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A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM MUSIC Background: Enchanting or Lively Music 1st SCENE: Garden scene (Karl enters with

a rose and then hugs Jenmae from behind) KARL: Oh, fair Hippolyta, my love; I cant wait to be united with you. Four days more and we will be united in marriage. But, O, methinks, how slow the old moon wanes. She lingers my desires, like a dowager long withering out a young mans revenue. JENMAE: Theseus, my love, be patient. Four days will quickly steep themselves in night. Four nights will quickly dream away the time. And then, in marriage, we will live together forever and nothing will ever stop us from loving each other. KARL: Oh, how I love you Hippolyta, you mean the world to me. JENMAE: I love you too, my beloved. I am lucky to have your love. (hugging each other, enter Egeus) JAJA: Happy be Theseus, our renowned duke! KARL: Thanks, good Egeus. Whats your reason for coming here? (both go near the front) JAJA: I came here, your highness, full of anger to complain about my daughter Hermia. (exit Jenmae, enter Mariel, Reji & Virgilio) 2nd SCENE: JAJA: Step forward, Demetrius. My lord, this man has my consent to marry Hermia. Step forward, Lysander. But this other man, this man had bewitched my child. You, you, Lysander you have given her poems and exchanged love-tokens with my child. With cunning, he had stolen my daughter's heart, turned her obedience which is due to me to stubborn harshness. And, my gracious duke, if she will not consent to marry Demetrius then by the law of Athens, she should die. KARL: What do you have to say for yourself, Hermia? Think carefully girl. You should follow your father since hes the one who gave thine beauty. Therefore, it is within his power to decide if you should live or not. Besides, Demetrius is an admirable man. MARIEL: And so is Lysander. KARL: Youre right, Lysanders admirable too. But, it is your fathers choice that will matter. Hence, Demetrius must be held worthier to you. MARIEL: But it is not Demetrius that I love, my Lord, for my heart belongs to Lysander. KARL: Choose wisely, Hermia. Question your desires. Decide if you could stand to be a nun, forever chanting faint hymns to the cold fruitless moon. Take time to think, Hermia. I will only give you four days to choose. Upon that day either prepare to die for disobedience to your father's will, or wed Demetrius, as he would. REJI: Please give in, sweet Hermia. And, Lysander, stop acting like shes yours. Ive got more of a right to her than you do.

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VIRGILIO: Her father loves you, Demetrius. So why dont you marry him and let me have Hermia? (masuko si Reji then magsumbagay sila 10 secs Pause) JAJA: Stop! Its true, Lysander, I do love him. Thats why Im giving him my daughter. Shes mine, and Im giving her to Demetrius. VIRGILIO: But thats unfair! I am also as rich and well possessed as he is and my love for Hermia is more than his. And most of all, Hermia loves me. Why shouldnt I be able to marry her? Demetrius is a cheating bastard! He courted old Nedars daughter, Helena, and made her fall in love with him. And Helena loves him devotedly. Now tell me, my lord, is he worthy of her love? KARL: I have heard enough. Egeus and Demetrius, both of you come with me. I want to say a few things to you in private. JAJA & REJI: With duty and desire we follow you, your highness. (Exit Karl, Reji & Jaja, stay Mariel and Virgilio, Mariel cry then si Virgilio mu duol ni Mariel 10 secs pause) VIRGILIO: Whats wrong my love? Why are you so pale? Dont be sad, I promise you, we will make it through this rough time. MARIEL: What hell, to have your love life determined by someone else! Oh, my love. Im afraid! I dont want to be apart from you. I couldnt live without you. VIRGILIO: Stop worrying, beloved. I will find a way to these. MARIEL: I dont want to marry Demetrius and I dont want to be a nun! Please, Lysander, think of a way that could help us both. VIRGILIO: There is a way! Listen, I have a widowed aunt whos very rich and doesnt have any children. And she thinks of me as a son. Her house is in a remote place where the Athenian law could not touch us. In there, no one can stop our marriage. If you really love me, tomorrow night, steal away from your fathers house and to the woods shall we meet. MARIEL: Yes, my love. I swear by Cupids strongest bow and by all the vows that men have broken. I give you my word, I will meet you there. VIRGILIO: Keep your promise, my love. Look, here comes Helena. (Pause 5 sec - enter ANGELIE) AMPO: Demetrius, Demetrius!! MARIEL: God speed fair Helena! Where are you going? (PAUSE 3 sec) AMPO: Did you just call me beautiful? Was that I supposed to hear? Take it back! Demetrius loves your beauty! Oh, youre so lucky! Your eyes are like stars and your voice sweet as an angel. If I could be like you then Demetrius would certainly love me! And if the world was mine, Id give it all up except Demetrius, to be you. I own so I could be you. Oh Hermia, teach me how you look and with what art you sway the motion of Demetrius heart. MARIEL: I frown upon him and give him curses, yet he still loves me. AMPO: Oh, if only my prayers could inspire that kind of affection! MARIEL: The more I hate him, the more he follows me around.

