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ARMY WEST POINT FOOTBALL GAME CONTRACT ‘Thi game contac (‘Agreements made and entered nto and effective on_1th_day of _August_, 2019, by and between the Army West Pint Athletic Assocation ("Army") and the Univers of Baal (Bula) Pease note the Army Wet Pont Athletic Astocation ss no-federal en. 1. Thepatas stipulate and 2pree as follows: [A Army shllbe identified as the Home Tear” of “Host nsttuton for al the games ployed atthe Home Site” located a West Pot, New York and Ving Team forges played in Bufo, 8. Buffalo shall be dented 2 the “Home Tes ort Instuton” oral the games played atthe Home Site" located n Buta, LY, and Vistng Team for games played at West Pott, New Yr. 2 ent ‘ars football tens representing the two partes gre to meet for ntereclgate games a8 foows Date, Homesite Ime ‘Ola Asana y/Pald ny Sept 12,2026 ‘Michie Stadlum, West ont, NY. T8D ‘my/army Sept 11,2027 “UB Stadum, Bul, NY. a) Bufao/Buffle ‘The Hos istitin shall ave the right o determine the venue and starting time or ech game 3. Rules and Rogulations The Gare sha be governed by the ules ofthe National Collate AthetlAssociton ("NCAA") sn effect atthe tne ‘ofthe Game, andthe nstttion’ respective conferences or other governing bois where or I applicable, 4. ‘Egy of Team Members ‘The athletics elglty ofeach team member to partpate nthe Game ssl be governed bythe ules and raultions ofl etution an the rules of hi nstutlo’s athletics conference and by the NCAA, “Tha Horn Teun shallagign a onl ad ff ald ofc for the Game a thalr Home Seto Incase the tant ‘replay cow. The Home Team shall be excushely espana forthe expanses ofl game ofits atthe Home Site « compensition For each game, the Vistng Team shall reehve from the Host nstution a guarentee in the amourt of payable on orbeore the nest January 2 felling date of each Gare played, No other compensaion hall be due or parable. ‘The Home Tearshal hve the exclusive right to sll programs and run concession and parking atthe Home St. ll Income from prgram sales, concession and parking atthe HomeSite shale the sale property othe Home Team. Tete ‘The Host tution shall have the sgh to determine the cet pies For each etn The Ving Team shall be iottes tickets forsale on consignment lof each wll serve as complimentary tlckets.Cheeleders and mascots shale admitted without charge when in uriform and shal nc be nuded Inthe complimentary tcket allotment, but seats must come ou ofthe consignment allotment. Inadtion, the Fost nstution shal provide Sideline passes anda minimum of | pacing passes to ‘the vtog tears Any unas Ucket except those included ae complimentary) shouldbe returned to the Host Instiuton two week ror othe Game. The Hest tion shall det the price of ny unused cts not returned ‘bythe agreed upon date from the guarantee tet forth in paragraph seven 8 proadcast ats ‘The Home Teamshall retain the venue from and malntaln fl contro of al television and redorighs to broadcast the Game that chs place at ther HomeSite swell 2am rights thereto. Notwithstanding th ovegobg the \Visting Team shale alowed one ree commer ute fr 3 hve radio broadest and shal retin the revere rm such broudeast| Income from Ive or delayed telecasts by commer networks shall be retalned by each nettutien bated one Indidal conference or rights holder agreements] withthe television commercial networks. The Host stitution hall] ‘determine the award of commercial networks rights Home Ste. {oth pata hal have the right to use excerpt rom the game for hlghghts or cosche elev shows ‘The Vistng Teun acknowledges thatthe scheduled start time forthe Game may be subject to change forthe purposes of accommedatiog Ine television opportunities. 9 bamares Subject to apple ow and iitaton if ether party unilaterally cancels ths Agreement or othewis lls to appeae forthe Game 2st forth herein, other than due to a Force Majeure event 2s frth in paragraph ten (10) below of an unered breath of thie Agreement, the canceling oallg party areas to, eubectto and except when prliited ‘orexempted ty, appable law and limitation, and without wave of ary statutory andor state ensttutloal ‘protection, pay the oter party the sum of $500,000 as Hquldated damages and not as a penaty within sty (60) days ofthe eancliatien or fale, ‘oth parties acknowledge and agree thatthe United States Miltary Academy, the Department ofthe Army and the federal government re not partis or sureties to ths agreement and are to be held harmless an Indemnified for any "abt imposed, incling aarantes incurred under he term snd operation ofthis ereemen by the parts to ths agreement 10, Forsalaure “Te partes agree