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A Case Study On

Designing and Implementing Global Staffing System
Darin Wiechman, Ann Marie Ryan and Monica Hemingway

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Md. Shamsul Arefin Lecturer, School of Business Studies South East University

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Date of Submission: 14th August, 2011


It is important to take some issues in account to develop and implement HR policy in global basis. IBM. Motorola. 2 . cultural activities. Shell Oil are remarkable.Question: What are the key components of global staffing system? Identify similarities and differences in the approaches of the organizations described. Dow Chemical Company. Proctor and Gamble. which maybe obstacles to establish and implement a global staffing system. rules and regulation. it doesn’t make any contradiction with culture and practices. Global rollouts present unique issues with timing because dealing with multiple labor markets and economic conditions around the globe is much more challenging than planning around one labor market or one economy. a common obstacle to all business ventures relevant to global staffing is the role that economic factor ply in the success of rolling out a global system. Answer: Introduction A well structured organization always consists of HR management which actively deals with the staffing system of that organization. It is challenging for an organization to align all of its quality assurance or manufacturing processes globally. The differences in staffing are or countries generates differences in education system. economical condition. development of current employees etc. The general sentiment that “one size fits all” can not work because of so many obstacles. But when an organization is enhanced around the globe. The policy related with staffing system. Management runs with its own policy that describes recruitment of internal and external candidates. HR tools and practices commonly built up in such a way that it never go under violation of local law. Agilent Technologies. For example. it becomes a burning question to the HR mangers that what extent HR tools and system should be applied on global basis. The key components of successful global staffing systems are clarified below. In addition. Among the organizations that re successful in rolling out global staffing system appropriately. However. labor market. legal requirements etc. there are a few leading organizations that have taken on this challenge and become successful using policy that are able to negotiate cultural differences.

Recruitsoft System Another effective component of global staffing system is recruitsoft system. Organizations solve this problem by conducting educational programs that train its HR personnel. in all job. 3. Although this policy is successful in its rollout there is difficulty of standardizing the way in which the interviewers use and interpret the interview results. In addition. 2. The candidate then become the part of global database on which HR 3 . It is easy and effective way because it is independent of place where they re located. Global policy of job posting Organizations have global policy of posting jobs to internal candidates while posting jobs to external candidates. By this training HR personnel learn how to use the tools. Dow has Job Announcement System (JAS) based on their global competency model. The job requirements and HR tools and practices are applied equally to internal end external candidates on a global basis.1. Using these system candidates can complete a profile. the hiring mangers select the internal candidates. which enables employees globally. Agilent Technologies follow this policy. general tips on interviewing and the legal issues regarding interviews for the country in which they are located. In the other hand IBM has toolkit consists of face to face assessment consisting of Behavioral Based Structured interview (BBSI). why they are used and how to interpret and use the test results. Face to face interview Face to face interviews is conducted for all of the candidates worldwide. submit a resume and fill out other application form in the organization’s website. Agilent Technologies uses this policy for their global staffing. an internal website provides interviewers with various tool formats. There is practice that if both internal end external candidates are equally qualified. IBM teaches its employees bout behavioral interviewing by online training tool for BBSI.

Dow Chemical Company use this component for global success. 5. Regional website gives tailored information to local candidates. Feedback can also be from speaking to the hiring mangers. or surveying employees from each country. Similarly Agilent Technology also found that one of the keys of overcoming cultural differences is to keep the candidates and hiring mangers’ perspective in mind at all times. Proctor & Gamble recruits based on a global core set of values and provide similar materials to all candidates. Before roll out a global policy continuous feedback from HR personnel from each country or region regarding the development of tool or practices can successfully negotiate cultural difference. Feedback from key players in policy creation and implementation Support from the key players within the region of interest is very much important to create and implement the policy that can work globally. Dow has had tremendous increase in both the quantity and quality of application in regions initially resistant to the idea of online application. running focus groups. Standardized and structured interviews and training to the assessors For successful global staffing system organization develops structured interview system and standardized it on global basis. HR mangers across the country of region can effectively suggest to making policy that best suit globally. In some cases initially local HR personnel oppose to implement new tools or practices but when they are well understood about how the new system can add value to the organization they participate effectively. Shell Oil give emphasis on the key personnel involvement in making global policy. P&G also uses a web based job posting system that has been developed in North America and Asia and has the potential to be completely global 4. Modification or improvement can be done by their voluble suggestion. Organizations such as IBM. Hiring managers can use the system to create their job requisition select a recruiting/selection template related to the global job classification and select questions that every candidate will be asked as part of their prescreening tool.personnel can search based on skill sets and even send e-mail message when positions are available. Mangers and HR personnel are trained by global team on 4 . Organizations like Agilent Technology.

