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Editor's Corner
From the Editor Yeah Rain! Now GO away… Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! This weather will make you wish you had a covered arena or indoor. Perfect occasion to go and support your local tack shop (Equine Corral & The Hay Exchange both carry all the essentials & more!) if you DON'T have the covered option- go get your wellies, raincoats, helmet covers and for goodness sake, don't forget the medicated shampoo, MTG and a soft curry to combat fungus, rain-rot and scratches. While you're at it, time to stock up on fly and mosquito spray. Once the rain clears and the humidity sets in, they'll be merciless. In this issue you'll find new monthly content including Opinions and a column by Wendy Peralta. Look for health and training Tips & Bits starting in July (might involve a local vet interested in contributing to articles and sharing really cool videos through my website). Over time the magazine will develop a theme for each month of the year. Here are some examples: December- 2010 Show Guide January- Year End Awards February- Stallion Issue Other themes could include a particular show or event, fox-hunting, dressage, 4-H, Pony Club, a foal issue, College issue or something fun involving summer travel or cultural/social events. Have an idea for an annual theme? Post it on www.cfequestrian.com under 'Opinions'. Thank you for reading & advertising! Courtney (Bass) Weinzimer

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On the Cover
Cheeky and Michael Murphy: Owned by Laura Murphy and Errol Equestrian Center in Apopka. Cheeky has been successful through 1.40M at WEF and around the country. Cheeky is proudly offered for sale. Please see his ad on page 12

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Feature Article:
Sommersby Farms in Oviedo
Lauren Kellar and Celtic

Sommersby Farms Team Reserve Circuit Champion for the Level 2 Jumpers on her horse Dino. Georgie Hammond was Grand Champion in Short Stirrup for one of the weeks and won second place in the Bit O' Straw Classic on her new horse Perfect Partner. Sommersby Farms is a 30 stall barn located in the Black Hammock area of Oviedo. We sit on 10 acres and have ample grass pastures; nice sized arenas equipped with a full show jumping course and a boarder tack room that's air conditioned and has been updated with custom wood lockers and a TV/DVD. Being a native to the area, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this barn, which at the time was a “diamond in the rough”. Eight years ago, the barn was known as a partial board barn and wasn't really into the horse show scene.

Sydni Glick and Henry at GOHJA Now with the loyalty and commitment of my boarders and students, Sommersby has been able to turn itself into the full service show barn that it is today, and we are proud to have a positive family atmosphere. We are actively involved with both local and 'A' rated showing but our barn welcomes all types of riders whether you take one lesson a week just for fun or are a top show competitor in the hunter or jumper ring. When we show locally, we prefer to attend the GOHJA shows that are held at Clarcona Horseman's Park in Apopka once a month. I find that those shows bring a lot of team support to our barn and give our trainers a chance to evaluate where our students are in their riding from month to month which helps them prepare for the next show. HITS and WEF are the barn's favorite show circuits when we travel in Florida. Every year we go to HITS for the whole winter season and this year we had another great season. Our HITS highlights were: Mandy Toor was

Georgie Hammond Marisa Durocher showed for the first time in an “A” show in the Short Stirrup division on her pony Princess Fiona placing 2nd, 4th and 5th. Celtic and I were Reserve Circuit Champion in the Level 3 Jumpers, Grand Champion for week 6 and Reserve Champion for week 4. Celtic moved up to the Level 4 and Level 5 Jumpers during the season. Brian Plostnicks showed at PSJ in February at Canterbury winning 3rd place in the $5000 mini prix aboard Qwazi.

Juta and Bounce at GOHJA Hannah Russell's horse, LaJolie, was Grand

Champion Hunter Mare at the 4H District Show and one of our ponies, Henry, shown by Caroline Jackson, was Grand Champion Hunter Gelding. Juta and her horse Bounce were Grand Champion Child Adult Jumper at the GOHJA show in May. We also hold shows at our barn twice a year. The next show at our barn will be in the fall and we are in the process of getting approval to hold Marshall and Sterling Classes! Twice a year we hold clinics at Sommersby with some of the top equestrians in the industry. Our last clinic was a huge success with Grand Prix and Olympic level Rider Debi Connor of Reddick, FL, as our clinician. Being able to do well at shows has a lot to do with foundation work, horsemanship, regular training for the horse and rider, as well as keeping a healthy and sound horse. At Sommersby, we have relationships with top equine professionals to keep our horses feeling their best and in top working condition. The barn has three trainers, each specializing in different areas. I Contd. Sommersby Farms in Oviedo (Lauren) teach our advanced students who show regularly. Beth Collier teaches our beginner students up to the advanced students, and really gives them a good foundation that prepares them for the show ring. Barb Kellar teaches our beginner to intermediate riders. As an elementary school teacher for Seminole County, she also incorporates fun into lessons for the younger riders. We are currently in the process of revamping our lesson program and bringing in horses suitable for rated shows. More importantly they will have the experience to help teach our students lead changes and to navigate around a proper hunter or jumper course getting the right strides down the lines. When in the market for your next horse or pony, look to our barn. We have a nice selection of hunters, jumpers, and ponies available for sale year round. We have an amazing sales team that will help you find the perfect match for any budget. Leasing is another option and there are different programs available. At Sommersby, we are constantly striving to improve and upgrade our facilities and we welcome visitors, so if it has been awhile since you have seen us-just stop by! We would love to give you a tour. Please feel free to call the barn at 407.366.5798 or visit u s o n t h e w e b a t www.sommersbyfarms.com. We're not your usual barn in that we take a truly personal interest in all our clients and would love for you to join us as we progress and grow.
Photo credit: Through My Eyes Photography



When the horse gene surfaces in a child, what's an equestrianchallenged parent to do? One mom shares what works for her child and family.

Horse Crazy
By Kathe Jackson In my experience, there are two types of little girls born into this world: those who love dolls and those who love horses. I was one of the former, happily spending my early years playing with winking, wetting, head-turning baby dolls and graduating to the ever-popular bride doll and swimsuit Barbie. So when my 8-pound-6-ounce baby daughter came along, it didn't dawn on me that the doll gene might not be passed on. A series of holidays and birthdays brought a surprisingly large accumulation of real-baby facsimiles, Beach Barbies, Polly Pockets, and even a big-eyed Bratz doll or two. But unloved and untended, these soon found their way into the underbed storage container, the kiss of death for any toy in my household. Instead of baby bottles, tiny high heels, and colorful doll dresses, our floors were littered with miniature hay bales and grooming supplies, various to-scale saddles with attached girths, and Lincoln logs constructed into corrals and jump rings. Here, the plastic horse thrived and proliferated—not the squeezable pink and purple kind with a profusion of curling manes and tails—but realistic-looking stallions and mares, with legs frozen in mid-trot and hard muscles rippling beneath their smooth plastic skin. Yes, I knew fairly early on that my daughter was of the horse-loving persuasion, but no one told me that it might not be just a passing fancy, like dolls are for most girls. As a preschooler, she had the requisite pony ride birthday party. When she turned six, I began dutifully transporting her to weekly horseback riding lessons, learning just enough about tacking up myself to help with the hard parts. Then came a time when we had to stop the lessons for a couple of years. Traveling to the barn we had been going to was no longer convenient, and other family commitments simply got in the way. This was no bad thing, I thought, figuring that time away from the fourlegged creatures would allow other interests to flourish. Obviously, I did not understand the resilience of the horse gene, and before long we were back in the saddle. This time, the barn was much closer, and my daughter was bigger, much more self-sufficient, and more driven. It started out slowly enough, with a private lesson here, a group lesson there, a day every now and then helping out at the barn, grooming horses. But the pace quickly increased, and I had to deliver an ultimatum. There are only so many hours in the day and dollars in the checking account, I said. A choice of where both would be spent had to be made. Faster than a pony on a lunge line, my daughter abandoned her intense, two-year love affair with ice skating in favor of jumping fences and shoveling manure

