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Effectively Communicating Online
I. Seeking Technical Training

II. Exchanging Information

III. Making Technical Visits Overseas

IV. Inviting Speakers and Consultants

V. Arranging Travel Itineraries

VI. Requesting Information

I. Seeking Technical Training

Seeking Technical Training (1 of 6)
Summarizing ones academic or professional
Intensive on-the-job training enabled me to handle
various requests and difficult situations, enabling me
to resolve problems efficiently.
Relevant project experiences have significantly
strengthened my independent research capabilities
as well as statistical and analytical skills.

Seeking Technical Training (2 of 6)
Requesting technical training

My academic advisor, Dr. Cheng, recommended that
I contact you regarding the possibility of a guest
researcher stay in your laboratory.
Eager to strengthen my knowledge expertise in this
field, I hope to serve in your laboratory as a guest
worker to compensate for my lack of training and
practical laboratory experiences in this area.

Seeking Technical Training (3 of 6)
Commending the organization to receive
technical training from

As your laboratory has devoted much time in
researching the above topics, I would greatly benefit
from the opportunity to work in your laboratory as a
self-supported researcher during my upcoming
summer vacation.
As a leader in this field of research, your laboratory
would enable me to further refine my professional
skills in strategic management..
Seeking Technical Training (4 of 6)
Explaining the details of the technical training

Specifically, we are concerned with how to effectively
adopt the latest business management approaches.
If given the opportunity, I would like exposure to the
following topics.

Seeking Technical Training (5 of 6)
Expressing optimism in the possibility of
technical training

I look forward to hearing from you soon as to whether
such cooperation would be feasible.
I am confident in my ability to work under your
supervision in a research fellowship with your highly
skilled research personnel, an opportunity that would
greatly advance my competency as a financial
Seeking Technical Training (6 of 6)


II. Exchanging Information

Exchanging Information (1 of 6)
Proposing an information exchange relationship

I'd like to propose an academic information exchange
regarding current research trends in quality
management in Taiwan and the United States.
Given your laboratory's innovative research in product
marketing strategies, I would like to propose an
information exchange relationship between our two
organizations, hopefully beginning with my visit to
your laboratory this upcoming July.
Exchanging Information (2 of 6)
Introducing ones professional experience or that
of ones organization in relation to the proposed
information exchange relation

I belong to the Institute of Finance at National Taiwan
University, a leading research center in this field in
In line with consumer demand, we continuously
improve upon and streamline business management-
related research methods.
Exchanging Information (3 of 6)
Commending the organization or individual to
exchange information with

The International Business Center of Stanford
University is globally renowned for its pioneering
research for practical applications.
Given your institution's state-of-the-art technology and
advanced expertise in strategic management,
Exchanging Information (4 of 6)
Expressing optimism in the anticipated
information exchange relation

Familiar with the scope of activities in your
marketing department, I am confident that our
organization's similar methodologies and
strategies will enable us to easily engage in a
collaborative effort in the near future.
We believe that such a relation would be a
mutually beneficial one.
Exchanging Information (5 of 6)
Initiating the information exchange relation

Would you please send me introductory
information as well as other pertinent literature
that analyzes consumer behavior in the above
Exchanging related information, e.g.,
methodologies, strategies, corporate missions
and objectives, would appear to be the starting
point for such cooperation, followed by visits to
each other's marketing departments and,
eventually, collaboration on a joint venture.
Exchanging Information (6 of 6)


III. Making Technical Visits Overseas

Making Technical Visits Overseas (1 of 7)
Requesting permission to make a technical visit

Although I strongly desire to receive an extensive
period of training from your research group on the
latest technological developments in this area,
arranging such a large block of time is impossible
given my hectic schedule at work. I would therefore
like to arrange a three-day visit to your laboratory next
Given our interest in your technological developments
in this field, we would like to visit your company to
more thoroughly understand the progress that you
have made.

Making Technical Visits Overseas (2 of 7)
Stating the purpose of the technical visit

We would like observe a clinical demonstration of the
latest computer software that can reduce examination
time as much as possible.
The ability to integrate the advances of your unique
research program with the unique aspects of image
fusion would significantly contribute to our ongoing
Making Technical Visits Overseas (3 of 7)
Introducing one's qualifications or one's organizational

Our company's Product Development Division is committed to
adhering to the Taiwanese government's aggressive policy
towards promoting the use of environmentally friendly practices
in manufacturing.
Technological advances in quantitative analysis and computer
software have greatly facilitated our laboratory's efforts in
researching marketing approaches adopted in the global network
and their implications for marketing strategies aimed at the
Greater China sector.
Making Technical Visits Overseas (4 of 7)
Commending the organization to be visited

