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2 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.

We can stop HIV, Iowa.

One key step?
Get tested.

An estimated 14% of people in Iowa living with HIV don’t know

their status. Testing is the only way to know your HIV status.
The CDC recommends everyone get tested for HIV at least
once in their lifetime, and more often when needed.
Visit to find
a testing location near you.

Syphilis is on
the rise in Iowa.
Syphilis is a sexually transmitted
infection. Syphilis cases in Iowa
increased by 55% from 2020 to 2021.
It’s more common and easier to get
than you might think.
Syphilis is curable but can cause
serious health problems without
treatment. Talk to your doctor about
whether you are at risk.

Find a testing
location near you:
Free & low cost options available
Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 3


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Excludes continuous round-trip travel.

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Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 5

Grand Reflection: A Thank-you full-time critiquing duties at the end of

2009, it’s been nothing but pleasure to

Note Times a Thousand

work with – and enjoy the talents of – Jeff
Ashcraft, Dee Canfield, Heather Herkel-
man, Victoria Navarro, Mark Ruebling,

Vol. 29 · No. 1000 y very first contribution to the my dear college friend Jeff Wichmann, for
Brent Tubbs, Jill Walsh, Thom White (who
wound up reviewing longer than I did), and
AUGUST 2022 River Cities’ Reader landed with
issue 19 in March of 1995. This
envisioning and creating the River Cities’
Reader, and for the opportunity to write
our current team of Pamela Briggs, Mad-
eline Dudziak, and Roger Pavey Jr. I am so
was back when I was a freelance contributor for you 27 very long yet strangely swift
ridiculously proud of the hopefully positive
and the print edition was a monthly, before years ago. I’ve now been working for the
impact the Reader has had on the cover-
it became a weekly, before it became a bi- paper, either in part- or full-time capacity,
RIVER CITIES’ READER age of local or local-ish stage productions.
weekly, before it became a monthly again. for exactly half my life, and a better gig for
532 W. 3rd St. A collective thanks, too, for only saying
Davenport IA 52801 (Our online version, if memory serves, more passionate individuals I can hardly
occasional negative things about me despite didn’t yet exist.) For my debut, I attempted imagine. I love you guys, and wouldn’t have
my totally deserving more.
(563)324-0049 (phone) to predict the winners of the “big six” cat- the life I have without you. You’re allowed
(563)323-3101 (fax) Thank you to all of the artists who’ve
egories at the impending Academy Awards: to take both credit and blame for that. suffered through my rambling, stutter-
Best Picture, Directing, Actor, Actress, Sup- Thank you, Jeff Ignatius – a world-class
ing interview techniques. Whether you’re
porting Actor, and Supporting Actress. And editor and somehow-even-better friend
PUBLISHING SINCE 1993 frequent targets such as Ballet Quad Cities’
because it was either an insanely easy year whom I was fortunate to work either in
The River Cities’ Reader is an independently owned Courtney Lyon and the Haus of Ruckus duo
publication and website, dedicated to providing readers for guessing – this was Forrest Gump time, person or across a river with for the better
of T. Green and Calvin Vo or the sublimely
and members the “keys to the Quad Cities’ culture.” after all – or I was particularly on fire in part of 17 years. Jeff still lets me know
Christ-like Ted Neely, your openness and
my prognostication, I somehow got all six whenever I’ve accidentally misspelled
patience have been hugely appreciated.
PRINTED MONTHLY correct. something or have totally misconstrued the
Newly printed complimentary editions are available And a special thanks to the late Olympia
Considering I’ve managed that same plot to, say, Everything Everywhere All at
monthly at select locations in the region. For a complete Dukakis, an Oscar winner who ended our
feat only three additional times over 27 Once. I adore/loathe him for that.
list, visit mandated 20-minute interview by saying,
subsequent attempts, I suppose you could
“I gave you 27 minutes, honey … that’s how
PRINT & DIGITAL ADVERTISING say that my Reader tenure has been mostly So while the remainder of
Visit for full
much I enjoyed talking with you!”
downhill from there. Except that wouldn’t
publishing calendar, sponsorship this piece will kind of forced Thank you to all of the TV and radio
be at all true.
opportunities, ad sizes, and pricing.
I’ll be honest: Even though I was an early to be All About Me, allow hosts who’ve booked me, and have helped
promote this 1,000-issue-old paper, solely
proponent for our team delivering a few me to raise a figurative
PUBLISHER on the basis of my Reader employment, with
Todd McGreevy •
Memory Lane reminiscences in celebra- champagne flute – figurative special shout-outs going to Herb Trix, Jim
tion of the River Cities’ Reader’s 1,000th because it's actually a glass Mertens, the WHBF team I’ve been visiting
EDITOR & BUSINESS MANAGER (!!!) issue, when it came time to actually
of chillable-red in my reach – weekly for close to five years, and the Dave
Kathleen McCarthy • compose something, I balked. It’s not that
I couldn’t think of things to say. It’s that I in acknowledgment of others. & Darren team whose studio(s) I’ve been
visiting – and I can’t believe I’m typing this
ARTS & CALENDAR EDITOR couldn’t think of things to say that didn’t
Mike Schulz • – for going on 20 years. The added brand
inherently make the assignment all about Thank you to everyone I’ve been lucky
awareness has been invaluable. And I’ve
me. “Here are my favorite movies from enough to work with in the Reader offices
IT-SYSMIN made a lot of good friends, to boot.
more than a quarter-century of review- over so many hundreds of issues. I’m
William Reveal Thank you to everyone who has written
ing!” “Here are my favorite area-theatre absolutely, unintentionally, embarrassingly
me over the years, whether they were moved
ADVERTISING SALES experiences from 17 years of coverage and going to leave several important someones
by my 2006 Brokeback Mountain review, or occasional participation!” “Here are my off the list. But as soon as I stop typing, I’m
incensed by my 2004 Passion of the Christ
favorite local or visiting artists who were raising my glass of chillable red to Rick,
review, or delightedly surprised that I
CONTRIBUTING WRITERS kind enough to talk to me!” Nathan, Max, Shawn, Larrrrrrs, Rosie, Lou
named 21 Jump Street my second-favorite
Rob Brezsny, Pamela Briggs, Caitlin Johnstone Every idea I had felt grossly self-serving, Ann, Chris, Jeremy, Stephanie, De Leon,
movie of 2012. (It still is!) I’ve always appre-
and while regular readers will know that Beth, Jay, Cheryl, my beloved pal Jonathan,
ciated the feedback. Even from the person
PRINT COPY DISTRIBUTORS I’m hardly shy about referencing myself and the ever-divine Miss Lib. Many of you
or persons who voiced their displeasure at
Cheri Delay, Greg Fitzpatrick, Jay Strickland (and family members, and friends, and were there back when I was still wearing
my 2008 Hellboy review from the e-mail
random folks I’ve been in contact with) in ties and button-down shirts to the office.
Email address “ihatemikeschulz@mikeschul-
articles, I felt that my already abundantly Boy, those were some crazy times, huh?
to make your business” As you perhaps intended,
stoked ego needed to chill on this one. Thank you, Hollywood and not-Holly-
a Reader pick up spot. I’ve never forgotten you. And at least you
That this independent newspaper has been wood. You’ve always given me something
spelled my name correctly.
able to survive in print – to survive at all – new to write about pretty much every week
Finally, thank you, you – whomever you
ALIVE AND FREE while so many other similar publications
didn’t; that it managed to weather signifi-
for more than 1,400 weeks running. Except
for that understandable period of a few
are. That you’re reading this at all is proof
that someone, somewhere, is, and there
SINCE ’93 cant staff changes and the 2008 financial
crisis and COVID; that it successfully
months in 2020. I made do.
Thank you, area-theatre community. You
would be no point to our doing what we
do – and loving doing what we do – without
Keep the free press free with engaged readers and sparked debates and cautiously welcomed me as an opinionated
you. While this celebratory article might
your direct support at pissed people off 999 previous times … . outsider in 2005 and gradually accepted me
read as a farewell, it’s anything but; I hope I
Well, that’s something way bigger than me. as a member of the family … if, sometimes,
speak for my bosses when I say that we look
Love us or don’t, it’s an accomplishment. that member of the family no one wants to And, I’m proud to say, a laudable one. sit next to at Thanksgiving dinner. In every
forward to many more years of engagement
Mail checks to: and debate and pissing people off. But it’s
532 W 3rd St - Davenport, IA 52801 So while the remainder of this piece will conceivable way – as a reviewer, a patron,
my distinct honor to praise those respon-
Letters to Editor: kind of forced to be All About Me, allow an actor, a director, a producer, a human
sible for making this 1,000th issue possible,
me to raise a figurative champagne f lute being with curiosity and empathy and
and you, beyond all others, are responsible.
© 2022 River Cities’ Reader – figurative because it’s actually a glass of affection – you’ve made me a better person
Keep reading. Tell your friends about us.
chillable red I’ll be raising – in acknowl- than I was before my Reader tenure began.
And seriously, from the bottom of my heart:
edgment of others. Thank you, fellow Reader theatre review-
Thank you.
Thank you, Todd and Kathleen, and ers. As tough as it was to stand down from
6 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.


Battling Civic Impotence for 1,000 Issues partnerships, prestigious appointments, eventu-
ally becoming captured via dependency on the
billions of dollars, especially thanks to capturing
a larger share of the U.S. domestic market due to