Spay N Save
Offering low cost spay/neuter services in Central Florida. For more information call For more information call 407.349.5255 or visit www.spaynsave.org

Adopt a barn cat!
Today, at age 12, my daughter would gladly spend every waking moment at the barn—maybe even a lot of nonwaking ones as well—and there is no sign of that changing. But she is not one of the lucky ones. She—and her family—have other time and financial commitments, so horse ownership and weekly horse shows are not in our here-and-now. Is there a happy solution for those of us with children bearing the horse gene, but who can't make the all-ornothing commitment that the sport seems to require? I believe there is. For my child, the solution is a combination of two things: a wonderful, family-oriented barn with kid-friendly management and an active 4-H club. A partial lease allows my child to have the attachment to a horse that the gene demands without our family bearing the burden of board payments, vet bills, farrier visits, and the overall commitment that accompanies owning a pet the size of —well, a horse. Complementing this, 4-H offers a structured learning program and a few shows that the participant can work toward and participate in. Seminole County's 4-H program is extremely active and much more in line with the inclinations of my outdoor- and horse-oriented daughter than the typical scouting program. For my husband and me, who find the equestrian world to be an everunfolding mystery, these two opportunities offer a doable way for our daughter to enjoy horses as a hobby, progress in skills, and share the fun of her horse-owning friends. And if the horse gene is as dominant as we think it is in our child, the equestrian world will likely have another lifelong fanatic to keep the sport alive and well. Kathe Jackson is a corporate communications professional, a nonrider, and the mother of a barn rat at Sommersby Farms in Oviedo.

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A Word from Wendy
I hope to write monthly about things that people may find interesting and hopefully relevant to everyone that owns a hunter or a jumper. This month I chose to discuss specifically the jumper schooling area at USEF sanctioned shows. It is my belief that most people are ignorant about some of the rules and not intentionally disrespectful of them! Beyond the rules as they are stated there are a few other common courtesy practices that more people should be made aware of. At most of the bigger shows you have a starting order. If there are 3 jumps available in the schooling area usually the first person competing will choose their jump and the rest will follow, so if rider one picks the jump on the left, usually rider two will go to the middle and three to the other end. Then, 4 should go to one, 5 should go to 2, 6 should go to three and so forth. Of course multiple students with one trainer can change the order but communication is the key! Speak and share! Here in the US people tend to be courteous about sharing jumps. In Europe you are offered a vertical and an oxer. The jump goes up and down-no one "owns it”. You and probably 3 others jump when you can. Another issue is communication with your in gate staff. They are there to help and guide you through the day! Be punctual and don't make them wait for you to finish up with that final schooling jump. Be ready to go when it is your turn and when the rider before you is in the ring be standing at the in gate ready to go. We are one of the only countries that I am aware of that doesn't pre-load. In Europe and Canada they may have as many as two riders getting ready to go while another is completing their course. My final suggestion is to read your trainer's board and be on time! I try to have a barn meeting nightly and again in the morning to predict who will go when and come up with the 'plan'. This includes whatever preparation your horse may need such as a ride in the morning or a longe or whatever so you are not playing catch up. If your trainer has many rings to be in at the same time ask them where you should be and when. For example be all flatted and ready to jump when they arrive in your schooling area. Know your course! There is nothing worse than a loss due to not being on time or not knowing your course. Same thing goes for the course walks. If your trainer is running all over the show grounds, do them the courtesies of knowing the general course and the jump off! Especially the jump off!

Happy horse showing.

Wendy Peralta owns and operates Seabreeze Farm Inc., a successful show and sales barn located in Geneva, Fl. She serves on the board of the Zone 4 jumper committee and is the acting chef d' equip for its junior and young rider teams. She attends horse shows throughout the country as an owner, rider, trainer and parent. USEF Jumper Schooling Rules 1. All rails must be either in cups or totally on the ground (exception: one end of a cross rail may rest on the ground). Rails must be able to fall easily when hit. 2. No one may hold a rail or touch a standard while it is being jumped. 3. If an item (blanket, cooler, etc.) is laid over the rail of an oxer it may be laid over the front rail. If there is more than one rail on the front of the oxer, the item may be laid over any of those rails. 4. Jumps in the schooling area may not exceed 5'3” (1.60 m) in height, 5'11” (1.80 m) in width. Additionally for Pony Jumpers -Jumps in the schooling area may not exceed 10 cm (4”) above the maximum specified height for the upcoming class. 5. Any jump 4'3” (1.30 m) or higher must have a minimum of 2 rails, in cups, on the take off side of the jump, regardless of whether a ground line is used. The lower rail must always be below 4'3” (1.30 m). 6. Ground lines are not mandatory, however if they are used they must be placed either directly below the front of the jump or up to 3'3” (1 m) out. If a ground line is used on the landing side of a jump there must be one on the take off side, and it may not be any further out than the one on the take off side. 7. If a trot/canter/placement rail is used, the jump may not exceed 4'3” (1.30 m) in height and 4'3” (1.30 m) in width. If a rail is used on the take off side of a jump it may be no closer than 8'2” (2.50 m). If a rail is used on the landing side of a jump it may only be used at a vertical and it may be no closer than 9'10” (3 m). (Exception Pony Jumper) These distances are for fences set at 4' (1.25m) to 4'3” (1.3m). 8. If guide rails are used on the landing side of a jump the closest part of the rail must be

