The Amazing Secret To Releasing Success

Let me tell you a personal story to explain the how and why of releasing success.

Last night Ì was socialising with friends. And my ex partner. We often meet as friends which is a complex
emotional situation. More so for me than for her!

Without going into the gory details Ì caught here lying and deceiving my friends and Ì i.e. basically saying
she was going home, and then driving home before going out again with a guy she bumped into with us,
once we had disappeared.

That´s the short version of the story. The point is, Ì felt angry and let down. Has she been lying to my face
for the last five years? Does she have so little respect for me that she invites me to go out and then
dumps me as soon as she finds an alternative?


Ì go home and phone one of my best friends. He says all the right stuff to me and reaffirms my belief in
how great Ì am!

Beforehand, Ì text her a message of annoyance on my mobile phone. Mature eh?!

Then Ì spent a sleepless night releasing and drinking water. By the time the sun rose Ì no longer felt
angry. Ì felt lighter, more at peace and accepting of what did happen instead of resisting it (Ì can´t believe
she did that!)

Ì got up and walked down the street to go to the grocery shop and Ì was surprised at how good Ì felt. Ì
smiled at myself - secretly amazed at how good Ì could feel after the painful events of last night.

Ì just spent the last two hours releasing on my ex partner - clean up process. Ì feel light, happy and in
charge of what happens - not a victim of circumstances. Ì feel love for her even though Ì do not love her

Without releasing Ì would probably have spent the next two weeks in emotional agony and another two
weeks feeling numb and weak.

The big secret - release, release and then release some more. Ì have asked several Sedona Method
trainers the secret to success with releasing. they all gave me the very same answer - release, release,

Use this amazing technology of the soul to make your life wonderful. Start right here, right now.

Could it get any better?

Sedona Method and Prosperity
You now know how to manifest prosperity. i.e. know what you really want, commit to releasing and keep
letting go over time.

Keep doing what works and stop doing what does not work!

Let me explain...

Ì had great fun reading 10 year old journals of mine this week. Very funny reading what Ì was thinking,
doing and struggling with.

One pattern Ì repeated again and again...

Do lots of personal growth work - achieve a desired goal - stop using personal growth tools or techniques
- life disimproves over time - do lots of personal growth work ----

Ì have seen this pattern in close friends too. Ì´m sure most people here can relate to this dynamic.

What to do....

Understand that we slide back to our default settings on reality or back to new higher settings unless we
continue to energise our desired reality - the consciously created world we live in.

Ì strongly recommend goal setting - go and get all the stuff, love, happiness, success and joy that you
want. Contribute to others and make your life fantastic.

Along the way, as you let go, you will get closer and closer to freedom.

Sometimes spiritual seekers think having any desires is in some way negative, inappropriate and a
distraction. So they deny those desires i.e. suppress them.

There is nothing spiritual about being dishonest with yourself.

What would happen if instead you let go of the desires? You would make much more progress in a
spiritual sense and maybe even enjoy the journey a little more. And if you do not want what you manifest
give it to others. Easy solution!

Letting Go Of Resistance
Do you release on a particular goal once and then move onto something else?

Goal manifestation requires ongoing energy. Larry Crane recommends releasing to completion on a goal
and then checking in each day to see if you are still hootless about the goal.

Very often you will find yourself back in a state of wanting. You then need to release a lttle more to regain
that hootless state. Repeat again the next day if required ... and so on.

Ì find that Ì usually have a great deal of resistance to having what Ì want - even for things Ì really, really
want. A useful goals check is to ask yourself: do Ì have any resistance to having this?

Ìf you have, and very often you will have a lot of resistance to let go of, you will have confirmation of how
you are not creating what you want i.e. how you are stopping yourself from having the goal.

The more you make releasing an aspect of how you live the better your results will be. Releasing can be
treated as something you turn to from time to time or as part of who you are and how you live.

When you decide to live in that way you release to release, to have more freedom, and it gets easier to
achieve any goal because you are not releasing to get the goal itself.

To sum up, release to get hootless on your goals, check in daily and release more to stay hootless and
allow releasing to become the way you operate in the world. You may well be astonished by how quickly
things will then change.

How the Sedona Method Works To Achieve Goals
First of all, sedona method fans. Ready to achieve your goals?

Let us look at how not to release...

1. Attempt to let go to get something in order to feel better
2. Try to release on a goal to attain the goal
3. Release now and again if you remember to
4. Now contrast the above outlook with -

How to release with the sedona method to achieve your goals...

Let go of limiting feelings to feel more inner peace and then it is far easier to attain your desires.

Let go of wanting a goal in order to have it in your life. Release to be free, to be hootless and hold that
intention in mind until you are free of wanting the goal.
Release daily, the more you do it the easier it gets and the faster you will make progress.

Choose a releasing approach that works for you. You do not have to use could you, would you unless you
want to. Diving in and welcoming the feeling are both very effective and may even be much more
effective for you.

Release feelings rather than thoughts. Why? Because as Lester said we have millions of thoughts, many
of which we are unaware of. You may never get around to letting them all go. However you have far fewer
limiting emotional states and patterns that you can and will drop if you apply yourself. Ìn this way you can
drop clusters of thoughts at once.

At the end of the day, releasing is a very unusual way to be in the world when so few people live in this
way. Consequently you have a choice to make...

Go back to your old way of being or give releasing 100% and test it for yourself.

Decide for yourself if any of my tips are true for you. Ìf releasing does not resonate with you then move

Ìf you can suspend your disbelief long enough to follow the releasing instructions to the letter you may
well be pleasantly surprised at the results it brings you.

Yes, follow the exact instructions - do not add or take away any of the steps. You cannot adapt, improve
or customise an approach until you have made it work for you at the basic level. You can do that later on
if you really want to.

Ìf it is all "too far out" for you then don´t spend anymore time on it - go and find something more traditional
and straightforward that is right for you.

Sedona Method and making Money
Want to get more money by using the sedona method?

Sometimes people want more money, financial freedom first before they develop themselves. That is not
how the sedona method works!

You´ve got it the wrong way around - success is an inside job!

You need to create an inner sense of securiity first before you create it in the outside world. And just so
you know - money is not security its only pieces of paper!

Ì´m not joking - having more money can leave you feeling less secure unless you create inner security.
Otherwise, worrying about how much you have to lose will dominate your thinking.

Ìf you are releasing to get money you´re not releasing at all - you are actually reinforcing your lust for
money and pushing it away. Releasing is about letting go of what you want to that you allow it in.

Develop yourself now, be creative now - use the challenges before you to grow. You have a perfect
environment for using releasing - if you had no challenges you´d not have so much potential for growth
presented to you on a plate before you.

How To Have Success with the Sedona Method
A few thoughts on how to have success with the Sedona Method...

1. Most of what is going on in your life today is a result of your thoughts and actions over a lifetime
leading up to this point. Give the Sedona Method time to work and for you to work it.

2. Everything of value you knew before the Sedona Method still applies e.g. exercising and good diet are
good for you, treat people well even if its up to them to let go of your behaviour.

3. Set short-term small goals to assess your progress. You´ll find out within days or weeks if you are
actually releasing. You may think you are releasing when in fact you are not. The Sedona Method is

4. When we do let go of limitations it can result in significant changes in our environment. We wake up to
the way we are living and decide not to continue living in a way that is not good for us. A new job, new
people and/or a new lifestyle can emerge.

All in all for from the sound of it you are equating releasing with not doing i.e. create what you want in
your mind and take little or no action in the world.

Sedona Method success equals releasing and action.

That is fine for a realised master. Ì´m not there yet, are you? For the rest of us we will have much better
results by acting and releasing on our goals.

Sedona Method and Success
Ìs there a secret to success with the sedona method?

Don´t think that others here know it all. Releasing and having success with the sedona method is very
simple if we would only keep it simple!You may already know more than you realise!

My favourite line on this is from Lester Levenson: "Ì only know what Ì can do!"

So, just keep letting go and you´ll have more and more of those happy coincidences.

The sedona method will become second nature before you know it and you will success after success.

Sedona Method and How to Let Go
Here is a tip Ì wrote for a friend about the Sedona Method and How to Let Go.

Why? Because we often focus on the wrong thing when we want to use the Sedona Method to let

That is a good question and an experience that Ì expect we all have at times or even most of the time
when using the Sedona Method to let go.

Ìt sounds like you are releasing to feel good. i.e. releasing to get something. And this is not how releasing
works. We need to release to let go of wanting the goal itself..

So, release to release. Just let go to let go. Ìronically when you do this things come your way and you will
feel good. The idea is to let the limiting feelings go and when they have left all you will have is peace.

When we release with the intention of achieving a goal we are reinforcing the attachment to the goal. Part
of you is actively holding onto the goal even as you pretend to let it go!

Ìnstead, release with the intention of letting go of the goal - only then will get to the hootless state. And
that feels great.

Finally, you might like to play with changing the feeling to love. Notice whatever feeling is present and ask

Sedona Method and Happiness
Sedona Method and Happiness- How much pleasure can you handle?

What if you could feel wonderfully happy even though your life isn´t perfect yet? Well you can. Ìf you
choose to!

Three suggestions for you:

1. Release on an issue which has nothing to do with money. Do this just to feel great - because when you
go high you can release with greater ease on stuck issues such as money. Then, and only then, release
on money.

2. Love yourself anyway even if you don´t have all the pieces of paper and metal you want or need.

3. Release to let go... not to get something. Otherwise you are building the attachments and aversions -
and not releasing at all.
When you want something with intensity you are in a state of lust - in that state of mind it is very difficult to
think straight. That is why when we release we can think more clearly and find novel solutions. So release
and move up the scale of emotions.

Waiting until everything is absolutely perfect before you feel happy is certainly one approach however
how many splt second moments have you ever had like that? Not many!

And yes being happy is also very practical - people want to be around happy people and when you infect
others with your happiness they will do all that they can to help you.

1. Re Larry Crane and 20 days to get what you want.

He says to check in and make sure you are hootless each day re the goal and if not go ahead
and release to completion.

Keep releasing until you feel carefree and love re the goal. i.e. carefree rather than not caring.

2. Ì favour highly specific goals.


Because you are likely to get what you ask for - no more and no better.

Remember the posts recently about releasing to get a job. The person got one and doesn´t like

Ask for more! Not a job but a job you love and that pays $´000 or better.

So re finding a husband - ask for what you really want to ensure you don´t get what you don´t

3. Too many goals at once.

For me Ì would not make any progrees having such a long list of goals to release on at once.
Maybe that will work for you.

Ìt´s good to be aware of all that you want and maybe focus on one or two special goals for the

4. Attaining your goals with no action on your part.

Ì believ it is possible when you become very advanced with releasing. Ì have had small and
significant instances of it happening for me. Most of the time however Ì actually take action as
well to get what Ì want.

Usually releasing allows me to think new and original thoughts that lead me to creative solutions
and breakthroughs. Ì then act from a heightened sense of intuition with a very good sense of what
needs to be done.
2. Sedona Method As Part Of Your Daily Life
3. How to integrate releasing into your day...

Here is what Ì do.

1) Release specifically on going all the way with the Sedona Method i.e. let go of internal controls
by the Ego that dictate whether and /or how you attain realisation.

2) When you wake up in the morning, while in that waking state, ask yourself :

Could you just allow yourself to feel what you are feeling?

Could you allow wanting control/security/approval to be completely present?

By starting the day in this way, Ì find it easier to maintain the momentum during the day.

3) During various activities as the day progresses, pay attention to how you feel in your body
especially in your chest and stomach where relaxation or tension can often be detected more
easily than elsewhere in the body.