fox’s benefits at the expense of robustly protect- over regulation of the smaller oil producers who
he time has come to make a personal individual rights. ing the hens by approving potentially harmful cannot compete in such a deliberately onerous
change as an American, ignoring for the That said, our rights can absolutely be or dangerous consumer products, services, and regulatory environment. Some smaller produc-
moment any partisan politics because for violated, but only if we permit it. And we are precarious business plans so as not to risk losing ers were subsidized to not produce, so there is
this purpose, party affiliation simply does not permitting it, mostly by our silence, as well as the benefits. that perverse incentive. And government coffers
matter. Each of us needs to reclaim our individual our woeful lack of challenges to volumes of Similarly, American voters are politically cap- are also enjoying higher gas tax revenues across
authority, expressly acknowledged and protected federal and state administrative overreach that tured by the two-party political machine that, if the board.
via the Declaration of Independence, U.S. and violates each of the three branch’s constitutional we are finally honest, has become political the- Add to targeted regulatory abuse, three oil
State Constitutions, including the Bill of Rights constraints, stepping all over our individual ater for elections, and thus unavoidably blurred refineries went offline due to explosions in 2022,
(first 10 Amendments of the Constitution), the constitutionally protected rights. the lines between the two parties’ political affecting supply. On February 21, 2022 the Mara-
cumulative body of laws and substantive due pro- In order to challenge such misconduct, we allegiances – big donors, global agendas, media thon Garyville, Louisiana oil refinery exploded
cess. That means robustly familiarizing ourselves must fully understand our own constitutional cover, and always special interests. into flames due to a hydrocracker. Exxon-Mobile
with the above, especially the Bill of Rights and authority to do so. We must reclaim that author- Yet regardless of the amount or degree of Lockwood, Montana experienced an explosion
Declaration. ity, ours by foundational law. With a comprehen- political abuse, Democrats will almost never pull on March 26, 2022, the cause is unknown. And
The reason party affiliation isn’t necessary sive grasp of the U.S. and State Constitutions, the lever for a Republican candidate, no matter on June 17, 2022, there were three explosions at
to do this is because it is completely irrelevant. Declaration of Independence, and the substan- how unsuitable the liberal candidate is. And visa the Girard Point Refinery, one of two refineries
Parties come and go, political affiliations tive due process guaranteed by the Magna Carta versa, Republicans will almost never pull the that make up the Philadelphia Energy Solutions
change. Every American’s individual rights and and an accumulated body of laws through time, lever for a Democrat even when their conserva- Refining Complex in southern Philadelphia.
authority is apolitical and permanent. What the we can formidably bring the necessary chal- tive candidate is wholly unacceptable. Again, the causes for these three explosions are
Constitution does is task government with pro- lenges for peaceful remedy and far more agree- Such political self-entrapment provides a also unknown. But if these refineries are subsi-
tecting our rights, and respecting our authority. able country. continuum of near perfect opportunity for dized, or compensated for their damages and lost
America is the only country with a found- Who can blame politicians and bureaucrats exploitation by media to trigger then cement production beyond insurance reimbursement,
ing framework, that if acted upon as conceived, for usurping our authority if we will not defend predetermined emotions and arena mentali- there are arguably perverse incentives afoot.
could resolve many inequities. It was created it? Why should any one of them protect our ties that effectively distract us from real issues, The more gruesome deliberate supply disrup-
based on the core principle that if you protect rights if we won’t protect them ourselves? Seri- ultimately capturing us in an endless loop of tions relative to food, and by association grocery
the rights of a single individual, you automati- ously, if we have so little respect for our own unresolved civic angst, disappointment, and items, are brutal and make no sense whatsoever.
cally protect the rights of any group of individu- authority, refusing to defend and protect our angry cynicism. Rembrandt Enterprises in Thompson, Iowa is
als. Corrections have been made along the way inherent rights when constitutional and statu- More importantly, this political self-entrap- one of the nation’s largest producer of eggs. In
to more accurately adhere to this principle, and tory violations pile on every year, why on Earth ment easily maintains the two-party status quo March 2022, a single solitary chicken tested
still more must be done. should self-serving politicians and bureaucrats, – fossilized career incumbents, an entrenched positive for Avian flu using a PCR test, infa-
But first, we have to reclaim the authority who greatly benefit from our apathy, inertia, and unelected bureaucracy that actually controls mous for its unreliability in detecting disease
that empowers our role in America’s Republic to incurious sloth, not take advantage of such col- most public-sector activities, and unfettered depending on the cycle thresholds used (a vari-
see it done. It is our responsibility, not govern- lective civic impotence? growth of destructive bipartisan levels of able completely under the control of the tester).
ments. Government is not our keeper; we are spending via more debt, most of it done with no After which 5.3 million chickens were locked
its keeper. People around the world grasp this Not Unlike the Hunger sunlight or accountability for purposes that are in their coops and barbarically, cruelly roasted
unique and powerful dictum and are looking Games increasingly antithesis to American interests, alive, then mass buried using bulldozers. This
to us to restore our remarkable government Over the centuries, we have moved closer to such as advancing UN Agenda30, heavily sub- inexcusably inhumane horror was based on the
to its proper limitations according to our an oligarchical form of Corporatism, or more sidizing interests of domestic special interests, PCR test result of one lone chicken. This is one
constitution. accurately Neofascism, recently redefined by foreign governments and/or foreign billionaires, story among many terrible stories of recent mass
I know no American interested in revolu- the World Economic Forum (WEF) as “Stake- shackling future generations with impossible killings of chicken flocks.
tion to install a different form of governance, holder Capitalism” as part of its Great Reset (a levels of debt. And then there is the mysterious death of
especially one that enforces centralized misleading use of the term “Capitalism” in this And then, like clockwork, we predictably 10,000 cattle in Kansas due to heat. I have yet
planning with global oversight, or promotes redefinition due to the elimination of its core blame the other side because what we actually to meet a single person who believes that is the
group ascendency at the expense of individual requirement – competition). See the March 2022 know about any of our government’s activi- real cause. How did that rancher manage to lay
rights and autonomy. Instead most Americans, Reader edition number 995 for a good explana- ties we could fit in a thimble, making our civic 10,000 cows head to hoof, approximately 10 cows
regardless of party affiliation, want to restore tion of WEF Director Klaus Schwab’s Great engagement as Americans the weakest contri- deep in side-by-side rows along the highway for
the Declaration’sand Constitution’s Articles Reset agenda. The intent is to codify selective bution this century, even amidst an economy- miles, with their four limbs sticking straight up
established more than 200 years ago as a blue- economic participation via exclusive private- crushing pandemic. Like I said, we must make indicating they were still in rigor mortis? Some-
print for achieving equality and peace under the public partnerships for profit within globally some changes as Americans first, tackle our thing is just wrong with the narrative for this
rule of law, including economic opportunity, designated regions determined jointly by oligar- civic responsibilities second by reclaiming our event. Kansas livestock, like Iowa and Illinois
and the pursuit of individual happiness and the chical corporations and the governing bureau- individual authority, then we can deal with livestock, are no strangers to weeks of 100 degree
potential to thrive. None of which are privileges cracies of the region to be centrally controlled politics and the rest from a position of authentic temps during the day, cooling off at night.
bestowed by our government, let alone secured and coordinated by a perpetual self-selecting strength. It is also hugely suspect that in 2021/2022,
by it. America’s founders identified core rights governing body. Not unlike the Hunger Games. Additional examples of regulatory interven- 27 U.S. food-processing plants/facilities have
inherent in our humanity, understanding that When you widen the lens, you can perceive tions, ignoring the unreasonable timing for been taken out of production due to mysterious
only we can secure them, therefore deliberately the various domestic and global systems of implementation in the midst of high inflation, fires and explosions, including two that were
limited government’s ability to interfere or opportunity constantly usurping greater control include recent supply chain disruptions brought destroyed by planes crashing into them a week
intrude upon our inalienable rights. within D.C.’s federal jurisdiction for the past on by onerous, expensive, unmanageable regula- apart. The probability of these 27 accidents
Our constitutional republic is a bottom-up century. However, this administrative assimila- tory impediments. For example, (1) trucks older occurring randomly is statistically impossible,
governance model for which we the people are tion of authorities has escalated over the last than five years old could not access CA ports meaning these facilities were arguably sabotaged
the most important balancing check of all, yet five decades with very few challenges, thanks to to haul stranded cargo, or (2) raising Diesel yet no investigations are reported.
we have all but abdicated our roles with gradu- Americans civically sidelining themselves. The Exhaust Fuel (DEF) requirements, an additive
ally worsening socioeconomic consequences. longer we do nothing, the more entrenched the standard mandated in semi-tractor trailers’ The Green New Steal Needs
Precisely because America is a bottom-up gov-
erning model, the people’s active participation
unconstitutional transfer of authorities becomes, fuel tanks, without first ensuring cross county More Debate
making it harder by the year for American citi- availability of the new fuel for truckers hauling The recent passage of Congress’s $480 billion
is the most important value in the formula and zens to unravel the administrative overreach. long distances, and (3) limiting the weight of the Chips and Science Act of 2022, which appropri-
cannot be abdicated without severely under- Administrative federal and state bureaucra- cargo truckers are permitted to haul in single ates $280 billion to climate change and green
mining order. cies are becoming increasingly compromised loads, creating inconsistent cargo tonnage from projects, among other things, via the Depart-
Be crystal clear: No one can take your indi- by regulatory capture by oligarchical corporate state to state for long-haulers, and reducing their ment of Energy’s (DOE) Science of the Future
vidual inalienable rights away. influences. For example, the FDA regulators are profitability by reducing their payload. initiatives, could use some additional explana-
The American people throughout the 50 captured by Big Pharma, the USDA regulators The Biden Administration tried blaming tion considering its meteoric upward spiraling
states have to agree to forfeit their right(s) by a are captured by Big Agriculture, the EPA regula- supply shortages of gasoline on Putin’s inva- budget increases in just five years to fund much
defined process in law – constitutional amend- tors are captured by Big Oil and the growing sion of Ukraine as the overarching cause for of the Administration’s agenda for climate
ments. Otherwise no law legislatively passed, green-energy industrial complex. This means the steep price hike consumers are paying for change and green goals. For instance, is all this
or executively enforced, including admin- these regulatory agencies routinely receive domestic gasoline. But it doesn’t explain why big massive funding advancing domestic goals,
istrative rule-making, or judicially ruled as huge funding infusions, lucrative investment oil producers are more profitable than ever by or is there more of the Biden Administration’s
constitutional, has binding authority to remove
Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 7
slippery excising of amendments in this bill itself drives legitimate controversy, especially feeble-minded conclusion based on politics: Vac- the chance of a false positive thereby increasing
forbidding China’s participation in our domestic when most of the predictions generated, accord- cinated folks are liberal/left, and unvaccinated the reliability of a positive PCR test result should
semiconductor and chips manufacturing? ing to various International Panel on Climate folks are conservative/right. one occur.
The nearly trillion-dollar science budget Control (IPCC) documents and research, have to And here we go again. In parts of the country, Sadly, EUA has become a severely compro-
includes the recently authorized Office of Science yet come true. we are ramping up to mask our children for mised designation after FDA’s deficient data
with a raise from $7.5 billion to $8.9 billion in Another climate controversy is carbon credit eight-hour school days again, and ourselves informing its EUAs for vaccinating babies and
2023, then increasing to $10.9 billion annually by offsets, including the creation of the carbon based on the latest pop-up variant, or not mask- toddlers up to four years of age, and for eliminat-
2027, to support nearly 29,000 researchers from credit exchange that functions like a commodi- ing at all as COVID cases climb again, according ing any future clinical trials for reformulated
industry, universities, national laboratories, and ties exchange, arguably not reducing a micron to the nightly news’ relentless display of the COVID vaccines and boosters going forward.
other federal agencies. of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Look closer and colorfully macabre case-counter plastered on This means that future new mRNA COVID
Also included in this Act is a herculean boost you’ll see the carbon credit exchanges are creat- the screen 24/7. This made-for-TV graphic was vaccines and boosters administered using EUA
of 40 percent to $1.5 billion in 2023 increasing ing, bundling, and trading carbon commodities provided by the Event 201 design crew, who used will not require clinical trials for safety and effi-
to $2.3 billion by 2027, for the DOE’s National as derivative combos, some born of new tech- it for its own coronavirus pandemic simulation cacy before injecting the public. As stunningly
Institute of Standards and Technology For The nologies trying to balance (offset) CO2 emissions held at John Hopkins a mere three months before irresponsible as this policy is, it is amplified
Future, which supports … wait for it … research with capture and sequestration (storage) out it actually erupted in real life. What are the odds exponentially by the provisions in the Public
in standards and technology. of thin air, literally, to meet an internationally of that? Preparedness and Emergency Response Act
Finally the DOE’s National Science Founda- agreed upon goal of net zero carbon emissions With no lethality looming for adults, statisti- (PREP Act) that gives blanket immunity for any
tion for the Future gets the prize with an increase by 2050. cal zero risk to children, it must follow that we and all harm to vaccine manufacturers, provid-
in overall funding of $1.2 billion in fiscal year Again, some credentialed climate scientists are complying based on politics, otherwise the ers, nursing homes, healthcare workers, anyone
2023, increasing to $10 billion and growing at an are admitting “net zero by 2050” is an unreal- 100-to-1 studies proving masks don’t stop viral administering the injections and/or providing
average annual rate of 8 percent to $13.8 billion istic, unachievable goal. So is it or isn’t it? We respiratory infections would permanently dis- COVID care.
in fiscal year 2027! (Note: This does not include deserve to have this debate once and for all based suade us from such a filthy mitigation. Conclu- Such broad immunity from liability shields
the foundation’s new Directorate’s separate on the massive appropriations authorized by sion: Liberals wear masks; conservatives don’t the healthcare industry, from the most dili-
budget of $1.85 billion in fiscal year 2023 with an Congress over the next five years for projects wear masks. gent and careful to the most incompetent and
average annual increase of 36 percent to $5.1 bil- toward achieving net zero. (TheConversation. Worst of all, we are actually considering careless. PREP also provides perverse incen-
lion in fiscal year 2027, for a grand total of $18.9 com/climate-scientists-concept-of-net-zero-is-a- vaccinating children based on politics, because tives to providers and caregivers by creating an
billion to direct investments in critical research- dangerous-trap-157368) most of us know there are no earthly benefits to umbrella of immunity for associated healthcare
enabling infrastructure.) There are other proposed solutions that also them for doing so. Especially compared to the for COVID. Add this to the additional monetary
The following link provides fact sheets on deserve meaningful debate, such as where is real health risks from the injections themselves, reimbursements for all things COVID and it gets
these initiatives. Considering the half-trillion the justifiable offset created by transitioning according to the CDC’s unprecedented growth uncomfortable in appearances.
dollars authorized for these three initiatives, to electric vehicles that require plugging into in its Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System The Emergency Use Authorization hinges
on principle alone, an independent watchdog coal-fired electric grids to recharge the lithium (VAERS) database of shocking adverse reactions on the federal and state governments declaring
should specifically track every nickle of these batteries that power the vehicles? Replacing a from the COVID injections. Where and what are an emergency specific to COVID. Without it,
allocations for return on investment. (Science. single household’s two gasoline-fueled cars with the risk-benefit calculations for injecting chil- reimbursements for COVID care stop, and more two electric cars will require doubling the elec- dren with experimental mRNA gene therapies importantly, so does all COVID testing, and all
sheets.pdf) tric power delivered to that one household. How redefined as vaccines? Pfizer, Moderna, and the but two injections would be prohibited. The only
No matter how you skin this fat green cat, it’s is this considered a renewable solution when the FDA produced none. What possible justification fully FDA approved mRNA vaccines are Pfizer’s
still just a lot of old fashioned crony corporatism energy source that powers the two electric cars is is there when no medical science exists (actual Cominarty, authorized for 12 years and up, but
(not capitalism because it is missing Capital- still coal, and lots more of it, let alone green and data from controlled clinical trials) to support to date unavailable in the U.S.; and Moderna’s
ism’s core element: competition), with the same lean energy efficiency? such potentially dangerous protocols? I would Spikevax authorized for 18 years and up. This
usual greedy control freaks at the public trough, Finally, have you seen the horrific child labor be relieved to be proven wrong, but to date there would mean millions of EUA-approved COVID
such as $10-trillion-under-management private in countries mining/stripping the lithium from is no confirming clinical evidence, especially vaccine doses and boosters, already purchased
equity Blackrock dangling access to capital, the ground necessary for batteries that power long-term safety and efficacy data for developing with billions of U.S. tax dollars, would stockpile
using its newly established ESG scoring, in front the electric green dream machines once they children. and eventually be trashed due to limited shelf
of potential recipients who must meet Black- are charged via the coal-powered electric grids? Also worth noting is that most of the current life.
rock’s scoring threshold. Or the obscene scarring of the land itself once testing, including over 900 new PCR and antigen By invoking emergency powers via the
ESG compliance, nonsensical as an actual a lithium mine is depleted. Spare me the green rapid tests for both hospitals and home kits, are Emergency Powers Act (among other associ-
business viability/health measure, can’t generate consolation prize for this largely ignored wick- enjoying wide distribution amidst public skepti- ated legislation, including amended Act for
a nickle of profit, but instead signals corporate edness. cism relative to the tests’ accuracy, especially COVID), our state and federal governments have
alignment with WEF’s Great Reset goals and considering the frequent mutations producing a grandiose notion of far greater authority, and
Agenda30 globalization. The question lurking Think Through the Next new variants. The medical community could also have immediate access to a huge source of
is how is ESG compliance justified as a mea- Plandemic dispel past anxieties by better educating the funding specifically set aside for such declara-
sure of capital worthiness when it minimizes Far too many of us continue to comply with public to avoid repeating the same mistakes tions. Already lawsuits and court interventions
positive, successful revenue-generating market unjustifiable government intrusion and over- made during the first two years’ of the COVID are prevailing on behalf of employees who
forces, such as efficient resource allocation, reach mandated as emergency mitigations, from pandemic. were denied religious exemptions by employers
input/output controls, and labor productivity the benign to the absurd to the dangerous, due Recall that the PCR testing used for the first mandating injections, not to mention deficient
based on relevant skills, and instead prioritizes almost entirely to politics. Not science, not eco- two years (2020-2021) to diagnose COVID-19 informed consent where adverse reactions
far broader environmental, social, governance nomics, not health, certainly not common sense. was banned by the CDC at the beginning of occurred. Without the clinical trials required
attributes that apply whether you are a coffee We are vaccinating and boosting with experi- 2022 due to its gross inaccuracy and unreli- for EUA that affirm wide-spread claims of “safe
shop or a pump manufacturer. When you really mental gene therapies redefined as vaccines for a ability, generating as high as 90-95 percent false and effective,” the PREP Act may not provide
understand this truthy-ism, you will be able to disease that is lethal to only 0.003 percent of the positives. Does that mean that anyone with a the complete liability shield relied upon, nor is it
see much more through your widened lens. human population with significant comorbidi- false positive did not actually have COVID-19 likely provisioned as such n the CARES and/or
The new concentration for economic growth ties. This suggests we are making these decisions in that period? The CDC’s bundling of COVID Emergency Powers Acts, either.
is being directed toward a global green industrial based mostly on politics because none of us has a deaths with those of influenza and pneumonia These health-emergency authorities are at the
complex that may or may not be a whole lot of clue as to what is actually contained in the highly (CI&P) in its mortality tables would suggest this heart of a growing opposition worldwide to the
smoke and mirrors. Some climate scientists pas- controversial injections that have unendurable is possible, as does the reclassifying of death World Health Organization’s efforts to corral
sionately insist we are experiencing the highest efficacy, hence further boosting. We now have certificates nationwide to reflect COVID was not these very powers for itself under a new Inter-
levels of CO2 in history, while other climate clinical proof that vaccinating for the majority the primary cause of death. national Pandemic Preparedness and Response
experts just as earnestly counter-claim CO2 is at of humans to prevent death, hospitalization, The CDC and FDA would go a long way in Treaty to be released in May of 2024 unless it is
historically lowest levels ever. and reinfection of COVID is inferior to the reassuring the public that the hundreds of dif- stopped by the majority of 194 member countries
Which is it? Who do we believe? Why can’t we immunity acquired from getting and recovering ferent rapid PCR and antigen tests currently required to participate to make it binding on us
have these critical debates with climate experts from COVID using early treatments available in use are not only substantially more reliable, all. It is a completely unconstitutional endeavor,
from both sides of these climate issues so we can worldwide. but are also definitively able to distinguish as it cedes our individual, constitutionally pro-
make informed decisions based on evidence that Instead, we are blindly trusting a handful between influenza and coronaviruses, let alone tected rights to a foreign body, and that is simply
goes beyond just predictive modeling. After two of arguably compromised public figures and can reliably detect SARS-CoV-2, unlike the not allowed.
decades, we should have volumes of real-world media cartels, all of whom relentlessly claim previous PCR testing which used unreliable
evidence to direct viable climate solutions, yet the vaccines are “safe and effective” but to date cycle thresholds of 38-45 all but guaranteeing a Please visit this story online at
the vast majority of climate science is still depen- have not produced a single long-term clinical positive result. Interestingly, when PCR testing for a full set of links to source materials.
dent on computerized predictive modeling based trial study that proves this assertion. But that mRNA vaccinated patients, the cycle thresholds
on a trove of subjective inputs, which in and of is never the judgment. It always boils down to a were lowered to 28 or below, greatly decreasing
8 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.

Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 9
GUEST COMMENTARY By Caitlin Johnstone

We’ve Been Lied to Our Whole Lives

About Everything That Matters
tories about protagonists who’ve been by two warring ideological factions whose
misguided their whole lives about some- divisions are naturally occurring phenomena
thing very important have been emerging in our society instead of the product of deliber-
in our culture for generations, and they con- ate social engineering. We’re deceived into
tinue to delight audiences at the box office to believing our government is basically good,
this day. and that it stands in opposition to foreign
The pauper was really a prince. Luke was governments who are pure evil. We’re deceived
Darth Vader’s son. Keanu Reeves had been into believing the way things are is the only
living in a computer simulation. Bruce Willis way they could possibly be.
was really a ghost. Jim Carrey’s whole world We’re deceived into believing false things
was the set of a TV show, and everyone in his about the ways we gather information and
life had been lying to him since his infancy. form our understanding of the world. We’re
This theme repeats so often because deceived into believing that the news media
it strongly resonates with people. And it tell us the truth about what’s going on. We’re
strongly resonates with people because it’s deceived into believing that everything we
exactly what is happening. hear from our side of the political partisan
From our earliest moments, we are trained divide is true and trustworthy. We’re deceived
to fit in with a society that was designed from into believing that the partisan filters that have way we experience reality. That the perception vain to cut to a commercial break. It can be
the ground up by the powerful in the service been placed over our perception of national of oneself as a finite character who is separate distressing for you, and it can be distressing
of the powerful. As soon as we are old enough and world events by indoctrination are entirely from the world is based on false assump- for the people around you who aren’t yet on the
to get curious about the world and how it reliable instruments for interpreting informa- tions about the way experience is happening, same page.
works, our heads are filled with lies about tion and drawing conclusions. unhelpful mental habits born of incorrect The only way we’re getting off the set of The
such matters: by our education systems; by the We’re deceived into believing false things premises, and overlooked aspects of our own Truman Show is if we can all succeed in waking
media we consume; by our parents who were about ourselves. We’re deceived into believing consciousness. That we’ve been making our- each other up from the lies which built it. Until
indoctrinated in the same way; and by the that we are successful if we can become domi- selves miserable with false beliefs about who then, we’ll be stuck in a world of poverty, war,
very culture we find ourselves immersed in nant capitalists and wealthy ladder climbers, and what we are. exploitation, degradation, ecocide, and suffer-
from day one. and that we are failures if we don’t turn the This civilization is the set of The Truman ing. It’s not until enough of us have unplugged
These stories about a character who’s been gears of industry and climb over others to get Show, and we are all Truman. our minds from the matrix of lies that we’ll be
deceived about life resonate so strongly with ahead. We’re deceived into believing that we But because we are all Truman, we can only able to use our strength of numbers to force
us because on some level we all suspect it are good if we uphold the made-up, power- walk off the set if we walk off together. There real change.
might be true of our own lives, as well. They serving rules of law, of culture and of religion, is no option to leave as an individual, because Only then will we be able to escape.
whisper to something hidden and sacred and that we are bad if we transgress them. We even if you know it’s all lies, you’re still stuck Only then will we be able to walk off the set.
within us that has always sensed that there’s are deceived into believing that we need to in a world full of humans whose behavior is Only then will we be able to turn to the
something not quite right with the way we are keep accomplishing, achieving, and obtain- driven by lies. audience and say, “In case I don’t see ya: Good
perceiving things. ing – that we need to keep earning money Awakening to reality as an individual can, afternoon, good evening, and good night!”
We’ve spent our whole lives marinating in and approval – so that we might one day feel for this reason, sometimes be more uncom- And then turn around, and walk out the
lies that serve the powerful. We’re deceived adequate at some imaginary point in a future fortable than remaining asleep in the dream, door, and begin our adventure into reality.
into believing that we live in a democracy that never arrives. because you’re like Truman after he realizes
whose government acts in accordance with If we really commit to uprooting the untruth it’s all a sham, but before he escapes. At times Caitlin Johnstone is an independent jour-
the will of the voting public. We’re deceived that’s been planted in us, we can even discover you’re just stuck there, freaking out at the actor nalist whose further writings can be found at
into believing our political systems are driven that we’ve been deceiving ourselves about the who’s playing your mother while she tries in


Compromised Media Enables the difficult questions of our local health officials
during the pandemic? Do a search for Julian
bringing fresh perspectives on music and for
being such a phenomenal layout artist (who keeps

Regulatory Capture
Assange at any local media Web site and compare a cool hand under pressure), ensuring the printed
those results to those as piece you hold looks and reads as good as it does.
Did any other media outlet even consider inter- It’s a personal privilege to be able to work with
The Power of the Pen and Printed Information Matters More Than Ever viewing one of the many local activists who were one’s son and have fun doing so and we are very

their picture in it. They have no idea how many on-site at the U.S. Capitol on the infamous Janu- thankful.
elcome to the 1,000th edition of the more of those issues are out there.” ary 6? Would any other outlet even entertain an One can print all the most well written stories
River Cities’ Reader, and thanks for The printed magazine, the printed newspaper, alternate viewpoint to the official narrative? No. and exciting advertising one wants … however,
picking up the printed copy you are the tangible product that requires no WiFi or The fourth estate is dead and buried amidst the without distribution, one has nothing. It always
reading now. The number of editions we would electricity to read is everyone’s analog life hack. legacy print, television, and radio outlets in the comes down to distribution, no matter the
print was never a metric for achieving any mile- Printed books and magazines are the shield Quad Cities. No so-called reporter or journalist medium. And on that front, we have to give a
stones. Still, reaching one thousand printed issues against a leviathan technocracy that assaults the can hold their head up as long as they ignore the huge shout-out to our loyal and longtime paper
is a gratifying moment that inspires reflection and citizenry’s privacy and censors reality. We’ve been pending doom that Assange faces for being what distributors Jay Strickland and Cheri DeLay. Jay
meta contemplation! taken to task for using “mainstream media” too every journalist should be: relentlessly dedicated and Cheri ensure you have this copy available at
The quick math is it has taken us nearly 29 glibly. The more accurate term is “compromised to transparency and holding those in authority more than 300 locations every month, and with-
years to print 1,000 issues. It’s been a blend of media.” A media bought and paid for by corpo- accountable. out their dedication and perseverance through
weekly editions for 13-plus years, bi-weekly for 10 rate oligarchs such as Big Pharma, and taxpayer- Thanks to the support of our loyal readers, all sorts of weather and lockdowns and more, the
years and monthly for five-plus years. funded government enables the regulatory cherished advertisers, and continued commit- Reader would not flourish. We must also thank
Why keep up the printed product? Yes, digital capture that Kathleen writes about in her column ment from our superhuman arts editor Mike Bill Reveal, our long-time system administrator,
media marketing crushed the print publishing/ on page six. The old cliché is “Follow the money.” Schulz, we’re excited to keep this independent our “dude named Ben.” Bill has kept our Web
advertising industry. There are very few printed And that practice reveals the motive more often publishing train going. sites up and running and collaborated on so many
newspapers or magazines on the planet not subsi- than not behind all of the crises manufactured by There’s no amount of words that can express projects that help keep the Reader efficient and
dized by digital platforms or benevolent owners. both the captured government agencies and their how fortunate we are to have had Mike on the manageable. We are sorry to lose Bill to his retire-
When printing ink is considered contraband by corporate global captors. This is all about launder- Reader team since issue 19! Without Mike, ment and will always have great adoration for his
authoritarian government agencies is when free ing money. it would be impossible for Kathleen and I to dedication to all of our projects.
speech protection is over. Printed matter’s tangi- Yes, the Reader has had both Big Pharma- and continue this labor of love. Thank you, Mike, for Lastly, thank you for choosing to invest time
bility matters. As longtime Iowa publisher Jona- government-funded advertising in nearly every being the ber-professional partner and hilarious reading this publication. Please spread the word
than Narcisse (R.I.P.) would say, “Nothing keeps issue for the past many years. However, can you collaborator. We love you and you help make this to your friends and family. And please thank
an elected official or person in power responsive name one other local media outlet that has asked avocation a joy to continue. the advertisers you see herein. Here’s to the next
to questions more than a printed newspaper with We also must thank our son Max Allison for milestone!
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Through September 8, 2022
Explore the full listings for all these and more events at