aminimum of 9'10” (3 m) from the jump. 9. If a rail is placed on the lip of a cup it must be placed on the far side of the cup, and is only allowed at an oxer if it does not cause the front rail to be higher than the back rail (i.e. offset). 10. There may never be more rails on the back of an oxer than on the front of the same oxer. When two (2) rails are used on the back of an oxer, the lower rails on the front and back elements must be of equal height. If the oxer is flagged so that it may only be jumped in one direction and there are two or more poles on the back of an oxer, the lowest of the poles may be equal to, but no lower in height than the top pole of the front of the oxer. 11. A cross rail may only be made at a vertical either by itself or below a single rail lower than 4'3” (1.30 m), or if the overall jump is lower than 4'3” (1.30 m) at the front of an oxer, with a minimum distance A Contd. Word from Wendy between the rails of the cross rails of 4” (10 cm) and a maximum distance of 12” (30 cm). 12. Horses are not permitted to walk over cross or slant rails. Walk jumps may not exceed 12” (30cm), and may be built with one end of the rail resting on the ground. Ground lines are not permitted. While using a walk jump the competitor must approach and depart in a straight line. At no time may they turn the horse while walking over the rail. 13. No Swedish Oxers! 14. If a liverpool is supplied and used at a vertical; the front of the liverpool may not be behind the front plane of the jump. Also, the back of the liverpool may not exceed the front plane of the jump. If used at an oxer; the front of the liverpool may not be more than 3'3” (1m) in front of the jump. 15. If a water jump is available it may only be used in one of the following manners; with take-off box only; with take-off box and a vertical jump with a single rail placed not past the center of water jump not to exceed 3'3” (1m) in height; no take-off box with a vertical jump with 2 rails placed not past the center of the water jump not to exceed 4'3” (1.30 m) in height. 16. If space and available fence material allows and safety conditions permit, combinations may be built using correct distances. Bounce jumps may only be used with verticals and may not exceed 3'9” (1.15m) in height. 17. At management's discretion (and if local laws allow) bamboo offsets may be permitted in designated schooling areas only. Manual poling is not permitted. 18. Riders are fully responsible for any jump taken by their horse. 19. Any action deemed not in the best interest of the horse will not be allowed.



Centolys Z
.2 gelding 8 years old. Junior hunter-2nd year green 09. Honest easy,good mover, perfect changes.This is a very versatile horse has has competed in the equitation and jumper divisions as well as the hunters. Easy and good natured.

Acanto Z Chingolo Z
5 year old gelding. Laid back nice young horse has has competed in both the jumper and hunter divsions.Can be molded in either direction.Comfortable and great character. 6 year old gelding.Has been showing in the 6 year old jumper divsions at such shows as Wellington.Competed last year in 5 year old finals in the Hamptons.Very competitive horse,starting some mini-prix. Very talented horse,ready to go all the way to the top.

Always a selection of sale horses in all price ranges and ages-you may be surprised! In house leases also available.
Alibi Z
5 year old gelding. Beautiful scopey jumper. Competing in 5 year jumper division. Honest,willing has scope to be a junior or amateur jumper with age. Fantastic personality.

Wendy and Ezequiel Peralta, Nikko Ritter Seabreeze Farm Inc 407.399.1180 m 407.349-9088

2009 Summer Camp
Weekly sessions beginning June 8th Monday – Friday 9am – 1pm

• daily riding lesson 1 hour • proper horse care Learn and management • Demonstrations • Wednesday 'Water Day' • 'Pizza Party' Friday • t-shirt & picture CD Camp • Show at end of Horse each week

And Lots More!!!




Opinions Next month's Opinion topic will be on USHJA's new Trainer Certification Program (TCP). Learn more at www.ushja.org/TCP/ and post your opinions on the website at www.cfequestrian.com. Sport Horse Auctions “It's great to see each country finally developing its own top jumpers. We've always been behind the Europeans but are catching up- maybe not on breeding our own but certainly in developing them. In Europe they have lots of horse auctions. We only have a few and they haven't been successful. Usually people put in (not) their best horse. Nona Garson from The Ridge stable has tried to put on an auction at their farm in Wellington during the WEF and has a hard time selling all the horses. The auctions have not caught on here. Years ago Paul Shockmoeller brought his famous auction the PSI auction to an event in RI called the American Jumping Derby. A fabulous event.- he was very successful that one time but none of the horses proved to be as good as the people thought so it never happened again. Gene Mische put on an auction in Tampa during the shows and the horses sold relatively cheap so the buyers where happy but not the sellers.” –Debbie Stephens, Centennial Farm “I have been asked to participate in some auctions. I feel they take a lot of organizing and advertising. An auction can't just be quickly planned. People are leery of sport horse auctions because they have been to some where horse's prices were run up by owner contacts and then announced sold but were not. Some auctions require the seller to provide x-rays which are very expensive especially when your horse does not sell. Trying to reach the right buyers is another problem. Buyers come expecting to spend little money and are surprised when the horses are priced at $20,000 and above. It is good to have previews where a horse can be shown and maybe even ridden or vetted. This should be agreed upon by the seller. It is hard for a seller to enter their horse in an auction and then have no one bid more than $15,000 on a

$30,000 horse because that is the price range people have money for. If the highest bid is way under value, it could be assumed by future potential buyers that the horse is worth its max bid. Some success has been had with silent bidding. The buyer comes to the site of sale and sees the horse ridden etc. and then makes a silent bid. The bids are accepted for a period of time and then the owner decides if any of the bids have come up to the reserve. In the recent years with the economy the way it is the auctions have not done as well as they had in the past. It is a good idea but a lot of thought, work, and organization are involved and still that is no guaranty that it will be a success. I think it is a great idea but hard to make successful. “–Candace L. Rich, CAV-I Farm “I've been involved in a few sport horse specific auctions and some other breed auctions so I have had a little taste of the scene. I personally think auctions in general can be a good thing. A wellplanned auction can be entertaining for visitors, educational for interested

Jim Taylor BANKER

individuals, profitable for owners and successful for bidders. There are exceptions to the rule however. I've seen thoroughly planned auctions with high quality horses produce very little in sales. I've also been witness to glamorous auctions that sell mediocre horses for very high prices. I think that if you attend an auction with the intent to buy, educate yourself or find a trusted advisor to help you with the process. This leads into the dual agency aspect. I think that if the agents are ethical, knowledgeable and experienced I think that the person can lead buyers in a positive direction. However, the opposite can happen too. I had a conversation with a local sales agent whom I consider very ethical regarding dual agency. This person explained to me that the good agents will have the buyers best interest at heart and will endeavor to meet the requirements for the horse. A good agent will work diligently to make the customer happy as they know that positive experiences generate repeat business or word of mouth referrals. Another aspect to auctions is to make sure that a trusted vet could either be there with you or evaluate the pre-purchase exam reports. One's personal vet knows the requirements of their clients. They will be able to best advise the client on any medical issues that arise.” –Laurie Ann Salmi, Pink Horse Performance Looking for a Part-Time Job in the Equestrian World? “I hate auctions! I think Americans don't understand Work for Central Florida's newest Equestrian magazine the concept that the Euro's and Create your own schedule South Americans love so. I Attractive Commission Plan think if you are buying very Seeking motivated, aggressive Advertising Sales Reps young horses auctions are Throughout Central Florida okay-but once the horses get Email resume: info@cfequestrian.com older you need to know their character which is very hard to evaluate in an auction setting.” -Anonymous Would you like to share your opinion or experience? Find the 'Opinions' headline on the Complete with spring-fed pond, currently website homepage with used for horse / animal rescue. various topics listed. Comment on as many as you like. Your 3/2 Home with large 2 car garage plus comments may be printed in a out-buildings, completely fenced. future issue so indicate Zoned Agricultural. 4 miles from St. Johns River. whether you want your name EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY $ 575, 000.00 used or prefer to remain anonymous. CALL COLDWELL


Rolling acres






Show News Horse Shows In The Park
From Jeanne Winslow

experience this lovely facility.

