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Gospel Recording Artist & Founder of God Nation Records

Michael Dvahyu MEDIA KIT


Michael Dvahyu, Host the Love Festival The Concept of the Love Festival was inspired from a vision God revealed in a dream to Michael Dvahyu , with specific instructions to organize a Love Festival and spread the Message of LOVE to the entire human race. He specifically instructed that Love should be practiced throughout the World. He said if Love exist in families divorce will have no place likewise racism. In the revelation God further instructed Governments all over the World must create a special agency that will teach and always remind the citizens to Love one another and let our `ME be replaced with We A portion of all proceeds will benefit our hungry and misfortune in Africa. Michael further organized his core team and discussed the revelation with Prophetess Liesha Lavida Beard(UK based ministry) and La Verne Adekunle Founder of laExpose' International which he honored LaVerne as Festival Mother. Michael is currently involved in female prisons empowerment, ministration and prayer project across Nigeria prisons, nationwide. He is the Founder of God Nation Project a government registered record label. He dedicated the song "Heal the Broken Hearted" to African children and mothers. He had previously received offers from TMG U.S.A, Asiatic and KVZ Music Ltd, Viena Austria. Michael joined laExpose' International to gain additional exposure for his gospel Ministry. You can listen to Michael music at About laExpose' laExpose' devoted to exposing gifted and talented professionals as a random act of kindness offering simple marketing and advertisement. Giving back or paying it forward is a prerequisite for being a member. laExpose seeks to identify, recruit and educate a new generation of talents teaching gratitude, integrity, and community service. Media Contact: Macaiah Tillman 615-839-7922

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