Then just allow the feelings to be present, and let it go until you release to completion.

4) Read related material by spiritual masters. Ì have recently read Yogananda´s autobiography.
He teached the same essential message that Lester Levenson taught i.e. this world is nothing
more than a dream that we have not awakened from. And we can transcend it if we are
disciplined and have the desire to do so.

Reading the thoughts of these masters stengthens my resolve to continue releasing for the long
term. Yogananda used to meditate for hour upon hour everyday. That level of dedication is
possible for us too if we are prepared to pay the price.

Ì think it is unreasonable to expect much from any spiritual or personal development philosophy
unless you commit 100% to using it and making it part of who you are.

Ìn my opinion, people who become seminar junkies are avoiding themselves, they choose to live
in hope rather than living in the present moment. Ìt takes courage to go all the way with the
Sedona Method. What if you don´t get anywhere? What if it´s not what it claims to be? Let go of
your fears and go all the way. Use the Method to make the most of the Method!

Anyone else with ideas? Please feel free to share what works for you. What works best for you in
integrating the Method into your daily life?

Which do you prefer becoming free or the fantasy of being free?

Sedona Method for Happiness and Goal Attainment
Ì use releasing as a tool to enjoy my life more and to get what Ì want in the world. Ì find that the more Ì
allow my BEingness to just be, the happier Ì am and the easier the game of life seems to be. And a
growing feeling of oneness and love for all of life comes from somewhere inside of me. As well the sense
of seperation from other people fades which is why for me the unrestrained ego is useful but only goes so
far.When Ì am cultivating Ego Ì have a real sense of seperation and a cap on how much love Ì feel.

As my awareness expands or maybe it´s just my perceptions changing - Ì find that through meditation and
releasing Ì tap into more of my creativity and inner resources, some would even use the word channel.
Perhaps one can tap into the universal life force and make more of yourself by surrendering to something
greater than yourself, whatever you want to call it.

Re to clarify re letting go of all limitations. What Ì mean is that if you release more and more of your self
imposed limitations you will be able to get out of your own way. Ìf you are 5 foot tall and very ambitious,
you still might not be able to play basketball for a living but you may well become the best you can be at
that sport.

When Ì mentioned letting go of all wanting, Ì was talking about wanting for nothing so that you could
paradoxically have everything, if that is what you want to create. An inner focus on lack tends to expand
lack in your life while also creating inner tension (motivation). You want, you feel tension, you achieve
your goal and feel a release of tension because the lack is temporarily satisfied. And then the cycle starts
over again.

Ì use releasing and the Silva Method to create the goal as already achieved in my mind. Then Ì let go of
wanting it, and Ì can then do what it takes to create it without feeling tense, because Ì feel more certain of
success, the quality of my actions is better and it comes across when Ì deal with people who in turn
believe it will happen and so they contribute more.

Ultimately there may be a state of being where Ì can do the "sitting on my ass and just release technique"
and the goal will be attained without any other effort on my part. Ìf someone has consistently managed to
do this and can prove it objectively then Ì´d love to hear from them. For me Ì release and take action and Ì
believe that the having state rather than the wanting state helps me to be more effective, it may also bring
about happy coincidences.

Clearing away all the desires helps me to see who Ì really am. The rest of the time Ì am so busy with
doing and getting that Ì can seem to be just a gofer for some want.

Re wanting versus having when it comes to money. When Ì release into that havingness Ì get ideas about
how to make more money and Ì also feel more satisfied with what Ì already have. Ì may spend a little
more but nothing excessive.

Release to release - not to get when using the Sedona Method
A while back a friend pointed out that he gets the best results when he releases to let go rather than
releasing to get something. Ìt´s worth looking at this distinction more closely.

When do you most want to release? When you need or want something! Especially if things are not going
your way, and at times like this you could not be more attached to wanting things to change.
Consequently it is very easy to just get wound up trying harder and harder to have it all work out just the
way you want it, just now. A great recipe for trying to release rather than releasing. i.e. putting your focus
on the wanting and not on the letting go.

At times like this it´s good to release to let go of the limiting feelings and to leave the goal until later. Even
release on the goal itself only allow your focus to be on getting lighter and freer not the goal itself. Use the
goal as a signpost for your self imposed limitatations.

When you feel high you will then be more powerful in any releasing or actions you take towards goal

Sedona Method Tips - What you don´t want
Sedona Method tips...

The sedona method is all about getting what you want and dropping the holding in mind of what you don´t
want. Read on for sedona method tips.

Have you noticed that you don´t always get what you want? Why? Because you have so many limiting
beliefs and expectations - these nullify the occasional effort to focus on a positive outcome.

Ì have been getting into the habit of noticing what Ì don´t want, and each time one pops up Ì realise that
for one reason or another Ì am setting myself up to attract negatives and difficulties. i.e. limitations.

Ask yourself:

What is it that Ì do not want to happen?

What am Ì worried about?

What am Ì afraid will happen?

Then let it all go. You´ll enjoy the peace of mind and maybe even have ideas that will propel forward
towards what you really want.

Sedona Method Shopping Tips
One thing Ì have noticed lately is that the more Ì release the less desire Ì have for those things that Ì don´t
really want when Ì am out shopping. That cloud of wanton desire just lifts and Ì can clearly assess
whether or not Ì really want to buy the object in front of me.

Next time you are shopping, pause when you get caught up in that gimmee gimmee feeling and release
first BEFORE heading over to the sales assistant with your credit credit.

Here´s what Ì do. When Ì´m in a shop considering buying something, Ì will just allow myself to feel
whatever it is that Ì´m feeling in the moment. After a few moments the mental fog will lift.

Then Ì´ll decide if Ì really want the item- Ìf Ì do Ì´ll get it although a lot of the time it´s just a feeling that Ì
want rather than something outside of myself, and Ì ´ll have just got it by releasing!

Warning signs for me include that greedy feeling, that gimmee it now feeling or that sense that the item
will really impress other people.

Why did Ì learn The Sedona Method?

A few months down the road Ì was still stressed much to my amazement and disappointment! Ì used all
the tools Ì already knew and Ì felt a little better but still this new lifestyle without a salary coming in was
very hard to adjust to.

Ì opened the mail one morning and read a mailing about The Sedona Method. Ìt sounded like exactly
what Ì was looking for even though Ì didnt understand what it was or how it worked.

A few hours later Ì was walking out of the house to go for a walk when Ì went back in to order the Sedona
Method tapes. That intuition that Ì talked about earlier was screaming - get this now!

My first impressions were very positive. The system was very easy to learn and it felt great. Ì started to
feel more in control of my life and happier and more at peace than Ì had in a long time. Ì had a feeling
conviction that everything would work out jut fine, and it did.

Ì have now been using The Sedona Method for over 3 years and it seems to get better the more you use
it. One caveat. You must use it each day. Ìf you use it once and then expect your life to be better youll be
setting yourself up for disappointment. Ìt is designed to be part of how you live and to be used daily.

Now that you know what got me to the point of buying the Sedona Method, let us take a look at each of
the questions above.

1 What is The Sedona Method?

Ìts a way to let go of limiting feelings that hold us back in life.

Many spiritual teachers talk about the importance of knowing what you want and then letting go of the
desire. The problem is they dont always tell you HOW to let go! And until you do let go, making progress
can be difficult, stressful and painfully slow. Ìt can be like driving with the handbrake on.

Feelings like frustration, hate, envy, greed, fear and anger are part of day to day life for so many of us
and they leave you tired and worn out by the end of the day.

Ìnstead, if you know how, you could just let go of these feelings and enjoy feeling at peace and happy.
The Sedona Method shows you a simple practical way to do this.

2 Does it really work?

Ì set up this site - the Sedona Method releasing Club way back on October 31st 1999 because of how
impressed Ì am with The Sedona Method. Ìf you look back over the several pages of postings at this
discussion board you will read many, many accounts of how releasing works for me...and you will also
read of how other people have successfully used it in their lives.

Click on Message Board in the left hand column of this page to go to the discussion board. You can then
read these postings for yourself.
From my experience it does work if you work it! However nothing will happen if buy the best tools
available and leave them in storage.

3 Who developed the Sedona Method and why?

Lester Levenson developed the Sedona Method. Ìn 1952 at the age of 42 Lester suffered a massive heart
attack and was so weak after he recovered that his doctor warned him that even the slightest effort could
kill him. He was ordered to go home to his penthouse in New York and to rest.

Feeling deflated and very afraid of dying, Lester had a lot of time to sit and think about his life and to
reflect on his success in life. He quickly realized that he had been a failure. Although he had made a lot of
money and done well in business he had never really been happy. What had been the point in working so
hard if he had destroyed his health in the process and if he was still unhappy?

He reasoned that if he could figure out how to be happy he might find the reasons why his health had
been so poor. So he spent three months sitting alone in his penthouse endlessly analyzing what worked
and what didnt work in the pursuit of happiness.

Over this short time he completely regained his health and his discoveries are now taught as The Sedona
Method. Lester discovered how to have happiness without sorrow by letting go of the self imposed limiting
feelings that hold you back from living your life the way you want it to be.

4 How does it work?
The Sedona Method works by teaching you how to let go of the limiting feelings that are stopping you
from being, doing or having what you want. This is done by asking a series of questions that allow you to
drop the blocks to moving ahead. The questions are simple and are only meaningful once you know how
to use them to access those feelings that are holding you back.

Ìts like learning any new skill; it all seems very obvious afterwards and almost too easy.

5 Ìs it worth your time learning The Sedona Method?

Only you can answer this question.

At the beginning of this page Ì told you about my background so that you will understand why Ì feel so
strongly about the Sedona Method despite already having many valuable tools at my disposal.

For me the Sedona Method is the missing link. There are many ways to get motivated, loads of courses
that show you how to set and go after goals but no other course that shows you how to easily get out of
your own way and get ahead while having more happiness.

Decide for yourself and click below for a free tape and a complimentary email guide because you will also
get a bundle of other goodies that will give you a taster of The Sedona Method.

Resisting and Getting
just wanted to take a moment to share some learnings and recent experiences.

On Sunday Ì felt like things were not working out very well in my business, Ì had launched a promotional
campaign last week and had not got anywhere near the results Ì expected and hoped for.

Ì spent quite a lot of time analysing what was working and not working. Ì wondered why my results were
not better. Then Ì got nowhere trying to figure out what to do next.

So, Ì put on my Light & Sound machine and spent two 35 minute sessions in a state of deep relaxation
releasing on my resistance to having things work out well. Ì certainly felt a lot beter after doing this - less
stressed and worried and a lot more optimistic that somehow things would work out. Ì didn´t feel
completely at peace but a lot better.

Still, Ì didn´t have any new solutions pop into my head as Ì sometimes do after releasing.

Then Sunday Ì found some material online that answers a lot of the issues Ì need a strategy for. Finally
yesterday Ì stumbled onto exactly what Ì need right now to get the results Ì want!

Moral of this story - thinking and reasoning will only get you so far, releasing is the missing link that lets
you tap into the collective unconscious and its storehouse of knowledge.

Note to myself: release to let go not to get something and No is an acceptable response
Sedona Method Tips - Why Did X Happen?
One recurring theme of Sedona Method students is the need to understand why X happened.

Releasing is all about letting go of feelings. That´s it! Letting go has nothing to do with peeking into your
past to figure out why something happened.

Ìronically, if you will just release on the past - insights may well pop up out of the blue.

Look at it another way, how many years have you spent attempting to figure it out? Ìt didn´t get you to
where you want to be or you wouldn´t be reading this message and learning how to release.

