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supplies consumables. membranes.Norit 'leading in purification' Norit ‘leading in purification’ develops and applies state-of-the-art purification technologies to help society. Norit offers global coverage with research and development. No following. systems. More than 8 percent of the world’s population . Norit. meet environmental. through our clients. Suffice it to say that synergy and cross-selling are the key drivers of Norit’s successful growth strategy. Each Norit company is a respected expert in its field. and work towards a sustainable future. and distributors serves customers in more than 150 countries around the world. Just leading. maintaining a leading market position. and manufacturing facilities in seven countries.already consumes water purified by Norit! Norit’s activated carbon. and quality control equipment rank among the world’s best. Activated carbon offers unique adsorption . business partners. headquartered in The Netherlands. engineering. based on proprietary technology in every step of the water and beverage value chains. Norit Activated Carbon The Norit Group consists of a number of companies that each has its own specific area of expertise. pumps.over half a billion people . and safety challenges. aseptic and hygienic valves. carbon dioxide systems. health. and solutions. The Norit Group. A network of dedicated Norit sales and service centers. components.

Activated carbon is used for the purification of a wide range of substances in all kinds of industries. After a big ship fire. when most international cargo was transported by ships. Thus. How it all began… A long time ago. Norit Activated Carbon produces Pharmacopoeia grades (PhEur and USP) of activated carbon.One of the business units is Norit Activated Carbon. In fact. reactivation services and decolorizing of pharmaceutical products. Norit Activated Carbon is the world’s number one supplier of activated carbon and related services. The highest purity Pharmaceutical products have to be ultra-pure and fully traceable. food. During the next voyage it was noticed that people who drank out of these charred barrels suffered less from infections and diarrhea. bacteria and unwanted substances in the gut. beverage. The highest quality activated carbon available results in an overall improvement and efficiency of products. varying from odorous compounds and small chemical molecules to dark colored bodies. In addition. High-quality products increase the consumer’s trust in clinical outcome. people understood one of the many benefits of carbon: water purification! General information . The usage of medicinal coal for human is known all over the world and experiences a long history. science and art were among the most acclaimed in the world). The ability to control the activation process and the purity of the activated carbon allows Norit Activated Carbon to supply a customized fit. in the Golden Age (during the 17th century when Dutch trade. but still usable. Activated carbon has a very high adsorption rate for a wide range of molecules. virtually every product around the world manufactured today has been improved upon at least once by the use of activated carbon. an important discovery was made. several water barrels were damaged. activated carbon is also used as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) for pharmaceutical products. Main market segments are potable water.

and are pharmaceutically certified (GMP) • Well respected in more than 30 countries. flatulence) • New products • Own lab facilities Production • Own activated carbon production plant. production and delivery: +31 33 464 8882 Registration • Successful registration support all over the world since 1920 • Pharmacovigilance Market development and support • Medical Application Manager • Account Manager and Business Manager Research/ PMS • Pharmacovigilance • Medical Application Manager Tailor-made pharmaceutical solutions . The Netherlands (GMP) • Own pharmaceutical production plant. Klazienaveen. Asia and Australia • Norit Activated Carbon is the market leader in every country where the company is active and has developed great knowledge of the market by close relations with distributors • Tailor-made solutions for (semi-) finished products and contract manufacturing Norit Activated Carbon Product development • Line extensions (liquids) • New applications (weight control. The Netherlands. primarily in Europe. The Netherlands (GMP) • QA/QC support Distribution/logistics • Front desk.Norit Activated Carbon • Highest quality (Pharmacopoeia) grades of activated carbon • Has been producing and launching pharmaceutical products in co-operation with distributors since 1920 • The activated carbon production plant and the pharma plant are both located in Klazienaveen. Klazienaveen.

000 inhabitants. 2.560 per 1. General information .000. Norit Activated Carbon produces and sells pharmaceutical products in more than 30 countries with a large distribution for two gastro-intestinal applications: diarrhea and poisoning. Diarrhea Diarrhea is a very common and potentially deadly health problem.Organization and service specialized in solutions for the gastro-intestinal tract Today. 1. According to the World Health Organization (2006) more than 4 million children die every year from the consequences of diarrhea. oral rehydration (ORS). Activated carbon that purifies the gut and cures diarrhea. and can be used for all types of acute diarrhea. fungus or other toxic substances. both based on proven and natural purification of the gastro-intestinal tract. The incidence of poisoning is estimated at 1. per year. The proven and effective therapy for many toxic substances is a high dosage of activated carbon (1g/kg bodyweight). loperamide and others. Treatment of acute diarrhea is generally divided into the following therapies: activated carbon. Quick administration of activated carbon limits or totally prevents absorption of those toxic substances in the gastro-intestinal tract. is a safe therapy even for children. Poisoning Common causes for oral intoxication worldwide are: medication overdose.

Norit Activated Carbon is extending the product portfolio with new products such as loperamide and probiotics.Innovative applications for common gastro-intestinal health problems Together with a global distribution network Norit Activated Carbon is constantly looking for new applications. reducing flatulence and facilitating wound healing. . Currently Norit Activated Carbon is developing products for aiding weight management. Furthermore.

literature search. marketing communication) • Scientific support (Key Opinion Leader Management. training. research) • Exclusive partnership with distributors • Partnership model with Account Manager and Business Manager • Cross selling opportunities • Short decision lines and thorough expertise ensures that Norit Activated Carbon can operate in a flexible and decisive manner General information .Norit Activated Carbon. positioning. A constant quality • Highest quality activated carbon guaranteed (Pharmacopoeia grades) • Delivery on demand due to on-site production and experienced logistic department • Contract manufacturing specializes in handling medicinal activated carbon • Local registration support • Marketing and sales support (best practices.

Box 105 • 3800 AC Amersfoort • The Netherlands T +31 33 4648911 • F +31 33 4617429 E Please visit our website to obtain information about your local support! Norit Nederland BV reserves the right to make changes in technical specifications at any time in case the company considers this necessary (to guarantee safety of its products).com • I www.Norit Nederland BV P.norit-ac.O. Ph A 7-2008 .

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