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“The DepED way”
Areas of research
Level of Governance Areas of Research

research that would improve

contextualization and
Region, Division, District implementation of policy in the
region, division and district;
program development and
process and program evaluation

action research that would improve

teaching and learning and school
governance; matters arising from SIP
Schools analysis and Learning Action Cells
sessions that require further
- Intervention study
- Case study of learners
SAMPLES of Key Research Questions under Teaching and Learning
What factors Affect the teacher's What teaching and learning
Delivery of the curriculum? strategies can teacher apply to
How is the
Curriculum able to ensure inclusive and learner
contribute in achieving centered education?
the learning outcomes?
What are the factors affecting
What contributes to the values the learning behaviors of
Formation of the learners? the learners

What factors affect the

implementation of classroom What makes a well rounded,
assessment? happy and smart leaner?

How effective is Recognition of

Prior learning in determining
learners to special programs ?
Bisa ng SIM Bilang kagamitang Tagapamagitan
Para sa mga Mag-aaral na may Kabagalan sa
Pagkatuto ng Filipino

Application of Standards- based instruction in

In Problem- Solving Skills of SH Students

Simple Technical Additional Reference(STAR)

In Teaching Science Grade 6

Facebooking : Exploring Development and Validation of Outcome-

Teachers’ Tales Based Reviewer in English

Impact of CI in the Reading

Conversation Package for a Low Moral
Level of Grade 7 Frustration

Bullying Engagement and Classroom Discipline
Techniques in

The Normalization Activities of the Recognized

SPED Centers in Region 02

Impact Assessment of the BEAM- Life Access

Program on ECCD

Leisure Satisfaction of Multiplayers Online

Battle Arena – by the DOta2 Players
Of the Philippines
SAMPLES of Key Research Questions under HR
What qualifications and competencies How effective is the professional
are required for teaching in the development in the delivery of the K
inclusive learning environment? to 12 curriculum?

How can pre- service teacher What qualifications and

education be improved to develop competencies are required for
teachers who can effectively deliver teaching in the inclusive learning
the K to 12 curriculum? environment?

What kind of capacity building

What are the issues and challenges activities are necessary and most
In hiring public school teachers and effective in addressing needs in
how can these be addressed? improving the work performance
of DepED personnel?
How can selection, retention, assessment,
development, promotion and recognition be
enhanced to support employees in different
career stages in support to the
implementation of the K to 12 Program?
SAMPLES of Key Research Questions under Governance
How can DepED effectively and
How can DepED improve its
efficiently determine its
planning process across levels?
requirements for critical
education resources for schools
and CLCs? How can DepED improve its
process in sourcing,
How can we maximize stakeholders acquisition, disbursement,
partnership? recording and reporting ?

What factors affect transparency How does financial

and accountability? performance affect key

How can the schools effectively

How effective if the Program to the grievances from the
Management System? teachers, learners and

Share Me!

Lets reminisce…
What are the common
problems you have
encountered in your school?
Write your answers on the
metacards given.
(2 Minutes)

Which of these problems

needs at most urgency?
Lets Start!
Direct Causes Problem Direct
What are the Identify the problem/s What are the
underlying causes of in your school that you consequences of the
the problem/s? want to FOCUS on. problem identified?


Direct Causes Problem Direct Consequence

Direct Causes/ Objective Direct
Interventions Consequences
What interventions/ Now that the problem If you will be able to
actions are you going is identified together attain your objective,
to implement ? with the causes and what will be its
consequences, what is consequences?
now your objective?
Direct Causes/Interventions Objective Direct Consequence
Problem Sensing Chart

Direct Causes Problem Direct Consequence

Objective Analysis Chart

Direct Causes/Interventions Objective Direct Consequence

1. Learner-Centered To provide opportunity for Better level of performance
Psychological Principles the fullest development of andhigher achievement
(LCP) every pupil. level

2. DI and Mi
Direct Causes Problem Direct
Direct Causes/ Objective Direct
Interventions Consequences
What is your…..


Use of the Strategic

What are your research questions?

Identifies the problem/s which will be addressed by

the research in terms of investigating or testing an
idea; trying out solutions to a problem; creating a new
procedure or system; explaining a phenomenon; or a
combination of any of these. The research question(s)
logically proceeds from the context of the inquiry. It
clearly relates to the identified problem or issue and
conveys the desired change or improvement.
Research Questions:
1. What is the mean attendance of the teachers
before and after the use of Biometrics?
2. Is there a significant difference in the mean
attendance of the teachers before and after the
use of Biometrics?
3. Does the use biometrics significantly affect
the mean attendance of the teachers?
I. Rationale
A. Context 15%
B. Proposed Intervention 15%
II. Research Questions 30%
III. Research Methodology
A. Participant and other sources of data 10%
B. Data Gathering Methods 10%
C. Ethical Issues
D. Plan for Data Analysis 10%

IV. Work Plan 5%

V. Cost Estimate 5%
VI. Action Plan
What are the characteristics of a good research title?

1. The dependent and independent variable

should be in the title. (Intervention and the
expected outcome)
2. Indicate accurately the subject and scope of the
3. Use of Acronyms is allowed to catch the
attention of the reader. An acronym is
considered as one word. In cases where grade
level is placed, use Hindu Arabic Number (e.g.
Grade 5)
4. Use words that promote positive
connotation (avoid the words “lack”)
5. Use of words: Maximum of 15 words
excluding the function words.
6. In case of Qualitative research, use
declarative question form for the title.
7. Title format: ALL CAPITAL LETTER. Not
bold, not underlined.
The Title should be concise, condense, up to 15 words.


BET – Biometrics to Eradicate Tardiness
I. Rationale
A. Context

The nature, extent and salience of the

identified problem or issue are
comprehensively discussed. Different
aspects of the action research setting
should be elaborated showing in depth and
critical analysis of the situation.
B. Proposed Intervention, Innovation and

The rationale, extent and limitation of

the intervention, innovation or strategy
are explained in detail. Its plausibility
as a way to address the problem or
issue is given support.
Proposed Intervention
PROBLEM: Punctuality of teachers.
OBJECTIVE: Employees arrived in the office on time (on or before 8
o’clock in the morning)

Example: Example: Example:

Poor attendance Use Strategic Teachers arrives on
and punctuality of Intervention time and becomes
teachers Material Use o punctual


II. Research questions

Questions that directly answers/guide the

III. Research Methodology
A. Participants and other sources of data
- Respondents/tool
B. Data gathering methods
- Distribution and collection of data
C. Ethical Issues
- Respect on
D. Plan for data analysis
- Appropriate statistical tools and data
TWG Presentation Template