sentiment. workers pool. employee for the adoption of new practices and HR tools. worker pool. people’s view of value the organization and job of a certain location are studied by the global team by which they can help to develop new policy on a global basis. Global tem consist of members from different countries and region. Motivation to the hiring mangers. From the online database mangers can pick up the information about the interview materials by which they can successfully conduct interview for successful and effective interview. By taking in 5 . Global Team A Global tem is very much important to the orgnition for implementation of global tools or practices regarding global stuffing system. Organizations provide training to the candidates to develop their competencies. To develop this guideline they consider the cultural differences.effective interview system so that they can ensure the recruitment of quality candidate to the organization. Value of people and value organization An important staffing system component is the value proposition. This enables an organization to send a consistent message to any one recruit for working at the organization. Socioeconomic condition. 6. Recognition of the fundamental values of people is also important. demand of work. They also make proper assessments respective of the employee and candidates. which is used in recruiting and states what kind of work one can expect at a organization and the value of organization and the generic expectation of what the competencies needed for success in organizations are used on global basis. Organizations consider how people value their jobs at the organization as well as the how the value of organization varies within the country or region. Regardless where they live and helps to ensure corporate culture continuity. Members work to provide information regarding the motive. 7. view of the employee and the candidates that are willing to join the organization. also is done by the global team. and social conditions etc of the countries and region. Organization provides guideline to the mngers / assessors bout the questioner and assessment system.

Views of all personnel to be affected When an organization began to roll out their new stuffing system they consider the view from all personnel to be affected by new practice or tools. Organization performs research study to assess cultural differences and reaction of different population and country on new HR tools and practices what is selected to implement on them. The tests for the candidates and employees for assessment of their quality. success can be come out by negotiating the cultural difference. New practice and tools may affect personnel from lower level to upper level. positive response are not always come from the entire corner. some react moderately negatively. electrical and instrumental positions and accountants. Research study to assess cultural reaction Cultural difference is the main barrier to implement a successful global stuffing system. Some time it is seen that HR managers from different country oppose to a new system. 6 . skill and efficiency are on global basis. but after successful initialization they agreed and helps to further roll out of the new tools and practices. By collecting data from all level that represent their reaction by new tools and practices. Test and Training Organization that has a global roll out of their global staffing system has their global testing system. So.consideration people’s value organization make their global policy for a successful global roll out. When new HR tools of practices began to roll out across the country and region. They roll out global trainer training program for test administrators and interviewers. 10. 8. Some country accepts easily. some react strongly to the new HR tools and practices. 9. Sometimes organizations follow the specialized testing system for plant technicians.

question template. sometime it become a barrier. However. But the organizations those become successful in the implantation of their global stuffing system use various technique to overcome the obstacle and the barrier. Technology To roll out a successful global stuffing system technology is a vital issue. Similarities • Uses of software that can provide online information regarding the interview. Because in some places technology can be a obstacle to implement new HR practices and tools that require technology for its successful roll out. Sometime technology helps to prompt the system. Thus. Similarities and Differences in the approaches of the described organizations Successful roll out of global stuffing system is not always very much easy. organization remains in the process of trying to understand where HR fits into global system and how it can remain a value-added component of the process to both hiring managers and applicants. all the organizations do not go for the same approaches for to overcome obstacle and implement their policy. Because in some places. because of the obstacle that rises across the country and the region. But some times organization sees technology as helping to redefine the role of HR in attracting and selecting global candidates. Some of their components are same. Technology is allowing hiring managers and applicants to directly interact without the influence of HR personnel. technology is not very much familiar to the people. some of their components are different. The similarities and differences in their approaches are described briefly here.11. template for the detailed information of candidates etc is a very much use 7 .