that by eason of an unforeseen catastrophe beyond the conta of ether team or part hereto (ietaing without tation, acts of God res, Rood, epidermis, quarantine restrictions tetris at, threat, sires, flue of public utes, unusaly severe weather, atonal ess or proibion by any governing author that ‘would make lt imposil, egal or impractical to play the Gare agreed to, the Game shal be canceled or rescheduled reasonably praia. writen noice of any such events shall be gven a oon as posible. Cancelation ofthe Game under this Section shal not be deemed breach of ths Agreement No sch cancion shal slfect the pats’ obligations as to subsequent contests covered by this Agreement ‘This event sam activity of the AWPAA 52 nonfedera ently and that theres a complete and express understanding by both parties that nobly coverage provided or intended rom USMA the Arn o the federl government 31. Intemation ‘This Agreements the otal Agreement between Army and Buffalo regarding the Event as estabishet in Section 2 above, superseing all prior agreements for that purpose, any. Any addons or mediietions to ths Agreement must ‘be presented in wing and signed by partes duly authorized to represent each ofthe Instations. ‘This Agrzement andthe rights and obgaions sat forth heel re not asignableo transferable, a whole orn prt, by ithe party. 32, _Indemoifiationand insurance ‘Subject to applicable w an intaton, each party agrees to indemnify defend and hold harmless the other fom and ‘against any and ll clin, demands, costs, ators o damages brought by thd partes, arising out ofthe nelgent ats ‘omissions ofthat party, ris employees, agents and asin. Each party shall malic an beep In frce ats oun expense polices of Commerc Lilt, Automobile, Statutory ‘Worker’ Compensation and Employees bly and Sports Acident Medical lnsurence or seFnsurance where applicable se-ncarance avaliable, the insurance cris) must have an AM Bes’ insurance Rating of least ‘Ae(excellent) anda iranll size of Vit or higher abe authored to conduct business In the Stats of New York and Massachistts with bdow minimum requirement: A. Commarea General tnbitty 1 its $5,000,000 per ocarrence, $5,00,000 aggregate. I Paley sal provide coverage Incladig but ot itd to body injury, property damage and contractual ity coverage refering to ths Agreement Slate thatthe insurance aforded is primary insurance as to any other valid and collectable insurance ia force and non-contributory to any poles ofthe host institution ar he AWPAA, inte ate of Army.” IV. Paley stallcover and coresponding Certieate of insurance shall indate: “Ths surance covers body Injury to any person wile racing foro paricpating In any sports athletics contest, exibition or events sponsored by the Named insured." 8. Autorebile abity $1,000,000 combined singe it body nary and property damage covering vehicles owned, non-owned, bred or ‘otherwise used or furshed forthe use of insured or sofas, associates, agents, volunteers, or employes, ©. Worker’ Compensation and Employers Lbiltyas required by applicable state aw. ‘A pole with a inimur $10,200 benefit for any one acident Incurred by a sured perion for medal care which resus from injures that occured whe partepstg Inthe game. Each part shal deliver tothe ther cetieates evden the requlred self lnsuanceor insurance coverage When proving Certate of insurance shall indcate:"The Insurance afforded ls primary and non-contribitory to any Insurance the lstituton (AWEMA for Army] may maitan This Insurance covers bly nur to wy person while practicing fr or prtpsting hn any sports." ‘any ofthe insurance poles requied by this Agreement nchie deductibles or self-insured retentions, satfecton af ‘the deductibles or sel-nsuredretentlons shal be the eae responsibilty ofthe party requled ta cary the Insurance. Host shal be responsible for secusty, crowd contol emergency medical services and other applicable serces needed 13, Press Boxand Production fasles ‘The Home Team agrees to provide reasonable press box falls and production accommodations or he oigation ‘of programs described here. Te Vising Tear shallemburse the Home Tear fr any reasonable cot ssocted wat ad incured onthe Vsting Teas baal Al such ess salle presented and agreed toby the Ving Team in ‘vance ofthe scheduled cont, |WWITWESS WHEREOS, the pats have exacted thi Agreement by ther respective fiers and/or representatives uty authorized effective a ofthe dat est writen above. Mh Adee ibe ‘lke dite Director of Atha % fob Bereta Senior Asoc. thei Decor 1. mary Academy 1639 Howard Rose Wiest Pont, NY 10996, (689 Howard Road, West Point, NV 10896 »

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