June 13, 14 HSITP H/J at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center
Join us June 13,14 at Florida's newest equestrian venue The Jacksonville Equestrian Center - as we kick off a 4 hunter/jumper show series "stepping it up a notch" for Callie Rickert & Wits End Ally Oop something to put on the barn wall to show off!! Runner up will receive a plaque for the barn wall also. Exciting classes will be added to the day's activities in each arena to add to the competition - the following classes will be double pointed: Main Arena - Parent/Adult Leadline/Commands class at 12 noon; WalkTrot Arena - Water Sponge Shootout at 4pm ; Jumper Arena - Canine Jump Off at conclusion of scheduled jumper rounds.

Summer Time Horse Show Fun Under the Oaks June 6,7 at the Florida Carriage Museum and Resort
We' re g e t t i n g re a dy fo r o u r f i r s t hunter/jumper show of the summer at our newest and most elegant venue - at Weirsdale's Florida Carriage Museum and Resort. Weirsdale is located just southeast of Ocala and west of The Villages - and was formerly known as "Continental Acres" or the "Austin Horse Park" named after the owner, Gloria Austin. Their website is www.fcmr.org. We will be using the main arena under the shady oaks and have access to all 400+ grassy pristinely groomed acres, Jacksonville Equestrian Center our HSITP competitors as they enter the amazingly huge Indoor Arena... our Hunters and Equitation riders will enjoy the Indoor, the jumpers will have the 200 x 400 Grand Prix between...Should pre-entries warrant, yes we will add a 4th arena...so please get your pre-entry in before the Tuesday deadline if possible. The program booklet is on the website and our new Jacksonville HSITP competitors will soon come to enjoy Horse Shows in the Park's reputation of h i g h e s t q u a l i t y, c o m p e t i t i v e n e s s , professionalism, and fun! We're hoping our Canterbury based HSITP competitors will make the drive over to see what Jacksonville's all about - the indoor is awesome!! Keep in mind too - there's a multimillion $ new Aquatic Center on the showgrounds for our riders to cool off at for free. There are 3 new hotels within 4 miles of the show grounds too! HSITP recommends the brand new Best Western Inn & Suites with a $79 rate. Our May USEF/USDF Dressage show was a smashing success at this facility!!

Taylor Culpepper & Foxwater Amazin' The barn showing the most Team Spirit during each day will receive 25 extra points each day, so wear zany shirts, think of how you can show support for your riders, decorate your horse, get your spectators on the ball and involved in the competition. Hire strangers to act supportive!! Start a wave! This is a polo shirt show too - no jackets required. Pre-entries suggested, so Jeanne can know if she needs to add that 4th arena. On a Party Note - Sandy and Toni Werner and Show News, Susan Hartman have invited all of our June HSITP Canterbury "Battle of the Barns" competitors over to their farm Saturday night at "Castlekeep" just 10 minutes from the show grounds for a fun Saturday night party with Lots of Food, Drinks, Beer on Tap, Games, Live Music and a Bonfire... 5pm til ?. Don't miss the party of the year and the opportunity to see some beautiful warmblood horses as well!! Maps to the party will be located in the show office at check in on Friday.

Florida Carriage Museum and Resort including the pool, tennis courts, shady trails and extensive network of homes, villas, partments (at a 30% summertime discount!) and stabling throughout the complex. The show program is posted on the website at www.horseshowsinthepark.com and is currently slated to be held in one arena so that if we need to add another arena for our hunters, preparations can be made in a timely manner. We'd like to finish the show by 4pm Saturday to allow time for our riders to enjoy and get to know the facilty. Pre-entries required for this show- see the Entry page on the website for all options available to you. We're hoping for a good turnout at this show so our HSITP riders can

JUNE 27,28 at Canterbury Equestrian Showplace
Round up the folks who will admit to being with your barn/farm/stable or trainer and come on out and show! The more the merrier and the hotter the competition for points. HSITP will be limiting any one horse/rider combination to 12 classes per day (excluding in hand classes). Points earned by barn will be tracked all day long and posted for all to see....and at the end of the show the top 5 riders from each barn with the most points (no matter how many horses they rode) will be counted, and their names/totals posted. The one barn or trainer with the most points from these riders will receive a check for $500 and

JUNE 27,28 at Canterbury Equestrian Showplace



Canterbury News
From Wendy Low We just had a wonderful USDF May Days show with 122 horses, 3 rings, 3 judges, and lots of happy people. The Freestyle Challenge was exciting with 32 rides ranging from FEI Young Riders to First Level to Intermediarre. A complete list of winners will be on the results page of the website: www.canterburyshowplace.com. The new footing was a huge hit. Riders gave it thumbs up. We've now placed it in the outdoor warm up ring as well, it helps keep the dust down and is spongy, level and the horses love it. The rides this year were fantastic with some scores in the 70's. There were many fine horses and Erin Brinkman's Imminence is one to watch in the future. The pair walked off with Training and First Level Highpoint. The Juniors and Young riders came out in force, Mary Cameron-Rollins (see photo below) took top freestyle FEI honors and a check for $200 with 73.750% and Katrin Dagge on Dream of Love won the First-Third Level Freestyle Challenge with a 73.125%. The weather although a tad hot was great for showing. The whole feel of the show was energetic, positive with lots of laughs going on in the show office mostly due to Alex

Robertson's look on life! This is the 5th year of the May Day Qualifier and it keeps getting bigger and better. Next year we hope to go 3 days and offer the High Performance Horse classes. Since we had a wait list we will plan on 4 judges. Hope to see everyone at the October 3-4 Ride Lite Show! Prize list available June 13th. Always something interesting at Canterbury!

GOHJA, Inc. 31st Annual Benefit Horse Show
From Wendy Trocano WOW!!! What a success!!! With a crew of mostly volunteers, the Greater Orlando Hunter Jumper Association organized and presented its 31st Benefit Show. This is the one show a year that members get together to put on a show with all the proceeds going to the organization. Those monies are then used to host the annual awards banquet. Steve and Heidi Lengyl officiated over the two days, judging 170 entries in all levels and types of classes. There were 4 Hunter Classics sponsored by McAbee Veterinary Hospital, Brookmore Farms, Waters Edge, and Wendover Place and one Jumper Stake sponsored by Mardebri Manor. Gracie Ryan and her pony Pirouette scored two 90s to win the Waters Edge Short/Long Stirrup Classic! Many thanks

to all who made these special classes possible. GOHJA introduced a new line of products all containing the GOHJA logo by giving these items as the awards for class winners. Hats, T-shirts, aprons, notebooks, bags, etc. were a big hit and our now available at cafepress.com for purchase. GOHJA's new Fundraising Chairperson, Lauren Kellar, organized a silent auction of several different types of baskets donated by local businesses and individuals. Bidding lasted both days and was hotly contested for the Cinco de Mayo basket, which was eventually won by Nancy Hirt. Enjoy! This year's awards banquet will be held November 21, 2009 at the Orlando Marriott Lake Mary in the Grand Ballroom from 6:30 to Midnight. Plans are already being made as to menus and types of awards. Invitations to this fun-filled evening will be sent the first week of October. Check out the website gohja.org for all the details. The bottom line… this was the most successful show GOHJA has ever had. The Board wishes to thank everyone who donated time and money to help make the 31st the best yet!

