Instructional Support Services Update January 2012

DISTRICT 4 WEBSITE: The District 4 website may be accessed directly by using the address above. DISTRICT 4 MOODLE SITE: The District 4 moodle site may be accessed directly by using the address above.

Dale W. Vigil, Ed.D.

Elaine H. Kinoshita
Administrator of Instruction

Testing Updates and Checklist for State and National Testing Programs: For the list and dates of the Spring 2012 state and national testing programs, please review MEM-5667 (dated December 5, 2011). Included in this memorandum are instructions and details on ordering of materials, test delivery dates, administration of tests and the return of the test materials. For each testing program, administration instructions will be posted on the Student Testing and Assessment webpage shortly before each test. A December 2011 testing checklist was attached to identify the tasks that were completed by the end of 2011. CAHSEE Intensive Instruction Program: For guidelines and procedures on the implementation of a multi-tiered California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Intensive Instruction Program, please review REF-5555 (dated December 12, 2011). In addition to the guidelines and procedures, there are four major changes described in the reference guide: 1. Select schools (7) are required to develop, submit and implement a structured intervention plan. List of selected schools is found on Attachment A/REF-5555. Attachment B/REF-5555 is due to Lupe Inabu by January 27, 2012. 2. Valenzuela Settlement Requirements are included. 3. Priority for CIIP services will be given to students in grades 10 – 12. 4. Funding for CIIP will be provided in two allocations. New requirements attached to the funding source.

MTA Expands the Student Field Trip Program
Students in grades 1 - 12 can travel to 18 educational sites throughout L.A. County free of charge. Teachers who are interested in requesting a field trip should go to the metro website: and complete the required online curriculum for their grade level. Once the curriculum is completed, a field trip request form must be submitted three weeks prior to the field trip date. For more information and assistance, please contact Jackie Martinez, Transit Education Programs: (213) 922 – 4048.

Katherine Stehr (213) 241 - 0148 Treasures Professional Development for teachers that have been rehired: January 4 – 5, 2012 Participants: This training is open to all recently hired elementary teachers across the District.

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Webster MS Parent Education Center (Eastside of the Campus, near Sawtelle) 11330 W. Graham Place Los Angeles, CA 90064 This is a voluntary Professional development. Upon completion, teachers can print a certificate via the Learning Zone. Online registration through the Learning Zone is now available. Go to class offerings keyword: LD3-RLA/ELD Professional Development Training - “Target Grant” funding to Support First Grade Data Analysis and Tier 1 Core Interventions: January 18, 2012  8:00 – 11:00 a.m. First grade teachers or representatives  12:00 – 3:00 p.m. Administrators In connection with the Instructional Seminar on January 25, 2012, a professional development on Data Analysis using DIBELS Next and Treasures Assessments is offered to one school site administrator and one first grade teacher or 1 site representative. The instructional focus is on intervention strategies (based on data from DIBELS Next and Treasures) to be used during Universal Access. Registration is required on the Learning Zone. To register go to: Program: Literacy/Language Arts Keyword: Intervention Grant Administrator Instructional Seminar: January 25, 2012 AM and PM Sessions Location: Beaudry Building Purpose: to expand data driven instruction in schools Participants: Administrators A designee may attend but it is highly recommended that the administrator of the school site attend. There will be two sessions offered in the morning. Each morning session will accommodate 25 participants. The afternoon session will accommodate 27 participants. Registration is required on the Learning Zone and is available beginning January 4, 2012. Literacy Periodic Assessment Windows: Please note the changes in the dates for administering the periodic assessments:  January 30 - February 3, 2012 LPA #2 Multiple Choice Scantrons may be submitted at any time during the assessment window. There is no need to wait until all classes or grade levels are finished with the assessments (i.e. when 2nd grade has completed the assessments, submit those assessments and continue to submit assessments as grade levels or classes complete them). All scantrons should be submitted within a week of the last day of the assessment.  Should be completed by March 9, 2012 LPA #2 Writing Teachers will input writing scores online when writing assessments have been completed. Grade K: Draw & Write Grade 1: Drawing and Description Grade 2: Friendly Letter Grade 3: Invitation Letter Grade 4: Response to Literature Grade 5: Response to Literature Grade 6: Expository

