Commerce Developer Certification Preparation Questions

1.What are the services provided by Payment Service Providers?
A. automatic linking of merchant product data to price comparison services
B. transaction authorization of customer payments
C. traceability across entire transactions
- Search Payment History data )
D. repeatable transaction via secure storage of customer card details
2.Which of the following statements are true with respect to the credit card payment
A. it is possible to capture a smaller amount than the authorized amount
B. it may be cancelled at any time before or after the capture
C. it may consist of the steps: authorization, capture, refund
D. it is possible to refund larger amount that the capture amount
3.Which of the following actions are performed by the Authorization command on
the payment service
A. check for valid credit card data
(Wrong because card validation is done at the time of creating subscription that time
subscription command checks the valid credit card data. Check following function which
checks card data.
B. determine which Payment Service Provider will handle the payment transaction
C. check for availability of the requested amount
D. subtract amount from credit card account
4.How can you configure the generation of deeplinks?
A. by configuring the Destination URL template in the Deeplink URL rule
B. by configuring the mobile.deeplink.url.template property in your file
C. by configuring a set of Deeplink URL rules
(Comment - not sure that without setting rule it will work or not?)
D. by setting the baseUrl in the DeeplinkUrl item instance
5.Which statements about the baseSite items are true:
A. the main purpose of a baseSite is to represent a single channel of access
B. if no baseSite is defined, the default, generated baseSite will be used
(There is no attribute named ‘default’ at basesite)
C. the default purpose of a baseSite is to represent a physical point of service (POS)
D. if no point of service is defined, the default, generated baseSite will be used
(there is no default base site and no direct relation between POS and baseSite)

hybris. a cart is shared across baseSites (a cart is associated with only one site) the default. if no point of service is defined.) D. you can have more than one barcode URL handler (There is no barcodeurlhandler but there is barcodeurlresolver. create valid address and assign it to your BaseStore (Address is associated with POS not Basestore) D.DeeplinkUrlServiceImpl.generateUrl(String) https://wiki. it is possible to change the barcode URL generation without writing customer java code (Comment .Which of the following is true regarding Fraud Service support in hybris? . by default.It is not possible because we have to change the implementation of de.Which of the following are true statements with respect to a URL represented by a barcode A. you must A. That’s why wrong. the barcode URL can link to a webpage outside of the hybris store domain 7. make sure the geocoding cron job is correctly scheduled (Geocoding cronjob generates lat and long which is not imp to display the location) . an assignment to an active catalog version C. a Spring bean definition for each process action D.platform. add Latitude and Longitude values to your BaseStore B. create an appropriate POS instance with a valid address and assign it to your base store 9.6. the barcode URL is always base64 encrypted B. In order to add a new physical shop/warehouse location to your base store.Which statement about the baseStore and baseSite items are true: A. generated baseSite will be used (there is no default base site and no direct relation between POS and baseSite) “BarcodeUrlResolver”) C.hybris. a single baseStore can have many access channels or baseSites B. languages and currencies D. baseStore aggregates product catalogs.impl.Which of the following are necessary for the creation of a customized order process definition: A. a process definition resource (ProcessDefinitionResource) entry in the Sprint XML file 10. a process definition XML file B.