science and technology) for which they hire. Motorola uses a standardized a structured interview process in most of its locations. By this organization can bring the candidates into a global database. business. Similarly.full system. Sorting of resume. asses interview result etc. • Agilent Technology use face to face interview system for their global recruitment. Agilent Technology and Chemical have this recruitsoft system.e. quality evaluation. a problem solving test. Similarly IBM also has a toolkit that contain face to face assessment consisting of behavior based structured interview. assessment of educational background become easier by using of this online recruiting software. such as a scorable application with an embedded biodata instrument. They also are trained how to conduct successful interview. For example. Similarly. • In addition to face to face interview. 8 . • Interview guides to the candidates is also a key component that organizations use. Dow chemical has interview guides for their candidates. Proctor & Gamble has implanted a global candidate management system which uses a common set of assessment factors and common assessment tools. structures and standardized interview system is also a common approach to several organization. engineering. skill assessment for the posting. Shell Oil also uses a global system to select for administrative. electrical and technical positions. IBM had online training tool for the candidates. but allows locations and functions to adapt the details to their need. an English proficiency test and a structured interview. Motorola provides preparation book to the interviewers to prepare themselves for the interview. Shell uses globally standardized structured interview protocol for every job group (i. Hiring HR managers are provided information through the internal online database for the interview materials and tips and others. IBM also uses the online recruiting system.

electrical and instrumental positions and accountants. Other 9 . • Proctor & Gamble developed specialized testing system for their plant technicians. For Example Dow has their internal Job Announcement System (JAS) which is not seen in the other organizations. reaction. • Proctor & Gamble conduct research study to assess cultural reaction of a new HR tools and practices. Shell Oil consider importantly the back up from key players. Agient Technology. To roll out of a global policy successfully many obstacles arises across the country or regions which are governed mainly from the cultural difference and socio economic condition. Without this their global approach are not always same. They roll out global trainer training program for test administrators and interviewers. IBM. Agilent Technology provides training to the HR personnel for successful roll out of their global policy. there is some differences also. Motorola. by which they effectively negotiate cultural difference.• To provide the training of HR personnel is another common approach to the organizations. Although Dow Chemical has global policy of testing. Proctor & Gamble also has their training program for HR personnel • Organizations consider importantly the backing of key personnel. suggestion etc. Shell oil provides training to its HR personnel those who are assessors of the recruitment. other organizations don’t have any special testing system like P&G or Dow. Organizations identify problems in different way and solve them in different way. Differences • Although there is some similarities in the approaches that are taken by the organization. To negotiate the cultural differences policies are made in such a way that suit globally. To develop such policy key personnel from each country or region helps by sharing the local information.

Dow has global separation policy which is different to the other organizations. where needed. view of people etc. Whatever the approaches.organization also have the policy to negotiate cultural difference. Their policy in both value proposition and value organization is different to other organization. it can be said that the global stuffing system is not so easy. Motorola. IBM and Shell Oil are successful in their global stuffing system. organizations approaches similarly. The so many obstacles that are mainly governed from the cultural differences. they don’t have the research study policy. but in some cases they have the different approaches. Dow Chemical Company. In some cases. Proctor & Gamble. across the country or region. socioeconomic condition. but the organization that are performing business around the globe can made it successful. Giant global organizations like Agilent Technology. Conclusion In conclusion. work pool. They modified their policy. • Dow has strategic HR planning and rolls up of annual hiring plans which are a bit different from others. after extensive study. Giant organizations develop strong HR policy on global basis to negotiate the obstacles. 10 .

Darin 3. Ann Marie Ryan and Monica Hemingway. Different related link 11 . Resource Management 2.Reference 1. Wikipedia.

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