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Send your events to
VISUAL ARTS Decolonial Intervention, Mexican/Latinx Stitching & More, on all Wednesdays but Watercolor Painting, Thursdays thru Sept.
multidisciplinary artist Tlisza Jaurique the 2nd Wednesdays of the month;… River 22, with instructor Pat Bereskin; join our…
will… Figge Art Museum, thru Thu Sep 8 Valley District Library, 1pm Wed Aug 10 Figge Art Museum, 8:30am Thu Sep 1
Openings & Gallery Events thru Wed Sep 7
The Warner Foundation Collection: Wine & Art: Layered Collage, with
Partner Program: think like the river, History in the Painting, the exhibit gives Fidget Quilt Service Project, help make instructor Lori Miller; inspired by Caroline
in collaboration with River Action and the insight into our country’s… Figge Art fidget quilts that we will donate to area… Kent’s October exhibition, participants…
Native American Coalition… Figge Art Museum, thru Thu Sep 8 Moline Public Library, 6pm Thu Aug 11 Figge Art Museum, 6pm Thu Sep 1
Museum, 6:30pm Thu Aug 4
Urban Exposure: The American City Quilting by the River, on the 2nd & 4th Artist with Special Needs, Fridays thru
Thursdays at the Figge, weekly programs Scene, drawn entirely from the Figge’s Thu. of the month; join… River Valley Nov. 18, with instructor Laura Warner; 12
featuring artists, curators, scholars, collection, Urban Exposure, showcases a District Library, 1pm Thu Aug 11 thru Thu weeks… Figge Art Museum, 3:30pm Fri
and community partners to… Figge Art compelling array… Figge Art Museum, thru Sep 8 Sep 2
Museum, 6:30pm thru Thu Aug 25 Thu Sep 8
Happy Little Trees, with instructor Allen Figure Drawing, with instructors Peter
Happy Birthday, Figge!, celebrate with us The Sanctuary of the Sun: Seasons & Halloway; paint picturesque landscapes like Xiao and Paul Lange; learn figure drawing…
at this Free Family Day featuring summer… Time, painter William Havlicek’s poetic the ones… Figge Art Museum, 10am Sat Figge Art Museum, 5:30pm Fri Sep 2
Figge Art Museum, 10am Sat Aug 6 eulogy to Iowa’s seasonal… Muscatine Art Aug 13
Center, thru Thu Sep 8 Intro to Animation, Saturdays thru Nov.
Craft-Tea, crafters aged 16 and up are DIY Adult: Flower Collage, make a flower 26, with instructor Terrance Gray; students
invited to bring your… Bettendorf Public collage using a wide variety of craft… will… Figge Art Museum, 3pm Sat Sep 3
Library, 7pm Tue Aug 16 Classes Davenport Public Library - Fairmount Street
Branch, 6:30pm Mon Aug 15 Intro to Animation: Grades 7-12,
Artist Talk: LaToya Hobbs, Hobbs’ artwork Wine & Art: Painting in the Negative, sip Saturdays thru Nov. 26, with instructor
“The Everyday” was acquired for the on wine while layering painted patterns Intro to 3D Printing, we’ll go over the Terrance Gray; students will… Figge Art
permanent collection… Figge Art Museum, and fun designs… Figge Art Museum, 6pm basics of what 3D printing is… Bettendorf Museum, 1pm Sat Sep 3
6:30pm Thu Aug 18 Thu Aug 4 Public Library, 2pm Mon Aug 15
Paint Like an Artist Series, Saturdays thru
Scholar Talk: Dr. David Cunning, join Dr. Figure Drawing, with instructors Peter Autumn Wind Inspired Clay, with Sept. 24, with instructor Laura Warner;
David Cunning, Professor and Chair of the Xiao and Paul Lange; learn figure drawing… instructor Alexandria Medenciy; ages 5-9 looking at… Figge Art Museum, 9am Sat
philosophy… Figge Art Museum, 6:30pm Figge Art Museum, 5:30pm Fri Aug 5 thru will create a kinetic… Figge Art Museum, Sep 3
Thu Aug 25 Fri Aug 19 9am Sat Aug 27
Beginning Classical Drawing and Charles
Opening Program: Curator Talks, hear Stay Crafty, we will create a new and DIY Adult: Galaxy Painting, learn how Bargue, Tuesdays thru Sept. 27, with
from the Figge’s curatorial department different adult craft; for… Davenport Public to make a small galaxy painting using instructor Gabrielle Schadt; we will learn…
members Andrew Wallace, Vanessa… Figge Library - Fairmount Street Branch, 3pm Sat simple… Davenport Public Library - Eastern Figge Art Museum, 6:30pm Tue Sep 6
Art Museum, 6:30pm Thu Sep 1 Aug 6 Avenue Branch, 3pm Sat Aug 27
Cultures & Containers, Tuesdays thru
Thursdays at the Figge, weekly programs Oil Painting Saturdays, with instructor DIY Adult: Rock Painting, paint rocks at Sept. 27, with instructor Laura Warner; get
featuring artists, curators, scholars, David Anderson; learn to see, draw, and the library to use as garden decorations,… to know… Figge Art Museum, 4pm Tue Sep
and community partners to… Figge Art understand… Figge Art Museum, 9:30am Davenport Public Library - Eastern Avenue 6
Museum, 6:30pm Thu Sep 1 thru Thu Sep 8 Sat Aug 6 thru Sat Sep 3 Branch, 6:30pm Wed Aug 31
Impressionist Painting, Tuesdays thru
August Southwest Craft: Take n Make, String Art, this program is for beginners Sept. 27, with instructor Brad Bisbey; study
Exhibits & Shows using a painted rock, pony beads, and to experts; the pattern will be… Davenport the… Figge Art Museum, 6pm Tue Sep 6
wire, create a… Rock Island Public Library - Public Library - Fairmount Street Branch,
Melissa Airy - Ari Hval, exhibit of jewelry- Southwest Branch, 9am Tue Aug 9 6:30pm Thu Sep 1 Wheel Throwing, Tuesdays thru Sept.
like sculptures by Hval and multi-media… 27; with instructor Laura Warner; for
Quad City Arts Center, thru Fri Aug 12 beginner… Figge Art Museum, 5:30pm Tue
Sep 6
Where Children Sleep: Photographs by
James Mollison, this revealing series of Clay Quilts, Thursdays thru Oct. 6, with
photographs shares the… Muscatine Art instructor Linda Hardin; a slab of… Figge
Center, thru Sun Aug 21 Art Museum, 10am Thu Sep 8
College Invitational 2022, students to Clay: It Starts with a Cylinder, Thursdays
be included in this exhibition… Figge Art thru Sept. 22, with instructor Linda Hardin;
Museum, thru Sun Aug 28 the possibilities… Figge Art Museum,
5:30pm Thu Sep 8
John Leslie Breck: American
Impressionist, the exhibit explores the Painting the Autum Landscape,
work, life, and… Figge Art Museum, thru Thursdays thru Sept. 29, with instructor
Sun Aug 28 Brad Bisbey; xplore the… Figge Art
Museum, 11am Thu Sep 8
Lisa Mahar - Judy Steffens, exhibit of
colorful image-packed paintings, tables,
and… Quad City International Airport Calls for Entry
Gallery, thru Mon Aug 29
Call for Entries: Moline Public Library
Anne Lindberg: think like the river with Exhibits, seeking artists for temporary
poet Ginny Threefoot, the artist will displays of 2 to… Moline Public Library,
create an ephemeral tonal… Figge Art thru Thu Sep 8
Museum, thru Sun Sep 4 Corn Zone @ Figge Art Museum - through September 4
Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 11
Call for Entries: Second Avenue Window Whitehall - Mountain Swallower - Micah
Gallery, Quad City Arts features the work Schnabel, concert with the indie-rock COMEDY
of emerging… Quad City Arts Center, thru four-piece from Charleston, South Carolina,

Leanne Morgan
Thu Sep 8 featuring… Raccoon Motel, 7pm Sun Aug 7
The Tailfins, event in the annual Summer
MUSIC Concert in the Park Series; brats,… Moline
Township Activity Center, 6:30pm Mon Aug
Anderson East - Aaron Raitiere, concert
8 Friday, August 12, 7 p.m.
with the Nashville-based R&B, soul, and Alan Knapper’s Five Bridges Jazz Band, Adler Theatre, 136 East Third Street, Davenport IA
roots-rock musician, featuring… Raccoon Second Tuesday Jazz night hosted by the
Motel, 7pm Thu Aug 4 Biz Jazz Society;… Carriage Haus, 6:30pm
Tue Aug 9
David G. Smith, an event in the
Summer Concert Series; attendees are Cicada Rhythm, concert with the folk
encouraged… Bettendorf Public Library, group from Athens, Georgia; $12… Raccoon
6:30pm Thu Aug 4 Motel, 7pm Tue Aug 9
Frank Sinatra Tribute Night, outdoor Ani DiFranco - The Righteous Babes:
event in the Thursday Night Bass Street Gracie & Rachel, Zoe Boekbinder, and
Landing Summer Concert… Bass Street Jocelyn Mackenzie, concerts with the
Landing Plaza, 7pm Thu Aug 4 iconic singer/songwriter in support of her
latest… Codfish Hollow Barn, 7:30pm Tue
Jimmie Allen, the country star headlines Aug 9 and Wed Aug 10
the Mississippi Valley Fair’s grandstand
concert;… Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, The Beths - Rosie Tucker, concert with the
8pm Thu Aug 4 New Zealand indie-pop band, featuring a
set by… Raccoon Motel, 7pm Wed Aug 10
2022 Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz
Festival, the 51st weekend of concert Gray Wolf Band, outdoor event in the
events held in celebration of the late Thursday Night Bass Street Landing
jazz great; for information, call 563-324- Summer Concert… Bass Street Landing
7170; Rhythm City Casino Resort Event Plaza, 7pm Thu Aug 11
Center, 7077 Elmore Ave., Davenport IA,

W, Thu Aug 4 thru Soul Storm, an event in the Summer
Sat Aug 6 Concert Series; attendees are
encouraged… Bettendorf Public Library, ith Davenport one of the Since then, Morgan’s obser-
Carly Pearce, the country star headlines 6:30pm Thu Aug 11 100 cities in which she’ll vational humor and and spiky
the Mississippi Valley Fair’s grandstand
concert;… Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, Felix & Fingers Dueling Pianos, a concert stop on her current Big relatability have landed her at the
8pm Fri Aug 5 in the venue’s Summer 2022 Music Lineup;
for information, call 563-949-1000; The Panty Tour, Leanne Morgan brings prestigious Just For Laughs Festi-
Kidstock Concert: Session III, concert Tangled Wood, 3636 Tanglewood Rd., her evening of standup to the Adler val in Montreal and brought her
with the young musicians, ages 8-18, from Bettendorf IA,, pm
the annual… The Redstone Room, 8pm Fri Fri Aug 12 Theatre on August 12, the come- development deals for her own
Aug 5 dian of 22 years beloved for her sitcom with ABC and Warner
Lady Denim - Leland Blue - Hollyy,
Live @ Five: Matt Fuller Band, all -ages concert with the touring indie musicians; albums Sweaty & Pissed: Meno- Brothers; writer/producer Matt
outdoor concert in the annual summer $12… Raccoon Motel, 7pm Fri Aug 12
series; free;… RME Courtyard, 5pm Fri Aug pause & More and You’ d Be Crazy, Williams of the comedy smashes
5 Live @ Five: Frank Sauce Brass Band, Too!, as well as her hit comedy spe- Rosanne and Home Improvement;
all -ages outdoor concert in the annual
Mirabilia, a concert in the venue’s Summer summer series; free;… RME Courtyard, 5pm cial So Yummy. TV Land; and now with Sony
2022 Music Lineup; for information, Fri Aug 12
call 563-949-1000; The Tangled Wood, After graduating from the Television. Her album You’ d Be
3636 Tanglewood Rd., Bettendorf IA, Heads In Motion, a concert in the University of Tennessee with a Crazy, Too! Live from the Comedy, 7pm Fri Aug 5 venue’s Summer 2022 Music Lineup;
for information, call 563-949-1000; The degree in child and family stud- Club was an instant hit that can
Tim Kinsella & Jenny Pulse - Randy Tangled Wood, 3636 Tanglewood Rd., ies, Morgan and her new husband currently be enjoyed via Spo-
Randall, concert with the married indie Bettendorf IA,, 7pm
singer/songwriters, featuring a set by… Sat Aug 13 Chuck moved to Bean Station, tify, and in addition to touring
Raccoon Motel, 8pm Fri Aug 5
The New Duncan Imperials - Halo of Tennessee, in the foothills of the with the Southern Fried Chicks,
10 of Soul, a concert in the venue’s Flies, concert with the Tennessee-based Appalachian Mountains. To stay Morgan has appeared on ABC’s
Summer 2022 Music Lineup; for musicians, featuring a set by Halo… Rascals
information, call 563-949-1000; The Live, 8pm Sat Aug 13 busy after having her first baby, The View and Nick at Nite’s Fun-
Tangled Wood, 3636 Tanglewood Rd.,
Bettendorf IA,, 7pm Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Experience Morgan started selling jewelry at niest Mom. She has also garnered
Sat Aug 6 w/ Shawn Klush, concert experience with home parties. As she states in her more than 1.5 million followers
touring Elvis impersonator Klush; $42-
Amateur Selectors: An Ethical & Moral 92; for tickets, call 800-745-3000; Adler online biography at LeanneMor- across her social-media platforms,
Dilemma Nostagia - Dan Koretzky, join Theatre, 136 East Third St., Davenport IA,, “she was supposed to with her popular stand-up special
us for the weekly, all-vinyl DJ series; free… 7:30pm Sat Aug 13
Rozz-Tox, 8pm Sat Aug 6 talk about the jewelry but instead So Yummy reaching more than 50
Big River Brass Band, outdoor concert,
Brantley Gilbert, the country star free… LeClaire Park, 7pm Sun Aug 14 conversed about breastfeeding, million views on YouTube. Her
headlines the Mississippi Valley Fair’s hemorrhoids, and being a mama. fan base, meanwhile, continues to
grandstand concert;… Mississippi Valley Gregory Alan Isakov - Daniel Rodriguez,
Fairgrounds, 8pm Sat Aug 6 concert with the South African-born singer/ The party guests thought that she grow due to the comedian’s honest
songwriter currently based in Boulder,…
Meltt, concert with the four multi- Codfish Hollow Barn, 8pm Sun Aug 14 was hilarious to the point some- yet hilarious accounts of real-
instrumentalists who use psychedelic body peed on a couch, and before world adventures, with her current
guitars, swelling… Raccoon Motel, 7pm Sat Opera Out of the Box at the Esperanza
Aug 6 Center, the community program series she knew it, she was booked out a Big Panty Tour topics boasting
continues with this family oriented year in-advance.” With Morgan a everything from being a housewife
Dustin Lynch, the country star headlines performance… Moline Public Library, 6pm
the Mississippi Valley Fair’s grandstand Mon Aug 15 clear hit with her home audiences, to sharing Jell-O recipes to having
concert;… Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds,
8pm Sun Aug 7 Kuinka - Good Looks - PR Newman, the jewelry company asked her a new grandbaby.
concert with the touring indie musicians; to speak at their sales rallies, at Leanne Morgan performs her
Iowa Jazz Composers Orchestra $15… Raccoon Motel, 7pm Wed Aug 17
featuring Mike Conrad, University of which point the attendees telling Davenport engagement on August
Northern Iowa Professor and award- Morgan Wade, concert with the country-
winning jazz composer Conrad… LeClaire music singer/songwriter in support of her her “You need to do stand-up!” 12, admission to the 7 p.m. event is
Park Bandshell, 7pm Sun Aug 7 2021… Raccoon Motel, 7pm Thu Aug 18 gave Morgan the impetus to move $29.75-49.75, and tickets are avail-
Shawn Pittman, the Texas blues guitarist Muscadine Bloodline, concert with the with her family to San Antonio able by calling (800)745-3000 and
extraordinaire in a concert co-presented by Southern-country duo of Charlie Muncaster in 2001 and launch her career in visiting
the… Moline Viking Club, 3pm Sun Aug 7
Continued On Page 12 comedy.
12 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.

