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2) Capacitor : Capacitor or electric condenser is a device for storing an electric charge.). etc. 3. Resistors can limit or divide the current. For horologists and other specialists the term clock continues to mean exclusively a device with a striking mechanism for announcing intervals of time acoustically. battery change or power failure. the 12-hour notation with AM/PM indicator. with hours indicated as 12AM. LED. by using IC 7805 1. The AT24C02 is available in space-saving 8-lead PDIP. Watches and other timepieces that can be carried on one's person are often distinguished from clocks. the entire family is available in 2. The Microcontroller reads a four-digit password through the Keypad. After a reset. Since the release of digital clocks in the mainstream. or stay at 12:00. Resistors used in electric circuits are cylindrical. The simplest form of capacitor consists of two metal plates separated by a non touching layer called the dielectric. The word clock is derived ultimately (via Dutch. The power supply section is the important one. reduce the voltage. The Keypad was the input device and it was connected in a matrix format so that the numbers of ports needed are reduced.5V) and 1. many other display technologies are used as well (cathode ray tubes.5V) versions 4. digital clocks without a backup battery or capacitor either start counting from 12:00. A 0-12V/500 mA transformer is used for our purpose the primary of this transformer is connected in to main supply through on/off switch& fuse for protecting from overload and short circuit protection. or VFD display. It should deliver constant output regulated power supply for successful working of the project.New Password. Two numeric display formats are commonly used on digital clocks: • • the 24-hour notation with hours ranging 00–23. followed by 12PM. An electric current is the movement of charged particles called electrons EEPROM (AT24C02) The AT24C02 provides 2048 bits of serial electrically erasable and programmable read-only memory (EEPROM) organized as 256words of 8 bits each. nixie tubes.8V (1. Then the Microcontroller compares the four from one region to another. and Medieval Latin) from the Celtic words clagan and clocca meaning "bell". such as a resistor. Northern French. They are often color coded by three or four color bands that indicate the specific value of resistance. by comparing it to water flowing through a pipe. 8-lead MAP.8V to 5. The Password was stored in the EEPROM and the password can be changed at any time using the same keypad. by ringing a (wendell) bell. Resistors are usually placed in electric circuits. Circuit Diagram Explanation The Main Part of the above Circuit diagrams is the Microcontroller AT89C2051. the use of analogue clocks has declined significantly. In addition. followed by 1AM–11AM. keep. The device is optimized for use in many industrial and commercial applications where lowpower and low-voltage operation are essential. often with blinking digits indicating that time needs to be set. followed by 1PM–11PM (a notation mostly used in the United States). protect an electric circuit.[1] In general usage today a "clock" refers to any device for measuring and displaying the time. or provide large amounts of heat or light. Resistors are designed to have a specific value of resistance.Abstract A clock is an instrument used to indicate.7V (2.7V to 5. or a gong. 5-lead SOT23 (AT24C02) and 8-lead TSSOP packages and is accessed via a 2-wire serial interface. Component Details 2. and coordinate time.[dubious – discuss] A silent instrument lacking such a mechanism has traditionally been known as a timepiece. a set of chimes. 1) Resistor : Resistor is a component that resists the flow of direct or alternating electric circuit. To change the password dial 1234 –Old password. 8-lead JEDEC SOIC. digit password with the number which is preprogrammed and if it is equal then the Microcontroller will switch on the motor for the door and if we enter the wrong password for more than three times then an alarm will be switched on until a right password was pressed through the Keypad. Which is further regulated to +5v. which states that the current density is directly proportional to the electric field when the temperature is constant. Some newer clocks will actually reset themselves based on radio or Internet time servers that are tuned to national atomic clocks. Most digital clocks use an LCD. Physicists explain the flow of current through a material. When one plate is charged with electricity from a direct current or electrostatic source. Resistors obey ohm’s law. Program (Code) :hold macro nop nop . Introduction Digital clocks display a numeric representation of time. The secondary is connected to the diodes convert from 12V AC to 12V DC voltage.

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