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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Planning Committee for Weinland Park Neighborhood Festival

Summary of meeting of May 16, 2016
Present: Diane Dixon, festival chair, Ashley Dixon, festival co-chair, Terry Althouse, Maddi
Napier, Robin Green, Simone Claborn, and Steve Sterrett.
Diane Dixon called the meeting to order shortly after 5 p.m. at Godman Guild Association.
School supplies. Simone Clayborn of Hometeam Properties said her company is involved with
three charitable activities: a drive to support residents of Flint, Mich.; distribution of free
weekend lunch kits; and distribution of school supplies. Ms. Clayborn and the committee
members discussed the distribution of book bags and school supplies at the festival. Ashley
Dixon said Rock City Church likely will distribute supplies for elementary school children. Ms.
Clayborn will investigate the possibility of distributing supplies to middle and high school
students from Weinland Park.
Volunteer recruitment. The committee members discussed using web sites to recruit volunteers
for the festival. Madison Eagle has a web site for volunteers, but it isnt clear whether its for
only YWCA volunteers or any potential volunteer. Robin Green will do a web site for volunteers
from Community Properties of Ohio. Maddi Napier will prepare a web site to recruit volunteers
from the community. Steve Sterrett will provide Ms. Green and Ms. Napier with information on
volunteer tasks from last years festival.
Farm activity. The Bring the Farm to You program has been confirmed for the festival from 1
to 3 p.m. The program will bring small farm animals to the festival. Mr. Sterrett suggested the
festival might include a focus on urban gardens, including contests similar to a county fair for the
best tomatoes, prettiest flower arrangement, etc., from Weinland Park gardens.
Basketball. Ms. Green reported Community Properties of Ohio is interested in conducting a
basketball tournament during the festival. The tournament would consist of teams each with one
adult and one child.
Schoenbaum. Mr. Sterrett reported Jane Wiechel will be at the contact with the Schoenbaum
Family Center for the festival. The family center will conduct activities for preschool children at
the festival, will give away Proctor & Gamble products, and may have an open house. The
committee members agreed that festival participants should visit the information tables and
vendors to qualify for the product give-away.
DJ. The DJ has requested a list of all of the festival activities and the festival schedule so he can
announce the activities throughout the afternoon.
Pie-eating. Diane Dixon has contacted Kroger about a donation of pies for the pie-eating
contest. People need to be recruited to participate in the contest.

Popcorn. Mr. Sterrett will get money to Diane Dixon to purchase popcorn and cotton candy
Next meetings. The festival committee will meet on Monday, June 13, and Monday, July 18.
Both meetings will begin at 5 p.m. at Godman Guild Association, 303 E. Sixth Avenue.

Festival planning information

Festival date & location
Saturday, August 6, from noon to 4 p.m. in the city park behind the school with access to the
schools restrooms.
Paddy Wagon food truck, Konoa ice truck and Mojos Tacos truck are confirmed. Festival
will charge $50 for each food truck.
Festival will provide free ice water and sell popcorn and cotton candy.
DJ Carl B (Carl A. Bogan, Jr.) for music and sound system, Olaniyi Gaiusbayode to lead line
dancing and Nicole Glover to lead zumba.
Kool Kats will provide a bounce house, large hamster ball, and dunk tank.
Vendors and information tables
Festival will charge $20 for vendors, who may be selling jewelry, cosmetics, and other items.
Non-profit organizations with information booths will not be charged.
Vendors and non-profit organizations must provide their own tables, chairs and canopies.
Diane Dixon is coordinating vendors and information tables.
Other matters
The 10 canopy tents purchased for the festival last year will be used this year. The festival
will rent a dance floor and more than the 35 tables and 60 chairs rented last year.

Summary prepared by Steve Sterrett

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