Ivan Singh, the Mississippi Valley Blues Reading Program, join the Davenport Pageturners, books are provided on a

Music Society co-hosts a Summer Concert Public Library for our… Davenport Public first-come, first-served basis; free; for…
Series… Schwiebert Riverfront Park, 7pm Library - Main Branch, thru Wed Aug 31 Moline Public Library, 1pm Tue Sep 6
Thu Aug 25
The Judge’s Will, discuss short stories from Spoken Word Night: Out of Darkness, the
and Gary Stanton;… The Rust Belt, 7pm Thu Martina McBride, concert with the a variety of contemporary and classic… Figge is partnering with QC Pride and the
Aug 18 chart-topping, multi-platinum-selling Davenport Public Library - Fairmount Street Midwest… Figge Art Museum, 6pm Thu
country singer/songwriter; $45-80; for Branch, 10am Mon Aug 8 Sep 8
Opera Out of the Box at Overlook tickets and information, call 563-328-
Village, the community program series 8000; Rhythm City Casino Resort Event A Hole in the Wind: A Climate Scientist’s
wraps up with this program at… Moline
Public Library, 6pm Thu Aug 18
Center, 7077 Elmore Ave., Davenport IA,, 8pm Thu Aug 25
Bicycle Journey Across the United
States, a discussion of David Goodrich’s THEATRE
book with the Get Lit… Bettendorf Public
QCBeats in the Street!: David G. Smith The Prince Project, an evening with the Library, 7pm Tue Aug 9 Nunsense, musical-comedy hit featuring
- Kumate, the Downtown Library kicks Prince & The Revolution tribute band; vocal harmonies, tap and ballet dancing,
off the first night of the Alternating… 6pm… Circa ’21 Dinner Playhouse, 7:15pm The Lost Night, a discussion of Andrea an… Timber Lake Playhouse, Thu Aug 4
Davenport Public Library - Main Branch, Thu Aug 25 Bartz’s book with the West End… thru Sun Aug 7
5pm Thu Aug 18 Davenport Public Library - Fairmount Street
Jordan Danielsen, a concert in the Branch, 6:30pm Tue Aug 9 The World Goes ’Round, a stirring revue of
Zeta - La Armada, concert with the touring venue’s Summer 2022 Music Lineup; the songbook from the multi-Tony award-
indie rockers; $12… Raccoon Motel, 11pm for information, call 563-949-1000; The It’s Your Choice Club, on Tuesdays; we will winning team… Clinton Area Showboat
Thu Aug 18 Tangled Wood, 3636 Tanglewood Rd., meet and talk about whatever book… Blue Theatre, Thu Aug 4 thru Sun Aug 14
Bettendorf IA,, 7pm Suede Cocktails & Coffee, 3:30pm Tue Aug
Live @ Five: Diplomats of Solid Sound, Fri Aug 26 9 thru Tue Sep 6 Jekyll & Hyde, Tony-nominated musical
all -ages outdoor concert in the annual thriller based on the Robert Louis
summer series; free;… RME Courtyard, 5pm Live @ Five: Beaker Brothers, all -ages American Spy, a discussion of Lauren Stevenson character(s), directed by Heather
Fri Aug 19 outdoor concert in the annual summer Wilkinson’s book with the Between the… Herkelman; Thu.-Sat. 7:30pm, Sun. 2pm;
series; free;… RME Courtyard, 5pm Fri Aug Davenport Public Library - Eastern Avenue $11-16; for tickets and information, call 309-
Next Gen Fest: Hemlock - Splitdriven 26 Branch, 6:30pm Wed Aug 10 762-6610; Quad City Music Guild - Prospect
- All Things Lost - Crimson Clean Park Auditorium, 1584 34th Ave., Moline
Sweep - Empty Graves, Next Generation Futurebirds - Jordan Sellergren - Dan Baking Cakes in Kigali, a discussion of IL,, Fri Aug 5 thru Sun
Entertainment and Rascals Live presents a Tedesco, concert with the indie-rock band Gaile Parkin’s book with the Midtown Aug 14
three-day show… Rascals Live, 6:30pm Fri formed in 2008 from Athens,… Codfish Readers… Rock Island Public Library -
Aug 19 Hollow Barn, 7pm Fri Aug 26 Downtown Library, 6:30pm Tue Aug 16 Disaster!, musical spoof of ’70s disaster
movies featuring classic ’70s songs;… Circa
The Shagadelics, a concert in the JC & the Redemption, a concert in the Invisible Eden, a discussion of Maria ’21 Dinner Playhouse, Fri Aug 5 thru Wed
venue’s Summer 2022 Music Lineup; venue’s Summer 2022 Music Lineup; Flook’s book with the Book ’Em… Moline Sep 7
for information, call 563-949-1000; The for information, call 563-949-1000; The Public Library, 1pm Tue Aug 16
Tangled Wood, 3636 Tanglewood Rd., Tangled Wood, 3636 Tanglewood Rd., Auditions: Sylvia, auditions for A.R.
Bettendorf IA,, 7pm Bettendorf IA,, 7pm I Happy Am, a discussion of Jamel Gurney’s dog-love comedy running
Fri Aug 19 Sat Aug 27 Brinkley’s book with the Contemporary September 30 through… Playcrafters Barn
Books… Bettendorf Public Library, 7pm Theatre, Sat Aug 6 and Sun Aug 7
Here Come the Mummies, concert event John Resch & Doggin’ Out, the Mississippi Wed Aug 17
with the tightly wrapped rockers; $24; Valley Blues Society co-hosts a Summer The Frogs, Genesius Guild presents an
for tickets and information, call 563-328- Concert Series… Quinlan Court, 7pm Thu The House on Fripp Island, a discussion updated telling of Aristophanes’ classic
8000; Rhythm City Casino Resort Event Sep 1 of Rebecca Kauffman’s book with the Novel comedy;… Lincoln Park, 7pm Sat Aug 6
Center, 7077 Elmore Ave., Davenport IA, Naptime… Moline Public Library, 9:30am and Sun Aug 7, 8pm, Fri Aug 19 Courtney Marie Andrews - Angela Wed Aug 17
Meyer, concert with the indie-pop and folk Ride the Cyclone, musical about a roller-
8th Annual Bill Bell Jazz & Heritage singer/songwriter; featuring an opening… One River, Many Wells, meet author Rev. coaster ride gone wrong, directed by
Festival, celebration of the late, great Raccoon Motel, 8pm Fri Sep 2 Dr. Matthew Fox in this online event;… Our Shelley Cooper… The Black Box Theatre,
jazz artist featuring concert sets… Martin Lady of the Prairie Retreat, 6pm Thu Aug 18 Thu Aug 11 thru Sat Aug 20
Luther King Jr. Park, Fri Aug 19 and Sat Johnny Russler & the Beach Bum Band, a
Aug 20 concert in the venue’s Summer 2022 Music Meet & Greet: Black Authors Forum and We Will Rock You, musical revue featuring
Lineup; for information, call 563-949-1000; Book Fair, an event in the 8th Annual more than 20 hit Queen songs; Tue.-Sat.…
Silent Disco, by wearing the provided The Tangled Wood, 3636 Tanglewood Rd., Bill Bell Jazz & Heritage Festival… Martin Timber Lake Playhouse, Thu Aug 11 thru
headphones, party-goers… Davenport Bettendorf IA,, 7pm Luther King Jr. Community Center, 5pm Fri Sun Aug 21
SkyBridge, 9pm Fri Aug 19 and Sat Aug 20 Fri Sep 2 Aug 19
Leaving Iowa, Tim Clue’s and Spike
Mr. Speed: The World’s Best KISS Tribute, Live @ Five: Crooked Cactus, all -ages Black Authors Forum and Book Fair, Manton’s road-trip comedy, directed by
the rock-tribute artists perform “Rock and outdoor concert in the annual summer an event in the 8th Annual Bill Bell Jazz & Dana… Richmond Hill Barn Theatre, Thu
Roll All Nite,” “Detroit Rock… Bally’s Quad series; free;… RME Courtyard, 5pm Fri Sep Heritage Festival… Martin Luther King Jr. Aug 18 thru Sun Aug 28
Cities, 7pm Sat Aug 20 2 Community Center, 6pm Fri Aug 19
The Christmas Letter Writing Club,
Next Gen Fest: Discrepancies - Widow7 Funktastic 5, a concert in the venue’s Nature’s Best Hope: A New Approach to Quad Cities native Tom Ackers’s holiday-
- Khaos Ordinance - Scream at the Summer 2022 Music Lineup; for Conservation That Starts in Your Yard, themed play, directed by Madison Duling...
Sky - Pigweed - Darker Than Fiction - information, call 563-949-1000; The a discussion of Douglas Tallamy’s book Playcrafters Barn Theatre, Fri Aug 19 thru
Nongrata - Based Nexus - Safe Space Tangled Wood, 3636 Tanglewood Rd., with the Environmental Book Club;… River Sun Aug 28
- Random Tanner, Next Generation Bettendorf IA,, 7pm Action, 7pm Tue Aug 23
Entertainment and Rascals Live presents a Sat Sep 3 Let’s Rock TLP, the annual gala featuring
three-day show… Rascals Live, 2:30pm Sat Malibu Rising, a discussion of Taylor live performances, hors d’oeuvres, a full…
Aug 20 Hand in Hand Music Fest, family-friendly Jenkins Reid’s book with the Brown… Timber Lake Playhouse, 6pm Sat Aug 20
fundraising event featuring six hours of Davenport Public Library - Eastern Avenue
Quad City Bank & Trust Riverfront Pops: music, food trucks,… Isle of Capri, 4pm Sun Branch, 1pm Wed Aug 24 Random Access Morons, world-premiere
The Music of Elton John, rock to Elton’s Sep 4 Haus of Ruckus comedy by the team of
greatest hits including “Rocket Man,” The Time Is Now!, a beginning writers’ Calvin Vo… The Mockingbird on Main,
“Madman Across… LeClaire Park, 7:30pm Laura Jane Grace, concert with the solo workshop led by Jodie Toohey; $20; for 7:34pm Thu Aug 25 thru Sat Sep 3
Sat Aug 20 musician best known as the founder,… information… Our Lady of the Prairie
Raccoon Motel, 8pm Sun Sep 4 Retreat, 6pm Wed Aug 24 My Brother’s Gift, based on the
Your Mom, a concert in the venue’s experiences of Heinz Geiringer, neighbor
Summer 2022 Music Lineup; for Threat Level Midnight, a concert in Losing Eden: Our Fundamental Need for and friend… The Black Box Theatre, Thu
information, call 563-949-1000; The the venue’s Summer 2022 Music Lineup; the Natural World and Its Ability to Heal Sep 1 thru Thu Sep 8
Tangled Wood, 3636 Tanglewood Rd., for information, call 563-949-1000; The Body and Soul, a discussion of Lucy Jones’
Bettendorf IA,, 7pm Tangled Wood, 3636 Tanglewood Rd., book with the Nonfiction Book Club; for… Hank Williams: Lost Highway, musical
Sat Aug 20 Bettendorf IA,, 7pm Longview Park, 5:30pm Thu Aug 25 biography about the country-music legend;
Sun Sep 4 Tue.-Sat. 7:30pm; Sun., Wed.,… Timber Lake
8th Annual Bill Bell Jazz & Heritage Last Monday Book Club, light Playhouse, 7:30pm Thu Sep 8
Festival, celebration of the late, great jazz Watchhouse - The Onlies, concert with the refreshments will be paired with good
artist featuring concert sets… Rivermont married folk duo of Andrew Marlin and… conversation; copies of… Silvis Public
Collegiate, Sun Aug 21 Codfish Hollow Barn, 7pm Mon Sep 5 Library, 6:30pm Mon Aug 29
Next Gen Fest: Messer - Emperors & REO Speedwagon - Styx - Loverboy, Servant Leadership, meet author Dr.
Angels - Etched In Embers - Reign of concert with the rock legends on their Dan R. Ebener; discover this textbook for Ballet Quad Cities School of Dance
Z - The Coursing - Corrupt the Masses - “Live and UnZoomed”… TaxSlayer Center, leaders… Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat, Classes, offering classes in Ballet Pointe,
Consume the Divide - Prison City Brigade 7:30pm Tue Sep 6 10am Wed Aug 31 Modern, Jazz, Tap, Conditioning, Creative
- High Five Sinners, Next Generation Movement, and Adult Ballet, for ages 3 to
Entertainment and Rascals Live presents a Local Author: Authoress Isis, discussions adult; all classes taught by the company’s
three-day show… Rascals Live, 2:30pm Sun
Aug 21 LITERARY ARTS on writing a book and engaging in self-
publishing; Authoress… Davenport Public
professional dancers; for information and
to register, call 309-786-2677, Ballet Quad
Library - Fairmount Street Branch, 3pm Fri
Davenport Public Library Summer Sep 2 Continued On Page 14
Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 13
THEATRE By Pamela Briggs

The Towering Piranha Boat passengers gathered to wave goodbye at

launch.) Specific places are depicted with the
but the musical selections cover a range of
pop styles. The score includes more than 30

Earthquake Inferno Adventure

aid of actors wheeling various items on and off throwback compositions, or parts of them,
stage, and special kudos go to Disaster!’s nimble and the writers even insinuate instrumentals
column handlers, because those things are tall. including “Feels So Good” and the Hawaii 5-0
Disaster!, at the Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse Some of my favorite disaster-film archetypes theme into the action. On the other hand, some
through September 10 populate the stage, including Greedy Amoral
Entrepreneur (Tony, played convincingly and
of the rationales for song choices were painfully
contrived; I envision the writers as drunk bud-
appropriately annoyingly by Tristan Layne Tap- dies challenging one another to shove this or
scott), Scientist Whom No One Believes (Ted, that tune into the plot. But I suppose that’s part
played in full-on nebbish mode by Thomas J. of the fun, although, disappointingly, there was
Besler), and Estranged Couple Thrown Together no “Disco Inferno” and no Bee Gees. Worse, I
Again (Marianne, played by Michaela C. Moore, learned afterward that Queen’s “You’re My Best
and Bobby Becher’s Chad, who both handle Friend” is in the script, but was cut here. (Sorry,
their songs and scenes with admirable aplomb). but you cannot have the ‘70s without Queen.) I
The iconic, Poseidon-y Loveable Older Couple also gotta say there were perfect opportunities
characters Shirley and Maury Winters (Shirley to use the theme from Jaws. Maybe the show’s
Winters … get it?) are portrayed by venue creators intended to, but couldn’t get the rights.
veterans Shelley Walljasper and Brad Hauskins, Unfortunately, in this music-heavy produc-
respectively. Jack Carslake portrays Moppets tion, there were sound issues during that Thurs-
in Peril (yes, that’s plural) Ben and Lisa with day preview. A few vocals were shaky at the top
amazing skill, timing, and vocal finesse. (He’d of the show, as if warm-ups had been skipped,
taken the same roles in Quad City Music Guild’s but they smoothed out nicely later. Also, the
production of this show in the spring.) sound system itself had faults. Too often, the
Some of the musical’s unappealing, worn-out recorded accompaniment drowned out both
tropes include Sexual Old People Are Hilari- singing and speaking voices. The audio range
ous – despite the scriptwriters’ penchant for of the music was out of balance, too, with the
Colin Stansky, Thomas Besler, Natalie Carrera, Quinn Cason, Ashley Becher, cheap laughs, though, I found Walljasper’s and sound tending toward tinny and reedy. I didn’t
Hauskins’ portrayals warm and touching – and necessarily expect this stately venue with its
Tristan Tapscott, and Bobby Becher in Disaster!
Blonde Performers Are Bimbos. (Savannah Bay rococo embellishments to be rocked by pound-

love disaster movies. Gimme scenes of hor- I wrote my editor saying I would love to get this Strandin, in a wig as amazing as her voice, plays ing disco-esque bass (and Sensurround was
rifying devastation wreaked on an unpre- assignment – I used the word “luuuv” – and the casino’s singer Jackie – who, in fairness, out of the question), but I would have liked the
pared populace; the cheesier, the better. happily, I did. Fortuitously, my companion for isn’t wholly in bimbo territory.) A couple of audio to be less shrieky. Still, as many of us did
Natural phenomena are wonderful (Earthquake), the show was someone I’d gone to high school vocal powerhouses with major comedy chops, listen to music in the ‘70s on transistor or car
as are tragedies caused by hubris (The Towering with, who would no doubt get this like I would. Kira Rangel as disco diva Levora and Erica Lee radios, this shrill sound quality wasn’t wholly
Inferno). Now, the 1950s and ‘60s had big-scope We saw the July 21 preview, and director/cho- Bigelow as Sister Mary, provide some wonder- inappropriate.
terror flicks, but they were largely of the radia- reographer Amy McCleary, music director Ron ful moments. (Levora flaunts another of stylist With Disaster!, time travel is possible – if for
tion-mutated-insects and aliens-conquering- May, and all involved came together to create Dianne Dye’s spectacular wigs.) And one of my a limited time – in Rock Island. You’ll enjoy this
Earth varieties. The ‘70s, though, were when this silly, music-filled diversion. favorite bits came when scientist Ted eluded a decade-in-a-blender confection more fully if
disaster films really exploded, so to speak. The action takes place on a land-based float- jealous Tony by inserting himself into Jackie’s you already know the music, but there’s plenty
Disaster!, created by Seth Rudethsky, written ing casino (sound familiar, Quad Citians?), “Mockingbird” number. I also applaud the for others to love, too.
by Rudethsky and Jack Plotnick, and now at the thus conveniently providing a locale that can versatile ensemble members – Ashley Mills
Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse, combines classic be menaced by both earthquakes and tidal Becher, Quinn Cason, Natalie Carrera, and Disaster! runs at the Circa '21 Dinner
catastrophic-cinema elements with ‘70s pop waves. Pastel rainbow stripes swoop through Colin Stansky – who danced, sang, acted, and Playhouse (1828 Third Avenue, Rock Island IL)
tunes. (I can hear people saying, “Seventies’ Joe Klug’s set, creating a mega late-’70s/early-’80 tumbled around during natural and unnatural through September 10, and more information
music was a disaster.” Har har har. You prefer vibe, and there’s a steep stairway leading to a phenomena just as hard as the principals. and tickets are available by calling (309)786-7733
Kajagoogoo? Cool. You do you.) These are taffrail, providing additional playing space. (A I walked into Disaster! thinking the evening extension 2 and visiting
beloved songs of my childhood and teen years. taffrail is a ship’s railing – like where The Love would be bursting mostly with disco beats,
14 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.


Cities School of Dance, 617 17th St. Rock

Island IL,, Thu Aug 4
thru Thu Sep 8
Latin Social Dance, hosted by El Ritmo;
the beginner lesson is at 7pm and… The
University Club, 7pm Fri Aug 19
Ballet Quad Cities’ Ballet on the Lawn, at
1, 3, & 6pm; enjoy a fun-filled performance
featuring old and new favorites; find
your picnic spot with friends and family
and connect through the arts; $15-25; for
tickets and information, call 309-786-3779;
Davenport Outing Club, 2109 North Brady
St., Davenport IA,
Sun Aug 28

Vintage Is Sexy: Michele’s 50th Birthday
Bash, featuring comedy by Amber P, Pubali
K, Sarah B, Maggie… Village Theatre, 8pm
Fri Aug 5
Big Room Comedy Open Mic, if you have
something funny to say, come and tell it…
Village Theatre, 7pm Sun Aug 7 thru Sun
Aug 21
Leanne Morgan, an evening of standup
with the comedian on her “The Big Panty
Tour”; $29.75-49.75; for tickets, call 800-
745-3000; Adler Theatre, 136 East Third St.,
Davenport IA, 7pm Fri Aug 12
Steve Hofstetter, an evening with the
author, columnist, and touring comedian;
$25; for information, call 563-328-8000;
Rhythm City Casino Resort Rhythm
Room, 7077 Elmore Ave., Davenport IA,, 7pm Sun Aug 14
Holy Smokes Bogarts It!, catch the Quad
Cities’ newest mix-in-your-mouth comedy
show; $10… Village Theatre, 8pm Sat Aug
Big Room Comedy Open Mic, if you have
something funny to say, come and tell it…
Village Theatre, 7pm Sun Sep 4
A Comedy Night with T-Mo, comedian
Tony Morrell comes home for the first time
in… The Gypsy Highway Bar & Grill, 8pm
Wed Sep 7

Build! Create! Innovate!, the exhibit
includes 3,600 square feet of building
space and more than… Putnam Museum &
Science Center, thru Mon Sep 4
Faces of the Past, an original Putnam
exhibit that explores portraiture around
the world… Putnam Museum & Science
Center, thru Mon Sep 4
Mother Nature: Modern Muse, life on
Earth has been evolving for billions of
years;… Putnam Museum & Science Center,
thru Mon Sep 4
Pollination Investigation, exhibition that
explores the who, what, when, where, why,
and… Putnam Museum & Science Center,
thru Mon Sep 4
Our Neighbors, Our Friends, exhibit
including firsthand accounts of migration,
story/text panels,… German American
Heritage Center, thru Thu Sep 8
Kaiserslautern: Items from the GAHC’s
Collection, explore the connections
between Davenport and our German sister
city,… German American Heritage Center,
thru Thu Sep 8

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16 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.
Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 17
18 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.


