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Group Name: Bien9 The names of the members are listed below: 1.

Nurul Aqilah binti Haji Muzani (Qilah) 11T0124 2. Khairunnisa binti Kassim (Nisa) 11T0215 3. Afieqah binti Rosle (Fieqah) 11T0005 4. Hajah Nur Hafizah binti Haji Awang Hussin (Fizah) 11T0060 5. Mohammad Qawi bin Haji Zainuddin (Qawi) 11T0226 6. Mohammad Hanis bin Haji Mohammad Nornisiah (Hanis) 11T0080 7. Mohammad Amalul Muttaqin bin Ismail (Amalul) 11T0222 8. Muhammad Nasrullah bin Murni (Nasrullah) 11T0093

Progress Report (accumulation timeline) 5th WEEK (10/09/2011 16/09/2011) In the duration of this week, the collection of the survey papers from each institution are only occurred and done by assigned members. Basically, there is no meeting being posted throughout this week. However, the members are individually assisted the data they have taken with arranging the papers accordingly with genders and age. The meeting will be announced as soon as the free-time slots are identified and available among the members. 6th WEEK (17/09/2011 23/09/2011) Again, there is no meeting made for this week as the duration of semester break has started and mostly all of the progression made is done through the online network. The Survey Planner and the Researcher 2 have provided with some evidence in organizing the data. In addition, the Secretary and the IT and Communication Bureau have made sidelines regarding the progression of data inside the blog. It is hope that the survey can be worked out together with all of the members as the semester break ends. 7th WEEK (24/09/2011 30/09/2011) Date: Tuesday, 27/09/2011 Time: 12 30pm 04 00pm Venue: 2nd Floor, UBD Library. Agendas for today:

(a) Planning the statistical format in tabulating the survey data. (b) Discussing on the usage of Wordpress (c) Organizing the survey data. The group has planned that the data should be written in a form of percentages, values and possibly in ranges. For example, the number of students agreeing to further their studies and wanting to study abroad are shown in percentages and compared to one another. The making of tally is identified as most of the members find it rather easier to tabulate data through such system. Pie charts and bar graphs are selected as the statistical representation of the survey data. Qilah and Nas are making the progression of inserting data into the blog. In addition, Qilah provides some sidelines to the members in comprehending the usage of the blog. Other members are also acknowledging efforts in comprising the survey development. The next meeting will be done through the online network. 8th WEEK (01/10/2011 07/10/2011) Date: Monday, 03/10/2011 Time: 10 00am 12 00pm Venue: 2nd Floor, UBD Library. Agenda for today: (a) Organizing the survey statistical data. Todays meeting is run only to evaluate back the planning format of the statistical data into a proper presentation. The data is now done and written in the Microsoft excel. All of the members have contributed efforts to the Survey Analyst and Evaluator in the making of the statistics output. The statistical development of this survey has reached 80% of its completion and overall finishing would be determined as soon as the Survey Analyst and Evaluator makes the verdict. There will be no more meeting planned for the next two weeks because most of the members would not be available to come as they are having difficulties in making time to meet. However, the progression of the survey would be emphasized by the Principle Consultant and the Secretary from time to time.

9th WEEK (08/10/2011 14/10/2011) 10th WEEK (15/09/2011 21/10/2011)

} No meetings are made.

11th WEEK (22/10/2011 28/10/2011) Date: Saturday, 22/10/2011

Time: 10 00am 12 30pm Venue: 2nd Floor, UBD Library Agendas for today: (a) Re-finalizing the statistical data of the survey. The meeting is conferred base on the checking and reformatting the statistical data of the survey only. The progression of the survey at this moment is only signifies on the statistics evaluation and it is mostly worked by the Survey Analyst and Evaluator. All of the members are also incorporating ideas and efforts in the completion of the progress. The members have shown optimistic gestures that the survey is believed to reach its 80% towards completion and the next meeting to finalize everything would be handled soon. 12th WEEK (29/10/2011 04/11/2011) Unfortunately for this week, the group has not planned any meeting due to the fact that most of the members are packed with their busy schedules, modules tests, pending assignments and personal predicaments. Practically the group does not have the proper time to meet. Nevertheless, the progression of the survey is still running with most of the development is only entailed of the statistical data which is done by the Survey Analyst and Evaluator. Most of the written statements of the survey are done by the Secretary and the Researcher 1. The progression is updated throughout every possible time by the Secretary to the members. 13th WEEK (05/11/2011 11/11/2011) Date: Saturday, 05/11/2011 Time: 10 00am 11 30am Venue: 1st Floor, UBD Library. Agenda for today: (a) Discussing and finishing up the overdue reports. The meeting is made only between the Secretary and the Principle Consultant regarding about the pending reports need to be made and finished up for the embedding documents place inside the blog. In addition, the dateline of the next meeting is decided to occur on Saturday, 12/11/2011 in regards to conclude our survey progression before the coming deadline. The lack of meeting up of all of the members is due to the fact that the revision week has already reached its summit and most of the members are busy with their studies. The meeting is done with the identification of the progression made by the members listed by the Secretary and the final preparation would be handled on the next meeting stated. 14th WEEK (12/11/2011 13/11/2011) Date: Saturday, 12/11/2011

Time: 01 00pm 05 00pm Venue: Ground Floor, UBD Library. Agendas for today: (a) Finalized the statistical data and reports. (b) Inserting the final data into the blog and re-recheck the contents before pre-final submission. The meeting is casual gathered to finalize the survey data that is to be placed inside the blog. Hanis is making the final touch of the statistical data made from the findings of the survey. Qilah and Nas are doing the tabulation of the survey information into the blog whereas Fieqah is proofreading the grammar and content structure of the reports and statements made on the blog. There is a possible case whereby the idea of the outcomes of the survey is insufficient in analyzing the objectives made but there is a positive solution whereby the survey has made some sidelines that is definitely regard to the objectives. The meeting is done with the possible ending of the group meeting with appreciation and gratitude on the effort made by all of the members throughout the duration of the survey.