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AMPO: The more I love him, the more he hates me. MARIEL: His foolishness is no fault of mine, Helena. AMPO: None, but your beauty: Oh, how I wish that fault was mine! MARIEL: Dont worry, Helena, for he shall no more see my face. Lysander and I will leave this place tomorrow night in the woods. Farewell, my sweet friend and do pray for us. (face Virgilio) Bye, my love. See you tomorrow night. VIRGILIO: I will, my Hermia. (Exit Mariel) (V faces A.R.) Farewell, Helena! I hope Demetrius comes to love you as much as you love him! (Exit Virgilio) AMPO: Oh, how happy some can be! Through Athens I am thought as fair as she. But so what? Demetrius thinks not so; for he likes Hermia even though he knows that I love him. Love can make worthless things beautiful. Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind. Oh well, I will go tell him of fair Hermia's flight. Even though, it will be painful for me to see him with Hermia, I will endure the pain just to see him happy. (mag-emote na kahilakon ug mag yaka, exit) 3rd SCENE: Enter ARVIN, EURICE, MARK, ROLLJOHN, ROCA & MAZO w/ long bench ARVIN: Is everyone here? EURICE: You should call their names generally, one person at a time, in the order in which their names appear on this piece of paper. Peter Quince, tell us what the play is about, then read the names of the actors, and then shut up. ARVIN: Alright. Our play is a lamentable comedy about the cruel death of Pyramus and Thisbe. EURICE: A very good piece of work, I assure you, and very funny. Now, good Peter Quince, call the names of the actors on the list. Masters, spread yourselves. ARVIN: Answer as I call you. Nick Bottom, the weaver? You, Nick Bottom, are set down for Pyramus. EURICE: Ready. Whats Pyramus? A lover or a tyrant? ARVIN: A lover who kills himself very nobly for love. EURICE: Ill have to cry to make my performance believable. And as soon as I start crying, oh boy, the audience had better watch out, because theyll start crying too. Ill make tears pour out of their eyes like rainstorms. ARVIN: Francis Flute, youll be playing the role of Thisbe. ROLLJOHN: Whos Thisbe? A wandering knight? ARVIN: No. She is the lady that Pyramus is in love with. Duh! ROLLJOHN: No, come on, dont make me play a woman. Im growing a beard. ARVIN: That doesnt matter. Youll wear a mask, and you can make your voice as high as you want to. EURICE: Oh, let me play Thisbe too. I'll speak in a monstrous little voice. Thisbe, Thisbe Ah, Pyramus, lover dear! Thy Thisby dear and lady dear!

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ARVIN: No, no; you must play Pyramus: and, Flute, youre Thisbe. Robin Starveling, the tailor? MARK: Here, Peter Quince. ARVIN: Robin Starveling, youre going to play Thisbes mother.Tom Snout, the handyman? ROCA: Here, Peter Quince. ARVIN: Youll be Pyramuss fatherIll play Thisbes father myselfSnug, the cabinetmaker, youll play the part of the lion.So thats everyone. I hope this play is well cast now. ALJUN: Have you written the lion's part? If you do, please give it to me, because I need to start learning the lines. It takes me a long time to learn things. ARVIN: You may do it extemporary, for it is nothing but roaring. EURICE: Oh please, let me play the lion too. RAWRR!! I will roar, that I will make the duke say 'Let him roar again, let him roar again. RAWRR!! ARVIN: If you should do it too terribly, you would fright the duchess and the ladies, that they would shriek; and then they will hang us all. EURICE: I grant you, friends, I will aggravate my voice so that I will roar as gently as any sucking dove. ARVIN: You can play no part but Pyramus, Bottom; for Pyramus is a sweet-faced man; a proper man therefore you must play Pyramus. EURICE: Okay, fine, if thats what you want. (nangluod) ARVIN: Masters, here are your parts. I plead you to con them (tanaw sa audience) by tomorrow night and meet me in the palace wood by moonlight. There, we will rehearse, for if we meet in the city our devices will be known. I pray you, fail me not. EURICE: (mag tipok sila) We will meet and there we may rehearse most obscenely and courageously. Take pains; be perfect! Adieu! (exit si Eurice then sunod ang uban) 4TH SCENE: (IN THE WOODS, ENTER ON ONE SIDE CAHOY WITH HER FAIRIES AND DODIE ON THE OTHER SIDE WITH HIS MEN) RODNEY: How not nice to see you, proud Titania.(ANGRY) CAHOY: What, are you jealous Oberon? Fairies, lets get out of here. Ive sworn Ill never sleep with him or talk to him again. (TARAY) RODNEY: Wait just a minute, you rash wanton. Arent you supposed to obey me, your lord and husband? CAHOY: Then I must be your lady and wife, so youre supposed to be faithful to me. Why are you here? And how dare you bless the marriage of your mistress and your warrior love with joy and prosperity. Have you no shame? RODNEY: How dare you question me about Hippolyta when I know of your love for Theseus? Ha! It is you who has no shame, Titania, not me.