Horse Shows in the Park, LLC 2009 Hunter / Jumper Shows

Fax your pre-entries to 321-978-0231

Fox Lea Farm:
Schooling Shows to Grand Prix
By Courtney Weinzimer

Aldrich-Farrell; Clay Farrell; Course Designer: Jamie Alder; Winners of Grand Prix: Aaron Vale and Tarco, owned by Joan Kalman.

“We like Fox Lea Farm. The show rings are nice, the footing is very good...it is important for a horse show in Florida to have footing that can hold up with a lot of rain, and they have done a great job of that. Besides the facility being nice, we like the owners and all who help to put the horse shows on, the secretary Angie, Leanne who helps manage the show, Nigel Hale the announcer, they hire good judges for the shows. (This privately owned, 46 acre show venue in Venice, FL hosts over 30 shows every year and has been doing so since 1985. They successfully cover all levels of showing, from a non-rated “economically friendly” schooling series (8 shows) to not just 1 but 3 Grand Prix show jumping events each year. There are 3 dressage shows, 4 “C” rated shows and 9 “A” rated. This year the USEF South Zone 4 Championship will be hosted during their November “A” show, one which also boasts a $25K Grand Prix. Fox Lea has accumulated a strong following amongst Central Florida show barns. Here's what some of them have to say about Fox Lea Farm: “I like the footing, the bank and that they are trying to have real Grand Prix' there and attracting some good riders by having good course designers etc. I've suggested that they purchase a water jump as it would be a fabulous place for juniors and especially young riders to come and learn how to jump water. Since Wellington is the only other place in Florida that has a water jump it would be another “feather in their cap” so to speak. HITS Ocala does not offer a water jump, nor do the events at Mississippi or Atlanta. I think they are on the right track and it (Fox Lea) would be a great facility to host some young rider training sessions!” –Wendy Peralta, Seabreeze Farm We also like the area, the hotels are close and there are many great places to eat, and the beaches are close to the show. In the summer the "camp" themed shows are great for the kids, plus they are still "A" rated shows....certainly a "win win" situation” -Mary Eufemia, Ravenwood Farm

lovely show with nice jumps and good space to school and flat in. I particularly enjoy the larger shows at Fox Lea, the previous one we attended in April and the “Camp” series, due to the larger purses”-Brock Clermont, Clermark Equestrian LLP “I love the footing in the rings. Also the grass jump field is so much fun to show in!” Peggy Stevens, Brookmore Farms

(Photo Credit: Photos By Barb) Julianna Fischer's clean Grand Prix round helped her to complete the 'Certificate of Capability' necessary for qualification for NAJYRC Finals in KY

(Staisha Bejarano Photography)

John Paul Jimenez at recent Open Show “Our barn loves to show at Fox Lea because they fit in 3 shows in about a week and a half. The show is also geared towards kids, and lets everyone dress up in something different each day, and the kids really think that is fun! The older kids and parents from our barn love the fact that the beach is so close, and we make a vacation out of it while we are down there.” Lauren Kellar, Sommersby Farms “I enjoy competing at Fox Lea during the summer for its casual atmosphere and it's fun for the kids!” Jenni Medlock, Showtime LLC “Both my horses and I enjoy jumping on the large grass field, which has a similarly consistency to mine, soft yet firm sand with nice grass. The owners and management have been extremely kind, welcoming, and helpful to me…even though I am from Canada! I recently canceled my arrangements to Aiken, SC, to come to Fox Lea for the $25K Grand Prix. The location is close in proximity to my barn so it's very convenient. Affordability is another reason why I take young and green horses plus they get exposure at a

.(Staisha Bejarano Photography)

Roger Seitzmeir over the bank jump Fox Lea is one of few venues to incorporate a bank jump element into their jumper field. This jump can be ridden by going up the ramp over a fence and down the ramp. It is also used side to side jumping up the bank and off the bank, and some course designers add a fence on the jump down side. This jump was used in the Platinum Performance/USEF Show Jumper Talent Search at the Venice H/J Spring Concours I held in April 2009. The bank was originally designed and constructed by the late Juan Hernandez before his accident in 2002. He was a well respected and liked rider, trainer and course designer from Tampa. Fox Lea dedicated the jump to Juan after his death. The only changes since were in creating another ramp on the west side of the jump. This redesign was possible with the help of Pablo Gamboa and was reconstructed by Larry Ballard in May 2008.

(Photo Credit: Photos By Barb) Course designer ass. & jump crew coord: Luciano Cesario; Show manager: Kimberly



Offering grassroot shows to USEF “A” rated events with Grand Prix
Non-rated shows: “An economically friendly, high quality, family fun open horse show series”
A special thank you for the efforts of our Open H/J & Performance show committee: Reggie Sayat, Carole Wilson, Shanon Bejarano, Daila Lybarger, & Andy Moorman

JUNE 20 & 21 AUGUST 29 & 30 OCTOBER 17 & 18 NOVEMBER 21 & 22 DECEMBER 12 & 13 – Championship Show ***Top 12 Invited for each class/division***

“A” Rated Shows
JUNE 12-14 'Mid-June' JUNE 26-28 'Summer's Here!'

“Camp Show Series”
JULY 13-16 'Pre-Camp S'Mores' JULY 18-21 'Camp Fox Lea' JULY 23-26 'Plain Brown Wrapper' Including $25K Grand Prix & $5K Welcome Stake

Special Discounted Rate for Camp Circuit Stalls!
SEPTEMBER 4-6 'Fox Lea Sept' NOVEMBER 12-15 'Fox Lea Farm November' Hosting the Zone 4 Championship Show South Including $25K Grand Prix & $5K Welcome Stake

“C” Rated Shows
AUGUST 15 & 16 "C" Circuit II OCTOBER 10 & 11 "C" CIRCUIT III OCTOBER 31 & NOVEMBER 1 “C” Circuit Grand Finale

Fox Lea Farm has lowered general fees and stall fees for regular rated shows!
Show Manager: Kimberly Aldrich-Farrell 941-809-6365 Office Manager: Angela Gordy 941-809-6361 FOXLEAFARM@AOL.COM WWW.FOXLEAFARM.COM

Misc News
Heart Land Horse Rescue Press Release
Heart Land Horse Rescue wishes to congratulate Calvin Borel for an exceptional ride at the 2009 Preakness, riding Rachel Alexandra! Calvin Borel and his fiancée, Lisa Funk (of Chuluota, Florida), are Board of Director members for Heart Land Horse Rescue. Heart Land Horse Rescue is a not for profit equine rescue facility located in Chuluota Florida. It was founded by Suzanne Funk and Lori Tankel in 2007. The mission of Heart Land is to help abused, neglected and starved horses. In addition, we are dedicated to rehoming Off the Track Thoroughbreds, by placing retired racehorses in new homes and giving them a chance at a second career. We are very honored to be associated with Calvin, who is a dedicated and compassionate horseman. www.heartlandhorserescue.org

