pieces that contain similar of the other works expand on the
Colour Fields, hosted by Museum subjects but the use of different use of colour and texture, adding an
London, seeks to explore the ways colours for each piece makes them extra element to the painting’s effect.
in which artists use colour to pro- completely unique, evoking a differ- Colour Fields is a collection of
voke emotional reactions, explore ent emotional response from its works that emphasize the impor-
issues of perception or drive a nar- audience. tance of colour in art, engaging its
rative. “This type of exhibition is fun as it audience through its variety and
It definitely succeeds in this goal. lets us reveal the sheer range of art- diversity. Courtesy of John Tamblyn
The works in Colour Fields are work that we have in our collection, Colour Fields will be on display at Oscar Cahen’s Animal Structure, an oil
diverse, depicting scenes that make some not seen in a long time, and Museum London in the Lawson painting on masonite from 1953, is one
excellent use of the colours they explore what it can communicate to Gallery until September 11, 2011. of the pieces found in the collection at
contain. In addition, the pieces vary us,” says Cassandra Getty, curator of Museum London.

Now Yours

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Now Yours. Now Open. Affordable, previously enjoyed, pre-washed, nearly new, recycled hand-me-ups.
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Naira Ahmed GAZETTE
10 • thegazette • Thursday, April 7, 2011 thegazette • Thursday, April 7, 2011 • 11

‘He’s never faced a top striker’

>> continued from pg.1 proved that. He’s dominated every- With his first child on the way in
one he’s fought thus far,” Hominick early May right after his first UFC
we have this gym here with profes- admitted. title shot, Hominick is understand-
sionals like myself and Sam Shields.” Yet Hominick believes his strik- ably excited about what promises to
However, Hominick will go into ing capability is something that Aldo be the best month of his life, regard-
the fight as a huge underdog because has yet to face and will pose a diffi- less of what happens against Aldo.
Aldo, who has a career record of 18- cult challenge for the champion. “I couldn’t paint a better picture.
1, is considered the top featherweight “I think I’m the one question mark. The first live show in Ontario and
in the world and the number three He’s never faced a top striker yet. Any my wife is due five days after,” he
pound-for-pound fighter in MMA. time you let Jose dictate the fight, he said. “Things in life happen for a rea-
“He’s one of the best pound-for- dominates. But we will see how he son. I just have to go out there and
pound fighters in the world and he’s reacts to me pushing him backward.” fulfill my destiny.”

$8.35 FOR

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$350-$700/month, per person. Includes utilities, campus, next to Mall (LCBO/grocery), buses to reer-minded students for London, Kitchener and
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age that includes heat, hydro, and water. Free un-
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12 • thegazette • Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sports tweet of the week

“The Lakers’ girls are more overrated than the movie Inception.”
>> Paul Bissonnette (Biznasty2point0)
must not have liked that cliffhanger ending to Inception

Local boy gets UFC title shot


Daniel Da Silva defeated fellow featherweight fight-

SPORTS EDITOR er George Roop at the “UFC: Fight
for the Troops “event.
When the UFC holds their first main “I was treating the fight like I was
event in Ontario at the end of the I don’t think we have the number one contender before it
month, Canadians everywhere will was actually announced. [Once I
be cheering for the national hero in
grasped how big this won that fight], it had been the cra-
Georges St–Pierre to retain his wel- event will be […] It will ziest experience of my life,”
terweight title and status as one of be the biggest UFC Hominick said. “It’s great to get that
the greatest fighters in the world. reward after all the work I put into
But London will have its own event of all time. it. It’s a huge opportunity for me.”
hometown fighter going for the —Mark Hominick Hominick, who trains out of Lon-
featherweight title at the event, when UFC fighter, don’s Adrenaline Training Centre,
on the first MMA event in Ontario
Mark “The Machine” Hominick hopes his presence as a local fighter
takes on Brazilian Jose Aldo. will help grow the sport in the
“There is no greater goal than to province and will put a spotlight on
be the world champion and to do it mixed martial arts in Southwestern
at home would be a dream come Ontario.
true,” Hominick said in an interview “For the Ontario side, it’s great to
with the Gazette. “I don’t think we’ve have someone local fighting in the
grasped how big this event will be first event fighting for the belt. I’m
until we’re there in Toronto. It will be honoured to be in that spot,” he said.
the biggest UFC event of all time.” “People are starting to realize that
Hominick was awarded the title
shot earlier this year when he >> see HE’S pg.11
Anders Kravis GAZETTE

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