When defining customer segments for personalization. which of the statements regarding "full processing" and "optimized processing" are true? A. by creating an implementation of the BusinessProcessService interface with appropriate behavior 13. using the process definition wizard in the admin cockpit C.. but a "shipped" order might not be. by implementing a cancel executor for the order status (OrderCancelRequestExecutor) (Amit to add comment why it is wrong) 12. by implementing a strategy which maps order statuses to possible order cancel states (OrderCancelStateMappingStrategy) B. for example "different address" D. when its parent has been evaluated B. in "full processing" the evaluation of a segment will not termination until all the rules in that segment have been evaluated C. by defining BusinessProcess and BusinessProcessAction items in the relevant items. in "optimized processing" The evaluation of a segment will terminate as soon as a rule in that segment evaluates to false D.How would you enable cancellation from a particular Order status? For example.How would you define a fulfillment process in a hybris implementation? A. by creating a process definition in an xml file B. but again find the URL if possible) B. hybris supports fraud detection functionality out of the box.A. an order containing any single symptom will always be marked as fraudulent 11. but you can also connect to a commercial provider (Comment . complete the following sentence correctly: With advanced personalization in hybris.Assuming a default configuration. a customersegment is subjected to evaluation. A.xml file D. by adding a dedicated order cancellation handler (OrderCancelRecordsHandler) D.found in wiki. in "optimized processing" the evaluation of a segment can be configured to run . FraudServiceProvider allows you to check against Symptoms. in "full processing" the evaluation of each segment is executed regardless of the result of previous evaluations B. Only when in "full processing" mode D. a "paid" order might be cancelable.. it is possible to apply the fraud service to check a cart before the order has been placed C. by adding a new order cancel state (OrderCancelState) C. Select all that apply A. only during catalog version synchronization 14. when it is active C.

Which of the following statements abount CMS restrictions are true: A. they can be assigned to a CMS component or page D.Consider a BTG segment which is made up of rules. User. the entire segment will be marked as fulfilled only when all the other rules in the segment are fulfilled https://wiki.there is no cron job because it depends on user action. to enable end users with the little web programming knowledge to manage their websites (referring CMScockpit) D. product (We have Restrictions like +with+Front-end+Application+-+Tutorial 16. current user. When processing this segment for a particular user. what happens when one of those rules is fulfilled (evaluates to true)? A. category using which we can control display of content based ) B. they must always extend CMSItem or one of its subtypes B.based on discussion and logical way even if some rules were evaluated to true then later again it will need to verify because customer’s earlier condition may not be present condition.Which statements are true for all CMS components items A. Product . to help control the display of content based on context information. the rule will not be evaluated again the next time the entire segment is evaluated B.hybris. This is why A option is also wrong. they can only be assigned to CMS page 18.periodically via a cron job (Comment . they can be synchronized with a catalog version C. the entire segment will be marked as fulfilled regardless of the result of the evaluation of the other rules in the segment C. the rule will be evaluated again next time the entire segment is evaluated (Comment . they can only be assigned to CMS component C.The hybris platform WCMS module is designed for which of the following purposes? A. they can only be assigned to a CMS site B. they must always be assigned to a catalog version 17.) D. to automate the generation of the layout XML C. to save front end developers from having to use JSP and tag libraries . like time. there is no role of Cron) 15. they can only be assigned to certain content slots (Component can be assigned to any content slot) D.

did not check in wiki. no matter we had already set as multi language.a CMS restriction must always belong to catalog version d. multi-Site.Which of the following can not be performed by using the OCC webservices? a. which of the following are true statements? A. category using which we can control display of content based ) D. Group.Make sure IndexedProperties for localized attributes are configured as multi-language (Comment .Create a Catalog Version of your Product Catalog for the new language and add it to the .adding of products d. please check if possible) B.registering a new customer 23. but still we have to make sure.evaluation of restrictions takes place during page rendering (Comment . Multi-Language. Multi User is supported C.creation of new catalog versions c. the hSE (hybris search engine) is the recommended search engine for faceted searching 21.19.If 10 attrubutes are there and 3 are multi language. Date and Time is supported (We have Restrictions like time.searching of products 22.CMS restrictions are ignored when the user is an admin (Wrong because this is core’s flexi search restriciton no relation with this) ) 20.Add the Language to the Facet Search Configuration c.Imagine you are adding a new language to your store front which is not supported by hybris out of the box.In the hybris WCMS module.CMS restrictions are based on flexible search restrictions (Wrong because this is core’s flexi search restriciton no relation with this) b.placing an order d. personalization based on User.Remove your SOLR index data files before running the next indexer cron job to avoid index corruption b.creating a new catalog version c. Which steps are needed to make your search work in the new language? a.Which of the following capabilities are provided by the OCC webservices? a.Which of the following statements about CMS restrictions are true: a. Product . liveEdit mode can only be implemented if JSP is used as the Front End technology (Comment .This will also be true if it would have been page restriction) c.finding existing catalog versions b.) d.deleting a customer b. User.