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Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93.
CONTINUED FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 19
Afternoon Classics, we will be watching St., Davenport IA,, deepen… Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat,
Museums movies from the 1930s-1960s featuring 6:30pm Tue Sep 6 thru Thu Sep 8 5pm Fri Aug 5
your… Davenport Public Library -
Fairmount Street Branch, 2pm Thu Sep 8 Heartland British Autofest, hosted by the
Historic Summer Walking Tours, learn OTHER EVENTS Quad City British Auto Club; the club will…
LeClaire Levee, 9am Sat Aug 6
about where German immigrants worked,
lived, and created a… German American SPORTS 2022 Mississippi Valley Fair, annual Riverboat Twilight Sightseeing Cruises,
Heritage Center, 9:30am Sat Aug 6 thru Sat event featuring grandstand concerts, on Saturdays; one-and-a-half-hour cruises
Aug 20 Quad Cities River Bandits vs. the rides, attractions,… Mississippi Valley at 11am, 1pm, and 4pm; $20 per… Riverboat
Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, professional Fairgrounds, thru Sun Aug 7 Twilight, 11am Sat Aug 6 thru Sat Sep 3
1948ers Lecture Series: Part IV, join minor-league baseball; for tickets, call 563-
us virtually as Yogi Reppmann takes us 324-3000; Modern Woodmen Park, 209 S. Riverboat Twilight Sightseeing Cruises, If It Suits You, on Mondays; meet to play
through the… German American Heritage Gaines St., Davenport IA, on Tuesdays and Thursdays; $209-469; your favorite card games; for… Davenport
Center, 3pm Sun Aug 7 cities, thru Sun Aug 7 for information, contact Carrie Stier… Public Library - Eastern Avenue Branch,
Riverboat Twilight, 8am thru Thu Sep 8 1pm Mon Aug 8
Grant Wood: Prairie Rebel, in this QCSportsNet Play-by-Play Workshop, the
45-minute solo performance by Tom provider of live play-by-play of high school Popular Astronomy Club Night Sky Bunco with Friends of River Valley
Mulligan, Grant Wood… German American sports and… Rooster’s Sports Bar & Grill, Viewing, the club plans to bring the District Library, have some fun playing
Heritage Center, 2pm Sun Aug 14 noon Sun Aug 7 PACMO, their mobile observatory,… Bunco; for information, call 309-523-3440…
Davenport Public Library - Eastern Avenue River Valley District Library, 1pm Wed Aug
Historic Summer Sitting Tour, learn about Quad Cities River Bandits vs. the Cedar Branch, 8:30pm Fri Aug 5 10
where German immigrants worked, lived, Rapids Kernels, professional minor-league
and created a… German American Heritage baseball; for tickets, call 563-324-3000; Viva La Divas, the area’s hottest drag show 2022 Tug Fest LeClaire, the annual tug-
Center, 5pm Wed Aug 17 Modern Woodmen Park, 209 S. Gaines St., delivers unforgettable production numbers of-war over the Mississippi River… LeClaire
Davenport IA,, Tue as… The Circa ’21 Speakeasy, 8pm Fri Aug 5 Levee, Thu Aug 11 thru Sat Aug 13
Iowa’s Ethnic Heritage: A Brief Aug 9 thru Sun Aug 14
Interactive History, enjoy the unfolding 12 Step Centering Prayer Retreat, led
adventure of Iowa’s immigration history 3rd Annual Ridgecrest Foundation by Paul Witmer and Dick Jensen; learn and
from Native… German American Heritage Golf Outing, $300/team for a 4-person Continued On Page 22
Center, 2pm Sun Aug 21 preferred ball tournament; cost includes
18… Palmer Hills Golf Course, 9am Mon
Aug 15 Quad City
MOVIES Quad Cities River Bandits vs. the Dayton
Dragons, professional minor-league
Afternoon Classics, we will be watching baseball; for tickets, call 563-324-3000;
movies from the 1930s-1960s featuring Modern Woodmen Park, 209 S. Gaines St.,
your… Davenport Public Library - Davenport IA,, Tue
Fairmount Street Branch, 2pm Thu Aug 11 Aug 23 thru Sun Aug 28
Ice Age, screening of the animated comedy 3rd Annual Kickin’ for Ollie Kickball
in the Summer Movies on… Davenport Tournament, a day of kickball, raffles, and
Public Library - Fairmount Street Branch, family to support Oliver… Dorrance Park,
8pm Fri Aug 26 9am Sat Aug 27
Cinema at Southwest, he movies are Quad Cities River Bandits vs. the
mainly chosen for adult audiences, but Peoria Chiefs, professional minor-league
anyone… Rock Island Public Library - baseball; for tickets, call 563-324-3000;
Southwest Branch, 6pm Tue Sep 6 Modern Woodmen Park, 209 S. Gaines

Books & Lyrics by Music by

Leslie Bricusse Frank Wildhorn
August 5-7, 11-14
Prospect Park Theater - Moline, IL
Tickets: Adults $16 / Children $11
Group Rates Available • Call for Reservations

Adult Content

Visit or
call 309-762-6610 for tickets
20 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.

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While there are a lot of big
laughs for the kids, this animated
comedy is more cerebral and less
pun-centric than works of its kind
generally are, and Sam Rockwell
gives a truly elegant vocal
performance as a larcenous wolf
who's also a practiced,
Clooney-esque smoothie.


This engaging, effective horror
thriller provides a solid jolt of
Stranger Things malevolence,
and director Scott Derrickson,
who clearly understands the
advantageous use of silence,
does excellent work with young
leads Mason Thames and
Madeleine McGraw.

Led by the utterly magnifi-
cent Mark Rylance and Sally
Hawkins, director Craig Rob-

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erts' funny, delightful, lightly
moving treat is the complete
inverse of most inspirational-
sports dramedies, in that its

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protagonist, at his sport of
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Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 21

Movie Reviews By Mike Schulz •

Deep in the see that coming.

Much of Vengeance is devoted to

Heart of West
highfalutin’ – or perhaps merely falutin’
while high – discussion of the specific

nature of Red/Blue disassociation, as
well as our dissimilar views on the
Second Amendment, law-enforcement
VENGEANCE terrain, culpability in opioid addic-

tion, and whether Frito Pie, which is
hen entrusted to play basically essentially a bag of Fritos with chili and
nondescript, slightly smug nacho cheese poured atop, should serve
“regular” guys in movies as a serviceable dinner. (My view after
such as Inglourious Basterds, Saving seeing the movie: Hell yeah.) But the
Mr. Banks, and The Founder, B.J. Novak majority of these detours are fantasti-
has been mostly unbearable – his blasé cally effective – Kutcher, whom I didn’t
detachment reads as boredom, and he realize I missed as much as I appar-
doesn’t seem to have the acting resources ently do, beautifully delivers a couple of
necessary to make fundamentally dull Novak’s best-written monologues – and
characters interesting. Yet when Novak Issa Rae and B.J. Novak in Vengeance the movie also offers honest suspense
is the butt of a joke, as he frequently was seems that Ty’s sister Abilene has just the gently snooty aesthete Ben who’s (and a shocking car explosion), huge
during his long tenure on The Office, been found dead of an opioid overdose, the subject of friendly mockery. In his laughs, legitimate local f lavor, a truly
he can be an utter delight. You loved and as Ben was the love of her life, Ty attempts to sound hip to the astute unforeseen narrative climax, and the
watching that smarmy, entitled little knows that her beau will want to trek to Texans who could care less about such best screen role that the ridiculously
d-bag Ryan Howard getting handcuffed the family’s small town in West Texas things, Ben gets routinely, hilariously charismatic Boyd Holbrook has yet had.
by the cops, to say nothing of Michael for her funeral. Trouble is, Ben doesn’t schooled on the theory of Chekhov’s In the end, I loved Vengeance, and loved
Scott revealing that the eternal temp’s remember her: Abilene was just one of gun and his reasons for visiting “South it all the more for not being remotely
new workspace was a windowless supply his many, many hookups during her by,” and the rodeo scene in which Ben prepared for it. I get why, on its opening
closet. failed attempt to make it as a singer in emerges as a horse’s ass by cheering the weekend, the film made roughly one-
In his first outing as a feature-film New York. But Ty’s grief, in an admit- wrong team is a masterful bit of B.J. fifteenth of what DC League of Super-
writer/director/star, Novak does a lot of tedly unlikely turn, wears Ben down, Novak comeuppance courtesy of Novak Pets did. As a juicy, largely unheralded
very smart things in Vengeance; while and before long he’s in the Lone Star himself. gem that audiences will gradually
I’ve enjoyed a bunch of movies this state surrounded by Abilene’s loved The twists of expectation, however, discover over the years, I’m hoping it’ll
summer, none of them has been the ones, goaded by Ty into tracking down don’t stop after Ben gets truly serious endure 15 times longer.
low-key, completely unanticipated sur- his sister’s “killer,” because no way was about his impending podcast – one
prise that this comedic thriller proves her death an accident. After his initial given the initially crude-yet-grabby title For reviews of DC League of Super-
to be. Yet the man’s wisest inspiration misgivings subside, Ben agrees to help. Dead White Girl – and the truth behind Pets, Nope, Thor: Love & Thunder,
was to make his Manhattan-ite Ben He smells a long-form hit, even though Abilene’s death becomes tougher to Where the Crawdads Sing, The Gray
Manalowitz – a wannabe podcaster his smart, savvy producer (the excel- ascertain. Ben has an encounter with Man, Paws of Fury: The Legend of
attempting to solve a shaggy-dog mys- lent Issa Rae) astutely reminds him that a seemingly affable record-producer Hank, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris,
tery in West Texas – every bit as self- “not every white guy in America needs hayseed (Ashton Kutcher) who proves Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, and
involved and condescending as Novak to have a podcast.” to be intensely sharp in his analysis and other recent releases, visit
himself has appeared nearly every This material could have gone wrong Harvard-educated, to boot. He meets
time we’ve seen him on screens big in so many different ways that it’s with a reportedly vicious drug runner
and small. From his first minutes here, frankly astounding that it barely goes (Zach Villa) who reveals a deeply
despite his gifts for sardonic repartee, wrong in any of them. We’re guided buried sensitive side. He receives kindly July 12 Crossword Answers
you kind of detest Ben. That knee-jerk into expecting primo Blue State v. Red acceptance from Abilene’s mom (Suc-
response, though, is instrumental in State comedy, as well as some timeless cession’s marvelous J-Smith Cameron)
understanding why Vengeance works as Fish Out of Water comedy, from the whose phraseology is bristling with
well as it does. In the end, it’s a movie moment Ty picks Ben up at the airport hidden fire. No one is completely who
about the folly of snap judgments based and, on the subsequent car ride, tells they seem in Vengeance, and that goes
on little beyond cultural or character the New Yorker that he reminds Ty for Ben, too. Our first view of him is
stereotypes – an exploration of pre- of a character from his least-favorite at a chic rooftop party in Manhattan,
sumed heartlessness that winds up Liam Neeson movie: Schindler’s List. trading self-pitying witticisms with
displaying a heart as big as, well … . Yet while Novak’s film has a lot of fun John Mayer (!) and complaining about
You know. – and we do, too – with the divide that how white men of their clichd type are
The event that sends Novak’s plot finds Abilene’s family constitutionally tragically misunderstood. By the film’s
into motion is a late-night phone call, unable to define the precise magic of mid-point, it turns out that Ben actu-
which Ben receives from a sobbing the fast-food chain Whataburger (“It’s ally has a soul … which means that B.J.
Texan named Ty (Boyd Holbrook). It always there!”), more often than not it’s Novak has a soul. I gotta admit: Didn’t
22 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.

Book Sale at Southwest, fill a bag for a

MUSIC Other Events donation, shopping bags available; for…
Rock Island Public Library - Southwest

Martina McBride
Branch, 10am Tue Sep 6
2022 Tug Fest Port Byron, the annual Spice Up Your Life, join us each month
tug-of-war over the Mississippi River… Port as we try a new spice,… Davenport Public
Byron Levee, Thu Aug 11 thru Sat Aug 13 Library - Fairmount Street Branch, 6:30pm
Thursday, August 25, 8 p.m. Adult Tabletop Adventures Guild (TAG):
Tue Sep 6

Rhythm City Casino Resort Event Center, 7077 Elmore Avenue, Davenport IA Dungeons & Dragons, on the 2nd & 4th
Thu.; adults role-play, role dice, and have…
LeClaire Community Library, 6pm Thu Aug LECTURES
11 thru Thu Sep 8
Beiderbecke and Bellson, a presentation
Bingo, bring your family and friends for an in River Action’s Channel Cat Talks series;
hour of bingo… Davenport Public Library - learn… Riverbend Commons Dock, 9am
Eastern Avenue Branch, 4pm Sat Aug 13 Thu Aug 4
Fairmount Block Party, a wonderful Opening the Box: Area School Records,
opportunity to connect with local explore and learn about the curious world
organizations, learn about… Davenport of archives and… Davenport Public Library
Public Library - Fairmount Street Branch, - Main Branch, 2:30pm Fri Aug 5
11am Sat Aug 13
The A to Zzz’s of Sleep Health by Cathy
Bettendorf Public Library Chess Club, Rosenbaum PharmD, learn about the
join us for some friendly games of chess; stages of sleep, causes for insomnia, and…
no experience… Bettendorf Public Library, Rock Island Public Library - Downtown
1:30pm Sat Aug 13 Library, 2pm Fri Aug 5
When the Well Runs Dry: Prayer Beyond Green Rooftops, Wed. 6:30pm and Sat.
the Beginning, St. Alphonsus Parish Altar 9am; a presentation in River Action’s…
and Rosary Society presents a retreat… St. River Action, 9am Sat Aug 6
Alphonsus Catholic Church, 8:30am Tue
Aug 16 Scott County Iowa Genealogical Society:

Rock Island Arsenal Confederate
2022 Alternating Currents Festival, four and Union Cemeteries Overview and
country-music singing/song- “Whatever You Say.” After releasing a days of music, art, comedy, and movies at Resources, joining us for our August’s
writing legend with 14 Grammy holiday album, McBride’s fifth studio dozens… Downtown Davenport, Thu Aug presentation is Kevin Braafladt, the…
18 thru Sun Aug 21 Davenport Public Library - Main Branch,
nominations to her name, Mar- album Emotion, issued in 1999, found its 1pm Sat Aug 6
tina McBride brings her eagerly awaited lead single “I Love You” topping the Hot Squonk, Quad City Arts presents a
joyous, participatory event that brings… Under Construction: History of
national tour to Davenport’s Rhythm City Country Songs chart and also making Davenport SkyBridge, Fri Aug 19 thru Sun Butterworth Center and Deere-Wiman
Casino Resort Event Center on August 25, Billboard’s Adult Contemporary and Aug 21 Homes, in celebration of the City of
Moline’s 150th anniversary and… Moline
the neo-traditionalist talent beloved for Hot 100 charts. Bottoms Up Burlesque, an evening with Public Library, 6:30pm Tue Aug 9
smash hits including “Independence Day,” In 2001, McBride released her first the area striptease artists and comedians;
for… RIBCO, 8pm Sat Aug 20 River Landscape Mosaic, a presentation
“Blessed,” and “Concrete Angel.” Greatest Hits project, which became in River Action’s Channel Cat Talks series;
Born in Sharon, Kansas, in 1966, her first album to top the Top Country Discovery Fair, a day filled with free Dr.… Riverbend Commons Dock, 9am Tue
learning and fun; for information,… Aug 9 and Thu Aug 11
McBride effectively began her career as Albums chart. All four of the album’s Bettendorf Public Library, 10am Sat Aug 20
a pre-teen, singing with the Schiffters new tracks were single releases, includ- How David Sears Brought John Deere
Floatzilla 2022, take part in the largest to Moline, Wed. 6:30pm and Sat. 9am;
band fronted by her father. Follow- ing the chart-topping “Blessed,” while paddle on the Mississippi; experience… a presentation in River Action’s… River
ing her 1989 move to Tennessee, she 2003’s Martina certified double plati- Sunset Park, 7am Sat Aug 20 Action, Wed Aug 10 and Sat Aug 13
signed a recording contract with RCA num in the United States and boasted Night Sky Viewing with the Popular When the Well Runs Dry, led by Mark
Nashville, launching her debut studio the top-five singles “This One’s for the Astronomy Club, held in the parking lot; Nimo and Fr. Bob Miller; praying through…
Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Wild Duck… Niabi Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat, 9:30am Mon
album The Time Has Come in 1992. The Girls” and “In My Daughter’s Eyes”. Zoo, 8pm Sat Aug 20 Aug 15
album’s title track made it to number McBride’s seventh studio album, 2005’s
Trivia Night, 5pm doors, 6pm game; Blockchain & IP: Cross-section of
23 on the country-music charts, and Timeless, debuted atop the country- $10/person or $80/table; bring your own Blockchain, Patents, and Open-Source,
in September of 1993, the singer/song- albums chart and the top 10 of the Bill- food,… Christ Anglican Church, 5pm Sat join the USPTO and East Coast Attorney,
Aug 20 James Gatto, as… Davenport Public Library
writer’s second studio album The Way board 200, and two years later, the artist - Main Branch, 3pm Tue Aug 16
That I Am was issued. Its lead single “My returned with her eighth studio record Moline Public Library Lobby Book Sale,
fill a bag for a donation; for information, Life After High School: Planning and
Baby Loves Me” reached number two Waking Up Laughing, which debuted call 309-524-2470… Moline Public Library, Paying for College and Career, the
on the Billboard Hot Country Songs in the top five of the Billboard country- 10am Fri Aug 26 library welcomes Lupe Hernandez, Student
Success Advisor with the… Davenport
chart, becoming her breakthrough hit, albums chart and Billboard 200. A Bettendorf Public Library Chess Club, Public Library - Eastern Avenue Branch,
while its third single “Independence quintet of additional studio recordings join us for some friendly games of chess; 6pm Tue Aug 16
no experience… Bettendorf Public Library,
Day” peaked in the top 20 and became have landed since, and to date, McBride 1:30pm Sat Aug 27 Preservation Workshop – Reformatting
McBride’s signature song. “Indepen- has sold more than 23 million albums Materials: From Physical to Microfilm
Family Fun Day & Parade, an outdoor and Microfiche, learn how to practically
dence Day’s success elevated sales of The worldwide. In addition, she has won the community block party and parade; this care for and preserve materials at…
Way That I Am to platinum status, and Country Music Association’s Female event celebrates all… Martin Luther King Jr. Davenport Public Library - Main Branch,
Community Center, 9am Sat Aug 27 2pm Tue Aug 16
after her subsequent Wild Angels was Vocalist of the Year award four times
released in September 1995, the album (tied with Reba McEntire for the third- Vettes on the River: Vettes Supporting Lock and Dam 15 Improvements, a
Vets, Corvettes should be in attendance presentation in River Action’s Channel
reached number 17 on the Billboard Top most wins) and the Academy of Country by 10am that day; a flag-raising… LeClaire Cat Talks series; as… Riverbend Commons
Country Albums chart, with the record- Music’s Top Female Vocalist award three Levee, 8am Sat Aug 27 Dock, 9am Tue Aug 16 and Thu Aug 18
ing’s title track becoming McBride’s times. Flea Market, featuring vintage items, Negotiate Like a Pro, learn why
first song to top the Hot Country Songs Martina McBride plays her Davenport antiques, jewelry, coins, collectibles, negotiation is important, when it is useful,
and more; space… Mississippi Valley and… Davenport Public Library - Eastern
chart. Debuting in 1997, her fourth engagement on August 25, admission to Fairgrounds, 8am Sun Aug 28 Avenue Branch, 6:30pm Wed Aug 17
studio release Evolution became the the 8 p.m. concert is $45-80, and more
Memory Circle, join us for crafts, games, Time to Trace!, help your little one hone
artist’s best-selling album to date, information and tickets are available by activities, conversation, and more at… a pre-writing skill that builds… Davenport
certifying three times platinum in the calling (563)328-8000 and visiting Bettendorf Public Library, 10:30am Tue Aug Public Library - Main Branch, 3pm Wed Aug
30 17
United States and spawning six singles
that all became major hits, including Viva La Divas, the area’s hottest drag show German American Heritage, Wed. 6:30pm
delivers unforgettable production numbers and Sat. 9am; a presentation in River
“A Broken Wing,” “Wrong Again,” and as… The Circa ’21 Speakeasy, 8pm Fri Sep 2
Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 23
Action’s… River Action, Wed Aug 17 and U.S. Citizenship exam are invited to…
Sat Aug 20 Moline Public Library, 9am Mon Sep 5 MUSIC