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CAHOY: Well, I have every reason to believe that you are cheating on me, my dear Oberon. For not once did we meet since the middle summers spring on a hill, in a valley or in a forest. RODNEY: I dont care of what you believe. Why should Titania cross her Oberon? All Im asking for is to have that little changeling boy to be my henchman. CAHOY: Get over it. His late mother was a devotee of mine and on her deathbed she made me promise to take care of her son. And for her sake do I rear up her boy and for her sake I will not part with him. RODNEY: How long do you plan stay here in this forest? CAHOY: Perhaps, after Theseus wedding day. If you will patiently dance in our round and see our moonlight revels, go with us. If not, leave me alone, and I will stay away from your turf. RODNEY: Give me that boy, and I will come with you. CAHOY: (ANGRY) Not for your entire fairy kingdom, Oberon! Fairies, away! (exit sila) RODNEY: Well, go on your way then. I will have my revenge, Titania. My dear Puck, come here. (enter Jim). Fetch me the flower that was once hit by the arrow of Cupid. The juice of that flower, if anointed on a sleeping eye-lid, will make a man or woman madly in love with the next living creature he or she sees. Bring me this plant, and get back here fast. JIM: As you wish, your majesty. (exit JIM2X) RODNEY: Just wait, Titania, for I will have my revenge. I'll make you render up your changeling to me. Hahahaha But who comes here? (faces the audience) Ill make myself invisible and listen to their conversation. (face Reji and A.R., magpakilid) (Enter REJI WITH AMPO running & following him) 5TH SCENE: REJI: Look, I never said I love you, so stop following me around, Helena. Where is Lysander and Hermia? Didnt you told me that they went into these woods to run away? And here I am, going crazy in the middle of the woods because I cant find my Hermia. Go away, get out of here and stop following me. (FACE AMPO) AMPO: You attract me to you, you cruel magnet! If you let go of your power to attract me, I wont have any power to follow you. REJI: (ANGRY) Do I ask you to follow me? Do I speak to you kindly? Or, rather, do I not in plainest truth tell you, I do not, nor I cannot love you? (i-push si A.R.) AMPO: Yes, but that makes me love you even more. Im your little dog, Demetrius. The more you beat me, the more Ill love you. Treat me like you would treat a dogkick me, hit me, neglect me, try to lose me. Just let me follow behind you, even though Im not good enough for you. Could I ask for a worse place in your heart than to be treated as you would treat a dog? And yet I would consider it an honor to be your dog. REJI: Dont push it. Just looking at you makes me sick. AMPO: And I get sick when I cant look at you. REJI: You do impeach your modesty too much, to leave your home and to surrender your virginity in the hands of a man who doesnt love you. What did I ever do to make you fall in love with me?

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AMPO: Oh, Demetrius. I love you so much! Just to be with you is enough for me. You are my world and a life without you is a life not worth living for. (magtika duol ni reji) REJI: Ill run away from you and leave you to the mercy of wild beast. (mu dagan palayo) AMPO: Run while you can, Demetrius for I will follow you. You can run but you cant hide. (mu sunod) REJI: Leave me alone! If you follow me I shall do you mischief in the woods. (exit, run) AMPO: *Damn you, Demetrius! Your behavior is an insult to all women. (Crying, mu yaka) We cannot fight for love as men can. We should be pursued and courted. (STAND) Just wait, Demetrius, I'll follow you and make a heaven of hell, to die upon the hand I love so well. (PAUSE) (exit) RODNEY: (talking, pa center). Goodbye nymph. Before he leaves this part of the forest, youll change places: youll be the one running away, and hell be in love with you. (ENTER SI JIM2X) Welcome back, wanderer. Do you have the flower with you? JIM: Yes, here it is. RODNEY: Give it to me. Puck, I need you to do something. There is a sweet Athenian lady in love with a disdainful youth. Anoint his eyes with the juice of this flower but do it when the next thing he sees is the lady. You will know the man by the Athenian garment he has on. And, meet me here when the first cock crows. JIM: Fear not, my Lord, your servant shall do so. (exit all) 6th SCENE: (enter CAHOY and FAIRIES) MUSIC: CAHOY: Fairies, sing me now asleep and let me rest. FAIRIES: Sleep now, our fairy queen. Sweet dreams SINGING (MUHIGDA SI CAHOY THEN MU STOP ANG KANTA) BEM: Hence away! Now all is well. One aloof, stand guard for our fairy queen. (Exit ang Fairies, enter Rodney, then I-pahid niya ang flower sa eyelids ni Cahoy) RODNEY: What you see when you awake, do it for your true-love take, Love and languish for his sake; be it a cat, or bear, or a boar with bristled hair, In your eye it shall appear the most handsome creature of all. (exit Rodney) MUSIC: 7TH SCENE: (Enter Virgilio & Mariel) VIRGILIO: Hermia, are you fine? Can you still take the walk? My love, Im sorry, but I think I have forgotten the way. Well rest first so that by early dawn we can continue our journey. MARIEL: I feel fine though a little tired. Your right, we must rest so that we revive our energy for tomorrows journey. I will sleep in this bank and you sleep there. (POINT, then higda) VIRGILIO: (mu duol ni Mariel) But my love, We can both sleep together on the grass. Well have one heart, one bed, two bodies, and one faithful vow. MARIEL: No, Lysander, for my sake, my dear, you should sleep away from me. Do not lie so near.