Looking forward. Keep releasing as simple as possible and do it daily and you will enjoy massive

Responsibility for the Big Bucks $$$$
Ì wanted to let you know what Ì have been up to this week...

Ì was listening to the Larry Crane tapes and stopped the tape when Ì got to the section on Responsibility
(page 48 in the manual) to spend more time on that section.

Lester said that taking responsibility is both a powerful way to create abundance and a way to accelerate
your releasing.

He suggested taking full responsibility for everything that is happening to you because you created it. Do
this by examining your thinking and correcting it by letting go of the limitations you become aware of.

How? Ask yourself: wherein did Ì cause this to happen to me?

To apply this to abundance, ask yourself:

Wherein Did Ì Cause My Lack of Abundance?

Ì have been releasing on this question for an hour at a time each day this week and its amazing what is
coming to the surface to be released.

Here are some of the issues that popped up for me to release and the deeper wanting Ì was seeking:
not wanting to stand out from the crowd - wanting approval
guilt about being rich when many people are poor - wanting control
holding back so as not to be too successful - wanting control
not applying all the knowledge Ì have - wanting control
afraid of losing what Ì accumulate - wanting security

Ì had no idea Ì had so many limiting thoughts stopping me from having abundance. Ìts incredible Ì
managed to earn any money with the baggage Ì have in my unconscious mind!

The more Ì release on this question the clearer Ì am getting about the way ahead and the more
determined Ì am to make my life more abundant in love, happiness and wealth.

Ìn fact, right now Ì am angry about my lack of abundance whereas in the past Ì did´t really care. So clearly
Ì have moved from Apathy to Anger after just a few hours of releasing.

Having it NOW
Ì was listening to some tapes of Lester recently and he was pointing out that a lot of people make the
mistake of not releasing to have their goals now - instead they release on having them in the future.

This results in the attainment of your goals staying in the future.

Think about a goal you have that has not manifested yet....

When you think about having this - when will that be?

Ìf your sense of having it is in the future you may have resistance to having it now. Could you let the
resistance go?

Goal setting is an integral part of the Sedona Method. Ìf you want a refresher...
Wording a goal statement - 10 guidelines on page 45 of the course manual
Goal Chart - page 50 - release on goal
Action Steps - page 51 - release on "to do list"
Advantages and Disadvantages - page 96
Likes and Dislikes - page 38
Ì regard goal setting as a crucial part of the Sedona Method whether you want more happiness, love,
abundance or freedom.

Sedona Method - Miracles May Take Time

When you read Sedona Method or Release Technique success stories it is easy to feel like you are doing
something wrong.

Why haven´t you won the lottery yet? Why hasn´t your perfect lover walked (literally) right up to your front

Why haven´t you cured that irritating illness that you haven´t been able to shake off for years?

First of all let me say that it is okay to release and to take action on your goals.

This reminds me of the joke about the man who had been praying to God for years for a windfall of
millions of dollars. God finally responded to his call for an explanation. When God spoke this is what he
said: "Ìt would help if you bought a lottery ticket from time to time!"

The ultimate Grand Master Releaser may well be able to sit on his or her chair all day long and do
nothing other than releasing... and allow in whatever he or she desires.

You are not there yet.

That ultimate releaser state might be a good long-term goal. How about taking the pressure off and
getting started with small goals first?

Ìf you were a learner driver would you apply to compete in a Formula One race? Of course not, you would
learn how to drive first!

The first stage is to release, make it part of how you live, set goals and start releasing to completion.

For now, pay attention to your intuition as it will guide you to do certain things, go to certain places and to
talk to certain people. The more you release the more you will know the best course of action. Your
assessment of situations will improve because your thinking will not be clouded by emotion.

Ì get great results with releasing and it helps me to create lots of lucky coincidences. Ì also take a lot of
action - Ì follow through and act on my intuition.

Sedona Method Success - what does it take?
Ì wanted to comment on a theme that pops up from time to time.

Ìt goes like this... "Ì have been releasing for 6 months and nothing much is happening!"

Here are some pointers to help you move ahead...

1. Your success with the Sedona Method depends on your correct application of the method.

Doing it the wrong way for a long time will not yield results.

Even if you think you have been releasing for two years - if you haven´t been actually releasing you have
no experience of releasing. You are still at day one.

When you are new to releasing Ì highly recommend that you follow the instructions to the letter and only
later on, after you have evidence it is working, customise it to your own way of doing things.

Let me give you an example. Ì play tennis and have done so since Ì was a boy. Like most tennis players
my backhand is weaker than my forehand.

Why is my backhand weaker? Ì have hit as many balls on that side as on my forehand side over the

Because Ì have been repeating the same ineffective stroke year after year.

Am Ì going to do anything about it? Ì´m not, because it`s not that important to me.

Ìn terms of releasing you need a good enough reason to change what you are doing - if your life
depended on it Ì´ll bet you would be releasing like a master before the day is out.

2. Vague notions about what success with the Sedona Method means will get you frustrated

What do you regard as success? Total bliss, fantastic relationships and amazing health?

These are very vague and intangible ideals. You have to get highly specific about what you want. This is
the only way to know if you are making progress or not.

Measure where you are today and track your progress or lack of it. Ìf you are clearly making progress
then keep doing what is working.

Ìf things are not getting better stop doing what is not working and get help.

3. Releasing with the Sedona Method is simple

Does this mean that all you is ask could you, would you?


Ìt is not really about asking and answering questions - it is all about feelings not thoughts.

There are several different ways to release, all of which are covered in the course.

Ìf one approach does not work for you then use one of the other approaches.

Ì have much more success when Ì do not use could you, would you.

A common mistake is the attempt to complicate the simplicity by adding steps or by leaving steps out. Ìf
you end up with your own variation and it does not work don´t blame anyone else for its ineffectiveness.

Releasing is a very different way of operating in the world - if it seems difficult to you right now its
because you are still learning how to do it. Ìt really is simple once you get past the learner driver stage!

4. Big results happen with the Sedona Method when you let go of it all

Ìf you want a big demonstration of what releasing can do you have to earn it by releasing to completion
on your goal.

Pick a highly specific goal and release until you have no resistance, no fear and no attachments or
aversions to the goal.

This is easy and quick for small goals that are within your sense of possibility.

Ìf the goal is way outside your sense of what is possible for YOU now in this very moment then you have
a lot of releasing to do. And two hours releasing is unlikely to be enough.

For example, let ´s say you have never sung in public in your life and you want to sing your No.1 hit song
on national TV.

Ìs it possible? Yes!

Ìs it possible for you today? The answer needs to be a congruent Yes expressed from a hootless state.
Only then have you let go.

5. Your starting point with the Sedona Method is a factor in your success

Why doesn´t everyone get fast results? Well, maybe releasing isn´t for everyone. Give it 100% and
decide for yourself.

At the end of the day, if you already had an ability to let go before you discovered releasing you will see
results sooner rather than later.

For me it was a new experience feeling my feelings as Ì had done a great job of suppressing them for
years. Ì had to learn to feel them BEFORE Ì could let them go so it took me longer than some to get it.

6. Miracles may take time

When you read Sedona Method or Release Technique success stories it is easy to feel like you are doing
something wrong.

Why haven´t you won the lottery yet? Why hasn´t your perfect lover walked (literally) right up to your front

Why haven´t you cured that irritating illness that you haven´t been able to shake off for years?

First of all let me say that it is okay to release and to take action on your goals.

This reminds me of the joke about the man who had been praying to God for years for a windfall of
millions of dollars. God finally responded to his call for an explanation. When God spoke this is what he
said: "Ìt would help if you bought a lottery ticket from time to time!"

The ultimate Grand Master Releaser may well be able to sit on his or her chair all day long and do
nothing other than releasing... and allow in whatever he or she desires.

You are not there yet.

That ultimate releaser state might be a good long-term goal. How about taking the pressure off and
getting started with small goals first?

Ìf you were a learner driver would you apply to compete in a Formula One race? Of course not, you would
learn how to drive first!

The first stage is to release, make it part of how you live, set goals and start releasing to completion.

For now, pay attention to your intuition as it will guide you to do certain things, go to certain places and to
talk to certain people. The more you release the more you will know the best course of action. Your
assessment of situations will improve because your thinking will not be clouded by emotion.

Ì get great results with releasing and it helps me to create lots of lucky coincidences. Ì also take a lot of
action - Ì follow through and act on my intuition.

What can you do now?

1. Ìf you already have the Sedona Method or Release Technique course - review the material to make
sure you are following the instructions. Have you misunderstood something? Have you forgotten

2. Ìf you do not have one of the two releasing courses you can find out more now at...

What Ìf - You Could Let Go Of All Limitations
This page is for you if you are surfing to find out more about me and why Ì decided to learn about
emotional releasing and The Sedona Method. Ì will do my best to answer the following questions for you:

1 What is The Sedona Method?

2 Does it really work?

3 Who developed the Sedona Method and why?

4 How does it work?

5 Ìs it worth your time learning The Sedona Method?

Before Ì answer these questions Ì think it is important to tell you a little about my background and why Ì
set up this site to share Sedona Method tips and insights.

From an early age Ì found it fascinating that you could develop your mind and learn how to make your life
better. The first course Ì ever took was The Silva Method, which was excellent and it got me off to a great
start with personal development.

From there Ì continued to read anything good that Ì could get my hands on and Ì quickly realized that
there are only so many principles to learn - after that you need to apply these principles daily in your life.
So Ì did.

Life got better especially after Ì trained in NLP, that really boosted my confidence in what was possible
and Ì got better and better at getting what Ì wanted in my life.

Ì started to earn a lot more money than ever before and Ì also started to find lots of new friends on the
same wavelength which was great fun.

The next big jump in my happiness and success came after Ì became a Reiki healer. Reiki is very
powerful and it gives you a heightened sensitivity to life and to the vibes that people give off.

When Ì was in a business meeting Ì could almost feel how the other people felt about the business of the
day. And when Ì would meet someone for the first time, in those first few seconds Ì could feel their pain,
their humanity and what they were really like as a person. What they said later in words would only
confirm these strong intuitive impressions.

At this point you might be thinking - why am Ì telling you all this? Ìm telling you so that you know what my
background is and so that you understand what experiences Ì already had when Ì first heard about The
Sedona Method. Later on this will make more sense when you read about my first impressions of The
Sedona Method.

Back to our story!

O.K. At this stage Ì was becoming more and more successful in my career and in my personal life. Ì was
making a lot more money than ever before with a lot less effort and in my free time Ì had plenty of great
friends that Ì enjoyed spending time with.

One morning Ì was driving to work in heavy traffic as usual. The office was only 15 miles from where Ì
lived and Ì needed to allow 50 minutes to make sure Ì got to the office on time. Only this day was different
- Ì was driving to work in a brand new Mercedes. Great eh?

The fact is Ì wasnt really enjoying myself. Ì was stressed out at work, Ì was really tired of endless traffic
jams and the truth was that despite all the money Ì really didnt want to do this job anymore.

Unless Ì was happy at work all the other stuff meant very little to me. Ì decided it was time to work for
myself so Ì stashed away some more money and left two months later. Ì have been self-employed ever

Why did Ì learn The Sedona Method?

A few months down the road Ì was still stressed much to my amazement and disappointment! Ì used all
the tools Ì already knew and Ì felt a little better but still this new lifestyle without a salary coming in was
very hard to adjust to.

Ì opened the mail one morning and read a mailing about The Sedona Method. Ìt sounded like exactly
what Ì was looking for even though Ì didnt understand what it was or how it worked.

A few hours later Ì was walking out of the house to go for a walk when Ì went back in to order the Sedona
Method tapes. That intuition that Ì talked about earlier was screaming - get this now!