Here Come the Mummies

Unraveling Yarns about the First Ladies,
Debra Scala Giokas delivers a presentation
in the 3rd Thursdays at… Davenport Public MEETINGS
Library - Main Branch, 6pm Thu Aug 18
Republican Women of Rock Island
Butterfly Gardening in Iowa, led by
Ray Wolf; support a healthy butterfly
County Monthly Dinner Meeting, retired
Marine Colonel Larry Kaifesh will speak
Friday, August 19, 8 p.m.
population right… Our Lady of the Prairie about “The Great Reset”… The Rock Party Rhythm City Casino Resort Event Center, 7077 Elmore Avenue, Davenport IA
Retreat, 9am Sat Aug 20 Facility, 5pm Thu Aug 4
Twisted Tales presents “Long Gone Muscatine City Council Meeting, meets
Moline”, Mon 6:30pm, Tue. 2pm; in on the first, second, and third Thursday of
honor of the city’s 150th anniversary, Jeff each… City Hall of Muscatine, 7pm Thu
Adamson… Moline Public Library, Mon Aug 4 thru Thu Sep 8
Aug 22 and Tue Aug 23
Scott County Board of Supervisors
MRCTI: Mayors’ Collaborative Projects, Regular Meeting, on the 1st & 3rd Thu.;
a presentation in River Action’s Channel activities may include voting on actions…
Cat Talks series; Riverdale… Riverbend Scott County Administrative Center, 5pm
Commons Dock, 9am Tue Aug 23 and Thu thru Thu Sep 1
Aug 25
Quad Cities Social Action Committee, for
Intro to Bee Keeping, Jennifer and Kurt information, e-mail e-fellowship@hotmail.
Burnham present a bee keeping 101 com; help protest unfair treatment of the
presentation;… Moline Public Library, 6pm elderly… Sippi’s Fine Food and Cocktails,
Wed Aug 24 12:30pm Fri Aug 5
Hampton’s Historic Riverfront Walking Rock Island City Council Meeting, Public
Tour, Wed. 6:30pm and Sat. 9am; a Comment is held at the beginning of City
presentation in River Action’s… River Council… Rock Island City Hall, 6:45pm
Action, Wed Aug 24 and Sat Aug 27 Mon Aug 8 thru Mon Aug 22
Growing Your Intuition, led by Kathleen Sherrard City Council Meeting, held
Collins; build your intuitive muscles; $35 on the second Monday of the month; for

includes… Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat, information,… Sherrard City Hall, 7pm Mon
9am Sat Aug 27 Aug 8
escribed by t he Examiner outdoor festivals such as Summer
The Heart of Downtown Davenport: Geneseo City Council Meeting, meets as “a band unlike any other” Camp, Common Ground, Voodoo
Architectural Styles and Stories, join on the 2nd Tuesday of the month; for
architectural historian and guide Ellen information,… Geneseo City Council a nd Blurt maga zi ne as “a Fest, Musik fest, Summerfest, and
Shapley for this informative… Davenport Chambers, 6pm Tue Aug 9
Public Library - Main Branch, 10am Mon hybrid of Idris Muhammad, George R iverbend; and sold tickets by the
Aug 29 Village of Erie Board/City Council Clinton, Ohio Players, and Ear t h, thousands across large swaths of
Meeting, held on the 2nd Tuesday of the
Constellation Fish Hatchery and Other month; for information,… Village of Erie Wind & Fire,” the tight ly-wrapped North America.
Hot Topics of the Mississippi River, a Office, 6pm Tue Aug 9 f unk, rock, and R&B musicians of Beginning with the group’s debut
presentation in River Action’s Channel
Cat Talks series; Jeremiah… Riverbend Moline City Council Committee of the Here Come the Mummies return to Terrif ying Funk from Beyond the
Commons Dock, 9am Tue Aug 30 and Thu Whole Meeting / Regular Meeting, meets
Sep 1 in Council Chambers; the formal City Davenpor t’s R hy t hm Cit y Casino Grave in 2002, Here Come the
Council meeting is… Moline City Hall, 6pm Resort Event Center stage on August Mummies has also released nine
Opening the Box: Alice French and Tue Aug 9 thru Tue Aug 23
Jane Allen Crawford Collection, learn 19, their infectious grooves leading full-leng th studio albums, two live
about the curious world of archives and Riverdale City Council Meeting, held on
manuscripts at… Davenport Public Library the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month;… The Bob & Tom Show co-host Bob albums, three compilation albums,
- Main Branch, 2:30pm Fri Sep 2 Riverdale City Hall, 7pm Tue Aug 9 thru Kevoian to call one of their concerts and a quartet of 2014 EPs, with the
Tue Aug 23
Virtual Opening the Box, explore and “the most fun I’ve had in 20 years.” band ’s popular song “Dirty Minds”
learn about the curious world of archives Rock Island Committee of the Whole A novelty band best k nown for heard on TV’s Scrubs, The Loop,
and… Davenport Public Library - Main Meeting, held on the 2nd Wednesday of
Branch, 2:30pm Fri Sep 2 the month (subject to… Rock Island County its live performances, Here Come Big Shots, and the feature f ilm
Office Building, 5:30pm Wed Aug 10
The Heart of Downtown Davenport: the Mummies, which originally Fired Up! And with their music
Architectural Styles and Stories, join Rock Island Public Library Board of formed in 2000, is composed of described by National Rock Review
architectural historian and guide Ellen Trustees Personnel & Policy Committee
Shapley for this informative… Davenport Meeting, for information, call 309- various professional musicians as “ lively, fun, and even hilarious,”
Public Library - Main Branch, 10am Sat Sep 732-7323… Rock Island Public Library -
3 Downtown Library, 11am Wed Aug 10 based in Nashville. Although the band is currently touring the
there are rumored to be several Midwest boasting an ensemble of
Davenport City Council Meeting, the
Grammy Award winners among 12 singers and instrumentalists
COURSES Davenport City Council meets on the first
and third… Davenport City Hall, 5:30pm the ensemble, this has been impos- with most unusual stage monikers:
Wed Aug 10 thru Wed Aug 24
Free In-Person Nutrition Class, on sible for journalists to verif y, as Mummy Cass, Eddie Mummy,
Fridays; free education, recipe tasting, Library Board of Trustees Meeting,
workout, lesson materials and… Women’s free; for information, call 563-344-4175… the identities of band members are K.W. Tut, Spaz, Midnight Mummy,
Choice Center, 10am Fri Aug 5 thru Fri Aug Bettendorf Public Library, 5pm Thu Aug 11 kept quite literally “under wraps.” The Flu, Mummy Yo, Ra, Mummy
Moline Public Library Board of Trustees (The musicians are widely believed Highlander, High Priest of Death,
Kids, Media, & Technology, learn about Meeting, agendas are available prior to the
the effects of too much media and meetings; minutes are available… Moline to be under contract to various Motherlode, and The Pole! – excla-
technology… Rock Island Public Library - Public Library, noon Thu Aug 11 record labels, and consequently mation point included.
Downtown Library, 4:30pm Thu Aug 11
Quad Cities Chamber Annual Meeting, hide their true identities to pre- Here Come the Mummies’ per-
Learning Libby Class: Introduction to the the Quad Cities Chamber’s Annual Meeting vent contract disputes while per- form their Davenport engagement
Library’s Digital Titles, this class will take brings together our region’s executives,
you through the process of downloading… elected officials, business owners, and forming.) Since their debut nearly on August 19, admission to the
Bettendorf Public Library, 10am Thu Aug civic leaders; attendees get an inside
18 look at the Chamber’s accomplishments two decades ago, Here Come the all-ages 8 p.m. concert is $25, and
over the past year and our vision for Mummies has opened for P-Funk, more information and tickets are
Rules of the Road Class, Nancy Johnson, the future; 11am registration, 11:30am
associated with AARP and the Office of lunch, noon programRhythm City Casino Al Green, Mavis Staples, Cheap available by calling (563)328-8000
the… Moline Public Library, 1:30pm Thu Resort, 7077 Elmore Ave., Davenport IA,
Aug 18, 11am Thu Aug 11 Trick, and KC & the Sunshine and visiting
Band; rocked crowds at Super Bowl R hy
Self-Paced Citizenship Exam Preparation
Resource, individuals preparing for the Village; made regular visits to
Continued On Page 24 radio’s Bob & Tom Show; played
24 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.

meetings; minutes are available… Moline

Meetings Public Library, noon Thu Sep 8

Bettendorf City Council Committee of HEALTH

the Whole Meeting, recorded meetings
PRICE CHECK • AUGUST 9, 2022 July 12 Answers: Page 21 can be seen at or City’s The A to Zzz’s of Sleep Health by Cathy
Cable… Bettendorf City Hall, 5pm Mon Rosenbaum PharmD, learn about the
Aug 15 stages of sleep, causes for insomnia, and…
Rock Island Public Library - Downtown
East Moline City Council Regular Library, 2pm Fri Aug 5
Meeting / Committee of the Whole
Meeting, meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday Free In-Person Nutrition Class, on
of every month;… East Moline Council Fridays; free education, recipe tasting,
Chambers at City Hall, 6:30pm Mon Aug 15 workout, lesson materials and… Women’s
Choice Center, 10am Fri Aug 5 thru Fri Aug
Aledo City Council Committee of the 19
Whole Meeting / Regular Meeting, held
on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month; Yoga, on Tuesdays; for all levels of
Committee… Aledo City Council Chamber, experience; the instructor has… River
6:15pm Mon Aug 15 thru Mon Sep 5 Valley District Library, 5:30pm Tue Aug 9
thru Tue Sep 6
Milan City Council Meeting, held on the
first and third Monday of the month;… Yoga, led by Bobbi Kelley; join this gentle,
Milan Municipal Center, 5:30pm Mon Aug slow flow class;… Our Lady of the Prairie
15 thru Mon Sep 5 Retreat, 1pm Wed Aug 10
Bettendorf City Council Meeting, Yoga at the Figge, join us for yoga
recorded meetings can be seen at asana; bring your own mat for… Figge Art or City’s Cable… Bettendorf Museum, 10:30am Sat Aug 13
City Hall, 7pm Tue Aug 16
ImpactLife Blood Drive, in the Gold Room;
Rock Island County Board Regular masks and appointments are required; to…
Meeting, all meetings are open to the Moline Public Library, 2pm Wed Aug 17
public, but may be… Rock Island County
Office Building, 5:30pm Tue Aug 16 Qigong for Self-Care, led by Carolyn
Krafka; learn an ancient practice that
Rock Island Public Library Board of works… Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat,
Trustees Meeting, agendas and minutes 10am Fri Aug 19
are posted on our website in accordance…
Rock Island Public Library - Downtown 5th Annual Body, Mind & Spirit Expo,
Library, 5pm Tue Aug 16 a growing metaphysical and holistic
experience providing visitors with a…
Silvis City Council Meeting, held on the Riverfront Events Center, 9am Sat Aug 27
1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month;… Silvis
City Hall, 6:30pm Tue Aug 16 and Tue Sep Cultivating Mindfulness, cultivate
6 mindfulness through art, qigong,
meditation, and sound healing in… Figge
Scott County Board of Supervisors Art Museum, 5:30pm Sun Aug 28
Committee of the Whole Meeting, the
board will review legislative actions, Medicare 101, learn answers to the
administrative items, and contracts; for… following questions: What does Medicare
Scott County Administrative Center, 8pm cover?;… Davenport Public Library -
Tue Aug 16 thru Tue Aug 30 Fairmount Street Branch, 2pm Thu Sep 1
ACROSS: 77. Source of liquid fat 5. Fix to 66. Door frame part
1. Roe source 80. Elected 6. Supporting timber 67. Mild interjection Coal Valley City Council Meeting, held Yoga at the Figge, join us for yoga
5. A state in India 81. Indigo dye 7. Bro's sib 68. Ersatz on the first and third Wednesdays of each asana; bring your own mat for… Figge Art
10. Breaks 82. Sergeant at _ 8. Dismounted 72. Wing or flipper, e.g. month;… Coal Valley Village Hall, 6pm Wed Museum, 10:30am Sat Sep 3
15. Official proceedings 83. Any of the Titans 9. Crepuscular insect 73. Military hat Aug 17 and Wed Sep 7
19. Colombian city 85. Thorn apple 10. Unchanging 74. Hand tool: 2 wds.
20. Old Jewish thinker 86. Paul or Howard 11. Bildungsroman 76. Lean
21. Out-and-out
22. Stage or storm
88. Part 4 of quip:
3 wds.
12. Under discussion:
2 wds.
78. Minced oath
79. _ the Explorer
Davenport City Council Committee of
the Whole Meeting, the Davenport City SENIORS
Council meets on the first and third…
23. Has a pecuniary 93. Presidential 13. Yesteryear 80. Smart Davenport City Hall, 5:30pm Wed Aug 17 Davenport School Supply Drive, we are
obligation nickname 14. Position 81. Semitic goddess collecting pencils, pens, erasers, crayons,…
24. Postulate 94. Make 15. Monk of 82. Parastas Scott County Board of Supervisors CASI (Center for Active Seniors), Thu Aug 4
25. Dispatch boat 96. Brit's local tax TV's "Monk" 84. Tierra _ Fuego Regular Meeting, activities may include and Fri Aug 5
26. Litter's littlest 97. Piano part 16. Pre-launch events 87. Scrap voting on actions and conducting public
27. Supplanter 98. Early wind 17. Chinese gang 89. Skull: Prefix hearings;… Scott County Administrative Caregivers Support Group, on the 1st &
29. Start of a quip by instrument 18. Humanities 90. Barrel wood Center, 5pm Thu Sep 1 3rd Thu. of the month; $1/person;… CASI
Coco Chanel: 3 wds. 100. Senegal's capital 28. Steamed rice dish 91. Prickle (Center for Active Seniors), 4:30pm Thu
32. Money for counsel 101. A thousand grand 30. Duck 92. On-air show Quad Cities Social Action Committee, for Aug 4 thru Thu Sep 1
34. Troubles 102. Pappy 31. Papal crown 95. Anticipated information, e-mail e-fellowship@hotmail.
35. Snack 103. Wrack and _ 33. Like a revised script 99. Refusal: Hyph. com; help protest unfair treatment of the Free Senior Day at the Figge Art
36. Antiquity 105. Fred and 38. Mottled 100. Mickey's maker elderly… Sippi’s Fine Food and Cocktails, Museum, for seniors age 60 & up on the
37. Lyric poem Wilma's era: 2 wds. 39. Incorrect 101. Shaped 12:30pm Fri Sep 2 first Thursday… Figge Art Museum, 10am
40. Inhabitant 110. End of the 41. Ballet movement 104. Modules Thu Aug 4 and Thu Sep 1
among hills quip: 2 wds. 42. Writer _ Deighton 106. Not at all relaxed Bettendorf City Council Committee of
45. Musk's motorcar 116. Play by Sophocles 43. Sidestep 107. Heart chambers the Whole Meeting, recorded meetings 500, on Thursdays; $1; for information, call
48. Newlywed 117. Wetlands bird 44. Hannah Montana's 108. Garbo of old can be seen at or City’s 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active
49. Took out 118. Red dye bodyguard movies Cable… Bettendorf City Hall, 5pm Mon Sep Seniors), 2:30pm Thu Aug 4 thru Thu Sep 8
50. Ab _ 119. Antelope 45. _ douloureux 109. Canvas support 5
51. Part 2 of 121. Son of Zeus 46. Oklahoma town 110. In _ veritas Bags, Cornhole, & Boards, on Thursdays;
quip: 4 wds. and Hera 47. Blackthorn 111. Black Bettendorf City Council Meeting, for information, call 563-386-7477… CASI
55. Neither Dem. 122. The Big Easy, 49. Consider 112. Intel processor recorded meetings can be seen at (Center for Active Seniors), 2pm Thu Aug 4
nor Rep. for short 52. Score in golf 113. Skin opening or City’s Cable… Bettendorf thru Thu Sep 8
56. Grow 123. Orate 53. Yearn 114. Term in grammar City Hall, 7pm Tue Sep 6
57. AFL- _ 124. Salon solution 54. Ant 115. Noted nom Beginning Line Dancing, on Tuesdays &
58. Caustic 125. Place 60. Cousins to the flute de plume Davenport City Council Committee of Thursdays; $2/person; for information, call
59. Body of standing 126. Part of ROM 62. Tennis legend 120. Reply: Abbr. the Whole Meeting, the Davenport City 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active
water 127. Full of glad tidings 64. San _ Obispo Council meets on the first and third… Seniors), 10am Thu Aug 4 thru Thu Sep 8
61. Quaid or Newman 128. Headquartered 65. Mediate Davenport City Hall, 5:30pm Wed Sep 7
63. Delectation 129. Afrikaans Billiards, Mon.-Fri.; $1/day; for information,
66. WWI battle
68. Band in heraldry DOWN:
New Crossword Puzzles Library Board of Trustees Meeting, call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active
free; for information, call 563-344-4175… Seniors), 8am Thu Aug 4 thru Thu Sep 8
69. Still vacant
70. Part 3 of quip
1. Search carefully
2. Opening for a
posted EVERY week at Bettendorf Public Library, 5pm Thu Sep 8
71. "_ of the Titans" ship's cable Moline Public Library Board of Trustees
73. Malice 3. Indigenous Alaskan Meeting, agendas are available prior to the
75. George or T.S. 4. A U.K. PM Continued On Page 26
Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 25