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VIRGILIO: My love, we are alone. No one can see us nor can stop us from doing what we both want to do. Dont you love me? What I mean is, why dont you sleep with me? Dont you like my body? See this muscles, these are all for you my love. MARIEL: I do love you, Lysander. But, it does not mean that you could already sleep with me. Gentle friend, for love and courtesy, lie further off. Now, go to your bed and leave me be. (muhighda si V sa iya place) VIRGILIO: (DISAPPOINTED) Sleep well, my love! MARIEL: And sweet dreams, my beloved. (sleep all, enter JIM2X) JIM: (facing the audience) Where is the Athenian? I have searched the entire forest but I found no Athenian lad. (walking then ma agi-an si V). Wait a second, whos this? Oh, this man wears an Athenian garment. Is he the one who hates the Athenian maid? (duol ni Mariel). What a pretty soul! Sleeping soundly on a dirty ground, poor child. (PAUSE, duol balik ni VIR, pahiran and mata sa flower). Upon your eyes I throw all the power of this charm. When you wake up, you will fall in love with the woman you first see. (EXIT JIM) 8TH SCENE: (Enter REJI then A.R., running) AMPO: Stop, Demetrius! Stop, even if only to kill me. REJI: Im telling you, get out of here, and dont follow me around like this. (exit) AMPO: Demetrius, dont leave me! (gi hangak, sad) Oh, I am so tired of this chase. The more I pray, the less I get out of it. Hermia is lucky, wherever she is, because she has beautiful eyes. No, no, I am as ugly as a bear. Even monsters are afraid of me. (face VIR). But whos this here? Lysander! Is he dead or asleep? I see no blood, no wound, Lysander, wake up! >PAUSE< VIRGILIO: (AWAKE, mu tutok ni A.R. then mu sit, touch ang face ni A.R) Oh Helena, you have the most beautiful face! (MUSIC: JUST THE WAY YOU ARE) When I see your face theres not a thing that I would change AMPO: Do not say so, Lysander. Do you not love Hermia anymore? Hermia still loves you, so be happy. VIRGILIO: No, my love, I regret the time that I have spent with her. It is not Hermia but Helena I love. AMPO: How dare you mock me! What did I do to deserve this mockery? Isnt it enough that Demetrius hates me and now, you make a joke out of me? (slap ang face ni Vir, then exit) VIRGILIO: Helena, wait for me, my love! (exit) MARIEL: Help me, Lysander. Help me! (AWAKE, sit) What a dream it was! >PAUSE< Lysander? Lysander! Oh God, where are you? (STAND, FACE AUDIENCE) Dont worry my love, I will find you immediately. (exit) 9TH SCENE: (Enter Actors and CAHOY-resume sleep) EURICE: Is everybody here? ARVIN: Right on time. This is the perfect place to rehearse. This clearing will be the stage, and this hawthorn bush will be our dressing room. Lets put on our play exactly as well perform it for the duke.

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EURICE: Quince, we must have a wall in the great chamber; for Pyramus and Thisbe as said in the story, did talk through the chink of a wall. ROCA: You can never bring in a wall. What can you say, Bottom? EURICE: Snout, you could act as the wall! (Mu lingon si Roca) ARVIN: I think we have already found the solution to our problem. Come, sit down everyone, and rehearse your parts. Pyramus, we will begin with you. Enter from that side. (enter si JIM sa likod) JIM: What are those creatures doing near the cradle of the fairy queen? I must see what they are doing. ARVIN: Speak Pyramus. Thisbe, come forward. EURICE: Thisbe, the flowers of odious savours sweet,-ARVIN: Odours, not odious. (shouting) EURICE: Thisby, the flowers of odours savours sweet. So does your breath, Thisby dear. But hark, a voice! Stay there for I will be right back. (exit) JIM: Thats the strangest Pyramus Ive ever seen. (exit) ROLLJN: Must I speak now? ARVIN: Proceed. ROLLJN: (CUTE VOICE) Most radiant Pyramus, most lily-white of hue, of colour like the red rose on a triumphant plant, as true as truest horse that yet would never tire, I'll meet you, Pyramus, at Ninny's tomb. ARVIN: Its Ninus tomb, man. You must speak your part all at once. Your cue is after the words never tire. (tando si RJ) (ENTER EURICE WITH AN ASSS HEAD) EURICE: If I were fair, Thisby, I am only yours. (Others face EURICE, then mu scream) Others: Aahhhh!!!!!!! ARVIN: A monster! We are haunted! Run, run for your lives everyone! (Run to exit) ROLLJN: I want my Mommy!!! EURICE: Why are they running away? Am I that ugly? Oh, I see their making fun of me. Well, guys, you will not fool me. I will not move away from this place. I will walk up and down here and I will sing so that you will know that I am not afraid. (SING) CAHOY: (AWAKING) Please sing again, sweet human. I love to listen to your voice, and I love to look at your body. I know this is the first time Ive ever seen you, but youre so wonderful that I cant help swearing to you that I love you. EURICE: Uhm, you must be hallucinating. You must be mistaking me to be someone else. CAHOY: I know my own heart, mortal. And I was speaking of the truth when I told I love you. EURICE: Uhm, I think I should be going now. Its near midnight already. Farewell, mistress.

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CAHOY: And where do you think you are going? You will remain here. You belong to me. I am fairy queen of this land and I promise to give you everything you want. Fairies! FAIRIES: Ready! Where are we going, Lady Titania? CAHOY: Be kind and courteous to this gentleman for he shall be my husband. Follow his orders and give him whatever he wants. FAIRIES: Hail, Mortal! Hail, Mortal! Hail, Mortal! (Nod si Eurice) CAHOY: Come Fairies, and wait upon him. Lead him to my bed. I shall give him pleasure with my body. (CAHOY DANCE: MSX: CARELESS WHISPER; EXIT)