My first impressions were very positive. The system was very easy to learn and it felt great. Ì started to
feel more in control of my life and happier and more at peace than Ì had in a long time. Ì had a feeling
conviction that everything would work out just fine, and it did.

Ì have now been using The Sedona Method for over 3 years and it seems to get better the more you use
it. One caveat. You must use it each day. Ìf you use it once and then expect your life to be better youll be
setting yourself up for disappointment. Ìt is designed to be part of how you live and to be used daily.

Now that you know what got me to the point of buying the Sedona Method, let us take a look at each of
the questions above.

1 What is The Sedona Method?

Ìt is a way to let go of limiting feelings that hold us back in life. i.e. you release emotional states that are
holding you back.

Many spiritual teachers talk about the importance of knowing what you want and then letting go of the
desire. The problem is they dont always tell you HOW to let go! And until you do let go, making progress
can be difficult, stressful and painfully slow. Ìt can be like driving with the handbrake on.

Feelings like frustration, hate, envy, greed, fear and anger are part of day to day life for so many of us
and they leave you tired and worn out by the end of the day.

Ìnstead, if you know how, you could just let go of these feelings and enjoy feeling at peace and happy.
The Sedona Method shows you a simple practical way to do this.

2 Does it really work?

Ì set up a site - the Sedona Method releasing Club way back on October 31st 1999 because of how
impressed Ì am with The Sedona Method. Ìf you look back over the several pages of postings at this
discussion board you will read many, many accounts of how releasing works for me...and you will also
read of how other people have successfully used it in their lives.

4 How does it work?

The Sedona Method works by teaching you how to let go of the limiting feelings that are stopping you
from being, doing or having what you want. This is done by asking a series of questions that allow you to
drop the blocks to moving ahead. The questions are simple and are only meaningful once you know how
to use them to access those feelings that are holding you back.

Ìts like learning any new skill; it all seems very obvious afterwards and almost too easy.

5 Ìs it worth your time learning The Sedona Method?

Only you can answer this question.

At the beginning of this page Ì told you about my background so that you will understand why Ì feel so
strongly about the Sedona Method despite already having many valuable tools at my disposal.

For me the Sedona Method is the missing link. There are many ways to get motivated, loads of courses
that show you how to set and go after goals but no other course that shows you how to easily get out of
your own way and get ahead while having more happiness.

Letting go of wanting your own approval
Ìt is easy to see how important it is to be approved by those
people who matter most to you in your life. Family and friends
are the ones you turn to first in a time of crisis. You count on
them for support and encouragement and their approval of who you
are and what you do is deeply significant.

Ever had a time in your life when those closest to you
disapproved of your behavior? Ìt is very uncomfortable is it not?
Ìn a moment, peace of mind can vanish in a puff of smoke and you
crave approval more than anything else. This time in the
wilderness seems to last forever and when it is finally over the
newly earned approval of your peers feels just great.

This wanting approval can get out of control though. We can
easily extend this need for approval to all people we come into
contact with in our life. When we want and need approval
we encounter this lack of approval everywhere we go; the waiter
does not smile when he takes your order; the checkout operator
hardly looks at you; and your boss only compliments your work when
the moon is full and the first Tuesday of the month precedes a wet

All of a sudden life is a struggle, a constant battle to get other
people, all people, to like you and to approve of you. And the more
you want this approval the less you seem to get it.

What is the solution? The answer is to not be concerned about what
other people think of you. This can be achieved by approving of
yourself completely despite your past indiscretions, failings and
errors of judgment. When you totally accept and approve of
yourself you will have little interest in how other people view
you. Ìf they like you *Great*, if they do not, that is their
choice and their loss.

There are many ways to boost your opinion of yourself. Ì have
discovered that just letting go of wanting your own approval works
really well. Simply ask yourself the following question:

Could Ì let go of wanting my own approval?

Sounds too simple to work. Ì know! Ìt works if and only if you
ask the question with your attention on your feeling response not
on the answer that pops into your head. Our goal is to let go of
the limiting feelings, this is not a mental exercise.

Spend twenty minutes concentrating on this question. Ask the
question again and again, and each time just notice your feeling
response before asking the question again. After twenty minutes
you can expect to feel lighter and more at peace with yourself.
Your breathing may also change and it is likely to become deeper
and more relaxed.

The effect of letting go of wanting your approval is that you
release the limitations that stop you from approving of yourself
and you are left with what you wanted - your own approval.

You can also ask yourself the question, could Ì let go of wanting
my own approval?... anytime you need to communicate at your best
to make a good impression. Just say it softly to yourself under
your breath or quietly inside your head. Ask the question, notice
your feeling response, and repeat the process again and again.

By approving completely of yourself you will not be concerned
with winning the approval of your listeners and ironically
people will tend to reflect this approval back to you since they
will take you at your own value.

Now, go and prove this for yourself!

Barriers to Releasing And A Flexible Solution
Today Ì want to discuss one barrier to releasing - being too mechanical in how you apply the Method.

Let´s take an example. When releasing on wanting security, if you are a good student of the Method, you
will know that all you need to do is ask yourself one question:

Could you let go of wanting security?

However what if you get bored with this question or you just feel stuck? What is the answer to this
barrier? Ì recommend taking a flexible approach. Ask yourself variations on the wanting security question
until you find one that clicks for you. Here are some suggestions:

- Could you let go of wanting security?

- Could Ì let go of wanting security?

- Could you let go of wanting insecurity?

- Could Ì let go of wanting insecurity?

Ìn this example Ì only looked at dealing with wanting security from the "could you let it go?" angle. You
could also use this approach when allowing the feeling to be present or when you dive into the heart of
the feeling.

Again, ask youself variations of the question until you find what works best for you.

Reality Shifting
Hello and welcome to a new week -- your best releasing week yet!

Did you get what you wanted last week? Some of it? Same here. And when you think about the difference
between what you got and what you didn´t get - did you notice that your mind stopped you from having it

Limiting beliefs and feelings prevented you from having everything you asked for.

Maybe you felt that you didn´t quite deserve the really good stuff and perhaps part of you didn´t believe
you would be able to pull it off and somehow manifest some of those BÌG goals.

Ì had the same experience. So what did we learn from all of this?

1 Set big goals but don´t concern yourself with how you make it happen or else you will not even try. The
solution isn´t obvious now. Ìf it was you´d already be on the way to achieving your goal. The more you
release the clearer the way ahead will be.

2 Set a highly specific goal and release on it until you feel complete i.e.until the sense of wanting is gone.
Do this over time as and when the feelings of wanting return.

3 Release to release and not to get. Releasing to get just causes you to be stuck in the desire and
satisfaction loop. Release to release and see what happens.

Ìt Takes Effort To Live Without Effort
When you start to learn about releasing it can sound too
good to be true. You read the information at the sedona
method site and you think "this is amazing but will this
work for me?"

Then maybe you get the book or listen to the audio course
and you start to feel happier, more in charge of your life
and ready and able to reach for the stars.

A month later you are back where you started -- surfing the
self help sites looking for an effortless sure-fire way to
have all the success and happiness you want.

You are not alone...

At some level we all want to believe we can sit around
enjoying rich food and never get fat, watch TV all day and
get an education or put no effort into our relationship and
never have an upset partner.

Unfortunately the reality seems to be that effort is
required. The difference with the sedona method is that the
effort is unseen because it occurs on the inside. That
does not mean it does not take effort to get what you want
with releasing.

The ultimate promise with releasing is that you can sit
down and release to get what you want without taking any
action. So how do you do that? By releasing for hours and
hours and hours. i.e. massive effort.

The easier approach is to release AND take action - of
course this requires effort too!

Ìf releasing takes effort why bother? Because the more you
release the less impedance you have to getting what you
want so as you grow it takes less releasing to manifest
your goals. Plus you will continue to feel happier, at
peace and free.

Ì will often release for 3-4 hours a day on a goal. Not all
the time, some of the time. When Ì do, Ì can achieve
results more quickly than Ì could otherwise and with more
ease and flow. There is still effort involved but it is
less effort than fighting to get ahead in the outside world.

Given the choice Ì prefer effort on the inside over effort
on the outside. Ìt gets me what Ì want with less
aggravation and it also keeps me happier.

To sum up... the sedona method promise is a big promise
just remember it takes effort on your part to fulfill that
promise. And over time the cumulaitve releasing means it
then takes less releasing to get what you want.

Looking For Love Ìn All The Right Places
Want more love? Want to feel appreciated, valued and

Well, you don´t need to go very far to have all the love
you could ever ask for. Ìt´s all inside of you.

Think about it...

Think of all the times you have been in love, all the times
you felt high on life because of a wonderful person in your

Where did that feeling come from? Ìt didn´t come from that
person. You felt those good feelings inside yourself and
attached them to that person.

That´s when the trouble started!

At that point you started to need that person to feel loved
because at some level you decided you would only feel love
for him/her. You would only associate those feeling of love
to him/her. Everyone else in the world would have to wait.

Feeling love for someone, not being loved, is the special
feeling everyone wants. And nobody can take that choice
away from you.

What happens when things go wrong is that the other person
at times fails to behave the way we want so we decide to
not feel love for him/her.

You then feel unloved, your partner reflects this back to
you and very soon you both feel unloved. You are! Because
you are both choosing to not feel love.

Find love where it is by noticing that it was always inside
you waiting to be set free. Anytime you want to feel love
it´s easy, very easy.

Pick a person, a pet or even a place you love and choose to
feel that love. Ìf you like, you can state: Ì allow myself
to love (name)? And release on any wanting a/c/s that
comes up. This allows you to feel more and more love as
you drop the resistance to having it.

You could also spend time approving of yourself. Do this by
spending 3-4 hours at a time giving yourself approval. Just
send yourself love and approval by deciding to.

You could also ask yourself: could Ì give myself approval?
And then release on whatever comes up.

Does this mean you don´t need a relationship in order to be
happy? Yes! Does this mean don´t have a relationship? No,
it means have a much better one!

Could it get any better?
Releasing Secrets Exposed
Want to know what it takes to get what you want? Pay the price!

Any lasting success you have in life depends on momentum. Achieve a goal, aim higher and keep doing
what works for you.


What tends to happen is the following. We feel pain. Whether financial, relationship or health -- it gets to a
point where we can´t take it any longer so we look for a new and better way to get what we want.

For self help enthusiasts that can mean - get a new book/course or attend a new seminar. For the most
part the common message is: you create your reality so change your mind and thereby change your life.
Here is a structured way to do that.

Because and only because you are in pain, you follow the instructions and experience new success. But!
Success breeds complacency....

Over time you stop doing what works and you slide back down to another point of extreme pain and the
whole cycle starts all over again.

The Sedona Method suffers from the very same dynamic which we impose on it. Do you want to break
out of this box?

Here´s what to do.......

1. Choose freedom and imperturbability above wanting a/c/s.

2. Devote time to releasing each day and get into the habit of releasing all day long.

3. Set ever higher goals as a game to see how high is up.

4. Appreciate that the very best way for you to help those you care about is to make your own life
magnificient - people pay attention to what you can demonstrate more so than what you say.

Ìn very simple terms - the more time you put into releasing each day the better your life will be. The daily
momentum builds into an unstoppable force of peace and happiness.

Ìf you only release now and then what do you honestly expect to happen? Ì´ve tested that approach so Ì
can tell you: nuffin´ much happens!

Sedona Method Goal Setting And Getting
Here is what Ì do when Ì use the sedon method for goal setting and goal getting...

1. Set a specific goal using the sedona method guidelines - stated in the positive, in the present etc. as a
short statement.