FREE WILL ASTROLOGY New Columns Weekly at By Rob Brezsny

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Aries poet problem-solving skills are key skills, but not as endorse a single version of the story; (3) the capac- Shake off any residual doubt that still clings to you.
Ada Limón advises us to notice and love important as emotional intelligence: the power to ity to be both constructively critical and support- And then undertake robust action to transform
“the music of the world.” She says that understand and manage feelings. I mention this, ively sympathetic; (4) the facility to be welcoming the situation that provoked your righteous brood-
praising and giving attention to the good Cancerian, because the coming months will be a and inviting while still maintaining healthy ing. In my astrological opinion, what I have just
things “are as important and necessary as witness- favorable time to advance your ambitions by boundaries. described is your best plan for success in the
ing and naming and holding the grief and sorrow enhancing and expressing your emotional intelli- coming days.
that comes with being alive.” This is always a cru- gence. Here’s some reading to foster your powers: SCORPIO (October 23-November 21):
cial principle to keep in mind, but it will be extra (1); (2) TinyURL. “Life is enchanting for me because I have AQUARIUS (January 20-February
essential for you in the coming weeks. Your ability com/SmartFeeler; (3); so much control over what I think,” my 18): Author John Berger described
to attract the influences and resources you need (4) Scorpio friend Daria told me. “If I decide birch trees as “pliant” and “slender.” He
most will thrive if you focus on and celebrate the to flatter myself with comments about how attrac- said that “if they promise a kind of permanence,
music of the world. P.S.: I encourage you to sing LEO (July 23-August 22): In the coming tive I am, I can do just that. If I would like to imag- it has nothing to do with solidity or longevity – as
more than usual, too. weeks, Leo, I urge you to always be confi- ine a good fairy visiting me while I sleep and giving with an oak or a linden – but only with the fact
dent that you are the party! Everywhere me a dream of having an orgasm with my lover that they seed and spread quickly. They are
TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Here’s my you go, bring the spirits of fun and rev- while we fly over the Serengeti Plains, I can.” I ephemeral and recurring – like a conversation
hope for you in the coming months: You elry. Be educationally entertaining and entertain- asked her about the times when worries gush forth between earth and sky.” I propose we regard the
will cultivate a specialty for connecting ingly educational. Amuse yourself by making life unbidden from her subconscious mind and dis- birch tree as your personal power symbol in the
people and situations that need to be more interesting for everyone. At the same time, be turb her joy. She said, “I simply picture myself coming months. When you are in closest align-
affiliated but aren’t yet. You will regard your flair kind and humble, never arrogant or insensitive. A shoving those worries in a hole in the ground and ment with cosmic rhythms, you will express its
for blending as a gift you offer generously. Can you vital part of your assignment is to nourish and blowing them up with an exploding rose.” I bring spirit. You will be adaptable, flexible, resource-
picture yourself doing that? I think it will be fun inspire others with your radiance and charm. That Daria’s mind-management expertise to your atten- ful, and highly communicative. You will serve as
and will also benefit you in unexpected ways. So formula will ensure you get everything you need. I tion, Scorpio, because the coming weeks will be an an intermediary, a broker, and a go-between.
here’s my proposed plan: Conspire to heal frag- foresee bounty flowing your way! P.S.: Regularly excellent time for you to raise your mastery over
mentation and schisms. Unite heavenly and reward your admirers and followers with your what you think. PISCES (February 19-March 20):
earthly things. Keep the far side and the near side magnanimous Cheshire-cat grin. “Even raw and messy emotions can be
in touch with each other. Never let the past forget . S AG I T TA R I U S (November understood as a form of light, crackling
about the future, and vice versa. One more thing, VIRGO (August 23-September 22): In 22-December 21): People might impa- and bursting with energy,” writes Jungian psycho-
Taurus: Be gleefully imaginative as you mix and my Astrological Book of Life, here’s what tiently advise you to relax and settle analyst Clarissa Pinkola Estés. For example, “We
conjoin and combine. I have inscribed about Virgos: You may down. Others might tell you to stop can use the light of rage in a positive way, in order
not always find the perfect solution, but dreaming such big visions and formulating such to see into places we cannot usually see.” Likewise,
GEMINI (May 21-June 20): In a play by you are skilled at finding the best solution avail- adventurous plans. Still others might give you the confusion might be a healthy sign that a long-held
Gemini philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, a able. This will be an especially valuable knack in side-eye because they imagine you are having too misunderstanding is dissolving. Disappointment
character says, “Hell is other people.” the coming weeks, both for yourself and others. I much fun and brainstorming too wildly and may herald the demise of an unrealistic expecta-
What did he mean by that? One interpre- trust you will scan for practical but compassionate laughing too loudly. If you receive messages like tion. So let’s unleash a big cheer for raw and messy
tation is that our fellow humans always judge us, answers, even if they are partial. And I hope you those, give the complainers a copy of this horo- emotions, Pisces! I suspect they will soon be your
and their judgments rarely align with who we will address at least some of everyone’s needs, even scope. It will tell them that you will not comply gateway to clarity and renewal.
really are and who we imagine ourselves to be. if no one is completely satisfied. You can be the with any inhibiting directives. Your astrologer, me,
Here’s my solution for that problem: Choose allies master of creative compromise that we all need. authorizes you to be as vast and venturesome and Homework: Ask for something you’ve never had
and companions whose views of you match your Thanks in advance for your excellent service! enterprising and spontaneous as you dare. In the clarity or chutzpah to ask for until now. Visit
own. Is that so hard? I suspect it will be easier than doing so, I am speaking on behalf of the cosmic
usual for you in the coming months, Gemini. Take LIBRA (September 23-October 22): rhythms. Your plucky audacity has been heavenly
advantage of life’s natural tendency to connect you Everyone knows that “balance” is a key- ordained.
with cohorts who appreciate you. Be picky as you word for you Librans. However, there are
avoid the hell of other people. many interpretations of what balance CAPRICORN (December 22-January
entails. Here’s how I define it for you during the 19): In accordance with astrological Go to to check out Rob Brezsny’s
CANCER (June 21-July 22): The people coming weeks: (1) an openness to consider several omens, I hereby authorize you to worry, EXPANDED WEEKLY AUDIO HOROSCOPES
most likely to succeed as entrepreneurs different ways to capitalize on an opportunity, but worry, and worry some more. Stew and & DAILY TEXT MESSAGE HOROSCOPES
are those with a high degree of analytical to ultimately choose just one way; (2) the ability to simmer and ferment as you weigh all the options The audio horoscopes are also available by phone at
intelligence. Right? Well, it’s more com- see and understand all sides of every story, while and mull the correct actions. But when the time is
plicated than that. Reasoning ability and right, end your fretting with crisp decisiveness.
1-877-873-4888 or 1-900-950-77
also knowing that for pragmatism’s sake you must

New Red Meat Cartoons Weekly at

26 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.

MUSIC 7477… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 8am

Seniors Fri Aug 5 thru Wed Sep 7

Judy Steffens and Bob Gaston New Horizons Band Practice,

on Thursdays; $2-5; for information, call
Courtside Styling Salon, Fri. & Mon.-Wed.
by appointment; for information, call 563-
265-2150… CASI (Center for Active Seniors),
Fri Aug 5 thru Wed Sep 7

Lisa Mahar Exhibits

563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active
Seniors), 12:30pm Thu Aug 4 thru Thu Sep Euchre, on Wed. & Fri.; $4/session; for
8 information, call 563-386-7477… CASI
(Center for Active Seniors), 12:30pm Fri Aug
CASI Chess Club, on Thursdays in the 5 thru Wed Sep 7
Through Monday, August 29 library; equipment and assistance will be…
CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 2pm Thu Low Impact Exercise, Mon., Wed., & Fri.
Quad City Arts International Airport Gallery, Aug 4 thru Thu Sep 8 9-10am, Tue. 11am-2pm, Thu. 11am-noon;
$3/person;… CASI (Center for Active
Card Embroidery, on Thursdays; learn how Seniors), Fri Aug 5 thru Wed Sep 7
2200 69th Avenue, Moline IL to create fun embroidery greeting cards…
CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 9am Thu Sell It Saturday, for those who have flea
Aug 4 thru Thu Sep 8 market items, homemade craft items,…
CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 9am Sat
Chess for Experienced Players, on Aug 6 thru Sat Aug 13
Thursdays; $1/person; for information, call
563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active CASI Silver Linings Bell Choir, on
Seniors), 2pm Thu Aug 4 thru Thu Sep 8 Mondays; for information, call 563-386-
7477… CASI (Center for Active Seniors),
Chess for Experienced Players, on 10am Mon Aug 8 thru Mon Sep 5
Thursdays; $2; for information, call 563-
386-747… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), Chess, on Mondays; $1/person; for
9am Thu Aug 4 thru Thu Sep 8 information, call 563-386-7477… CASI
(Center for Active Seniors), 2pm Mon Aug 8
Home Helpers, Mon.-Fri. by appointment; thru Mon Sep 5
for information, call 563-386-7477 ext.
253… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), Thu Chess for Beginners, on Mondays; $1/
Aug 4 thru Thu Sep 8 person; for information, call 563-386-7477…
CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 1pm Mon
Low Impact Exercise, Mon., Wed., & Fri. Aug 8 thru Mon Sep 5
9-10am, Tue. 11am-2pm, Thu. 11am-noon;
$2/person;… CASI (Center for Active Shuffleboard, on Mondays; $2/person;
Seniors), 11am Thu Aug 4 thru Thu Sep 8 for information, call 563-386-7477… CASI
(Center for Active Seniors), 1pm Mon Aug 8
Milestones AAA Meal Site, Mon.-Fri; meals thru Mon Sep 5
must be reserved 24 to 48 hours in… CASI
(Center for Active Seniors), 11:30am Thu Ugly Quilts, on Mondays; volunteer group;
Aug 4 thru Thu Sep 8 no sewing experience necessary; free; for…
Judy Steffens' The Goal CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 9am Mon
NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Aug 8 thru Mon Sep 5
Illness), Mon.-Fri. by appointment; for

information, call 563-386-7477 ext. 266… Zumba Toning, on Mondays; $3/person;
pair of summertime exhibits by unique story which takes center stage, so it CASI (Center for Active Seniors), Thu Aug 4 for information, call 563-386-7477… CASI
thru Thu Sep 8 (Center for Active Seniors), 10:15am Mon
Illinois artists – with some of their is not lost in the sea of humanity.” Aug 8 thru Mon Sep 5
works boasting a distinctly sum- As a self-taught artist based in the Reflexology, Mon.-Fri. by appointment;
$20/session; for information, call 563-349- Cheaper by the Dozen, a screening of the
mertime theme – are currently on display Quad Cities, Lisa Mahar has been creat- 5832… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), Steve Martin comedy in the CASI… CASI
Thu Aug 4 thru Thu Sep 8 (Center for Active Seniors), 1pm Tue Aug 9
at the Quad City Arts International Airport ing one-of-a-kind art for over more than
Gallery, with the Moline locale, through years. She paints on recycled furniture, SHIIP (Senior Health Insurance Beginning Line Dancing, on Tuesdays &
Information Program), Mon.-Fri. by Thursdays; $3/person; for information, call
August 29, housing vividly colorful oil paint- canvases, and creates thought provoking appointment; free; for information, call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active
ings by Wapella’s Judy Steffens and acrylic collages and assemblages, utilizing found 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 10am Tue Aug 9 thru Tue Sep 6
Seniors), Thu Aug 4 thru Thu Sep 8
paintings and mixed-media assemblages by objects, and believes in recycling as much Canasta, on Tuesdays; $2/session; for
Zumba Toning, Mon. & Fri. 10:15am, Thu. information, call 563-386-7477… CASI
Rock Island’s Lisa Mahar. as possible, finding ways to repurpose com- 8:45am; $3/person; for information, call… (Center for Active Seniors), 1pm Tue Aug 9
Boasting a Bachelor of Science and Fine monly discarded items to create meaning- CASI (Center for Active Seniors), Thu Aug 4 thru Tue Sep 6
thru Thu Sep 8
Art from Bradley University, Steffens is a ful art. Mahar’s frequently returned-to Chair Based Exercise, on Tuesdays; $3;
The Devil in the White City, a discussion for information, call 563-386-7477… CASI
2021 member of American Women Artists themes include nature, symbolism, family, of Erik Larsen’s book with the CASI Book… (Center for Active Seniors), 9am Tue Aug 9
and the National Association of Women animals, fashion, and the empowerment CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 10am Fri thru Tue Sep 6
Aug 5
Artists Inc., and enjoyed a dozen solo exhi- of women, and her artworks frequently Chair Yoga, on Tuesdays; with Logan
bitions in 2021 alone. As Steffens says in her boast a whimsical, funny quality, As Mahar Adult Coloring, on Fridays; $2; for Anderson, owner of All Strong Fitness;…
information, call 563-386-7477… CASI CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 2pm Tue
artist statement, “I am a figurative realism states, her art is always evolving. She likes (Center for Active Seniors), 10am Fri Aug 5 Aug 9 thru Tue Sep 6
thru Fri Sep 2
painter using oils on canvas. These paint- to hone her skills and cultivate new ideas Cribbage, on Tuesdays in the library; bring
ings are more than portraits. I am inter- into each piece she creates, and her hopes Friday Afternoon Bingo, on Fridays; no your board and enjoy… CASI (Center for
admission fee, card costs are $0.25 &… CASI Active Seniors), 2pm Tue Aug 9 thru Tue
ested in revealing human nature through for the future lie in experiencing new medi- (Center for Active Seniors), 1pm Fri Aug 5 Sep 6
thru Fri Sep 2
experiences we all share. In the simple, ums, creating meaningful art, and living Knitting & Crocheting, on Tuesdays;
everyday moments we express who we are her best life. Golden Tones Chorus Practice, on Fridays; volunteer group; free; for information, call
sing along to some classical memories; $2 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active
and what is important to us.” The Quad City Arts International practice… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), Seniors), 12:30pm Tue Aug 9 thru Tue Sep
Regarding her pieces currently on display Airport Gallery is located opposite the air- 9am Fri Aug 5 thru Fri Sep 2 6
at the airport, the artist says, “This col- port’s gift shop and restaurant, there is a $1 Senior Theatre: Second Avenue Players, Senior Technology Clinic, on Tuesdays;
on Fridays; bring your theatrical side to with expert Mike Shinbori; bring your
lection of work, full of color and light, is fee for parking, and more information on CASI’s senior theater… CASI (Center for laptops, tablets,… CASI (Center for Active
inspired by ordinary people enjoying them- the Judy Steffens and Lisa Mahar exhibits Active Seniors), 11am Fri Aug 5 thru Fri Seniors), noon Tue Aug 9 thru Tue Sep 6
Sep 2
selves at the beach. Where the sand meets on display through August 29 is available Step into Balance: Balance & Strength,
Bridge, on Mondays & Fridays; $2-5; for on Tuesdays; half-hour exercise class with
the sea is universally a place we love to be. by calling (309)793-1213 and visiting Quad- information, call 563-386-7477… CASI Logan Anderson, owner of… CASI (Center
It is a place and feeling most can relate to. (Center for Active Seniors), 11:30am Fri Aug for Active Seniors), 1pm Tue Aug 9 thru
5 thru Mon Sep 5 Tue Sep 6
The paintings capture people in a single
moment in time. Each person has their own CASI Walking Club, on Mon., Wed., and Uno. Spades, & Scrabble, on Tuesdays; $2;
Fri.; free; for information, call 563-386- for information, call 563-386-7477… CASI
Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 27
(Center for Active Seniors), 2pm Tue Aug 9
thru Tue Sep 6
in… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 9am
Grief Support Group, on the 2nd &
4th Wed. of the month; food… Family
Restaurant, 9:30am Wed Aug 10 thru Wed
Aug 24
Red Hat Ladies Club, meeting locations
vary; for information, call 563-386-7477…
CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 11am Tue
Sep 6
Quad City Music Guild’s
Bunco, on Wednesdays; $2/person; for
information, call 563-386-7477… CASI
(Center for Active Seniors), 2pm Wed Aug
CASI Advisory Council, free; for
information, call 563-386-7477… CASI
(Center for Active Seniors), 9am Wed Sep 7
Jekyll & Hyde
10 thru Wed Sep 7
Friday, August 5, through Sunday, August 14
Evening Bingo, on Wednesdays; 5pm
doors, $10 card pack minimum purchase; KIDS’ STUFF Prospect Park Auditorium, 1584 34th Avenue, Moline IL
cash prizes… CASI (Center for Active
Seniors), 6pm Wed Aug 10 thru Wed Sep 7 Big/Little Book Club, book club for
Littles (kids in 3rd through 5th grade)…
TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly Davenport Public Library - Eastern Avenue
Weight-Loss Support Group), on Branch, 6:30pm Thu Aug 4
Wednesdays; $1/meeting plus national
dues; for information, call 563-386-7477… Escape Room, ages eight to 18 follow the
CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 10:30am clues, solve the puzzles,… Moline Public
Wed Aug 10 thru Wed Sep 7 Library, 6:30pm Thu Aug 4 thru Sat Aug 6
T’ai Chi Ch’un, on Wednesdays; $24/six- Reading Assistance Dogs, children have
week class; for information, call 563-386- the opportunity to read aloud to dogs
7477… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), from… Bettendorf Public Library, 6pm Thu
10:15am Wed Aug 10 thru Wed Sep 7 Aug 4
CASI Ice Cream Social, join our talented Tween/Teen Lock-In, his program is open
music groups at CASI for an afternoon… to readers who have completed the…
CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 4pm Thu Moline Public Library, 4:30pm Fri Aug 5
Aug 11
Dungeons & Dragons, join RVDL every
Rock Valley Physical Therapy Injury other Friday for the beloved fantasy
Screenings, Michelle Sarb, PT, DPT, OCS tabletop… River Valley District Library, 4pm
will be at CASI doing… CASI (Center for Fri Aug 5 thru Fri Sep 2
Active Seniors), 1:15pm Fri Aug 12
Family Storytime with Miss Ashe, on
Balance Clinic with Logan Anderson, Fridays; stories, songs, and fun; every week
join the owner of All Strong Fitness, and a is a… LeClaire Community Library, 10:30am
fitness… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), Fri Aug 5 thru Fri Sep 2
1pm Mon Aug 15 Taylor Bley in Jekyll & Hyde @ Quad City Music Guild - August 5 through 14
Stories @ Main, on Fridays; enjoy stories,