As is well known, your company pioneered the use of
strategic management in distributing daily goods and
As a global leader in developing medical
instrumentation, your laboratory definitely has much
to contribute to our country's efforts to elevate its
research capacity in this area.
Making Technical Visits Overseas (5 of 7)
Outlining details of the technical visit

I am especially interested in learning of your
successful cases of treatment to reduce the likelihood
of a stroke from occurring.
To give you time to prepare in advance for our
discussion, I would like to briefly summarize some of
the points that we hope to cover during our time
Making Technical Visits Overseas (6 of 7)
Requesting confirmation for approval of the
technical visit
If this visit is agreeable with you, please notify me as
to which dates are convenient for you.
To arrange for the upcoming research visit in order to
consult with you on the above topics, I need to set up
an itinerary and time schedule to report to my
Making Technical Visits Overseas (7 of 7)

IV. Inviting Speakers and

Inviting Speakers and Consultants (1 of 6)
Inviting a speaker
Given your renowned research and contributions in
the field of strategic management, we would like to
formally invite you to serve as an Invited Speaker at
the upcoming Global Management Symposium.
Having extensively read upon your published
research on supply chain management, I find these
results most helpful to my own research direction.
Inviting Speakers and Consultants (2 of 6)
Describing the purpose of the lecture

Hopefully, your lecture will include a summary of
recent developmental trends in medical science,
relevant governmental policy and current status of
medical education.
With more than 200 practitioners and academics
anticipated to attend the symposium, participants
hope to learn of the latest medical imagery trends in
this area.
Inviting Speakers and Consultants (3 of 6)
Explaining details of the lecture

Each lecture will last two hours, with the consultant
reimbursed with a speech honorarium.
Perhaps you could also recommend a speaker who
could discuss the features of Internet-based
technology applications.
Inviting Speakers and Consultants (4 of 6)
Describing transportation and accommodation
Besides providing accommodations and
transportations arrangements during your stay, we
would also like to show you some of Taiwan's cultural
and historical places of interest.
I advise that you stay here for an additional week or
so to see some of Taiwan's scenic spots and places
of historical significance.
Inviting Speakers and Consultants (5 of 6)
Instructing the speaker what to prepare before
the visit
Please send us your lecture titles and related
handouts before January 10, 2005 so that we will
have sufficient time to make copies and appropriate
I need your curriculum vitae, with contents to include
the following name, date of birth, place of birth,
nationality, address, e-mail address, telephone
number, marital status, academic qualifications,
professional experience, scientific achievements,
current scientific activities, other science-related
activities and selected publication.
Inviting Speakers and Consultants (6 of 6)


V. Arranging Travel Itineraries

Arranging Travel Itineraries (1 of 4)
Acknowledging the upcoming visit

Thanks for your recent reply that Mr. Robbins has
agreed to participate in our academic discussion on
intellectual capital-related topics in Taiwan.
Your participation in the upcoming symposium will
definitely benefit all of the attendees.
Arranging Travel Itineraries (2 of 4)
Listing details of the travel itinerary

Meet with R&D staff in the Taiwan branch office and discuss Mr.
Smith's schedule.
Tour the northern coast of Taiwan and experience the island's
art of drinking tea.
Deliver an introductory lecture on cyclotron and synchrotron.
Discuss areas of cooperation in developing innovative product
Tour the campus of National Tsing Hua and National Chiao Tung
Arranging Travel Itineraries (3 of 4)
Welcoming suggestions about the proposed
The above itinerary and consulting topics are only
tentative. Any comments or suggestions regarding the
aforementioned proposal would be highly appreciated.
If you have any valuable suggestions regarding the
above agenda and lecture topics, please do not
hesitate to contact me.
Arranging Travel Itineraries (4 of 4)


VI. Requesting Information

Requesting Information (1 of 4)
Explaining why contact was made to request
While I was speaking with your products manager Mr.
Li over the phone regarding the purchase of your
company's electronics equipment, he suggested that I
directly contact you to obtain your company's latest
products catalog.
Given your pioneering work on the decision theory,
Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and the Analytic
Network Process (ANP), I have read many of your
published articles and am well aware of your more
than twelve books on these topics.
Requesting Information (2 of 4)
Describing one's organizational need for
The project we are participating in is part of a
government-sponsored collaborative effort with U.P.O.
Company, aimed at contributing to our country's
information technology infrastructure.
In addition to our institution, several other universities
have expressed to us their interest in incorporating
your system into their daily operations and would like
to acquire further information on purchasing,
installation and customer service.
Requesting Information (3 of 4)
Directly requesting information
Does your company have a sales representative in
Taiwan? If so, please ask him/her to contact me.
Having gone thoroughly read your article, I was
wondering whether you would send me pertinent
literature or materials on the following areas:
Requesting Information (4 of 4)


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