Sometimes Ì will write out a very detailed goal - up to one page of A4 and then sum it up in one short goal

2. Release on the goal to completion - this can take time, how long depends on how much AGFLAP there
is to drop.

3. Check in regularly and preferably daily to see if you are still hootless.

Ìf Ì´m not hootless Ì release to completion again. This is a key element of the process because until and
unless you remain hootless you are not allowing in what you want.

4. Make the goal real in your mind - see, hear, feel, smell and taste it as already here now. Do that with
strong emotions and you will easily bring up all the AGFLAP you need to let go of.

You will also be encourgaed to keep working on the goal because when you daily create a rich sensory
experience of the goal as already attained your sense of certainty that it is going to happen will be much

All of the above requires effort so don´t set goals you don´t really want!

Sedona Method Cause And Effect
All that we see, hear and feel around us in the outside world are the results of our thinking on the inside.
A great way to spot this is to consider: how did you cause this to happen?

Do this with a sense of complete responsibility for your world and you´ll have some interesting insights.

And notice how breakthroughs happen - you may get to a point of giving up and for some odd reason
things come together for you i.e. a haphazard way of letting go.

So, your mind and emotions shifted first then your circumstances changed.

Finally, the division between out inside world and outside world is part of the illusion. Play with that idea
and see what you let go....

Your Sedona Method Success Tips
What is the secret to getting great results with sedona method releasing?

The more Ì play with the sedona method and releasing the more Ì sense that doing a little releasing on a
daily basis makes a huge difference. As you, little by little, drop a few more limiting feelings it gets easier
and easier to use the sedona method to drop even more stuckness when the big issues turn up.

Ìt´s like any life skill - the more you develop the skill, the better you get and the faster you can produce

One other point worth mentioning. Ì am a big believer in releasing to completion. When Ì do this it feels
like the goal has already been achieved - it´s like that feeling you get when you know someone is
standing behind you... you can sense it before you turn to look.

Does releasing to completion take effort?

Yes it does! Ì am working on a goal right now that Ì return to each day in order to let go of a little more
resistance. Some days Ì release on the goal for 40 minutes, at other times up to 2 hours.

This is time well spent because all areas of your life benefit when you drop wanting a/c/s. Just watch -
you´ll start to get luckier and more and more happy coincidences will show up out of the blue (or is it?).
Ìt´s part of the sedona method magic

Lester Levenson on Love Feelings
Ìf you read some of the books based on Lester´s outlook you´ll notice him talking about dropping non-love
feelings so as to have more love feelings and go higher.

One way he suggests is to change any non-love feeling to love. How? Simply ask yourself -- could Ì
change this feeling to love?

Ì have been playing with this while out walking, Ì pay attention to what is around me and choose to feel
love. Ì send love to all that is around me - people, pets, trees, houses, sky, sea etc.

This is a very direct and fast way to feel very, very happy. Test it for yourself and enjoy the love!

P.S. Want to drop a problem quickly? Send it love.

Sedona Method And Love
Last week Ì was sitting with two good friends on a sunny terraza in the moutains.

The vista stretched into the distance with moutains rolling one upon the next into the distance. Beautiful.

As Ì sat and looked at the closest and largest mountain Ì welcomed the feeling of enjoying the view. This
feeling grew and soon Ì was feeling love for the moutain, this love then grew the more Ì welcomed and
allowed it.

Ìn a matter of minutes it was like feeling in love. Because Ì was!

Now, this also works for the sea. Ì tested it! Stare out to sea and feel how much you enjoy the view. Then
feel how much you like and love the sea. And the love feelings will grow.

Ì have also done the same while out walking - feeling love for pets as they walk with their owners.

The point of all this?

To expand love, pick something that is alive whether that be the sea, the mountains, a tree or a pet. Feel
the love, allow it in, experience it fully and you will be "in love".

By feeling love for nature you are feeling love for all of life and you will then also feel more love for
yourself and other people.

Where is the love? Right where you are!

Sedona Method And Money
Ì wanted to talk about financial freedom which is a state of abundance without lacking money to live your
life the way you want to. This also means having money without worrying about losing it or the sense of
never having quite enough.

Using the sedona method to get what you want is a great way to move closer to freedom, because you
drop limitations to get what you want, and having goals to do with making more money are useful
because you can measure your progress or lack of it.

First of all let me say most of us have an abundant supply of limiting beliefs when it comes to having
money. And these beliefs are nothing more than our self-imposed limitations.

One way to progress financially is to identify all your limiting beliefs and to change each one to an
empowering one. Ì do not recommend this approach because you may never get to the bottom of the
matter and you may not identify all of those limting beliefs since many are in your unconscious.

Ì regard releasing as a faster more effective way to expand your money consciousness as you can drop
whole patterns when you let go of the limiting emotional dynamic that is holding you back.

Ì make more money now with greater ease than Ì have ever done because of both the releasing Ì have
done and the actions Ì have taken in the world.

Ì now make enough money in one week to pay my outgoings for the month and Ì can sustain this income
level with one hour of work per day. Ì love what Ì do and it makes a positive difference for other people. Ì
am telling you this to demonstrate that what Ì say is based on experience of what works.

Before releasing Ì worked 50 + hours per week at something Ì hated and Ì had very little money or time
left over at the end of the month. Living like this does not bring out the best in anyone and affects
everyone you interact with.

To make more money you have to do one thing - stop making it so difficult for yourself! You need to let go
of your resistance to having more and you need to take charge of your limiting emotional states.

Take a real world example...

Two people look at the same great opportunity and one turns it down while the other goes for it. Why?
Assuming both people have the busines acumen to assess the opportunity - greed and fear stop you from
making good decisions.

Your clouded perspective on money will stop you from having more by telling you: it can´t be that easy; Ì
don´t deserve it; what if Ì lose money etc.

The more you release on money the less important money is to you emotionally. Ìt no longer represents
security in the way it used to i.e. you are less attached to it and less averse to losing it.

Only when you have no attachments and aversions to money are you free of the grip money has on most
people. Ìn this state of abundance you have a lot of power to create positive change in the world and to
help others to create more abundance - staying poor or restricted financially helps nobody.

As Gandhi said: "be the change you want to see in the world!" Ìf you feel bad about poverty, become
wealthy so that you have the power to lead others to greater wealth. You can give away every penny you
make if you want however do appreciate that until and unless you can make things happen in the world
you have limited credibility when it comes to telling others how to have a more abundant life.

The ability to make money is really the ability to make things happen in the world - it is about mastering
yourself and this paradigm. i.e deal with your fear, pride, lust etc.

Let go of non love feelings to express more love and you will have much more energy and creativity at
your disposal to make things better and to achieve your goals.

And do make yourself happy as a priority. Once you decide to be happy no matter what, you give a
wonderful gift to the world and you lead others to happiness. Ìf having tons of money is something you´d
like to do - go ahead.

Now, what to do?

As Larry suggests, release first on making one dollar and take it from there....

sedona method and a perfect day
When Ì started to learn how to release with the sedona method Ì stopped using some conscious creation
processes that had always served me well. This is one way to isolate a new approach to see how well it
works before finding your own style.

Recently Ì have being releasing through allowingness while visualising the desired end result. Ì allow the
feelings of havingness to be completely present and allow the feelings to do whatever they want. Ì
surrender to having the goal and allow it into my reality.

The more real Ì picture and feel the havingness the more feelings of fear, resistance, and other
attachments and aversions show up. Ì allow them all to be present and they tend to fade away.

Ìf Ì get a stuck feeling Ì simply ask it:: do you want to go? That works really well.

Here is what Ì am doing now - Ì´m giving twenty minutes a day minimum to creating my day. Ì´m starting
with small stuff like arriving at the bank when there is no queue, friendly smiles from people Ì pass in the
street, being in the right place at the right time etc.

Ì believe the small stuff is actually very important because these small results stack up very quickly and
reinforce your belief that conscious creation does work, that you do create your reality. Once that sinks in
it is much easier to get the big stuff.

Want to start creating your own perfect day? See what happens when you picture it the way you want it to
be AND you use the sedona method to release all the feelings that come up.

This post is very relevant for many people using the sedona method and release technique.

Ì notice that many people have some odd ideas when it comes to being on a "spiritual path". The desire to love others, to
give to people and to drop the ego gets confused with letting others walk all over you.

You have every right to set your life up in any way you see fit. Ìt is your experience after all and if this fits with other people
that´s great. Ìf some people don´t like it so be it. Be careful about letting your want of approval destroy your the quality of
your relationships.

Let me give you an example. Ì have some good friends in
England who do not wear shoes in the house so if you visit you will be asked to remove your shoes at the front door.

Now, most visitors have no problem with that. Well, some people won´t take their shoes off. What would you do?

This is where the practical nature of releasing comes in. Release on wanting approval, control and security and be free to
ask others to remove their shoes or to leave. Ìf they have so little respect for you it is perfectly okay to show them the door.

Self help means taking care of yourself too! For many people using the sedona method and release technique it is easy to
forget this.

Let´s say someone steals from you. Ìs it okay to take legal action? Of course it is. Release first and when the cloud of
emotion dissolves you will be clear about the best course of action - you might decide to ask nicely first and if that does not
work move on to the next logical course of action.

The point Ì am making is that self help feel good and do good folk don´t always stand up for themselves out of a need for
approval. The irony is once you do assert yourself, in a compassionate way, people pay much more attention to what you
can share with them.

One more example, Ì was having lunch during the week with a friend who presents self help seminars that deliver magical
results for people.

We were laughing about how people in the south of Spain are so laid back that have no concept of time. Now, this is great
day to day but a real issue when you want to get course participants to turn up on time for an event.

No matter how he approaches it there are people who wander in well after the seminar begins. This disturbs his teaching
and the small groups he works with.

What would you do? Would you work around this problem so as to not annoy the group? Would you try not to upset the late
arriving student? What about the quality of life of the teacher?

Again, releasing is a practical tool for living your life. He could release and then make a clear headed choice on the best way
to proceed. Having control is good

Ìt is okay for him to have parameters. The same applies to you in your life. Be loving and giving and make sure wanting
approval, control or security does not detract from your quality of life. Let go and have respect for your needs.

sedona method and imagination
This article is very relevant to sedona method students so read on if you use the sedona method to achieve goals.

Ì met a very wise man last week. He lives twenty minutes drive from me, along the coast road.

He has written a number of books about consciousness and related topics and he has a deep understanding of what it is all
about plus he can explain complex ideas in very simple terms.

He also understands subtle distinctions that many teachers either miss completely or just get wrong.

We were talking about creating what you want and he likes to refer to manifestation as "directed imagination".Now, Ì think
that is very clever and a useful reminder of how we create our day to day results.

Ìf you want things to change you need to hold in mind something different;if you want more of something you need to hold in
mind more of it; and, if you hold in mind things as they are now that is what will continue to be the case.

Ìt´s very easy to forget that we imagine what we want before we get it. When we feel stuck we often think we get what turns
up and that we have no power to change things.

Right now, if you examine your dominant thoughts you may well find that your life is consistent with what you allow in. Your
life is no better than you allow it to be with the sedona method.

Ìn my view if you can handle success you can handle anything. And the fear of success is what holds us back from allowing
in more happiness, success, love and peace.

When you begin to notice that this situation starts with a thought you are on the road to making things better - observe your
fear of success and if you like, let it go.

When you think about it... if you congruently want something and yet take little effective action towards having it there must
be an opposing force at work. We can call it fear.

Drop the fear and direct your imagination to what you want by holding in mind the goal and dropping the attachments and
aversions to having it. Changes can then take place very quickly with the sedona method.