there is no extension called ysolr) ! 26.The calculation of the discount .They can hold multiple values d.wrong because voucher doesn’t potential or fired status it’s only for promotion) d.hybris.Facet Properties cannot be used for spell checking b.for language we never need to create new catalog) 24.hybris.To enable facet searching on an item.Indexed Type Configuration (Comment .com/display/release5/Voucher+Module+-+End+User +Guide#VoucherModule-EndUserGuide-DateRestriction and extension which provides Solr services and data objects to the commercefacades (comment .They can be restricted by date and/or time b.https://wiki.a technology template to be used with extgen for cutomizing solr runtime configuration d.hybris.a hybris library for solr runtime configuration build into solrfacetsearch (Comment .What is ysolr? a.they have the status "potential" and "fired" (Comment .a query API merging Solr and Flexible Search c.they can be restricted to specific users and products so that they only discount prices under certain conditions (https://wiki. you would add each property that you want to be a facet to the list of IndexedProperties an IndexType item.Which of the following statements are true of both vouchers and promotions? display/release5/Key+Concepts+of+Promotions#KeyConceptsofPromotionsRestrictions ) ! definition ye sahi hai dhunda tha lekin description nahin mila) +Guide#VoucherModule-EndUserGuide-Typesandattributes .Numeric values are automatically grouped into Ranges c. Which of the following statements about these IndexedProperties (or facets) is true? a.Querying for more than one value at the same time is possible 25.they can be applied to the total order or to individual products (Comment .

create a new database user account with limited access rights.the promotion which needs to the simplest rule (involves the fewest products) will consume the product. so further promotions can not be applied (Comment .changing the default hybris passowords 29. for managers who don't need admin access b.changing the Tomcat manager user and password in the project properties file c.both promotions will be applied to that product d. Confused!!) b.the promotion with the higher priority will consume the product. Such products are then not subject to the voucher discount per wiki this should be right.possible can be configured.The commercefacades extension make use of DataObjects.Which of the following activities are recommended to make your hybris instance secure? a. so further promotions cannot be applied 28. https://wiki.They allow you to populate models from user input-form data b. Since vouchers can be restricted to apply to certain products only there may be order entries in an order that qualify as non-applicable products.What are converters and Populators used for in the Commerce Facades and Services extensions? a.called for by a given voucher is done on the total value of the applicable product prices.They can only have attributes added to them via subclassing +Promotions#KeyConceptsofPromotions-Restrictions . Which of the following statements regarding these DataObjects is true? a. a discount is added either to the order or to the item to adjust the order/item total to apply the savings the user should receive following the application of the promotion. Multiple promotions can not be configured to compete the same product (Comment .They represent the view data of the models that a storefronts user would require .What would be the default behavior if a product is eligible for two promotion simultaneously? a.) c.For each promotion.They allow you to customize the data objects to be delivered to the front end without changing the services implementation c.hybris.removing the admin and productmanager accounts and replacing them with your own named accounts with equivalent access rights d. inclusive of VAT.They allow you to implement price conversion logic in multi-currency sites d.this can not happen.) 27.They allow you to dynamically generate data objects from subclassed model classes 30. But I created two ‘Buy Product A and get B’ promtions both are applying together and created one more promotion ‘Buy X and get Y’ and this promotion is stopping other two promotions if I set it to high priority.

c.They provide a 1-1 mapping to the underlying model by default d.They are the DTO classes automatically generated by the ant all build task .