Jay McCleskey - Political


Jay McCleSkey - Political
·1/6/20075:32:28 PM

Cc: Bee: Subject:

SCott Jennings;

Journal SlaffReporl Sen. Pele Domenici. R·,V..\f.. is recummending/our people for cUlloSideration Q.r the ne:'C/ u.s. al/ol7ley. Domenici, in l-espom.e lo,he Bush l-ecommendaUolU. -har Juhmilled the ,Iumel 0/ Jim Bibb a/Santa Fe. r. Glenn Eliingion ofSanta F., Chari.. P.ifer ofAlbuqu.rqu. and Pal Rog.... •. u.s. Allomey David IgI••ial i. platlninglo r..ign In lhe nexl few monllu. hl8 ojJlce's spokesman, Norm Coinu, said in December. Domenic; Qn1;ounced hu in a news rele01Jt! Friday. ''It U MY pletuuTe to recommend/our inJiviauaJ.r that J.believe w.ouJd serve .Vew J,fexico and the nation with Jutinetlon tJ8 UniJedStates Attorney for ountall.· he .ald. "I amJamlliarwith .ach oflhem. and I bell.ve Ihallh.y have the nece••ary I.gal backgroum.u and lighl temperamentfor Ihe lob. " PresiJent BU.Jh will no",inate a new U.S. attorney. Y(ho wiJlthe" be for conflnnation by lhe u.s. Senaw. . Edward Lujan, Q former siale GOP chainnan. said Ihen doubt that one of/M four altorneys recommended will get the .d our senior senalor, who ;s from IIw same (political) party a8 Ihe presideni, muke8 ancommendatlon. very. very likely one oflhem wiJl 1Ht selected." LUjan said . Bibb. lhe R.publlcan nomine.for .tall anorney g",,,uI who Wal defeat.d by o.mocrat Gary King In the Nov. 7 g.neral .I.clion, hal be.n an aI.I.,_ . U.S. allorney and I. a major In lhe N.w MexicO Nal/onal Guard In add/lion 10 in private praclice, h,·wa.f a special agentfor 1M FBI and an . as.Jislanl dl8trlct attormy in th, -Ith Judle/alDlstrict. Ellinglon i. in private proclic.wilh Eillngion & Ellington. L.L.e. Befon that he WOI seertlary of 1M siaM Taxallon and Revenue Deparlment, OtId wcu a dutrlcl and app.llat. judiI'. P'if". 0tI attorney with P.ifer, HalUon andMulillU. hal be.n a IlIlgatorfOrth. p...' 16 yea.... H. Irau.rved aI chief....ulanl 8/01. clllOnwy general. when he Jupervi.Jec! 1M oJllce'sfour civil tiivisiom. Rog.... i. alongI/me m.mber ofMadraII. Sperling. Roehl. Ham. and .S1.Jk, he selVes on the execuliveco",mi/tet. He har "ouMel to the state GOP andw08 on the .\-IQuntoin Siaies LegalPedel'mlon board ofdlreClOr.J. Ragen also serves Q4 pres/dent ofthe e.'cecutiw committee a/1M New Alex/co Foundation jar Open Government. 93 US. aIlOf"MY.J. tM direction ojtM atlorney general. are "ountry'senforcement ojJ1cers. The po.!i/ion hm three $tatutory ,.e.JpoMibi/!lIes: Ihe pro.Jecution ofcriminal c:a.re& brought by 1M federal government; Ihe prtMecu/iun and tk/ense of civif caU$ in which tM Ullited State.! is Q party: and Ihe collection of .lebuoweti the federal governtnen.tlhat are administratively uncolleclible.


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Jay McCleskey - Political

Jay McCleskey - Political
1i6/2007 5:35:15 PM SCott Jennings; .


Cc: BC:c: Subject:


Are we going to go with the Domenici suggestion?

Jay McCleskeY Regional PoIHieel DIrector Republican National Committee 505.280.

-_._---------'..---------------------From: SCott Jennings
Sent: sat 1/6/2007 10:33 AM Ta: Jay MCCleskey - Polillcal Subject: Re:
Domcmici wants Peifer. Rod just emaiJed karl.• incidentally. to say Peifer is a disas.ter.