UCF Student Finishes Second in the Nation!
From Wendy Trocano Alisha Mays, a sophomore in legal studies at the University of Central Florida, was named the IHSA National Reserve Champion in the Individual Novice Equitation on the Flat division at the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association's Hunter Seat National Championship on April 23, 2009. The finals were held at the Miller Coliseum in Mufreesboro, Tenn. with 18 teams competing. Lesli Isaacson has been the coach of the UCF Equestrian Team for 5 years. This year thru dedication and hard work Lesli trained the team to be first of the Florida schools and 4th in the zone. Home base for the club is Wendover Place where Lesli and sister Wendy Trocano teach and train. Try-outs were held last August where Lesli chose 15 out of 30+ riders to comprise the team. These individuals were then placed in one or two divisions depending on their riding skills and show records. Divisions range from Walk-trot to Open Equitation

and riders earn points thru their placings. Each division has a maximum number of points that must be earned before a rider can move on to the next division. Team members take weekly lessons with Lesli and ride as often as they can to perfect their skills. This is the first year UCF has sent a rider to Nationals. Riding in IHSA is completely different than hunter-jumper shows in that the host school provides horses and each rider draws a name from a hat. Riders are not allowed to warm-up but must enter the ring cold and perform. For the finals Lesli and Alisha arrived a day early to watch the horses schooled and to get an idea how they would need to be ridden. Alisha had a good draw and made the top four to perform a test before the judges. In only two years on the team Alisha was awarded 2nd in the country. Congratulations Alisha and Lesli on a job well done!

Full Partners Farm Summer Camp
Full Partners Farm offers the only truly advanced camp program available in the U.S. Beginner programs are also offered.
Advanced Camp Dates: June 8-12 June 15-19 June 22-26 June 29-July3 July 6-10 July 13-17 July 20-24 (Florida/Georgia College Bound Invitational week) July 27-30 (College Bound Invitational camp for out of state riders) Beginner Camp Dates:
June 8-12 June 15-19 June 22-26 June 29-July 3 July 6-10 July 13-17 July 20-24 August 3-7 August 10-14

Day camp: $325.00 per week Overnight camp: $825.00 per week Boarding spaces are available for riders who would like to bring their own horses

All registration forms available on website
For more information contact Denna Johnson dennaj2713@aol.com (M) 352-328-5801 (B) 352-472-7669 www.Fullpartnersfarm.com www.collegeboundinvitationalhorseshow.com All registration forms available on website



Mauricio Garcia Ballesteros
Grand Prix Rider * FEI Course Designer * FEI Trainer, Levels 1 $ 2
Some highlights as a trainer & coach: 1997 Children FEI World Jumping Challenge, Cat. BDominican Republic 1st Place by Miss Chantal Stoker. 1997 Children FEI World Jumping Challenge, Cat. BDominican Republic World Champion by Miss Chantal Stoker. Experience in Course Design: 2002 Assistant to Course Designer Mr Helio Pessoa, Brazil XIX Central American and Caribbean Games, El Salvador 2003 Assistant to Course DesignerArch .Javier Fernandez , Mexico XIV Panamerican Games, Dominican Republic. 2005 Course Designer Assistant to: Arno Gego, Guilherme Noguiera, Leopoldo Palacios, Arch. Javier Fernández. Winter Equestrian Festival, Wellington, FL 2007 Assistant to Course DesignerGuilherme Nogueira Jorge, Brazil XV Panamerican Games, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 2007 Assistant to Course DesignerPierre Jolicoeur, USA 124th National Horse Show, Wellington, FL 2008 Assistant to Course DesignerGuilherme Nogueira Jorge, Brazil FEI 5* “ NATIONAL”, Spruce Meadows, Calgary, Canada , June 2008 2008 Assistant to Course DesignerLeopoldo Palacios Jugo, Venezuela CSI-W Bromont, Bromont, Canada, July 2008 2008 Course Designer for National Capital Open $75.000.00 Grand Prix , Kubota Cup Series Annex Ring ,Napean Equestrian Center, Ottawa, Canada, August 2008 2008 Assistant to Course DesignerAnthony D'ambrosio Rolex/USEF National Showjumping Championship. Wellington, FL 2009 Course Designer- Ocala Jumping Classic, $50K Brookledge Grand Prix

Mauricio is available for coaching, training and course design. Email: magbgarcia@aol.com Mobile: 787-243-4045

FIT TO RIDE YOGA & PILATES for Equestrians

CF Fit2Ride presents
Cortney Singleton of Anywhere yoga and pilates as the instructor for our new equestrian balance and fitness classes

Cortney's qualifications include
·Power Pilates Certified (Mat & Apparatus) ·Integrative Yoga, RYT (2001) ·CPR & AED (Current) · Insured ·AFAA Personal Trainer · OPD Equine Volunteer

Looking for a Part-Time Job in the Equestrian World?
Work for Central Florida's newest Equestrian magazine

in our Sanford Studio or ORGANISE A GROUP at your barn or show

Create your own schedule Attractive Commission Plan
Seeking motivated, aggressive Advertising Sales Reps Throughout Central Florida
Email resume: info@cfequestrian.com

Contact Cortney Singleton 407-256-8559 info@fit2ride.com *mention you saw this ad in CF Equestrian for 50% off 1st session!



GOHJA May 2009

Burberry and Casey Accola -Beg Rider Hunter

Oriental Rose and Parker Wright -Baby Green Hunter

Cassie Gustafson 15-17 Equitation

Broadway Joe and Carly Keltner DaVinci and Christina Inserillo -Hopeful Jumper -Schooling Hunter

Cleopatra and Elaine Horvath -Schooling Hunter

Montesquieu and Elizabeth D'Angelo and Lana Mottram Celebrity Interview and Christina Cloutier- Second Year Green Hunter -Hopeful Jumper Hilmer-Schooling Hunter

See April photos from GOHJA & PCHA at www.cfequestrian.com

Daddy's Dollar and Delaney SmithChildren's Pony

Kramer and Kat Black - Adult Hunter

Photo credit: Thanks to Shutterpug Photography for photos




Cheeky :
10yo bay Selle Francais gelding. Great low junior/amateur horse. Awards for 2008 include USEF Horse of the year, Zone 4 Champion, 1st Place WEF Classic, Tampa Equestrian Festival Circuit Champion, Champion in Vermont, Champion Kentucky Summer to name a few. Was first in 1.40 meter in WEF 2007 (2 classes). Serious inquires only. Please call Errol Equestrian Center at (407) 886-1955.

Moonwalk: Child/adult jumper Reserve Circuit Champion at HITS Tons of show mileage. Owner off to college. Very honest horse-always wins! Sommersby Farms 407.376.5378

1999 ApHC chestnut gelding. 16h. Shown in Hunters, fox hunted, trails. Beginner safe. No vices. Current on everything. $4500 OBO 407-718-0674

Blue Strutter: 2000 14.1 7/8 grey gelding by Gayfields Vida Blue. Finished 6th 2008 USEF Large Pony Hunter division, qualified for 2009 Pony Finals. Sadly outgrown. Marylu Gallagher at Ridge Point Stables 863-632-1343

Selling your horse, pony, truck or trailer?
Order your Photo Classified for $25/Month Discount for multiple PC's in a single month Email ads@cfequestrian.com or order directly www.cfequestrian.com/advertise Scroll down page and select option from drop box

Handmade patchwork quilts with theme of choice. All custom and original. Other photos available. Debbie 410-960-4731

Pegasus Closet
We buy your gently used show clothing
Special Offer: Mention you saw this ad in Central Florida Equestrian and receive 10% off your next purchase, or use code CFE10 when making a purchase from the website. High End Jackets (Grand Prix, TS, Ariat, etc) pre-owned and all under $200, Tailored Sportsman new and used $100, everything ready to go back in the show ring!