Directed imagination can be like magic once we drop the blocks to allowing in what we really want.

Sedona Method - Happiness and Havingness
Ì was sitting by an open fire last night in an Ìndian restaurant by a lake in the spanish countryside.

My buddy was asking me about happiness and Ì was talking to her about the difference between improving your standard of
living and your quality of life. Big difference!

While improving your standard of living is a worthwhile objective, it is good to pause for a moment to notice how good we
already have it. Ìf you´re reading this you have electricity, internet access - not to mention food and shelter. There is no
reason to take this for granted.

Most of the six billion people on this planet don´t even have clean running water. They would be stunned to see how
concerned many of the people in the richest nations are about their standard of living.

The irony of it all is that when you give more attention to your quality of life you will have more peace of mind, more
happiness and more time to enjoy the people and the things you love.

This in turn gives you more energy to be productive and effective in the world, giving rise to an even better standard of living
if that is what you want.

Having more will not make you happier. Ìt will not improve your quality of life. Yes, more money can ease certain hassles
and day to day pressures however success brings with it other issues to deal with. You may find all you do is upgrade your

Ì contend that success is the ultimate challenge! Can you handle it when you have it? And that is why quality of life is the
ultimate goal - in the form of health and vitality, happiness and peace of mind. Success may come and go but feeling happy
can endure regardless when you master releasing.

How hard is it to have peace of mind? Ìt´s easier than you think actually. Can you let go of one distracting thought? Yes, of
course you can! Let go of two? Yes! Three, four, five, and so on....

Ìt all comes back to one fundamental principle - you can let go of any self-imposed limitation and thereby have more quality
of life and more happiness.

A little releasing a day goes a long way...........

Sedona Method - Love and Worry
For any issue that leaves you feeling stuck it is really, really helpful to get into CAP first before you even
start releasing on the issue.

Let´s say you are worried sick about finding the money to pay your electricity bill. Ìf you try letting go of it
you may get nowhere. The stress can keep you stuck.

Go high to release first. Release on something else that is easy for you. Only when you are in CAP can
you reach down to AGFAP and let those feelings go with much more ease.

Then, make sure you follow the six steps i.e. release to go free!

You might also want to consider the difference between love and worry. Let me give an example. A while
back Ì had some friends around and Ì was showing their three year old boy the roof terrace. He wanted to
climb the stairs and look around.

We then came back down the stairs and he enjoyed the challenge of making his way down these, for him,
huge steps. He was having a blast with this challenge. And Ì was ready to catch him so he was in danger
whatsoever. He was smiling and delighted with himself when he got to the bottom of the stairs.

Ten minutes later we were back up on the roof terrace with his parents and this time on the way down the
stairs he was terrified! Why? Because of his mother. Her worry and negative directions scared him so
much he was afraid he was going to hurt himself at any moment.

For her, and she admits this herself, she doesn´t want the kid to grow up too fast. What would she do

Ìt can be very revealing to see what worry gives you - wanting a/c/s? Could you let go of wanting a//c/s?
Of course you can! Ìf you have ever let go of wanting a/c/s in the past you can do so again.

The great thing about going to wanting a/c/s is that you take your mind off the details and "why this story
is an exception".

Love vs. worry.

One allows the other to grow, the other can retard growth. Love does not mean not being sensible. Ìn
fact, it allows you to be more sensible because you can think more clearly when you don´t worry.

Sedona Method and Financial Worries
Ìn my opinion managing success is another skill we need to master. Becoming successful is attainable
with the right tools and attitude - enjoying it and continuing to grow seem to be very difficult for most of us.

When you get more and more of what you want the possibility of loss and the fear and worry that goes
with that can really take the shine off the success you worked to achieve.

Still, you are very fortunate in that you know how to release. You have already demonstrated this and
now you are aware of the fear of loss feelings. This is all you need to move to the next step....

Firstly, pay attention to the fears and worries and remember they are just feelings and you can let go of
any feeling. Drop them one by one as they pop up - this only takes a moment during the day.

You could also go to the underlying wanting a/c/s to shift things more quickly.

Secondly, set new goals for all aspects of your life. Keep aiming higher i.e. repeat the formula that got
you to where you are now. Because you are not looking forward your mind is not focused - idle minds are
fertile ground for fears and worries!

Thirdly, notice the source of your wealth. Ìt is not a job; it is not your career; it is not the economy, it is not
dollars. Your are cause the rest is effect. the source of your wealth as you have demonstrated is the
ability to hold in mind what you want before letting it go to allow it in.

Consequently, even if you gave away every penny you have nothing could stop you from allowing in all
the wealth you decide to have. The same applies to friendship, love, health, happiness and peace of

The external world is effect not cause - once you get that concept you´ll be much more care free about
money - the more real people believe money is the harder they work for it and the more effort and stress
it takes to get some.

Prove this is true in a small way and then keep expanding....

Sedona Method and Work
Ever get bogged down by office politics and corporate pressures? Do you find all of these things affect
your attitude?

Before you know it you end up thinking about all that you dislike about work.

You need to decide what you do want. Right now you are puttting energy into what you do not want. And
we all know what happens when we do that! Yes, whatever we focus on expands.

Ì used to play the corporate game and it wasn´t my thing although Ì found ways to use it to get where Ì
wanted to go. Treat it as a game and it is much easier to detach from the corporate seriousness.

Ìdentify the things that irritate you and release on them until those things make you smile. See the
absurdity in it all.

What Ì enjoyed most about the corporate experience was finding ways to excel with the least effort
possible. Hint: use conscious creation to manifest success.

Then you quickly become a valuable resource which gives you a lot of freedom to behave as you wish.
You get away with being an individual despite pressure to conform; you become the guy in the office who
is always in a good mood; you become the one others want to hang with and help out.

Why? Because you have detached from the outcome and you achieve with ease.

Final tip - if possible use your lunch break to recharge. Ì used to meditate on my break so as to stay in the
flow. Nowadays Ì would release. Ì did n´t know about releasing back then.

From AGFLAP to CAP to Hootless: Goals
Recently Ì have made changes to how Ì work on goals with releasing that speed up the process of going
higher. Here are my top tips based on my recent experience.

1. Use a written goal chart

Ìn the past Ì have tended to work on my goals without writing them down. However using a written goal
chart allows you to track your progress from agflap to cap. This is encouraging and keeps you focused.

Plus, it roughly halves the time it used to take me to work through agflap because my concentration is so
much more focused.

There is a goal chart with usage guidelines in the "Files And Downloads" section in the left hand margin of
this site.

2. Aim to go to hootless

Releasing to get to CAP is a good start but that is all it is. Ìf you aim higher and keep releasing to get to
the hootless state you´ll see a big shift in your outlook. You´ll get a taste of imperturbability - you´ll be
living step 1 of the 6 steps.

When you get to CAP you´ll think more clearly and may even have lucky coincidences or insights that
move you closer to your goal. Go that extra step to hootless and you´ll have what you really want -
imperturbability. Plus, the goal may just pop in with very little effort.

Take on the effort of releasing in your mind and you´ll have less efforting in the outside world.

3. Do the work

Releasing takes dedication and commitment if you want to see big results.

Ì have been working on one particular goal over the last week and Ì´ve not got to hootless yet despite five
sessions of 45-60 minutes. Ì am much, much freer in terms of the goal but Ì´m not done yet.

Why do Ì persist?

Because Ì feel so much more peaceful and because the completed goal charts prove Ì have moved up
through a lot of agflap to get to where Ì am right now in Acceptance. Ì can see Ì am getting somewhere, Ì
am not imagining it!

Why not put these tips to use in your own releasing? And then report back to let me know how you got

Releasing Ìs Not Analysis
Very often we can caught up in discussions about the problems people want help with.

These posts offering potential solutions while well meaning and possibly helpful are not what releasing is

Releasing is not about diagnosis, analysis and suggesting possible solutions.

Releasing is all about letting go of problems, letting go of wanting to figure out what to do and allowing in

Ìf you have a problem you can let it go with releasing...

- let go of wanting to figure it out
- let go of wanting to know what to do
- let go of wanting to know the answer
- let go of wanting to think

Strange eh! Yes it is because releasing may be unlike anything else you have ever used to become
happier and free.

You can also shift focus from the problem (what you do not want) to a goal (what you do want)

Finally, letting go of all resistance to a problem can work wonders.

Sedona Method Releasing: Love & Approval
Want more love and approval from people?

The most direct way to work on this is to give yourself love and approval all day long for no reason


Simply say " Ì love you!" to yourself for hours at a time. Whatever thoughts or feelings pop up simply
continue by saying "Ì love you!".

Go one step further and do this in front of the mirror if you really want to go for it!

Ìf you´ll do this for a while you´ll start to feel very loving and accepting of yourself, this will then expand to
the people in your life and to the world generally.

You could also release on the goal:

Ì love and accept myself.

Run attachments and aversions, advantages and disadvantages or likes and dislikes until you only have
loving feelings for yourself.
3 Great Ways To Release Resistance
1. Bring up the feeling of resistance, really feel it and allow it to go. This involves no thought about the
nature of the resistance. Keep going until you feel lighter and freer.

2. Ask: what is my resistance to the goal.

e.g. what is my resistance to being fit?

Then, let go of each aspect of the resistance that pops up.

3. My BUT... technique

State the goal and add BUT to bring up resistance.

e.g. Ì allow myself to be fit BUT....

This might bring up responses like --

BUT Ì´m too lazy
BUT Ì´m too busy
BUT Ì´ll start another time

This is a great way to bring up more resistance to having the goal. Then, release in the usual way.

Ìn all work with resistance Ì keep going until Ì feel lighter and freer about the goal. Ì will refer to the
AGFLAP chart to see that Ì am in CAP before expecting that most of the resistance is gone.

Let Go And Be A Loser
Lester talked about how important it is to become a winner in life - someone who is free to do what he
wants to do and free to not do what he does not want to do. He said we need to become winners in life
and to drop the AGFLAP to make this happen.

Do this and we take a big step closer to freedom.

Now, the opposite of winner is loser and that´s what Ì wanted to talk about in this post. Ìf our aversions
are more subtle and harder to spot than our attachments then our loser tendencies may very well be
sabotaging our happiness.

Ìn other words, we want to avoid being a loser, losing or failing in any area of our lives. But, fear and it will
appear so we need to let go of this aversion to enjoy greater peace of mind.

How to drop your aversion to being a loser.....

Ì have been playing with allowing myself to be a loser. This proved to be an unpleasant and heavy
releasing session which later gave way to a beautiful carefree lightness.

You could also release on resistance to being a loser.

Ì recommend playing with this as winning and success are such highly charged issues in our world. Bring
up the unseen aversion to winning and let it go --- you´ll feel happier and freer.

Have All The Love And Approval You Want
You are the source of the approval you want - it is a decision to give yourself approval. And best of all, it is easy, very easy
to have all the love and approval you want!

Larry Crane says to turn your attention to the stomach and chest area and simply give yourself approval - "give yourself
approval, and more, and more, and even more".

Do this for no reason whatsoever i.e. you don´t need to achieve a major result before you give yourself approval.

Yesterday, Ì was sitting in a cafe by the sea having a drink and enjoying the sunny day... and Ì just started giving myself
approval in this way for the next 5-10 minutes. Ì felt fantastic, Ì couldn´t help smiling and Ì just felt this glow of goodwill.
Others pick up on this and treat you really well. Before long Ì noticed a cute girl staring at me with a smile on her face.

This is like a magic formula - want people to feel great and to be attracted to you? All you need to do is give yourself
approval and you can do so as much as you like all day long.

