participatory governance


the power of the crowd .

some facts  crowd (people) has power and wisdom  70% of a decision for a product or procedure is made from what others are saying (so we must get involved)  participatory governance is an emerging method in public and private sector  crowdsourcing techniques is a distributed problemsolving and production model  these methods can solve problems and promote solutions .

scope  we use internet technologies to get the crowd involved  study the problem. corporate governance. implement the solution. formulate policies. educate people and involvers  design new implementations and scenarios  two sectors for application  public governance: check parties. nongovernment actions. monitor governments work  private sector: problem solving. new products. company ethics code etc . design the procedure.

public governance  restore the relationship between people and power  participation of the crowd to shape policies  control the implementation of the mandate  governments. local authorities. municipalities. special state services etc .

private sector  proposals. we improve our products  get involved in the discussions for products and services . remarks etc for the corporate governance and the internal procedures of an organization / company  new products and services  feedback for products and services  build audience – we listen to our clients. comments. we pay attention on their remarks.

Chief Technical Officer (@karamanolis)  high qualified team  great experience from public sector (open government tasks in Greece) . Managing Director (@psalidas)  Giorgos Karamanolis. Head of Advisory Board (@karounos)  Michalis Psalidas.who  high experienced partners  Theodoros Karounos.

gr  –  open taxation data – –  stability program monitoring .gr/  open public administration – http://openpad.past projects (some of them)  opengov – –  police on line .  di@vgeia – http://diavgeia.   illegalsigns.opengov.



gr) .most recent project   comparative presentation of the Greek parties by policy  crowdpolicy platform  comments  positive / negative voting  new proposals  social media integration  project for Kathimerini (www.

org  @crowdpolicy .@  www.crowdpolicy.

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