10TH SCENE: (ENTER RODNEY THEN JIM) RODNEY: Hmmm, I wonder if Titania is awake by now. And what beast did she first saw and which she has fallen in love with. JIM: King Oberon, the answer to your question is a man with an asss head. HAHAHA It was so funny! If you could have seen Titanias face when she woke up RODNEY: Ha! This falls out better than I think it would. Before I forget, have you found the Athenian I told you about? Did you anoint his eyes with the flower? (ENTER MARIEL & REJI, PAKILID SI RODNEY & JIM2X) RODNEY: Stand close; this is the same Athenian man. JIM: This is the woman but not the man. REJI: Hermia, why do you reject my love? Am I not worthy enough to gain your love? MARIEL: Let me go, Demetrius. How many times did I tell you to stop this foolishness of yours? Where is Lysander? What did you do with him? If anything happened to Lysander, I will hold you accountable. REJI: Youre breaking my heart, Hermia. Dont you know that my heart tears up into pieces every time you say mean things to me? MARIEL: I dont care of what you feel, Demetrius. Just tell me where I can find Lysander. Now! REJI: Why should I know? Were not friends and I am not guilty of killing Lysander. MARIEL: Oh please, tell me then that he is well. REJI: And if I will, what will I gain? MARIEL: (ANGRY) A privilege never to see me again. And Demetrius, never ever show your face in front of me again. I despise you! (exit Mariel) REJI: Hmm I cant go after her when shes in a rage like this. So Ill stay here for a while. Maybe tomorrow, she wont be angry of me anymore. Ill sleep here for a while and wake up when dawn arrives. Haaa! (YAWN, HIGDA, SLEEP)

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RODNEY: What have you done? Because of your mistake someones true love must have turned bad, instead of this mans false love being turned into a true love. JIM: In that case, it must be fate. Thats the way of the world. RODNEY: Go around the forest, move as fast as the wind, and make sure you find Helena of Athens. Bring her here with some trick or illusion, and Ill put the charm on his eyes before she comes. JIM: I go, I go, look at me go faster than an arrow. Weeeeh! (JIM EXIT) RODNEY: When he sees the girl he should love, make her seem as bright to him as the evening star. Young man, when you wake up, if shes nearby, beg her to cure your lovesickness. (JIM enter) JIM: Helena is nearby, boss. The young man who I mistook for this one is there too, begging her to love him. Should we watch this ridiculous scene? Lord, what fools these mortals are! RODNEY: Step aside. The noise theyre making will wake up Demetrius. JIM: Then the two of them will both pursue one girl. Hahahaha it will be so funny!! (enter VR & AR) VIRGILIO: Why do you think Im making fun of you when I tell you I love you? People dont cry when theyre mocking someone. Look, when I swear that I love you, I cry, and when someone cries while hes making a promise, hes usually telling the truth. How can it seem like Im making fun of you, when my tears prove that Im sincere? AMPO: Youve made the same promises to me and to Hermiathey cant both be true! They must both be false. The promises youre making to me belong to Hermia. Will you abandon her? If you weighed the promises you made to me against the promises you made to her, theyd come out the samethey both weigh nothing. Theyre lies. VIRGILIO: I wasnt thinking clearly when I made those promises to her. AMPO: And I dont believe youre thinking clearly now, as you break those promises. VIRGILIO: Demetrius loves her, and he doesnt love you. REJI: (WAKE, FACE AR, DRAG HER CLOSER) Helena, you goddess, you divine and perfect nymph! Oh, let me kiss your beautiful white hand. Itll make me so happy! AMPO: Damn it! I see youre all determined to gang up on me for a few laughs. Cant you just hate me, as I know you do? Do you have to get together to humiliate me too? Youre competing for Hermias love, and now youre competing to see which one of you can make fun of me the most. Thats a great idea, a really manly thing to domaking a poor girl cry! VIRGILIO: Dont be cruel, Demetrius. I know you love Hermia, and you know I know it. Right here, right now, I swear Im giving up all my claims on her and handing her to you. In exchange, give up your claim to love Helena, since I love her and will love her until I die. AMPO: Ha! Nobodys ever gone to so much trouble just to make fun of someone. REJI: Lysander, keep your Hermia. I dont want her. If I ever loved her, all that love is gone now. My love for her was temporary. Now Ill love Helena forever. VIRGILIO: Helena, its not true.

P a g e | 11

REJI: Dont insult a deep love that you dont understand, or youll pay the price. Look, here comes Hermia. (enter Mariel, duol ni Virgilio) MARIEL: I couldnt see you, Lysander, but I heard your voice, and thats how I found you. Why did you leave me alone so unkindly? VIRGILIO: I love you no more, Hermia. Its beautiful Helena, who lights up the night better than all those fiery stars. Why are you looking for me? Didnt you figure out that I left you because I hate you? MARIEL: (HURT) You cant mean what youre saying. Its impossible. AMPO: So, shes in on this too! Now I see that all three of you have gotten together to play this cruel trick on me. Hurtful Hermia, you ungrateful girl, why do you mock me so? Have you forgotten all the vows we made to be like sisters to one another, all the hours we spent together, wishing that we never had to say goodbyehave you forgotten? Do you want to destroy our old friendship by mocking me this way? MARIEL: What are you talking about? I really dont understand what you said. Im not insulting you. It sounds more like youre insulting me. AMPO: Come on, confess. Didnt you send Lysander, as an insult, to follow me around praising my eyes and my face? And why does Lysander deny that he loves you, when he loves you so deeply? Why does it matter that Im not as lucky or lovable as you are and that the love I feel is unrequited? You should pity me for that reason, not hate me. MARIEL: I dont know what youre talking about. AMPO: Oh, fine. All right, go ahead, keep up your little game, pretend to be sympathetic, but then nudge each other and wink and make faces at me when I turn my back. If you had any sense of pity, or manners, you wouldnt pretend to fight over me like this. But, goodbye. Its partly my own fault, since I followed you here. VIRGILIO: Stay, lovely Helena. Listen to my excuse. My love, my life, my soul, beautiful Helena! AMPO: Ha! Thats a good one. MARIEL: (to LYSANDER) Dont insult her like that, Lysander darling. REJI: (to LYSANDER) If Hermias begging cant make you stop insulting Helena, I can force you to do so. VIRGILIO: You cant force me any more than Hermia can beg me. Your threats are no stronger than her whining.Helena, I love you. I swear I do. Ill give my life for you, just to prove this guy wrong when he says I dont love you. REJI: I say that I love you more than he does. VIRGILIO: If thats what you say, go fight a duel with me and prove it. REJI: Youre on. Lets do it. MARIEL: Lysander, where are you going with all this? (she holds Virgilio back) VIRGILIO: Get away, you ugly thing! (push Mariel away) REJI: Youre a coward, get out of here! VIRGILIO: (to HERMIA) Stop hanging on me, you cat, you thorn. Let go of me, or Ill shake you off like a snake.

