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Quantum Numbers Worksheet 1.

State the four quantum numbers and the possible values they may have. 2. Name the orbitals described by the following quantum numbers a. n=1 b. n=2, c. n=3 d. n=5 l=0 l=1 l=2 l=0

3. Give n and l values for the following orbitals a. 2p b. 5f c.3d d.4d e.4s 4. Write the 11 sets of quantum numbers that describe the 11 electrons of sodium, Na. 5. Indicate the maximum number of electrons in an atom that can have as part of their set of quantum numbers for each of the following. a. n=3, l=2 b. n=4 , l=3 c. n=2, l=2 d. n=6, l=0 6. Write the quantum numbers associated with each of the following.

a. the 4th energy level b. the 5f sublevel c. an orbital on 3d sublevel d. the first electron added to the 4f sublevel

7. With reference to quantum numbers, explain why the 5d sublevel can hold a maximum of 14 electrons. 8. Which set of quantum numbers are unacceptable? a. n=3, l=-2,ml=0,ms=+1/2 b. n=2, l=-2, ml=-1,ms=-1/2 c. n=6, l=2 , ml=-2,ms=+1/2 9. Write the values for the quantum numbers for the bold electron in the following diagrams. a.




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