-.--Original Mossage----From: Jay McCloskey - Political To: Scott Jennings Smt: Sat Jan 06 12:32:28 2007

What's the deat with the US Anorney? U.S. Attorney Picks Named Journal Staff RepQrt Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M., is recommending lour people for consideration as the state's next attorney. . Domenici. in to the Bush administration's request for recommendations. has submitted the names of attorneys Jim, Bibb of Santa Fe, T. Glenn Ellington of Santa Fe, Charles Peifer of Albuquerque and Pat Rogers of Albuquerque. U. S. Attorney David Iglesias is planning to. resign in the next few his spokesman. Nonn ('aim:t.:'!aid in December. Dom4.:nici announced his recommt:ndationsin a news rclease friday. "It ismy plcD.'iurc torccommcncJ that J bdieve wl)uld ";d"Vt: New Mexico and the nation with di.stin.ct.ion LIS United States AUoml".1' tor our :itate... ·he said.., r -urn familiar with each of them. and I believe
that have the nl".'t;cssary let{ul-buckgrounds and right tcmperament for the: blJ

'residenl HU!ih will nominalt: a ncw U.S. :Jrtomcy. who Will

!.:l)fi:·udcrcd tlJr clmtirmation hy the IJ .S. Senate. FJward Lujan. a funnt:r sltlhdiOP chairmun. said then:

little: duuhl

-----_._- -----_._ ..


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. (hat lIne llfthe t....m f attt1rnr:ys Dllmc::nici recummcmlloo \\'llIgd nud, ·'\Vhcm l,ur who is from the Iplliiticall party as the president makes iI recommem.lalll)n. very. \:ery likdy \Jne of them will Je "ic'lected., .. 'L uJ.ul :WId. Bibb. 1m: Republican nominee for stale altumc:y genernJ who wa:ilk:fc:atc:o hy Gary King in [he· Nov. ,7 dection. has bec:n an assistant and is a mujl)r in the.New Me:xico NutilmuJ'Guard. In auditiun to'two years m pnvate practice. he was a special ag.:nt (or the FBI and an aSslsllmt.Jistrictattorney .in the -1lh judicial District· . Ellington is in pnvate practice with Ellington & Ellington. LLC. Before that he was :'ecre.tary. of the state Taxation and Revenue Depllrtment. and ",as a district and appt:lIate judge. Peifer. an attorney with Peifer. Hanson and Mullins, has been a litigator for the pa:lt16 years. He has served as chief """istantstate attorney general. where he supervised the office's four civil divisions. .Rogers IS a longtime member of Modrall. Sperling. RoehL Harris and Sisko where he serves on the executive committee. He has been general counsel to the state GOP and was un the Mountain Stales Legal Federation as president of the e"ecutive board of directors. Rogen alBo committee of the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government The nation's 93 U.S. attornoy.. under the direction of the U.S. attorney gen....L are the country's chief fedcrallaw enforcement officers. The posItion has ib.ree statutory responsibilities: the prosecution of criminal cases brought by the federal government: the prosecUtion an<l defense of civil in which the United States is a and the cC)l1ection of debts owed the fed....1government that are administratively unCoUectible.

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Jay McCleskey _. Political

Jay McClj!Skey - Political
1/6/20075:44:57 PM Scott Jennings;


. Cc: Bc,c:

. Subject:


WIlere did Pat Rogers name come from?
Jay McCleskey Regional Political Director Republican National Committee


From: Scott Jennings Sent: sat 1/6/2007 10:33 AM To: Jay McCleskey - Polilfcal Subject: Re:
Domeniei wants Peifer. Rod just emailed karl, incidentallY, 10 say Peifer is a disaster.

----Original Message---From; Jay McCleskey. Political Scott JetUtings Smt: Sat Jail 06 12:32:282007 Subject: What'. the deal with the US Attorney?

