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Submitted By Ashfaq Ali Mohd. Asad Pushpinder Singh Puri Vipin Pandey

Question 1

As a brand manager of Cadbury Diary Milk, you have been asked to change the consumers perception about eating chocolate on a regular basis. What recommendation would you make?

Answer 1

Ad Campaigns

Campaign:' Real Taste of Life Campaign: Pappu pass ho gaya. Campaign: Khanewalon ko khane ka bahana chahiye. Campaign: Aaj pehli tareek hai Campaign: Shubh Arambh Upcoming Campaign: Cadbury in everyones pocket

Suggested Recommendations
For every thing you do there is a Dairy Milk for you Encouraging the people to eat chocolate for whatever they do. A Dairy Milk for every one Targeting the customer who do not or can not consume chocolate due to health problems. Cadbury can launch Sugar Free chocolate for the diabetic peoples Caters hostlers & bachelors as a substitute for night snacks

Cadbury can also be launched as per the seasonal basis

Like taking the example Cadbury in Summers can be Mint based chocolates and in winters can be Rum balls. Company can use the Cadbury to tell people if you eat the chocolate you can become healthy and you can you can increase your weight Cadbury can be treated as such it can become the part of our daily meal after lunch or dinner if someone ask for Kuch meetha ho jaye Cadbury should not be only used at the time of happines but also at the time of sorrow for eg- if some student has not got good score in examination his friend can say that do not worry just eat Cadbury and every thing will be alright.

Question 2

Most celebrities acts in the capacity of persuasive role models and , that too they usually appear in television commercials. Discuss the effectiveness of deploying a celebrity such as Amitabh Bachchan as its brand ambassador?

Answer 2

This power is offered by the following elements, which also creates a 'Top of the Mind Position'. Enjoying public recognition Instant Awareness, knowledge about the brand and easy recall. Values and image of the brand is defined, highlighted and refreshed by the celebrity. The celebrity adds new edge and dimension to the brand. Credibility, trust, association, aspiration and connectivity to brand.

As brand ambassador, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan will play a key role in promoting Cadbury chocolates after the fiasco of infestation as the image of Cadbury in India went very low in the eyes of people.

The company found a perfect fit and a reliable celebrity to transmit the correct message and help regenerating the lost trust.
The fit between the product and celebrity is evident as Mr. Bachchan and Cadbury chocolates both have tested troubled times and still they stand tall and the love and trust they both share with the people all across India. Mr. Bachchan has a universal appeal that extends to everyone from 6 to 60, just as Cadbury chocolates do. He commended that: Bringing smiles, spreading happiness and joy amongst millions of people in India is what Cadbury.

Question 3

Do you think the campaign of real taste of life would be effective in the Indian rural market ? Discuss

Answer 3

According to our knowledge, Real taste of life would not be much effective in the Indian Rural market because of the following reasonsThe purchasing power of rural Indians is very less. They are not habitual. The buying pattern and behavior of adults of rural India is different from that of urban India.

Rather than using REAL TASTE OF LIFE we can use THE REAL TASTE OF EVERYONE through this tagline we can easily signify the brand proximity with common man. We can use ads like pappu pass ho gayaand miss palampur.