P a g e | 12

MARIEL: Why have you gotten so rude? Whats happened to you, my darling? VIRGILIO: Your darling? Get out, you dark-skinned gypsy! Get out, you horrible poison. Get out! MARIEL: Are you joking? AMPO: Of course he is, and so are you. VIRGILIO: Demetrius, Im ready to fight you as promised. REJI: I dont trust you. VIRGILIO: What? Do you want me to hit Hermia, hurt her, kill her? Sure, I hate her, but I wouldnt hurt her. MARIEL: Why do you hate me? Why? Whats happened to you, my love? Am I not your Hermia?. You still loved me when we fell asleep, but when you woke up you left me. So you left meOh, God help me! For real? (kahilakon) VIRGILIO: I certainly did, and I never wanted to see you again. So stop hoping and wondering what I mean. Ive spelled it out for you clearly. Its no joke. I hate you and love Helena. MARIEL: Oh, no! (to HELENA) You trickster, you snake! You thief! What, did you sneak in at night and steal my loves heart from him? AMPO: Oh, thats very nice! You ought to be ashamed of yourself! Youre going to make me mad enough to answer you? Damn you, you faker, you puppet! MARIEL: Puppet? Why puppet?Oh, I see where this is going. Shes talking about our difference in height. She won him over with her height.Does he have such a high opinion of you because Im so short? Is that it? So how short am I, you painted barber pole? Tell me. How short am I? (ANGRY) AMPO: Please dont let her hurt me, gentlemen, however much you want to tease me. I never was much good with insults. Im not mean and catty like her. Im a nice shy girl. Please dont let her hit me. MARIEL: Shorter! See, shes doing it again! (ANGRY, SABUNOTAY) AMPO: Good Hermia, please dont act so bitter toward me. I always loved you, Hermia, and gave you advice. I never did anything to hurt you. Now just let me go quietly back to Athens. Ill carry my mistakes back with me. I wont follow you anymore. Please let me go. MARIEL: Well, get out of here then! Whats keeping you? AMPO: My stupid heart, which Im leaving behind here. MARIEL: What, youre leaving it with Lysander? AMPO: No, with Demetrius. VIRGILIO: Dont be afraid. She cant hurt you, Helena. AMPO: Oh, when you get her angry, shes a good fighter, and vicious too. She was a hellcat in school. And shes fierce, even though shes little. MARIEL: Little again? Nothing but little and short! Why are you letting her insult me like this? Let me at her! VIRGILIO: Get lost, you dwarf, you tiny little weed, you scrap, you acorn! REJI: Youre doing too much to defend a woman who wants nothing to do with you. Leave Hermia alone. Dont talk about Helena.

P a g e | 13

VIRGILIO: Hermias not holding onto me anymore. Follow me if youre brave enough, and well fight over Helena. REJI: Follow? No, Ill walk right next to you, side by side. (virgilio & reji exit) MARIEL: All this fighting is because of you. Stay where you are. AMPO: Why should I listen to you? (Exit: AR then Mariel) (Enter: Rodney & Jim) RODNEY: This is all your fault. You make mistakes constantly, or else you cause this kind of trouble on purpose. JIM: Believe me, King of Illusions, I made a mistake. Didnt you tell me that Id be able to recognize the man by the Athenian clothes he was wearing? So far Ive done exactly what I was supposed to do. RODNEY: As you can see, these lovers are looking for a place to fight. Hurry up, Robin, cover the sky with fog, as dark as hell, and get these overeager rivals so completely lost in the woods that they cant run into each other. (OBERON gives a new flower to ROBIN) When theyre asleep, crush some of this flowers juice into Lysanders eyes. The flowers juice has the power to erase all the damage thats been done to his eyes, and to make him see normally, the way he used to. When they wake up, all this trouble and conflict will seem like a dream or a meaningless vision. Then the lovers will go back to Athens, united together until death. While youre busy with that, Ill go see Queen Titania and ask her once again for the Indian boy. And then Ill undo the spell that I cast over her then everything will be peaceful again. (EXIT RODNEY THEN JIM) 11TH SCENE: (ENTER VIR. AND JIM as actor) VIRGILIO: Where are you, Demetrius, you arrogant bastard? Say something. JIM (R): Im over here, you villain, with my sword out and ready to fight. Where are you? VIRGILIO: IM COMING! (exit V, enter R) REJI: Lysander, say something! You coward, did you run away from me? Say something! Are you behind some bush? Where are you hiding? JIM (V): You coward, are you bragging to the stars and telling the bushes that you want a fight, but then you wont come and fight me? Come here, you coward! Come here, you child! Ill beat you with a stick. REJI: Are you there? JIM (V): Follow my voice. This isnt a good place to fight. (exit) VIRGILIO: When I reach the place hes calling from, he disappears. This villain is much quicker than I am. Ill rest here for a while. (he lies down) I hope the pleasant daytime comes soon! As soon as early morning appears, Ill find Demetrius and get my revenge for this insult. (V lies down & REJI enter.) REJI: That coward! Hes taunting me again. Im exhausted; I need to lie down and sleep on this cold ground. Ill have my revenge later on Lysander. (REJI lies down and sleep, AR ENTER, CRAWLING) AMPO: Oh, what an exhausting night! I wish it would end. I hope Ill be able to sleep and escape my troubles for a while. (AR, yawns then lies down and sleeps, enter Mariel)

