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Functional HR Policy Of

OASIS Neat Wears Pvt. Ltd.

Business Description
      Name Location Land Product Business Type Business Area : OASIS Neat Wears Pvt. Ltd. : Gazipur. : 20 kathas. : Jeans, Shirt, T-shirt & Sweater. : Exporting. : Asian continent & European countries. : A cotton-spinning mill and a sizing mill.

 Sub Factories

Mission : Our mission is to conduct our business for earning profit with providing quality products. Vision : Our vision is to capture the world market and expand our business worldwide.

HRP techniques
we can see that techniques are divided into two categories in case of HRP:

Demand forecasting Supply forecasting

Which techniques will we follow in case of demand forecasting???
 Managerial Judgment: Though ours is a new business, so this is the most effective technique for forecasting the demand of employees. Managerial judgment has a great role in case of demand forecasting. Because they are well known about the positions of the organization.  Computerized forecast: We will determine the future staff needs by projecting sales, volume of production, and personnel required to maintain the volume of output. We will also use several software packages if it is needed.

Which techniques will we follow in case of supply forecasting???
We know from two sources we get the employees:

Internal External

Though we are going to open a new company, so at first we will collect the employees from the external sources. Then at the running time of our business we will be able to get from both sources.

Techniques to meet the surplus situation
Attrition Lay-off

Golden handshake.

Techniques to meet the shortage situation
 Double shifting  Additional task  Over timing

Job Analysis Method
 Individual interview method  Open-ended question  Group interview  Expert Panels.

Chairman Secretary Managing Director

Deputy Managing Director
Managing Consultant General Manager Mass-Contact Manager Legal Advisor

HR Manager

Production Manager
Asst. Production Manager

Finance Manager
Asst. Finance Manager

Marketing Manager
Asst. Marketing Manager

Accounts Manager
Asst. Accounts Manager

Asst. HR Manager
Supervisor Supervisor









Recruitment Technique & Policy
We are interested at experienced people in case of executive position and fresher for the mid entry-level.
In case of recruitment basically we will follow the following techniques:

 Advertisement.  From various universities.

Training & Development Policy
In case of training, we will follow the On-the-job training methods for supervisors and asst. managers.

The techniques are:  Job rotation  Apprenticeship training

In case of development which is related with the executive level, there we will also follow the On-the-job training method for managers, general manager and deputy managing director. The techniques are:
 Coaching  Understudy assignment.

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