DIBELS Middle of the Year Assessment Window: February 21 - March 2, 2012 Helpful Hints:  When administering the DIBELS Next assessment to students, it must be done directly on your electronic device (iPad, laptop, iPod, etc.). DIBELS Next scores can no longer be entered or uploaded into the web platform after doing a paper/pencil assessment.

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Teachers need to make sure that they “sync” once assessments have been completed or results will not be recorded.

Important links for DIBELS/MClass: General Information: www.wirelessgeneration Assessment Reports: IDEL: The benchmark assessment in Spanish is available for students in Waiver to Basic and Dual Language Classes. Assessment Resources:  MEM-5518.2 2011-2012 Comprehensive Assessment Program assessment schedule. Elementary Schools K - 5/6  REF-5515 Procedural Guidelines for Administering Periodic Assessments and DIBELS for Elementary Schools (K-5/6) in Literacy, Mathematics and Science Both of these resources contain valuable information on procedures for administering assessments and calendars of when each assessment is to be administered. Treasures online resources: CA TREASURES PUBLIC WEBSITE <> CA Treasures implementation modules (listed on the left side of the screen) ConnectED WEBSITE – INCLUDES ALL PRINT RESOURCES PURCHASED FOR LAUSD <>

Janet Saito Furukawa (213) 241 – 0142 7th Grade Concept Lesson Training/Response to Literature: January 12, 2012 Time: 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Location: Harbor Building/Conference Room 202 Participants: 7th grade teachers 8th Grade Concept Lesson Training/Response to Literature: January 19, 2012 Time: 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Location: Harbor Building/Conference Room 208 Participants: 8th grade teachers 6th Grade Concept Lesson Training/Response to Literature: January 26, 2012 Time: 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Location: Harbor Building/Conference Room 202 Participants: 6th grade teachers Periodic Assessment Instructional Window Assessment End Date November 7-January 27 January 27, 2012 November 21-March 16 March 16, 2012

Level Grade Middle 6-8 High 9-10

Track Single Single

Genre Exposition Exposition

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Susan Canjura (213) 241 - 0138 Meeting for Pilot School Principals: January 20, 2012 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. Location: Harbor Building/Room 202 Participants: Principals of 12 schools participating in the initial implementation phase Bancroft MS Belmont HS Bushnell Way ES Cahuenga ES Carthay Center ES LeConte MS Melrose ES Ramona ES Roybal LC Selma ES White ES Wonderland ES The meeting will include clarification of the process and opportunities to share experiences and to collaborate on best practices. Initial Implementation Phase: Thanks to the twelve schools for piloting the work of the Educator Growth and Development Cycle. These schools are completing the first observation cycle, which involves providing feedback to teachers based on the Teaching and Learning Framework. The Principals of these schools are also piloting the School Leaders Framework. Their input is helping to shape a shared understanding of effective teaching and how to best support the development of both teachers and administrators. Please contact Susan Canjura if you would like more information about the Teaching and Learning Framework or the School Leaders Framework. You may also find more information by visiting the Supporting All Employees page of the LAUSD website.

Sandra Miller (213) 241 – 0193 Coach/Coordinator Meeting: January 13, 2012 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Open to Support Personnel from All Schools Location: Beaudry Building, 19th Floor, Room 123 (BD19-123) Participants: Administrators, Coaches, Coordinators and other out-of-classroom Support Personnel Registration is required on the Learning Zone. Space is limited. Substitute coverage is not provided. Cohort 2 Day 8 Make-Up Session: January 19, 2012 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. th Location: Beaudry Building, 19 Floor, Room 123 (BD19-123) Participants: School-Based Leadership Teams (SBLTs) from the following five elementary schools: Aldama Buchanan Bushnell Way Delevan Drive Toland Way Cohort 3 Day 9: January 27, 2012 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Participants: Cohort 3 School-Based Leadership Teams (SBLTs) Harbor Building

If you have any questions regarding this training, please contact Sandy Miller by phone or e-mail.

