AutoCAD® Mechanical 2007 Standalone Installation Guide To install AutoCAD Mechanical 2007 and/or Autodesk Vault 5.

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A wizard leads you through the installation of AutoCAD Mechanical 2007, which includes the Autodesk Vault 5.0 Client. 1. On the Install tab, click Install AutoCAD Mechanical 2007. The installation wizard is displayed. 2. On the Welcome page, verify that all other Microsoft Windows applications are shut down. Click Next. 3. On the Software License Agreement page, specify your country or region. Accept the license agreement to proceed, or decline to cancel the installation. Click Next. 4. On the Product Awareness page, read about the Autodesk Vault file management and version control application that you can install with AutoCAD Mechanical. Click Next. 5. On the Serial Number page, enter the serial number or Group ID located on the outside of the AutoCAD Mechanical 2007 product package.

This number authorizes installation of both AutoCAD Mechanical and Autodesk Vault. Click Next. 6. On the User Information page, enter information in each field. You cannot change this information after you click Next. 7. On the Destination Folder page, do one of the following: o Click Next to accept the default destination folder. o Enter a path to a folder that does not exist, and then click Next. The folder is created. o Browse to an existing folder, and then click Next.

autodesk. You can install Vault in a different location. On the Customize your install page: o Select the products to install. 8. o Use the Options links to select product features as required: www. o Click the plus sign (+) in front of the application to see a list of product features that are installed with the application. A table is displayed.AutoCAD Mechanical 2007 Stand-Alone Installation Guide A common folder is specified. As you select each product. o To check for available disk space for the selected products. use the Options link for Autodesk Vault and respond to the prompt for a destination . Clear the selection of products you do not want to install. On the Customize your install page. click Disk Cost. A program folder for each of the products you install is created under this common folder. a description is displayed below the pane.

the status of each product is displayed in the Status column. and then click Next. and then click Finish to exit the installation. 9. or clear the check box to remove Autodesk Inventor from the installation. On the Autodesk Inventor Link page. o Select additional features to install. If you are installing Autodesk Vault 5.autodesk. Autodesk Vault 5. select the check box. o Specify whether or not to place a shortcut on your desktop.AutoCAD Mechanical 2007 Stand-Alone Installation Guide AutoCAD Mechanical 2007 Options: o On the Install Optional Tools page. On the Standard Libraries page. Autodesk DWF Viewer is installed with the Welcome page of this wizard. Specify whether to create a Desktop shortcut as part of the installation. and then click Next. click Next to confirm the installation. Click Install. specify the libraries you want to install. The Reset button clears the Select All option and returns to the default selection set. By default. select the education material you want to view. a set of libraries is selected based on your geographical location and language. To select all libraries. On the AutoCAD Mechanical 2007 has been successfully installed page. 13. 12. insert the appropriate CD when prompted. www. it is labeled in the Status column. If a product is already . and is not included in the current installation process. the product list includes only those you selected. 11. 10. On the Install specified Autodesk Products page. During installation. On the Text Editor Selection page: o Select a text editor. Click the plus sign (+) in front of Dependent Programs to expand the list. click Next to remove the Express Tools from the installation. click Select All. If you want to install Express Tools.0 Options: o o Specify a destination folder other than the common folder specified in step 6 for the installation of the Autodesk Vault.