P a g e | 14

MARIEL: Im so tired! Im all wet from the dew and scratched up by thorns, and I cant crawl any farther. I just cant go on. I cant move any longer. Ill sleep here until morning. Oh God, let Lysander is safe! (Mariel lies down and sleeps, enter JIM) JIM: Sleep well there on the ground. Ill cure you, gentle lover, by putting this medicine on your eyes. (JIM puts the nectar of the flower on VIRGILIOs eyelids) When you wake up, you will be truly delighted to see the woman you once loved. Now, everything is back to normal. (JIM EXITS) 12TH SCENE: (enter Cahoy, Eurice and Fairies) CAHOY: (to EURICE) Come over here and sit down on this flowery bed while I caress those lovable cheeks. Ill put roses on your silky, smooth head and kiss your big, beautiful ears, my gentle darling. Would you like to hear some music, my sweet love? EURICE: I have a pretty good ear for music. Lets hear someone play the triangle and the sticks. CAHOY: Or tell me, my sweet love, what youd like to eat. EURICE: Actually, Id like a few pounds of grass. Id like to munch on some good dry oats. Or maybe Ive got a hankering for a bundle of hay. Theres nothing like good hay, really sweet hay. CAHOY: Anything for you, my love. Go to sleep, and I will wrap my arms around you. Fairies, go away. (FAIRIES EXIT) Oh, how I love you! Im so crazy about you! (sleep E & C, enter Rodney& JIM) RODNEY: Do you see this sweet sight? Now Im starting to pity Titania for being so infatuated. And now that I have the boy, Ill undo the spell that makes her vision so disgustingly wrong. And, gentle Puck, take this mortal so that when he wakes up at the same time as the rest of them do, they can all go back to Athens. Theyll only remember the events of tonight as a very unpleasant dream. But first Ill release the fairy queen from the spell. (squeezes the juice from a flower into CAHOYs eyes) Be like you used to be, and see like you used to see. Now, Titania, wake up, my sweet queen. CAHOY: (waking up) Oberon, Ive had such a strange dream! I dreamed I was in love with an ass. RODNEY: Theres your boyfriend, sleeping right over there. CAHOY: Eww!!! How did this happen? Oh, his face is disgusting! RODNEY: Be quiet for a while.Robin, take this mortal off this place. (Jim exits with Eurice). My queen, lets travel silently and solemnly across the globe to where its still night, circling the earth faster than the moon does. CAHOY: While were walking, you can tell me how I ended up sleeping on the ground with these humans last night. (EXIT BOTH) 13TH SCENE: (enter Reji, AR, Mariel, Virgilio-sleeping, enter Jaja, Karl, and Jenmae - walking) JAJA: My lord, thats my daughter asleep on the ground over there, and this is Lysander here, and this is Demetrius, and this is Helena. I dont understand why theyre all here together.

P a g e | 15

KARL: They probably woke up early to celebrate May. But tell me, Egeus. Isnt today the day when Hermia has to tell us her decision about whether shell marry Demetrius? JAJA: It is, my Lord. (awake Mariel, Vir, Reji, AR) KARL: Good morning, my friends. Valentines Day is over. Are you lovebirds only starting to pair up now? VIRGILIO: Forgive us, my Lord. KARL: Please, all of you, stand up. (ALL STAND UP) I know you two are enemies. But, may I ask, are you two, now, in good terms? VIRGILIO: My lord, what I say may be a little confusing , since Im half asleep and half awake. I swear, at the moment I really couldnt tell you how I ended up here. But I thinkI want to tell you the truth, and now that I think about it, I think this is trueI came here with Hermia. We were planning to leave Athens to escape the Athenian law and JAJA: Enough, enough, my lord. Youve heard enough evidence! I insist that the law punish him! REJI: My lord, the beautiful Helena told me about their secret plan to escape into this forest. I was furious and followed them here, and the lovely Helena followed me. Im not sure how it happenedbut somehow, something made my love for Hermia melt away like snow. Now the only person I love, and believe in, and want to look at, is Helena. I was engaged to her before I ever met Hermia. Then I hated her for a while but then I realized that I love Helena but I was too proud to admit it. Now I want Helena, I love her, I long for her, and I will always be true to her. KARL: You pretty lovers are lucky you met me here. Well talk more about this later.Egeus, Im overriding your wishes. These couples will be married along with me and Hippolyta in the temple later today. Come, Hippolyta. (EXIT ALL) 14TH SCENE: (ENTER EURICE, SLEEPING) EURICE: (waking up) Peter Quince? Flute! Snout? Starveling! My God, theyve all run away and left me sleeping here? What a weird dream I had. You cant even describe such a weird dream. Youd be an ass if you even tried to explain it. I thought I wasno, nobody can even describe what I was. I thought I was, I thought I hadbut a person would be an idiot to try to say what I thought I had. Ill get Peter Quince to write this dream down as a ballad. Ill call it Bottoms Dream because its so deep that it has no bottom. (EURICE EXIT) 15TH SCENE: Wedding Reception Scene (KARL, JENMAE, REJI, AR, MARIEL, VIRGILIO) Lively scene: Characters freeze) SARAH: And so, the three couples were married and the company of peter Quince and Nick Bottom were the ones chosen to play to the duke of Athens wedding. ARVIN: If we offend you, it is with our good will. But you should think, we come not to offend but to show our simple skill, that is the beginning of our end. Consider then we come but in despite. We do not come as minding to contest you, our true intent is. All for your delight we are here.

