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Board Agenda

November 12, 2009

6:30 p.m.
District Office

I. Call to Order and Invocation

II. Executive Session

III. Pledge of Allegiance and Adopt Agenda

Action needed- Motion to adopt agenda

IV. Recognition Mike Hunsaker

A. Kent Eberspacher- Unsung Heroes Award
B. Ty Draney- Cross Country Coach of the Year
C. SVHS Volleyball All-State- Shae Wilkes
D. SVHS Cross Country All-State- Hailey Ricks, Brittney Nethercott
E. CHS Volleyball All-State- Celinda Teichert, Olivia Teichert, Mckenzie Thompson

V. Delegations/Reports
A. Report on Star Valley Middle School Kem Cazier, Jason Horsley
B. Monthly Financial Update (Tab A) JC Inskeep
C. Cokeville Advisory Board Carol Reed
D. Extra-curricular Activites Ethan Call
E. Report on Principal of the Year Shannon Harris
F. Yearly Audit Report (at end of meeting) Brandon Blair

VI. Facilities Update

A. Holdaway Elementary (Tab B)
B. Afton Elementary

VII. Board Informational Items (No Action Required)

A. Enrollment (Tab C)
B. Update on district website Steve Sabat, Kyle Weber
C. WSBA meetings- Casper (Tab D)
D. NSBA convention- Chicago

VIII. Public Comments

IX. Consent Agenda

Section 1
A. Approval of minutes of October 8, 2009 meeting (Tab E)
B. Payment of bills
C. Approval of text for health curriculum- SVMS (Tab F)
D. Approve bid for heat trace cables at Thayne and Etna schools (Tab G)
Action needed- Motion to approve consent agenda- Section 1

Section 2
A. Personnel (Tab H)
• Evaluation of the superintendent
• Additional aide at Star Valley Middle School
Action needed- Motion to approve consent agenda- Section 2

X. Policies
A. BEDJ- Video and Audio Recording of Meetings- 2nd reading (Tab I)
B. JIFCA- Bullying- 2nd reading (Tab J)
C. BBBB- Oath of Office- 1st reading (Tab K)
D. DIDA- Fixed Asset Accounting- 1st reading (Tab L)
E. DIE- Audits- 1st reading (Tab M)
F. DN- Properties Disposition - 1st reading (Tab N)

XI. New Business

XII. Action Item Re-cap

XIII. Next Meeting- December 10, 2009- 6:30 p.m.- District Office (Tab O)