Possible GHP Interview Questions What in the area of (your GHP area) intrigues you? The ability to learn a whole other language fluently intrigues me, and going to countries where the language is spoken in order to learn their culture also intrigues me. Why did you decide to interview for G.H.P. in the area of (your GHP area)? I interviewed for GHP in Spanish because my mom and her family speak it fluently, and I believe this program will better help me understand Spanish so I can speak fluently with her family. They want to hear that you want to attend GHP. Make sure they know you are interested and excited about going.



Why do you want to give up six weeks of your summer to participate in the G.H.P. program? OR What about the G.H.P program interests you?

I really want to go to the 6 week program because I know that it can greatly increase my speaking abilities, it will look very good on my college application, and I will get to meet some new friends. Studying Spanish for 6 weeks, meeting new people, and getting to learn new things interest me about the GHP program.

Describe an unassigned or independent project in (your GHP area) you have recently completed. OR If you had six weeks to pursue any topic in the area of (your GHP area), what would you do? How would you organize your time?


What are your occupational goals? How could (your GHP area) be helpful in your life? I want to be a doctor when I am older. My GHP area could definitely help me talk to my patients who do not speak English, and can allow me to help them, which is a skill many doctors do not have.


Have you done (or doing) research or project work: If so, what? Explain. The interviewers will be looking to hear if you pursues own interests, are self-motivated, do you need to be prodded for more info? I have been doing some research about Chilean culture, because my mom was born there and I have always wanted to visit and maybe live there for a little while. I have been trying to see what parts of it are like American culture and what parts are very different. 8. Have you done any outside (non-required) reading, used the media center/library or other sources to gain info in your nomination area? What was learned? I have read a little bit of the Spanish version of Don Quixote. 9. Show enthusiasm for your GHP area ... reasons why you want to go. I have wanted to better my Spanish speaking ever since I started taking Spanish 2 years ago, and I would love the opportunity to start improving on the native language of my mother and her entire family. 10. Show a desire for intellectual stimulation...

Topics enjoyed most/least in your GHP area? I like all parts of my nomination, I like learning the different verb tenses so I can communicate even better, I like learning more vocabulary, but my favorite part is learnig about Spanish culture.

Is there anything you think we should know about that we have not asked? . Future .. and I wamt to be a doctor when I get older 13. college major . "Why do you feel that you should be among those selected to attend GHP?” I am going to work very hard if I get selected because I will want to speak the language much more than most of the others since I want to speak to some of my family members and it would help very much in my future career. "If not selected.12.? I want to get into a good medical school..) 18. Three adjectives which would describe your GHP area. Three adjectives describing self and be able to explain why you chose those adjectives. Musical: I have played the piano for 11 years and the guitar for 3 Studious: I study every night for all of my classes and work very hard in school 14. Awareness of current events.. and go to New York to visit my old friends there 17. I am going to spend time with my friends in Georgia. Fascinating. vocation. how would you spend the summer?" If I am not selected. where my college major will be medicine. Intelligent: because I get very good grades in school and I am in all gifted classes.... beautiful 15. 16. necessary. (Select topic and ask student to take a position and support it.) (This probably will not be an issue in your interview.

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