P a g e | 16

ROCA: I, one Snout by name, present a wall; And such a wall, as I would have you think,That had in it a crannied hole or chink, through which the lovers, Pyramus and Thisby, did whisper often very secretly. This loam, this rough-cast and this stone doth show that I am that same wall; the truth is so: and this the cranny is, right and sinister, through which the fearful lovers are to whisper. EURICE: O grim-look'd night! O night with hue so black! O night, which ever art when day is not! O night, O night! alack, alack, alack, I fear my Thisby's promise is forgot! And thou, O wall, O sweet, O lovely wall, That stand'st between her father's ground and mine! Thou wall, O wall, O sweet and lovely wall, Show me thy chink, to blink through with mine eyne! Wall holds up his fingers Thanks, courteous wall: Jove shield thee well for this! But what see I? No Thisby do I see. O wicked wall, through whom I see no bliss! Cursed be thy stones for thus deceiving me! ROLLJN: o wall, full often hast thou heard my moans, For parting my fair Pyramus and me! My cherry lips have often kiss'd thy stones, Thy stones with lime and hair knit up in thee. EURICE: I hear a voice, now Ill go to the chink. To spy, I can see my Thisbes face. Thisby! ROLLJN: My love thou art, my love I think. EURICE: Think what thou wilt, I am thy lover's grace;And, like Limander, am I trusty still. ROLLJN: And I like Helen, till the fates me kill. EURICE: Oh, kiss me through the hole of this wall!!! ROLLJN: I kiss the walls hole, not your lips at all. EURICE: Wilt thou at Ninnys tomb, meet me straightway? ARVIN: No, its Ninuss Tomb. ROLLJN: Tide life, tide death, I come without delay ROCA: Thus have I, wall, my part discharged so. And being done, thus wall away Ill go. ALJUN: You, ladies, you, whose gentle hearts do fear The smallest monstrous mouse that creeps on floor, May now perchance both quake and tremble here,

P a g e | 17

When lion rough in wildest rage doth roar. Then know that I, one Snug the joiner, am A lion-fell, nor else no lion's dam; For, if I should as lion come in strife Into this place, 'twere pity on my life. MARK: This lantern does the horned moon present; myself the man in the moon do seem to be. All that I have to say, is, to tell you that the lantern is the moon, I, the man in the moon and this thornbush my thornbush and this dog, my dog. (enter Rolljohn) ROLLJN: This is old Ninnys tomb. Wheres my love ARVIN: I said its Ninuss Tomb. ALJUN: RAWRR!!! RAWRR!!! (rolljohn run away, exit aljun) EURICE: Sweet Moon, I thank thee for thy sunny beams; I thank thee, Moon, for shining now so bright; For, by thy gracious, golden, glittering gleams, I trust to take of truest Thisby sight. But stay, O spite! But mark, poor knight, What dreadful dole is here! Eyes, do you see? How can it be? O dainty duck! O dear! Thy mantle good, What, stain'd with blood! Approach, ye Furies fell! O Fates, come, come, Cut thread and thrum; Quail, crush, conclude, and quell! O wherefore, Nature, didst thou lions frame? Since lion vile hath here deflower'd my dear: Which is--no, no--which was the fairest dame that lived, that loved, that liked, that look'd with cheer. Come, tears, confound; Out, sword, and wound The pap of Pyramus; ay, that left pap,Where heart doth hop: (Stabs himself)Thus die I, thus, thus, thus.Now am I dead, Now am I fled; My soul is in the sky: Tongue, lose thy light; Moon take thy flight: (Exit Moonshine) Now die, die, die, die, die. (Die, enter Rolljohn) ROLLJN: Asleep, my love? What, dead, my dove? O Pyramus, arise! Speak, speak. Quite dumb? Dead, dead? A tomb must cover thy sweet eyes. These My lips,This cherry nose,These yellow cowslip cheeks, Are gone, are gone: Lovers, make moan:His eyes were green as leeks. O Sisters Three, Come, come to me, With hands as pale as milk; Lay them in gore, Since you have shore With shears his thread of silk. Tongue, not a word: Come, trusty sword; Come, blade, my breast imbrue (Stabs herself)And, farewell, friends; Thus Thisby ends: Adieu, adieu, adieu (Dies) SARAH: The iron tongue of midnight has told twelve. Lovers, to bed; tis almost fairy time Sweet friends, to bed. A fortnight holds us this solemnity, in nightly revels and new jollity. And so, the three couples, lived a very joyful and prosperous life together. In the end, magic lend fate, a hand. JIM: If we shadows have offended, think but this, and all is mended. That you have but slumbered here while this visions did appear. And this silly and pathetic story was no more real than a dream. Gentles, do not reprehend. If you forgive us, well make everything all right and so, good day unto you all. Give me your hands if we are friends and Robin shall restore amends. (bow then exit)