U,S. Altorney Pick' Named
Journal Staff Report .'len. Pele Demenici, R-N.M., i' recommending lour people lor consideration as the state·s next U.S. attorney. Domenici. in resppDsc to Bush request for recommendations., has submitted the name3 of attorneys Jim Bibb of Santa T. Glenn Ellington of SlIDla Fe, Churle. Peifer of Albuquerque and Pat Rogers of Albuquerque. U S. Attorney David Igle,ia, i. planning 10 resign in the nexl few months, his office'! spokesman. Norm Cairns, said in December.

Domenici. announced his recommc:ndations in a news relea::le ,Friday.
"It is my ple.uure to recommend four i,ndividuals that f believe would -lCf'Ve N",-w Mexico and the nation with distinction <1:1 United Stutes AUornl"."Y tt.lr (lur . .nare, he said... am r..miliar with each (If Ihem. and I bdieve Ihat Ihey halve the nt.:cessary legal backgrounds ;dnd right for the


will nomina(C' II new U.S. :IUomey . who wiJl then be ror continnolion by the (I.S. Senate. ,:.Jward Lujan. iJ fonner stale (}OP chairman. said there .i!i lillie duubt .lllt I)fiC ()f the fnur attorneys f)nmcnici rCCllmmt:ndetl will get the nod.


__ ._----_._-----

HJC 11090

"Wilen tHIT

':.ia1:ttor.·who·is from the party n rccommc:ndation, it's Va)'. \'t:ry likdy on.: of


the \\il11

"" ",I«l<d," Lujan said. Bibb. the'Republican nomtnee for .."il:Jle :lttomev gc:neral \\iho was defeated ,ly Ciury' King 10; the: Nt)\' ; gena-ul declion. h..s bt':en an assistant U.S. tUld. is a major in lht: Mexico Nalitmal Ouanlln J.Jditiun to n\'oyears in practice. he \Vas a :l,gent fOT the FB"! arld itO assistant Jistrict· attorney, In tht: Ellington ia in pn\".le practice 'Hth Ellington & Ellinglon. L.L.C. Ikfor< that h< was """relal}' oflh< slal< Taxati"n and R<v<nue and waa a dislrict and appellate .judge. , Peifer. an attorney with PeIfer. Hans"n and Mullins, hus !>:en a Iiligator for the past 16 years. He has """,,«I as chi<f aaa;,tant slale -..ttomey general, where he supervised the office's four civil divisions. Rogers is a longtime m<Ulber of Modrall. Sperling.'Roehl. Harria and Sisko where he serves on the executive committee. He .has been general coun...110 lhe alale GOP and was on the Mounlain Slale. L<gal Federalion board of directors. Rogers alsO serves as preSident of the executive committee of the Mexico Foundation for Open GOvernment. The nation's 93 U.S.-attorneys. under Ihedirection of the U.S. allomey general, are lhe country's chier federal law enforc<Ulenl officers. The posilion h.. duee slalutory responsibilities: Ihe proseculion of criminDI c.... broughl by the federal government; the prosecutiOn and defense of civil ca!Cs in which the United is a and the collt:Ction of Jebrs"owed lbe federal goveromenllha. are adminislralive1y uncolleclible:



_- _.. _ _._.-----_...._._-----....


__ ...

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Jay McuesKey
From: Sent:
SCott Jennings;


Jay McCleskey - Political 1/6/2007 5:40:23 PM

Bee: Subject:


According to the article, you have 4 choices...,. Pull thelrigger and make Bibb the man... , Otherwise, trade in your corvette for a minivan

From: Scott Jenriings Sent: Sat 1/6/2007 10:36 AM

To: Jay McCleskey - Political Subject: Re:
Do we have a choice? You guys need to talk him into Bibb,

---.Original Mcss8@e.---".'ltII: Jay McCleskey - Political ,colt Jennin[lS Sat Jan 0612:34:56 2007 Subject: RE:


(loinl 10 go with the Domenici suggestion?

