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SUBIC DRYDOCK CORP. Tenders & Contracts Quality Control Administration Documentation Records Maintenance Purchasing Personnel . General Manger Planning & Engineering Manager QA Supervisor Finance Manager Marketing Sub-contractors Request.

and positive metal identification. (SDC) 4.1 Organization Name of company : SUBIC DRYDOCK CORP. ultrasonic flaw detection.1 SDC is a Heavy Industry company engaged in ship repair. ultrasonic thickness gauging.NDT Quality Manual 4. conversion and new building providing services areas of liquid penetrant testing. .0 Management Requirements 4. magnetic particle testing.

board.3 The organization management system shall cover cover work carried out in its permanent facilities and also on. magnetic particle. ABS Rules Part 7 and other relevant and ISO 17025 regulatory body. .1.NDT Quality Manual 4.1.2 The organization is committed to carry out NDT services in the fields of liquid penetrant. ultrasonics and positive metal identification confirming to IACS # 20 and # 68. 4.

b) c) d) .5 Management Staff a) General Manager : Overall in-charge of the management of the company and also appoint deputy key managerial position.4 Duties & Responsibility 4. QA Supervisor : Overall in-charge of quality matters. Planning & Engineering Manager: Overall in-charge of marketing and review of request. tenders and contracts . maintenance and supervise all department activities and operational staff.NDT Quality Manual 4.1.1. Finance Manager (Finance & Administration ) : Overall in-charge of finance and administration dept.

NDT Quality Manual 4.2 Quality Objectives The company shall a.2.1 Quality Policy The company must strive to excel and to provide excellence quality services to customer’s satisfaction. 4. update technical content and to provide training for all personnel involved in testing c.2. services to conform to international codes and stds required for the services offered d. provide technical assistance to customers e.2 Quality System 4. employ only technically qualified personnel b. maintain good professional practices and ethics in providing services to the customers .

2.2. Document approval and issue 4.1 All documents issued to all personnel shall be reviewed by the QA Supervisor ( Technical Services ) and approved by the General Manager. regulations and customers specification 4.1 The document section shall have the responsibility to establish and maintain control of all quality documents.Quality Manual 4. . codes. The section shall review periodically and update all latest edition of standards.3.3.3 Document Control 4.3.

2. If obsolete documents are required for reference. Document section shall ensure only appropriate latest revised documents are only provided to operational person.Quality Manual 4. Such documents shall be specifically identified and stored in an identified place.1 The master list of document shall be prepared and maintained by document section 4.3 Document Control 4. . The section will organise physical issue of documents to the concerned and removed and destroyed obsolete documents.

NDT Quality Manual 4.4. . Tenders and Contracts 4.4 Review of Request. They shall decide which methods / procedures to be used and also the company’s capabilities to meet the customer and /or class requirements.1 The Planning Manager and QA Supervisor (Technical Services) shall review all requests. tenders and contracts from the customers. The General Manager and QA Supervisor (TS) are authorized to discuss the difference between the request or tender and accordingly dissolved it such that the contract shall be acceptable for both.

2. the decision which have bearing on the working personnel shall be communicated.4. Tenders and Contracts 4. The records arising out of the discussion between the General Manager and QA Supervisor (TS) shall be identified and controlled.NDT Quality Manual 4. .4 Review of Request.

NDT Quality Manual 4.5. performance. Surveylance checks shall be undertaken by the Quality Control Department to ensure compliance of above and maintain a list of all subcontractors.5 Subcontracting of Tests and Calibrations 4.1 All subcontractors shall be evaluated or audited for their technical competence. . commitment to quality system. Customer’s approval is sought for all subcontracting works.

NDT Quality Manual • 4.6.2 Purchasing of Supplies: .

commercial aspects and maintain .6. surveylance checks and issuing of shipping release 4. organized inspection.NDT Quality Manual 4.1.1. 4.6 Purchasing Services and Supplies 4.1 The QA Supervisor shall be responsible for the evaluation of the suppliers or providers of services.1 Purchasing Procedure 4.3 The Purchasing Section of Administration Department shall process purchase orders. He/she shall be responsible for devising procedures in terms of technical requirements.2 The QA Supervisor shall be responsible for maintaining adequate supply of consumables and requezition of new part for replacement needed for operation.