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Final project: Bible of My Life
Learning To allow the
objective: learner to reflect Date of submission:
on his/her Books Pts.
personal history
Genesis (15)
in the light of
God’s saving Exodus (15)
presence and
Leviticus (15)
movements in
his/her life. Prophets (15)
Wisdom books (15)
Submission: March 10, 2011
Apocalyptic literature (15)
About the author (10)
1. Genesis
a. How my parents met
b. The start of a family Rubric Scale
c. My pre-school, elementary and 15 Very comprehensive essay and
High School years the photo presentation of the
2. Exodus entries are detailed. Excellent
a. My travels (here and abroad) demonstrations and explanations
b. My greatest struggle/s of the entries throughout the
3. Leviticus work. The information entries
a. Family rules were all researched on.
b. Barkada rules
12 Student makes good essay and
c. Personal rules
the photo presentation of the
4. Prophets
entries are good. Good
a. People I greatly admire
demonstration/s and
b. People who have greatly
explanation/s of the entries
influenced me
throughout. Two or three entries
5. Wisdom books
were researched on.
Write an inspirational letter to just
9 Narrates and attempts photo
two of the following: (jejemon
presentations, with two or more
needing an explanation, or
a. Friend in need
hardly offers an explanation.
b. Significant partner (boy or girl)
Researched on topics or entries
c. Best friend/barkada
not being asked.
6. Apocalyptic literature
6 Makes unclear essay and photo
a. Ambitions in life
presentation, with three or more
b. Coat of arms
7. About the Author
3 No answers. No indications that
A self-portrait
the tasks of trying out the essay,
photo presentation and research
were attempted.

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