Jay McCleskey , Rc@ional Political Director
.Republican National Committee 505.280

From: Scott Jermiops Sent: Sat 1/612007 10:33 AM To: Jay McCleskey - Political Subject: Re:

Domeniq wants PeIfer. Rod .JUS! t:majJed karl, mCJdentaJJy, 10 say Peifer lS a disaster


_ ..• _ , - - - - - _ •• -

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-----Original From: Jay McCleskey - Polilical To: Sec\! Sent: Sat Jan 06 12:32: 28 2007 bjcet: ,,' What's the deal with the USA norney? , U,S, Attorney Picks Named Journal Staff Repon Sen, 'Pete ])Omenici, R-NM" is four people for consideration as the state's next U.S. attorney. Domenici, in reSponse 10 the Bush ildministration'i request for recommendations, has submitted the names of attorneys Jim Bibb of Santa Fe, T, Glenn Santa Fe, Charles Peifer Of Albuquerque and Pat Rogers of Albuquerque, , U.S. Anorney David Iglesia. is planning to resign in the next few montha, his office's spokesman, Norm Caims, said in December. DOIJ;lenici announced his in is news release Friday. "It ia my pleasure to recommend four individuals that 'believe would serve New Mexico lind the nation with distinction IS United States Attornev for our state," he said. "' am familiar with each Of them. and' believe . that they have the necessary legal backgrounds and right temperament for the job." . President Bush will nominate a new U.S. attorney, who will then be considered for confirmation by the U.S. Senate. Edword Lujan, a fonner state GOP chairman, said there is little doubt . thaI ontref the four attorneys Domenici recommended will get the. president's nod. "When our senior sCnBtor. who is from the same (political) party 8S the president, makes a recommendation I it's very. very, likely one of them wiJI be selected," Lujan said. --"libb.. the. Republican nominee for state attorney general who·was defeated Gary King in the Nov. 7 generale}ection. has been an EJssiStant li.S. attorney and is 8 major in the New Mexico National Guard. In addition to two years in private practice. he. was a special agent for the FB] and an aSsistant district anomey in the 4th Judicial District Enington is in private practice with Ellington & ElJineton. L.L.C, Before that he was secretary of the slate Taxation and Revenue Depanment, and was a district and appenale judge. Peifer. an attorney with Peifer, Hanson and MuJJjns,. has been a litigator for the past 16 .years. He has served 8S chief assistant Slate attorney general. where he supervised the office's four civil divisions. Rogers is a longtime member of Modran, Sperling, Roehl, Hams and Sisko when: be serves on the executive committee. He has-been general counsel to the Slate GOP and was on the Mountain States Legal Federation hoard of directors. Ro@crs also serves as president of the executive committee of the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government. The nation's 93 U.S. attorneys, under Ihe direction oflhe U.S.•1I0mey general, are the caunby's chief federal law enforcement officers. The position has thTee statutory responsibilities: the prosecution of criminal cases brou@ht bylbe federal @overnment; the prosecution and defense of civil cases in which the United States is a and the collection of debts o.wed the federaJ @overnrnent that are administratively uncollectibJe.

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Jay McCleskey - Political
From: Sent:
To: Cc: Bee:
Jay MCCleskey - Political 1/6/20075:48:29 PM . Scott Jennings; RE:

Su bject:

He won' do it and now irs going 10 look Uke polus rejected him and chose someone else.....



••••••••• - : .



" ' . , , " " ' _ . - . - . _•••••• _ ••••• - ••,••••

: ....................•••••• , . " '• • _ " . _

_ •• _

"M •• , _ •••• ¥

• • • • • • • • • • •; , • • . . . . . ; ••••.•.••.•••• _

••• _

•••• _

• • ; • • • • •; _


.¥;........•._ ..••...".

From: Scott Jennings Senti sat 1/6/200710:46 AM To: Jay Mc:C1eskey - PolitICal Subject! Re:
Sen said they put it in to scare Richllllbon or something.

Why don't u talk Pal in to it?

----Original Message--From: Jay McCleskey - Political ·0: SCoIlJenninllS jont: Sat Jm 06 12:44:482007 Subject: RE:

Wh"'" did Pat Reg.... nBRIe come Iiom?
Jay McCleskey Regional Political Director Republican National Committee 505.280.

From: ScoIl.JeMings Sent: Sat 11612007 10:33 AM To: Jay McCleskey - Political Suhject: Re:

wants Peifer. Rod just c:mailed,karl. incidentally. to ."By Peit« is a disa.stel'.

.---Originol M"""oge---,from: Jay McCI...key - Political

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