17 S. Broadway Pitman, NJ 08071 856-218-7770 www.pegasuscloset.com




English Riding Apparel for Adults & Children

10419 CR 39 South, Lithia, FL 33547 www.EquineCorral.com

Advertise your product or service HERE for $20 month!
Premier Hunter Jumper Facility Over The Hill Farm- making winners at all levels. Central Florida's best kept secret. Come ride with the best from local level to AA's - Devon and Indoors.. Convenient location near SR 417 and I-4. Visit our website: www.othfarm.com 5010 Thomas Stable Road Sanford, FL 32773 407-322-1912
Summer Riding Camps in Cocoa 5 day camps each week June 8th -July 31st $220/wk 8:30-1:30 M-F Meals, snacks & water Ages 3 & up, beginner to advanced Riders divided into age/skill appropriate groups Pre registration required Donna Hakanson 321-759-1605 dmhakanson@aol.com www.desertacresstables.com



Compressed, pelleted, dust free straw bedding that you do NOT add water toprior to use! Absorbs four to five times its own weight. Breaks down in 2 to 4 weeks and is safe to spread on fields. Reduces odor. Keeps dry, clean and smelling fresh. Weekly maintenance of 1 to 2 bags for a 12’ X 12’ stall. Stringent manufacturing process removes all dust, mold and allergens from raw straw. Ideal for horses with breathing or skin allergies. Reduces manure pile size and labor costs. Reliable supply year round and safe for the environment. Oil added during process to prevent dry hooves.

Turn Key Horse Farm
26 acres in Marion Co. Main house, guest house, 3 barns, Round pen, equipment barn, Paddocks, pastures. Excellent condition. Call Carolyn 352-591-6088 www.PureLusitanos.com $1,275,000

Looking for Advertising Sales Reps Throughout Central Florida Great Commission Structure Make your own hours & schedule Send inquiries to info@cfequestrian.com



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Hunter US, West Plsr, Lithia www.dshowhorses.com 12-14 Fox Lea Farm 'A' Venice, www.foxleafarm.com 13-14 Horse Shows in the Park Jacksonville EC www.horseshowsinthepark.com 20-Freedom Ride's Texas Hold'em RT 46 Entertainment Complex www.freedomride.com 20-Horsey Yard Sale-Buy/Sell! Equine Corral's parking lot-Lithia Call for details: 813-737-4400 20- 21 Silver Sands Rated Dressage New Smyrna, www.silversands.org 26-28 Fox Lea Farm 'A' Venice, www.foxleafarm.com 26-28 Horse Shows in the Park Canterbury EqShowplace-Newberry www.horseshowsinthepark.com 27-28 Marion Saddle Club H/J Ocala, www.mschorseshows.com 27-28 OAHC AHA Comm Show Silver Sands-New Smyrna Bch www.orlandoarabian.org 28- OAHC AHA Dressage Show Silver Sands-New Smyrna Bch www.orlandoarabian.org

16-19 Fox Lea Farm 'A' Venice, www.foxleafarm.com 18-19 Silver Sands St Jude Benefit www.silversands.org 23-26 Fox Lea Farm 'A' Venice, www.foxleafarm.com 25-26 Horse Shows in the Park Canterbury EqShowplace-Newberry www.horseshowsinthepark.com

Summer Camps
Sommersby Farms-Oviedo Begins first wk of June www.sommersbyfarms.com Ashmore Eq Center-Apopka Begins June 8th

Errol Equestrian Center-Apopka June 15-19/July 6-10 407.886.1955 eeclaura@gmail.com Full Partners Farm-Newberry Begins June 8th www.fullpartnersfarm.com Desert Acres Stables-Cocoa Begins June 8th www.desertacresstables.com Ledesma Eq Center-Orlando Begins June 8th www.lequestriancenter.com Brookmore Farms Begins June 8th www.brookmorefarms.com

3-5 Barrington Hill ACS Benefit www.barringtonhill.com 10-Barrington Hill USEF C Show www.barringtonhill.com 11-12 Horse Shows in the Park Austin Horse Park, Weirsdale www.horseshowsinthepark.com



Showtime, LLC
at Hidden Oaks Equestrian Center Geneva, FL
Hunters-Jumpers-Equitation-Sales-Judging Jennifer Medlock (407)312-5584

aur ch Enterprises.
Specializing in equine & pet photography that captures those rare and meaningful moments Photos, framing, photo books and photos on canvas Other services available Serving Central Florida Laurie Mix, Photographer 407-463-7533 Sellgreatstuff@embarqmail.com http://LMixedup.imagekind.com/

Two one week sessions June 15-19 and July 6-10, 2009 For Ages 6-16 Yrs. From 9 A.M. to 3 P.M.

Basic • Riding Skills Safe • Horsemanship Stable • Management Trail • Rides Guest • Speakers on Educational Topics Special Graduation Ceremony •

Lots of Summer Fun!
Sign-up now! Reserved Space Only
Office 407-886-1955 Cell 407-832-8268 Fax 800-715-0940 eeclaura@gmail.com Errol Equestrian Center, Inc. 359 W. Lester Rd. Apopka, FL 32712