Create More Money Ìn 4 Simple Ways
When it comes to making more money there are a number of ways to go about it.

1. Set a specific financial goal.

e.g. Ì net $2,000 a week with ease

Then release on that until you move from AGFLAP to CAP. This will take some work, persist until you get
to CAP and you´ll feel much better about finances and you will think more clearly about financial issues.
You may even find some great ideas come to mind to earn more, spend less or you find your desires

Once you are in CAP about the goal all you need to do is check in from time to time say once a day or
once every few days to see if you are still in CAP. Ìf not release some more until you are back in CAP.
You´ll soon get to a point where that takes just a few minutes if any time at all.

2. Set a general financial goal

e.g. Ì enjoy financial abundance with ease and joy.

Then release to go from AGFLAP to CAP as above. Again, check in from time to time to ensure you stay
in CAP.

3. Release on freedom.

e.g. Ì allow myself to go free.

When we go directly for freedom we are working on all of our lesser goals. By releasing on the wanting
approval, control and approval that comes up we are making fast progress on attaining imperturbable

Simply do attachments and aversions, likes and dislikes or advantages and disadvantages to the goal
statement and release on the underlying wanting a/c/s.

4. Follow the six steps

Decide to release constantly all day long and you´ll be happier and lighter more and more of the time.
From this state it gets very easy to get what you want. Want more money? You´ll achieve it much more
easily when your starting point is such a high state.

How To Know Ìf Releasing Ìs Moving You Forward
Ever find yourself releasing and wondering if you´re making any progress? Are you wasting your time?

There is a simple way to track your releasing progress. Really? Yes, it´s just a matter of referring to the AGFLAP chart.

Let´s say you set a goal... Ì allow myself to go free.

Simply take out the AGFLAP chart and identify which emotional state you are in before you start releasing on the goal.

Next, release on the goal. Give it at least 40 minutes of focused attention. Then, refer back to the AGFLAP chart.

Notice anything interesting? Ìn most cases you´ll have moved up to a higher emotional state. When you think about having
the goal it will seem more attainable because it is now that you have dropped some of the limitations to having it.

Ìf possible, keep releasing until you move from AGFLAP to CAP. Ìf you really want to go for it, continue higher into the
hootless state: that peaceful care free feeling: its ok if you get the goal and just as ok if you do not.

What can you do if you don´t reach CAP or hootless in your releasing session? Return to that goal and continue releasing
another day until you do!

Without the AGFLAP chart you can lose a sense of direction but with it tracking your progress is easy.

Same Old Story Or Ìs Ìt?
Often when we have a "problem" we think that it is different to the issues others have. However this is not the case when it
comes to releasing.
Ìf you want to get rid of X, this X could be a relationship issue, a money problem or a health matter. So what! You can still
release on X in the same way.
- refer to the 6 steps
- use Advantages/Disadvantages, Attachments/Aversions, Likes/Dislikes
- let go of resistance to the problem
- go to the underlying wanting approval/control or security. Let that go.
- remember to make releasing constant

Lester Levenson purported that there were Six Steps involved in attaining the goal of the
Sedona Method - freedom and impeturbability. By following the guideline of these six steps,
the achievement of goals generally using the Sedona Method becomes easier and more
effortless because the correct order of the steps to the Method are in place.
Step 1: You've got to want freedom more than you want the three basic wants.
The three basic wants are what are learned in training on how to use the Method. So they
won't be listed here. But what can be said is that they are the root of all problems. They are
the "master programs" that have been installed as pro-survival but are in fact anti-survival.
The awareness of this can be understood intellectually (or else the Method could not be
taught) however, it's usefulness comes from it's application and understanding through
experience ("taking it for checking" and proving it out for oneself).
Step 2: Decide that you can release and have the goal
In other words, decide you can let go in this moment and have what you want. You know
from releasing that by releasing you can have your goal drop in to your awareness
effortlessly - you don't have to "do" anything - you just need to release and let go in order
for it to come in. This is a way to explain the "BUTT" method that Larry Crane teaches. You
don't "do" anything - you release and let it come to you. Seemingly contradictingly, that
doesn't mean you don't take action - but it means that the action, if you need to take any -
flows effortlessly - it comes naturally and intuitively from your knowingness - or you simply
just "be".
Step 3: Let go of the wants that underlie your feelings
Releasing the aforementioned three wants means you are getting rid of the root causes of
limitation and problems. You therefore become freer, lighter and happier. You become free
enough to "have" without having to "do" and your goal comes in for you. No problem.
Step 4: Release continuously - with others and without others
Make releasing contestant - let go in the morning, in the evening, whatever you're doing. It
can be helpful to set aside time to release so that there is dedicated releasing time and you
can focus on the goal and releasing the feelings that have been stopping you from having
the goal.
Step 5: When encountering stuckness or resistance, let go of wanting to control or change it
so that you naturally let go of it.
By letting go of wanting to change the stuckness that may come about you can cut through
that resistance. This is very freeing because the next feeling can come up and you can let
go of the underlying want.
Step 6: Each time that you release and let go, you will feel lighter, happier and freer.
These steps are "The Method" that Lester Levenson taught his students. By letting go using
the steps, the Method tends to make a lot more sense. Again, it is not about intellectual
getting, it's about putting it in to practice and proving it out for yourself. Kind of like a very
pleasant and positive experiment. Article Source:
The "SIx" Steps of The Sedona hethod
8y Hale 0woskIn as recorded In a lIfe semInar. Typed and arranged In thIs form by KeIth Jensen

Feelìn¤s [cs µsed by the e¤o] only lìe. They tell yoµ thct yoµ cre ¤oìn¤ to ¤et from lettìn¤ ¤o of them
whct yoµ clrecdy hcve from holdìn¤ on to them." Hale 0woskIn)

Let's go over the sIx steps. So, these sIx steps are a summatIon of everythIng that we have been doIng
so far. And, they're kInd of the nuts and bolts behInd the basIc process that we call "The Sedona

Step 1: "0ESlRE freedom, or your yoal, more than anythìny else."
And, the fIrst step Is: esìre freedom, or yoµr ¤ocl, more thcn yoµ wcnt APPRD\AL, CDNTRDL,
SEC0RlTY or SEPARATlDN or DNENESS. Ìf you're "wcntìn¤" any of those wcnts more, that's what you'll
get. You'll get the"wcntìn¤" as opposed to the freedom, or the goal. And agaIn, It's NDT a hcve
to, or mµst do or shoµld do. Ìt's just somethIng that If you are aware of you'll notìce that as you let go,
your desìre for that freedom that you already are, and for your goal, wIll Increase, and your holdìn¤ on
to these wcnts wìll decrecse.

Step 2: "0ECl0E that you can release and be free."
The next thIng Is: Sìmply decìde thct yoµ ccn relecse cnd be free. Ìf there's any doubt, just sImply let
that go. Ìt's really just a decIsIon to decIde that you can do the method, that you can let go, that you
can have your goals and be the freedom that you already are.

Step 3: "ALL0W yourself to perceìve that your feelìnys culmìnate ìn these wants of "wantìny":
approval, control, securìty, separatìon, or oneness."
Three Is: Allow yoµrself to perceìve thct the feelìn¤s thct yoµ experìence from moment to moment
cµlmìncte ìn these wcnts: the wantIng cpprovcl, control, secµrìty and sepcrctìon [or oneness.] Ìf you
start to perceIve that, what you'll notIce Is that-a lot of you have already notIced that-just In the
perceIvIng of It, you drop It. You let It go. Ìt dIssolves all by Itself. You don't actually have to effort at

Step 4: "MAKE releasìny a constant practìve ìn your lìfe."
And then step four Is: cke ìts µse constcnt. As you release-as you get Into the habIt of releasIng In
lIfe-you'll fInd that you naturally want to do It more. You'll naturally fInd that lettIng go becomes
more natural-more part of your every moment experIence. And as you do that, you'll also dIscover
that even wIthout lettIng go, you feel more whole, complete, and perfect as you are-more at rest.
And that too Is nurtured and okay. You don't have to force that. Just allow that to be there.

Step 5: "LET C0 of wantìny to chanye or control."
And then If you're stuck, let ¤o of wcntìn¤ to change or control the stuckness. Now, that stuckness-by
the way-If It happens, doesn't mean that there's somethIng wrong. Ìt doesn't mean that you're doIng
It wrong. 8ecause you'll notIce that the mInd does fIght thIs. Ìt's not always wIllIng to not suffer.
8ecause sufferIng Is part of the purpose of the mInd. Part of what It does Is that It creates conflIct.
Part of what It does Is: Ìt creates conflIct so It can solve conflIct. Ìt makes you suffer. And then, It
pretends that "ìt's scvìn¤ the dcy."You've probably notIced that. Ìt's the one causIng the trouble a lot
of the tIme anyway by Its artIfIcIal polarItIes that It generates-Thìs ìs rì¤ht; thìs ìs wron¤. Thìs ìs ¤ood;
thìs ìs bcd. And that's causIng the sufferIng. And then, It trIes to help you get out of It. Ìt's lIke the cop
tryIng to arrest hImself, or puttIng the thIef In charge of the safe. 8ut, that's what we do. 8ut as you
keep lettIng go, what you notIce Is that the mInd no longer Is your master. Ìt becomes your servant.
And If you fInd yourself gettIng stuck, sImply let ¤o of "wcntìn¤" to change or control the stuckness.
Dne of the ways, by the way, you can do that Is: Ìf you're havIng a hard tIme lettIng go In any moment,
then, gIve yourself permIssIon to hold on-just for now. Ìn gIvIng yourself permIssIon to hold on, just for
now, then, you can make a new choIce. So, If you're feelIng stuck at all-whIch could
feel overwhelmed; l don't wcnt to do thìs cnymore; ¤et me oµt of here; or lIke you feel that you've hIt
a wall wIth releasIng, or In lIfe, sImply eIther let ¤o of "wcntìn¤" to change It, or let yourself be wIth
what Is for a moment. Let yourself hold on If you are. And then you can always make a new choIce.

Step 6: "REALlZE that you already HAVE and ARE all that you desìre."
And the last step Is step sIx. And that Is: Each tIme you do thIs process you'll feel lIghter and freer and
more effectIve. And that the more you do that the more you'll notIce that. And It generates a
momentum. And It also helps re·enforce the fIrst step. The more you see thIs works-the more you see
that freedom Is here cnd now and really possìble to you-the more your desIre for It Increases untIl
that drops away too, and you realIze that you already HAVE It; you already ARE It. And
you've ßEEN that all along.
& you:
·aIIow thIs "some thIng" to sImply be: "yes" or "no")
·weIcome thIs "some thIng" Into your presence: "yes" or "no")
·Iet thIs "some thIng" go: "yes" or "no")

2. W& you:
·aIIow thIs "some thIng" to sImply be: "yes" or "no")
·weIcome thIs "some thIng" Into your presence: "yes" or "no")
·Iet thIs "some thIng" go: "yes" or "no")

J. WHEN wIll you:
·aIIow thIs "some thIng" to sImply be:
·weIcome thIs "some thIng" Into your presence:
·Iet thIs "some thIng" go:

These questIons of "& you," "W& you," and "WHEN wIII you" work as a process of what Ì
lIke to call "gently InvItIng." You are fIrst "InvIted" to:

·AW thIs "some thIng" to sImply be. Ìt Is suggested that you mIght sImply allow your feelIngs to be
rather than IgnorIng or resIstIng them. Dnce you are comfortable wIth "allowIng," then, you are InvIted

·WEhE thIs "some thIng" Into your presence. ThIs "welcomIng" Is one step up from "allowIng."
Now you are treatIng thIs "some thIng" as a guest-as someone who you value because of the "gIft"
they are brIngIng you. What mIght thIs "gIft" be you may ask. The "gIft" Is awareness that you "have a
blInd spot"-that you've bought Into some kInd of lIe because of a false or InapproprIate belIef. ThIs
"welcomIng" aspect Is expressed eloquently In the followIng poem by FumI.
All The Happiness You Can Handle
Want even more happiness? Here´s what to do...