Lupe Inabu (213) 241 – 1924 Title III Coach Meetings:  January 13, 2012  January 19, 2012

Secondary Coaches Elementary and Secondary Coaches/District wide meeting

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January 26, 2012

Elementary Coaches

Coach/Coordinator Meeting: January 13, 2012 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Open to Support Personnel from All Schools Location: Beaudry Building, 19th Floor, Room 123 (BD19-123) Participants: Administrators, Coaches, Coordinators and other out-of-classroom Support Personnel Registration is required on the Learning Zone. Space is limited. Substitute coverage is not provided. If you have any questions regarding this training, please contact Sandy Miller at (213) 241 - 0913 or Elementary Coordinator Meeting: January 30, 2012 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Participants: Elementary Coordinators of the EL Program Topic: Differentiated Instruction Shatto Building

CEAC/ELAC Meetings: Based on a request from the Officers, the ELAC meetings will not be held on the same date as the CEAC meetings. The remaining four ELAC meeting dates have been scheduled on the second Friday of each month:  January 13, 2012 Shatto Building  February 10, 2012 Shatto Building  March 9, 2012 Location TBD  April 13, 2012 Location TBD For agenda planning, the ten ELAC Officers will meet at 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. on the third Friday of each month at Grant ES. The remaining four CEAC meeting dates are on Wednesday at the Harbor Building:  January 25, 2012  February 22, 2012  March 28, 2012  April 25, 2012 2011 - 2012 Accountability for English Learners:  Meet LAUSD Performance Metric Reclassification goals for 2011-2012  Monitor and show evidence of appropriate use of instructional strategies and grade level curriculum for English Learners in the classroom  Monitor and show evidence of appropriate master scheduling options for English Learners  Monitor and show evidence of appropriate English Learner placement in classrooms  Demonstrate evidence of continuous year long professional development to address the instructional needs of English Learners  Monitor and show evidence of the use of student academic discourse for English Learners in classrooms  Monitor and show evidence of English Learner progress throughout the year (LAT – Language Appraisal Team)  Know who the English Learners are in each classroom and monitor and show evidence of their academic and language progress Initial and/or Annual CELDT Results/2011 – 2012 Edition: State law and Federal law requires school districts to administer a state test of English language proficiency to newly enrolled students whose primary language is not English and on an annual basis to students who are English Learners.

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The purpose of MEM-5660 (dated December 5, 2011) is to provide schools with the initial or annual CELDT results for the 2011 – 2012 Edition. Authorization to Teach English Learners (ELs): All K - 12 teachers, coordinators and coaches must possess the appropriate credential, certificate or permit that authorizes the holder to teach English Learners (ELs). K - 12 teachers of ELs who do not hold approved authorizations and/or designations will be identified as misassigned according to the Williams Settlement and the State Assignment Monitoring Report. The State and District expect administrators to adhere to the teacher assignment requirements described in MEM-5659 (dated December 12, 2011). If you have any questions, please contact Derek Ramage, Director at Certificated Employment Operations:  or (213) 241 - 4669 Documentation for Employees Paid from Federal and State Categorical Programs: Federal and State regulations require documentation for all employees who receive compensation from federal or state categorical program funds. This documentation should be retained by the time-reporter at the site along with other payroll time-reporting documentation for a period of five years. For guidelines, resources and assistance, please review BUL-2643.5 (dated June 17, 2010). The Administrator Assurances form (Attachment I/BUL-2643.5) is due to Dr. Vigil by the following dates:  January 31, 2012  July 31, 2012

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