Stable Directory
Alachua County Canterbury 352-472-6758 Eclipse Sporthorses 352-283-3722 Full Partners Farm 352-472-7669 Great Beginnings 352-331-9069 Legacy Farms 352-495-2725 Rolling Acres 386-462-7183 Victory Sport 352-468-1220 Bradford County Euphoria Stables 904-964-2325 Brevard County Ace of Hearts 321-638-0104 Common Sense 321-385-0216 Five Oaks Stables 321-452-0041 Greener Pastures 321-724-5008 Half Halt EC 321-777-4898 Hidden Hoofprints 321-432-3436 Limestone Stable 321-266-9292 North Hammock 321-453-5918 Thunder Oaks 321-631-1504 Trout Creek SC 321-302-8179 Citrus County In Harmony Farm 352-637-7287 Clay County Mane Event EC 904-472-1634 Penney Farms EC 904-529-5660 Taylor Oaks Eq Ctr 904-291-8764 The Oaks Ranch 904-284-7212 Duval County Bella Donna Farm 904-287-1502 Empire Eq Center 904-594-6220 Hidden Fields 904-565-1471 Oak Haven 994-998-4257 Skyway Meadows 904-704-0493 Sundance Farm 904-287-3590 Twin Branch Stables 904-8800687 Hernando County C & H Ranch 352-754-1759 Hoof Print Valley 352-754-9258 Lake Lindsey Eq Ctr 352-7995258 Hillsborough County Admiralty Farm 813-920-9041 Barefoot Farm 813-754-0713 Cheval EC 813-949-7370 Citrus Oaks Farm 813-391-0089 Cross Point Farm 813-672-1515 Cypress Trails 813-920-5313 Eden Oaks Farm 813-624-6867 Equicross 866-715-6006 Galaxy Farms 813-689-1175 Hawk Haven 813-926-7822 Hawksbill Farm 727-481-3472 Hidden Meadow 813-777-2061 Hidden Springs 813-926-2603 Hillsborough County DeLibero Shw Hrs770-298-7415 Dover Oaks 813-752-4076 High Standards 813-982-2944 Keilyn, Inc 813-948-8544 Karnes Stables 813-610-7199 Kingsmeade Farm 813-968-7469 Misty Farms 813-758-5252 Rising Star Ranch 813-928-5587 Sharon Oaks 919-260-4040 Soaring Eagle 813-920-5932 Stafford Hill 813-986-8842 Straight Forward 813-926-1285 Top Call Farm 813-792-8171 Triple H EC 813-265-0778 Marion County Cav-I Farm 352-351-9428 Greenway Stables 888-676-4425 Hidden Lark Farm 352-854-5151 Hillcrest Farm 352-854-8402 Integrity Eq Ctr 352-732-5768 It's My Pleasure 352-245-9235 Marablue Farm 352-591-2679 Masterpiece 352-465-2553 Nouveau Eq Ctr 352-595-4369 Ocala Layup Center 352-732-2271 Polk County 7 Acres School 863-858-7110 Aloha Equestrian 863-318-8700 Platinum Equestrian 863-644-2291 Ridge Point Train 863-438-0801 Sarasota County Circle W Ranch 941-378-9429 Farr Crest Farms 941-322-9519 Fox Lea Farm 941-485-0486 Shamrock Lee Farms 941-360-2231 Sundance Eq Ctr 303-518-2047 True Blue Farm 440-840-1118 Seminole County Barrett Farm 407-365-5456 Bridlewood Farm 407-349-5874 Brookmore Farms 407-538-4185 Claudia Heath Farm 407-402-6454 Crooked Creek 407-341-3342 Dream Catcher 352-243-8755 Findlymine Farm 407-687-3449 Fox Cry Farms 407-365-5909 Greystone Stables 407-268-4118 Hidden Oaks 407-349-3732 Longwood Eq Ctr 407-265-6151 Mardebri Manor 407-221-5001 Martin Farms 407-366-2227 Meliora Stables 407-925-4417 Mr. Ed's Barn 954-701-4221 Over the Hill Farm 407-322-1912 Palma Rubia Eq Ctr 407-427-0850 Quail Roost Hunters 407-721-6474 Rustic Pine Ranch 407-619-1409 Ridgewood Eq Ctr 407-971-4955 Rustling Oaks Farm 407-679-2271 Seabreeze Farm 407-349-9088 Showtime 407-312-5584 Sommersby Farms 407-366-5798 Waterford Eventing 253-219-7321 WB Equestrian 407-353-0633 St Lucie County LJM Stables 772-528-0786 Rubidoux Stables 772-461-8489 Tu-Bahd Farms 772-878-4829 Sumter County Cypress Creek 352-793-8495 Sunset Riding 727-234-5854 The Leigh Over 352-797-9575 Volusia County Aspen Meadows 386-345-0580 Brass Head Farm 386-676-7363 Cypress St Eq Ctr 386-676-1164

Orange County Ashmore EqCtr 407-884-9292 Avalon Ridge 407-877-0406 Bay Hills EqCtr 407-884-5255 Class Act Farm 407-889-9816 Indian River Corporate Woods 407-739-9897 Vero Beach Riding 772-567-2899 Errol Eq Ctr 407-886-1955 Windemere EC 772-567-8868 High Life Farms 407-293-0110 Jewel Court Stables 407-654-8718 Lake County Ledesma EqCtr 407-295-2925 Autumn Valley St 352-242-1341 MG Sport Horses 407-718-3300 Equest Ctr Clermont 352-241-7583 Painted Oaks Acad 407-929-0970 Fair-Dinkum Farm 352-430-4604 Sandhill EqCtr 407-654-6517 Live the Dash 352-385-4644 Snow Kissed Stables 407-325-5562 Loch Eden 352-266-0066 Summer Wind Farm 407-493-5456 McKai Equine 352-669-4425 Sweet Music Farms 407-909-1603 Redwood Park St 321-402-4822 Trademark Eq Ctr 407-889-8752 Rocking Horse St 352-669-9982 Twighlight Farms 407-982-0882 Sandbar Farms 352-429-8450 Water's Edge 407-492-3509 South Lake Eq Ctr 352-536-9189 Wendover Place 407-679-9595 Southern Cross St 407-654-3689 Woden Walk 352-383-9454 Osceola County Levy County Blue Sky Farm 954-434-2301 Maho Bay Farm352-207-1838 Whispering Dream 352-342-6469 Manatee County Centennial Farm 941-723-1616 El Tesoro 941-928-4852 Elysian Eq Ctr 941-745-1292 Equisports 941-776-5942 Hidden Hils Eq Ctr 941-776-0970 Snaffles Farm 941-746-0287 Spanish Legacy St 941-322-4151 Sacramonte Farm 352-208-7003 Serenity Stables 352-615-5171 Shaw's Training Ctr 351-591-9613 Three Phase Farm 352-245-2193 Windsor Farm 352-591-2392 Okeechobee County Florida Equine Svc 561-644-9032 Timber Trace Farm 863-634-3096 Marion County A Bit of Luck 352-732-7670 Abracadabra Farms 352-347-1115 Almost Heaven 352-861-8883 Dancing Horse Farm 352-8737084 Destiny Farm 352-347-7555 Farwinds Stables 352-615-1788 Fallen Oak Farm 352-804-8851 Rising Star Stables 407-346-5622 Pasco County Country Lace Acres 727-869-4832 Katie Acres Riding 727-243-9593 KC Creek Ranch 813-310-7271 Olive Branch Ranch 727-710-0215 Shadowhawk Farms 727-243-5865 Pinellas County Anvil Acres 727-546-3478 Calypso Bay Stables 727-587-0024 Clermont Saddle 352-223-7969 Cross Rails Academy 352-143-7433 El Cazador Eq Ctr 813-416-0986 Elite Farm 727-541-5513 First Choice Eq Ctr 727-541-3797 Lakeview Stables 727-480=7557 Majestic Oaks EqCtr 727-564-1710 Pinellas Horse 727-637-3022 Ravenwood Farm 727-787-7433 Skyview Farm 727-564-1710 Southern Star 727-546-1371 Step Ahead Stables 797-725-9949 Windward Farms 727-937-3110



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Store Hours
Mon-Fri 8:00-5:30 Sat 8:00-4:00 ng carryik! Nowny tac po
Serving CFL horseowners for 10 yrs providing the highest quality hay, feed and equine products. Stocking bridles, girths, saddle pads, IRH helmets, stirrups, bits, gloves.

The Hay Exchange
4950 US Hwy 92 West Plant City, FL 33563 Exit 17 off I-4, South on Branch Forbes Rd, Left on Hwy 92, go ¼ mile and we are on the left

Call : 813-754-5405

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