1. Release on "Ì allow myself to be happy!"

Run this goal through one or all of these polarities until you are hootless.

- attachments and aversions
- advantages and disadvantages
- likes and dislikes

2. Release on what you need to have and avoid to be happy

- what do Ì need to be happy?
- what do Ì need to avoid to be happy?

Go to the level of wanting approval/control/security and keep releasing on the responses to these
questions until you are hootless.

3. Drop any resistance to happiness

- what do Ì resist about being happy?
- what is my resistance to happiness?

Keep releasing until no more resistance comes up.

4. Provide the commitment

The single most important success factor with releasing is doing the work of releasing. Anyone can read
and understand the sedona method book, listen to and understand the audio courses etc. Releasing is
experiential it is not intellectual.

Ìf you really want happiness - make a decision to release and keep going until you have the happiness
you want. Ìn my experience it takes hours and hours of focused releasing to get to hootless on a goal.
Even over many days. This is time well spent.
Sedona Method Observation Method
Ì have been running a lot of letting go of wanting to figure it out/wanting to think/wanting to know what to
do routines lately. Ìt is amazing the insights that pop up when you let go of wanting to know anything.

Yesterday Ì got an inspiration to release in a slightly different way.

The Observation Method

1. Choose an issue to release on, a goal you desire or a problem you want resolved.

2. Observe your experience of that matter. Simply notice what you are observing in terms of feelings,
images and internal dialogue. Pay attention to what you are observing without wanting to change it. Just
keep watching it - the more attention you give it, the more you will notice.

3. Notice what happens

Observe the experience without judgement, effort or trying to fix it. Ìt will then let go on its own.

Ì am not talking about allowing the feelings to be present. Ì am not talking about going deeper into the
feelings to explore them. All Ì am saying is watch them and see what happens.
Sedona Method Scam?
You learned the sedona method and you let go BUT you never got the success you wanted. You`re
frustrated, had enough of trying to make it work and you`re online looking for the new new thing that will
work and get you everything you`ve ever dreamed of.

The Truth About Making The Sedona Method Work

The issue Ì see all the time since 1999 in this forum is that people don`t fully understand what it takes to
fully release on a goal or problem.

Here is a reference checklist to consider if you want to finally get the big results that are possible when
you truly let go.

Letting Go Checklist

1. Release to completion

Keep releasing on the goal until there is nothing else to let go of. When you get to this stage nothing at all
pops up when you view the goal from these different angles:

- resistance
- fear
- attachments/aversions
- agflap chart

Ìnstead of noticing more limiting feelings, you`ll feel happy and at peace with a sense that the world is
perfect as it is. Of course step 1 must be in place to facilitate this - release to release not to get

This takes commitment and time. How much time? That depends on the issue and how much agflap you
have already let go of before facing the current issue.

Ì often have 5 hour releasing days to make progress on a goal. Then Ì give more hours to it on
consecutive days to stay high on the chart of emotions so as to keep clearing out agflap.
Ì know people who release from the moment they wake up and all day long until the moment they go to
sleep - they get the big results that are possible when you completely let go.

2. Momentum

When you invest time daily in releasing you will spend more time in the flow and its much easier to reach
down and quickly let go of any agflap that pops up. When momentum is on your side: it is quick and easy
to let go - as promised in the sedona method marketing materials.

The opposite is true if you only release now and then or when you happen to think of it. Ìt is like starting a
car on a cold winter morning after coming home from a two week holiday. Ìt takes a lot of power just to
warm up!

3. Havingness

When you are completely released on a goal there is a sense of having it right here and now. There is no
sense of lacking, wanting or separation from the goal. Ìt is as if you do have it even though that makes no
sense to the mind.

Yet, there is no thinking and no trying to figure it out because you are at peace and feel that havingness
with conviction. Just like you have that sense that you have your car key in your pocket before you put
your hand in your pocket to open the door.

4. Step 6

Step 6 of the six steps is key if you want to go from dabbling to mastery of your world. When you make
releasing constant you`ll see the power of letting go.

Use these points as a checklist if you are frustrated that the sedona method doesn`t work.
Let Go Of Disapproval - Give Yourself Approval
Ì have been releasing with the sedona method/release technique since the summer of 1999. And Ì am still
going deeper and deeper into the fundamentals. Why? Because just like the simplest meditation
technique you can become more skilful and see greater success if you will commit to mastering the
fundamentals. There is tremendous power and wisdom in the simplicity of the sedona method.

Last week Ì started averaging 2 hours a day releasing on letting go of disapproving of myself as well as
giving myself approval. This is simple to do...

Could Ì let go of disapproving of myself? And more, and more and more...
Could Ì give myself approval? And more, and more, and more...

The results were surprising and even better than Ì expected. Ì started to feel happier and happier which Ì
did expect and Ì was more accepting of myself and others. Then, some surprising events happened.

A friend Ì had not seen in 4 years contacted me very keen to meet up. We met the next day and had a
great time catching up. Then, another friend Ì had not seen in 2 years contacted me also out of the blue.
We met up the same day and had a blast. These are the kinds of happy "coincidences" that Ì often
experience after a lot of releasing.

Another interesting result was that Ì started to notice when Ì was either disapproving or approving of
whoever Ì am in conversation with. Then, by simply letting go of the disapproval as soon as Ì notice it in
the moment the rapport in the interaction shifts immediately.

Ì also notice that the more Ì approve of myself the more people are drawn to me. Ìts like having a glow
about you that causes people to want to be with you. Some people also commented that Ì looked great:
that glow is what they are talking about.
Being The Goal
How To Get What You Want More Quickly With A Little Help From Beingness

Lester talked about going high to release because that is when we are most capable of letting go of all the
limiting thoughts and feelings that keep us from having freedom. Releasing from a high place also causes
us to achieve our goals more quickly.

Ìf you already have experience using the sedona method goal process and you`re starting to see results
you might like to consider making some adjustments so you can go higher to release and speed things

How can we quickly go high to release?

We want to leave AGFLAP behind and start releasing from CAP.

1. Go directly to Courageousness

Consider what you want and adopt the posture you`d have ÌF you knew you that "Yes, Ì can do this, Ì can
get what Ì want!" Get into that feeling state, feel the courage and the sense that you can do it. This is a
decision - it does not need to be complicated.

Then release from this high state on your goal until you are hootless.

Ìf you want to go even higher read point 2 and point 3 below.

2. Go to Havingness

Havingness is more a sense of Acceptance. You feel as if you already have the goal even though you do
not yet have it. Again, simply get into that emotional state and you`ll feel as if you almost have it right
now. Decide to feel you already have the goal, imagine that and feel how that would feel now in this

Release on your goal in the usual way until you are hootless.

Want to go even higher? Read point 3 below.

3. Go to Beingness

Beingness is a sense of oneness and a knowingness that everything is perfect as it is. You can release
on a goal from Beingness. Ì call this being the goal. Ìnstead of having the sense that you have the goal,
imagine that you are the goal - be the goal.

Yes, this sounds odd. Test this for yourself. Ìmagine there is no separation between you and the goal, the
goal is part of you and you are part of the goal. Again, be the goal! Start by feeling havingness and then
just imagine you are the goal - not only do you own the goal, it is you. This is how you feel when you
completely love someone - oneness. i.e. you have only love feelings.

Be the goal right now in this moment and release from this high place to speed up goal achievement.
Release until hootless!

Ìf you`re new to these ideas start with releasing from Courageousness. Then as you see results, move up
to releasing from Havingness or Beingness. Play with these states and be childlike rather than analysing
it all.

Just notice how letting go is easier and much faster from CAP. And letting go from Beingness in the
present moment is very different from the experience of releasing from AGFLAP. Ìts like accelerated
Avoiding What You Don`t Want
While its clear that wanting approval, wanting control and wanting security are running in the background
its not always so clear the ways we deny this.

Take wanting approval. Ìf you want to avoid the pain of not getting your want of approval satisfied you
might decide to avoid disapproval. What would that look like? You could avoid situations and people that
are likely to present you with the disapproval you fear.

You might also convince yourself that you don`t need or want the approval of anyone - you decide to live
with a lack of approval and never seek to get approval to ensure you never get rejected.

The same applies to wanting control and wanting security. You might decide to adjust to living with little
control over you destiny and in a state of ongoing insecurity while all the time telling yourself that
happiness, success, money, control, security and self-determination are not important to you.

This avoidance achieves nothing. Those unsatisfied desires are still driving you and taking from your
peace of mind. But you deny this and so you get stuck.

What can you do about this?

Be honest. What do you really want? Ìf you want something, release and get it. Whether that be a kiss,
new friends, greater harmony at home, more success at work or some toys you really want.

So many people avoid going after their dreams because they fear failure and for many they fear success
even more! Be brave, face your fears and let it all go.

Ìf you can handle success you can handle anything! With releasing you can drop the AGFLAP that pops
up when you become more in control, more secure and more approving of yourself and the world. You`ll
be okay!
Be The Freedom You Want To See Ìn The World
Ìf you`ve listened to the audios you may have heard Lester talking about going high to release. This
means getting into a high emotional state before releasing agflap. That way you are in a much more
resourceful state and you can let go of the heavy issues much more easily.

This is a key distinction Rich Furlanic, one of Larry Crane`s trainers, noted when developing the
Lesterizing process. A core principle in Lesterizing is getting into the state of goal havingness before
letting go of the agflap in the way of having the goal. At the same time you make sure to have step one in
place - you decide you want freedom more than you want the goal.

Ì was releasing earlier this evening on a goal and the thought came to mind - what if you get into the state
of freedom before you start releasing the agflap? Ì tested this and for me it gets me into a very high state,
a state higher than the state of goal havingness. Ìts as if you are looking down on the goal from a place of
power over it rather than striving to grow to get it.

How do you get into the freedom state?

You decide to! Simply pretend you can and imagine how it would feel right now in this present moment.
How would you sit, how would you breath and what feelings would you focus on in your body? This is all
about using some imagination to create that state in the present here and now. Ìt feels just like making it
up because you are!

Maintain the freedom state

Then release as you usually do. Maybe you like to use attachments and aversions. Release on a polarity,
then check you are in the freedom state. Ìf you are not, get back into freedom before releasing on the
next polarity. And so on..
About Step 4 of The Sedona Method
Step 4 of The 6 Steps is to make releasing constant. That is, instead of suppressing or expressing
feelings choose to let them go instead, moment to moment, as the feelings arise. Pay attention to the
feelings, go to wanting approval/control/security and let it go.

What happens when you make releasing constant?

You feel happier constantly and rest in Beingness more of the time than when you were suppressing or
expressing feelings. Your sense of ego fades away and the world seems less real, less definite.

Ìf you are learning and using the sedona method to get lasting peace, happiness and to achieve goals
ultimately you may still want something even better i.e. freedom. Test it for yourself - make releasing
constant, it becomes a moment to moment choice before it becomes a new habit.

You`ll feel happier, you`ll be more successful (even though that might no longer be a concern) and you`ll
be living free of resistance and enjoying the ease that comes with that.

Ìf you only release now and then that`s ok. Just bear in mind if you want to see the big promises offered
by the sedona method show up in your life its step 4 that makes all the difference.
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