CASI Country Music Dance, $7 at the door; dancing and more; perfect for children…
for information, call 563-386-7477… CASI Davenport Public Library - Main Branch, Broadway musical sensation that Mamma Mia! Taylor Bley, a fellow Beauty
(Center for Active Seniors), 7pm Mon Aug 10am Fri Aug 5 thru Fri Sep 2 played for more than four years and & the Beast castmate who also performed
1,000 Books Before Kindergarten 1,500 performances, the stage version in the musical version of Billy Elliot and
Drums Alive, on the 1st & 3rd Mon. of the Celebration, redeem milestone incentives, a Robert Louis Stevenson’s literary classic – Miracle on 34th Street at Moline’s Spotlight
month; $2/class;… CASI (Center for Active celebrate progress, and cheer for program
Seniors), noon Mon Aug 15 thru Mon Sep graduates… Davenport Public Library - one boasting a score by Frank Wildhorn and a Theatre, enacts the challenging roles of
5 Fairmount Street Branch, 10am Sat Aug 6 book by the legendary Leslie Bricusse – comes Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, while the roles of
ProMedica Blood Pressure Clinic, Susan Facebook Live Saturday Storytime, to life in Jekyll & Hyde, the romantic thriller Emma Carew and Lucy Harris are respec-
Herman, RN, BSN, will be available for drop recommended for grades 3 & under; Join that will enjoy a Quad City Music Guild inter- tively portrayed by Ariela Policastro and
in… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 9am Mrs. Swanson on… Silvis Public Library, pretation from August 5 through 14.
Mon Aug 15 10am Sat Aug 6 Megan Warren.
As it weaves its tale of epic struggle, Jekyll Additional featured members of Herkel-
Low Vision & Blindness Support Group, Story Time, on Mondays; featuring & Hyde details the evocative saga of two man’s cast include Victor Angelo, Aaron
free; for information, call 563-386-7477… bubbles, music, crafts, games, snacks, and
CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 10am Tue tons… River Valley District Library, 10am men: one a doctor, passionate and roman- Deneckre, Tyler Henning, Joel Kolander,
Aug 16 Mon Aug 8 thru Mon Sep 5 tic; the other a terrifying madman. It’s also Mark McGinn, John Donald O’Shea, Erin
Welcome to Medicare, this free seminar Sunshine and Stories, on Mondays; come the story of two women: one, beautiful and Platt, and Joe Urbaitis, with the show’s
offered by the State of Iowa’s Senior outside and dance your wiggles out; we’ll… trusting; the other beautiful but trusting ensemble composed of Lydia Cox, Matthew
Health… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), Davenport Public Library - Fairmount Street
6pm Tue Aug 16 Branch, 10am Mon Aug 8 thru Mon Aug 29 only herself. Both of them, however, are Downey, Mark Holmes, Paulla Houston,
in love with the same man – and are both Julia Hummel, Olivia Lyman, Alex Minyard,
Rock Valley Physical Therapy Seminar- Bridging Literacy Event at Esperanza unaware of his dark secret. A devoted man Emmalynn Tully, and Vaughn Varodsky.
Wrist Injuries, free drop-ins for CASI Center, fun early literacy activities, stories,
Members only; for information, call 563- games, crafts, snacks, a bounce… Moline of science, Dr. Henry Jekyll is driven to find And with David Baxter as Jekyll & Hyde’s
386-7477… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), Public Library, 4:30pm Tue Aug 9 a chemical breakthrough that can solve music director and Kathryn Weber as its
9am Thu Aug 18
Storytime with WQPT, children will hear some of mankind’s most challenging medi- assistant director and stage manager, addi-
Free Oral Screenings, for information, a story and participate in a hands-on… cal dilemmas. Rebuffed by the powers that tional members of the creative team include
call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active Davenport Public Library - Eastern Avenue
Seniors), 11am Fri Aug 19 Branch, 10am Tue Aug 9 be, Dr. Jekyll decides to make himself the assistant music director Robert Elfine; set
subject of his own experimental treatments, designer Luke Vermeire; costume designer
Scott County Health Department’s Teen Advisory Board Meeting, TAB accidentally unleashing his inner demons
I-Smile Silver Oral Screenings, Carole Members volunteer, organize & participate Connie McGinn; lighting designer John
Ferch, RDH will be at CASI to provide free… in teen programming, and give their… along with the man that the world would Weigandt; sound designer Adam Loun-
CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 11am Fri Davenport Public Library - Fairmount Street come to know as Mr. Hyde. In doing so, both sberry; props designer Mike Turczynski;
Aug 19 Branch, 6:30pm Tue Aug 9
a legendary novel and a beloved stage musi- makeup designer Sue Cates; and producer
Fatherhood, a screening of the Kevin Hart Teen Tuesday: Teen Advisory Board, earn cal were born, with the lauded Broadway Christina Myatt.
comedy in the CASI… CASI (Center for volunteer hours and decide on books and
Active Seniors), 1pm Mon Aug 22 programs for… Silvis Public Library, 5pm spectacle Jekyll & Hyde receiving four Tony Quad City Music Guild’s Jekyll & Hyde
Tue Aug 9 nominations as well as Drama Desk and will be staged at Moline’s Prospect Park
Rock Valley Physical Therapy Injury
Screenings, Michelle Sarb, PT, DPT, OCS Weekly Teen Book Talk, on Tuesdays; Outer Critics Circle Awards. Auditorium August 5 through 14, with
will be at CASI doing… CASI (Center for check out this week’s book talk from Directing and choreographing Jekyll & performances on Fridays and Saturdays at
Active Seniors), 1:15pm Fri Aug 26 Emily,… Rock Island Public Library - Hyde’s Moline presentation is Music Guild 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. Admission
Downtown Library, 3:45pm Tue Aug 9 thru
CASI Book Club, $2/meeting; for Tue Sep 6 veteran Heather Herkelman, who has previ- is $11-16, and more information and tickets
information, call 563-386-7477… CASI ously appeared on the Prospect Park stage are available by calling (309)762-6610 and
(Center for Active Seniors), 10am Fri Sep 2
in productions of Beauty & the Beast, West visiting
ProMedica Blood Pressure Clinic, Susan Continued On Page 28 Side Story, Mary Poppins, and last summer’s
Herman, RN, BSN, will be available for drop
28 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 1000 • August 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.

MUSIC OWLT and About: Freight House

Kids Stuff Farmer’s Market, cool off in the shade
of our awning, check out… Freight House

College Invitational 2022

Farmer’s Market, 8am Sat Aug 27
Creativity Lab: Mini Murals, held on the Lego Club, create your LEGO masterpieces;
lawn on the south side of the… Moline whether you want to take-on the… River
Public Library, 6pm Thu Aug 11 Valley District Library, 11am Sat Aug 27
Through Sunday, August 28
OWLT and About: Party in the Park, Outreach: Family Fun Day, Rock Island
Figge Art Museum, 225 West Second Street, Davenport IA attendees can enjoy food, entertainment,
and activities for the whole… Ridgeview
Library staff will be on site; look for…
Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center,
Park, 5:30pm Thu Aug 11 10am Sat Aug 27
Facebook Live Storytime, recommended Teen Gaming, on Wednesdays; pop in for
for grades 3 & under; Join Mrs. Swanson gaming on the Switch, playing… Davenport
on… Silvis Public Library, 6pm Thu Aug 11 Public Library - Fairmount Street Branch,
3pm Wed Aug 31
Facebook Live: Krafty Kids, join Mrs.
Swanson for a live take-away craft tutorial; Big/Little Book Club, book club for
free;… Silvis Public Library, 2pm Sat Aug 13 Littles (kids in 3rd through 5th grade)…
Davenport Public Library - Eastern Avenue
Hug-a-Book: Create!, art projects Branch, 6:30pm Thu Sep 1
especially suitable for 2-5 year olds;
children receive… Rock Island Public Reading Assistance Dogs, children have
Library - Downtown Library, 10:30am Sat the opportunity to read aloud to dogs
Aug 13 from… Bettendorf Public Library, 6pm Thu
Sep 1
OWLT and About: Freight House
Farmer’s Market, cool off in the shade Baby Storytime, on Thursdays; for babies
of our awning, check out… Freight House birth to 12 months and their grown-ups;…
Farmer’s Market, 8am Sat Aug 13 Davenport Public Library - Eastern Avenue
Branch, 10am Thu Sep 1 thru Thu Sep 8
Young Adult Reading Club, ages 10-14 will
meet -in person or via Zoom to… German Milk & Cookies Storytime, on Thursdays;
American Heritage Center, 4pm Sun Aug 14 perfect for unwinding from school and
enjoying a… Davenport Public Library -
English/Spanish Bilingual Storytime, Fairmount Street Branch, 4pm Thu Sep 1
Lillian Smith's Dandelion Wish in the College Invitational @ Figge Art Museum -- through August 28 stories, music, and activities will be thru Thu Sep 8
presented in both English… Davenport

Public Library - Fairmount Street Branch, Facebook Live Saturday Storytime,
n the 12th installment of the venue’s latest From Knox College: James Adamson (Fric- 6pm Tue Aug 16 recommended for grades 3 & under; Join
group exhibition, the artistic talents of 41 tion, digital); Angel Blanchard (Protection & Mrs. Swanson on… Silvis Public Library,
students from area colleges and universi- Overbooked, teens talk about the new 10am Sat Sep 3
Healing, monotype and collage); Charles Erick- books they’re reading; refreshments
ties are on display in the Figge Art Museum’s sen (Phantasmagoria: The Right Way, ceramics); provided;… Silvis Public Library, 5pm Tue Girls Love Code, an after-school club for
College Invitational 2022 through August Jessica Kriho (Frenetic Triumph, cardboard Aug 16 girls in grades 3-5 who… Davenport Public
28 – a showcase of techniques and mediums Library - Eastern Avenue Branch, 4pm Tue
packaging); Anna Schultz (Party, acrylic paint Kids Anime Club, grades 5-8 watch anime, Sep 6
including drawing, painting, collage, print- and oil pastel); and Ingrid Wasmer ([sic], oil and do a fun craft and talk… Moline Public
making, clay, digital illustration, silkscreen, Library, 5pm Wed Aug 17 Toddler Storytime, we’ll sing songs,
collage on canvas). dance, and read fun stories followed…
mixed media installation, and found materials. OWLT and About: Party in the Park, Davenport Public Library - Eastern Avenue
From Monmouth College: Kendall Burt
Housed in the Figge’s Mary Waterman Gildehaus attendees can enjoy food, entertainment, Branch, 10am Tue Sep 6
Community Gallery, the exhibit recruited art (Mishima Dinner Plates, ceramics with Celadon and activities for the whole… Emeis Park,
glaze); Grace Cornelius (Patches, mixed media); 5:30pm Thu Aug 18 Preschool Storytime, Tue.-Fri.; ages 3-5
professors from Augustana College, Black Hawk are invited to attend these 30-minute
College, Clinton Community College, Knox Col- Connor Dickerson (Heavy Heart, mixed media); Read to a Dog, QC CAN’s Reading sessions… Bettendorf Public Library, 10am
lege, Monmouth College, St. Ambrose University, Michael Moon Gonzalez (False Life, mixed Assistance Dogs are specially trained, along Tue Sep 6 thru Thu Sep 8
media); Satyr Keeling (Giving Back to the Water, with… Davenport Public Library - Eastern
Scott Community College, and Western Illinois Avenue Branch, 5:30pm Thu Aug 18 After School Kids Lab: Fluffy Cloud
University to select top works from their schools oil on linen); Z Kendall (Las Astas, monoprint Dough, we will be making fluffy cloud
for inclusion. with embroidered embellishment); and Jennie Teen Kit Kat Challenge, Miss Amber dough using three simple… Bettendorf
needs a group of teens willing to work… Public Library, 3pm Wed Sep 7
With Alan C. Marin as this year’s College Nichols (Overwhelmed, oil on panel). Davenport Public Library - Main Branch,
Invitational sponsor, this year’s featured artists From St. Ambrose University: Autumn 2pm Thu Aug 18 Playgroup & Perks, play and socialization
for toddlers and preschoolers and…
are: Huff (Living with ADHD, oil on canvas); Abby Teen Library Council, grades 6-12 are Davenport Public Library - Fairmount Street
From Augustana College: Gray Cunnar (Self, Lownik (The Burroughs, screenprint on paper); needed to give advice and feedback Branch, 10:30am Wed Sep 7
colored pencils and acrylic paint); Carly Davis Becky Meissen (Ossein, screenprint on paper); about… Moline Public Library, 3:30pm Thu
Aug 18 Slimy Crafternoons, kids can come
(Parallel Play Diptych, graphite); Christopher Jordan Monnens (A Sunrise in the Sky, ink and explore new ways of making… Davenport
Ferman (Parallel Dimensions,digital art); paint); Rachael Young (Laundry Day, oil on Facebook Live: Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead, Public Library - Eastern Avenue Branch,
join Mrs. Swanson for her live experiment; 3:30pm Wed Sep 7
Elizabeth Hord (Cake Jar & “Cups,” earth- canvas); and Isabella Zopf (Natural Connection, free; for information,… Silvis Public Library,
enware clay, underglaze, and glaze); Heather digital, printed). 2pm Sat Aug 20 Teen Gaming, pop in for gaming on the
Switch, playing… Davenport Public Library
Michalski (Acceptance, colored pencil); Esme From Scott Community College: Dania Fejervary Family Fun Days, we will be - Fairmount Street Branch, 3pm Wed Sep 7
O’Rourke (The Artist in Summer, oil on canvas); Marie Green (Mama’s House, acrylic on canvas). hosting family activities, local vendors,
From Western Illinois University: Rivers nature crafts,… Fejervary Learning Center, Teen Role-playing Club: 5E Edition, learn
and Aykeem Spivey (Meet My Friends, oil on noon Sat Aug 20 a system, create a character, roll some…
canvas). Ashton (Reminiscence, oil on canvas); Molly Bettendorf Public Library, 1pm Wed Sep 7
From Black Hawk College: Alondra Alegre Borth (Nyx, serigraph); Yahzyah Crutcher- Library-opoly, join us for an afternoon of
unbridled zest for the… Davenport Public Toddler Storytime, dance your wiggles
(Found Salvation, assemblage with found Hanna (Hearts, glazed stoneware); Ashley Library - Eastern Avenue Branch, 1pm Sat out; we’ll sing songs, dance,… Davenport
objects); Koby Brooks (Little Creek,digital pho- Derry (Downy, cast bronze); Tatiana Ward- Aug 20 Public Library - Fairmount Street Branch,
10am Wed Sep 7
tograph); Ella Crockett (A Piece of Pie, water- Lawrence (Self-Love, digital photograph); and PJ Party Storytime: Glow Party!, put on
color with pen and pink); Shakira’a Gbenyo Mackenzie White (Untitled, lithograph). your PJ’s and join us live in the… Moline Creativity Lab: Stamping and Sponging,
Public Library, 6pm Mon Aug 22 for grades K-5; we will be stamping with
(Space of Uncertainty, oil pastel); Lillian Smith College Invitational 2022 will be on display stampers we… Moline Public Library, 6pm
(Dandelion Wish, digital composite); Andrew through August 28, with regular museum hours Facebook Live Storytime, recommended Thu Sep 8
Forsterling (Freeing My Craziness, oil pastel on 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesdays through Saturdays for grades 3 & under; Join Mrs. Swanson
on… Silvis Public Library, 6pm Thu Aug 25 Facebook Live Storytime, recommended
paper); and Zoe Petersen (Enchanted Dreams, (10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursdays) and noon to 5 for grades 3 & under; Join Mrs. Swanson
assemblage with found objects). p.m. on Sundays. Museum admission is $4-10, Facebook Live: Lego Charades, on… Silvis Public Library, 6pm Thu Sep 8
recommended for ages 5-12; join Mrs.
From Clinton Community College: Peyton and more information is available by calling Swanson to build an… Silvis Public Library, Tales for Tots, an enriching activity time
Clare Metzger (Skeleton with Circus Monkey, (563)326-7804 and visiting 2pm Sat Aug 27 for children ages birth… Bettendorf Public
Library, 6:30pm Thu Sep 8
graphite on paper).
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2020/09/04 (Fri) (4) Elmore Ave., Davenport IA
Caitlyn Wolfe (4pm) – Mississippi Valley
Festival: Cakewalkin’ Jass Band
(10am) – Oakdale Memorial Gardens,
Jake McVey – Hawkeye Tap Sports Bar N
Grill, 4646 Cheyenne Ave., Davenport
Pocket Change – Rhythm City Casino
Resort Rhythm Room, 7077 Elmore
Edgar Crockett & Corey Hendrick
(2pm) – Mississippi River Distilling
Anderson East – Aaron Raitiere – Fairgrounds Craft Beer Tent, 2815 W. 2501 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA IA Ave., Davenport IA Company & Cody Road Cocktail
Raccoon Motel, 315 E. Second St., Locust St., Davenport IA Brantley Gilbert – Mississippi Valley Jason D Williams (7pm) – Richie Lee Scott Stowe (2pm) – Doug Brundies House, 303 N. Cody Rd., LeClaire IA
Davenport IA Carly Pearce – Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, 2815 W. Locust St, (9pm) – Riverside Casino and Golf (6 & 10pm) – Mississippi Valley Fairer Maidens’ Music Fest: Ariel
Angela Meyer (2pm) – Michael Fairgrounds, 2815 W. Locust St, Davenport IA Resort, 3184 Highway 22, Riverside IA Fairgrounds Shed, 2815 Locust St., McReynolds (1pm) – Crawford
Moncada (6 & 10pm) – Mississippi Davenport IA Casey Mussigmann – Mississippi Valley Jordan Danielsen (6:30pm) – Tuggers Davenport IA Brew Works, 3659 Devils Glen Rd.,
Valley Fairgrounds Shed, 2815 Locust Concert with the Cows: Angela Meyer Fairgrounds Farmer’s Tent, 2815 W. Burger Bar & Ale House, 201 N. Main Tommy Pickett (noon) – Sara Bettendorf IA
St., Davenport IA – John Cole Born (6pm) – Galva Park Locust St, Davenport IA St., Port Byron IL Simmons (3pm) – Hot Rods (6 Iowa Jazz Composers Orchestra
Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz District, SE 6th St., Galva IL Crooked Cactus (4pm) – Nuclear Joshua Sinclair – Galena Brewing & 10pm) – Sting Rays Jukebox featuring Mike Conrad – LeClaire
Festival: Bix Youth Jazz Band (6pm) Don Gustafson (6:30pm) – The Faithful Plowboys (7:30pm) – Mississippi Company, 227 N. Main St., Galena IL Rock (7 & 9pm) – Mississippi Valley Park Bandshell, , Davenport IA
– Chicago Cellar Boys (7pm) – NOLA Pilot Cafe & Spirits, 117 N Cody Rd, Valley Fairgrounds Pavilion, 2815 W. Karaoke Night (5pm) – Marketplace Fairgrounds Oldies Tent, 2815 Locust Karaoke Night – Pub 1848, 1601 River
Jazz Band (8pm) – Mortonia Sextet LeClaire IA Locust St., Davenport IA Cafe - Silvis Hy-Vee, 2001 5th St., Silvis St., Davenport IA Drive #106, Moline IL
All–Stars (9pm) – Miss Jubilee and Doug Brundies (2pm) – Scott Stowe Doug Brundies (4pm) – Mississippi IL Kerry Tucker & Rich Fricke (2pm) – Len
the Yas Yas Boys (10pm) – Rhythm
City Casino Resort Event Center, 7077
(6 & 10pm) – Mississippi Valley Valley Fairgrounds Craft Beer Tent, Kickin Back – The Palace, 701 15th Ave, SUNDAY