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News Release
May 10, 2014
Reference: Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Isagani Zarate, 01!!1!4014
B"#"N M$N": "%& $'IN( )%"** ($#+ M,-$' ,&.R"N-I
IN .%%.C/IN( "RR.'/'
Says South Cotabato anti-mining activist a victim of this AFP modus

Bayan Muna Partylist Rep. Carlos Zarate today hit the systematic effort of the Armed Forces of the
Philippines (AFP) of using fall guys in running after the supposed leaders of the underground communist
Rep. Zarate cited the May "# "$%& a'duction and illegal detention of acti!ist Romeo (ing Ri!era# a
mem'er of the anti)mining *ampa+an Panalipdan (Protect *ampa+an)#a group that has 'een !igorously
opposing the presence of the proposed open)pit mining site of ,strata-s .agittarius Mines /nc. in
*ampa+an# .outh Cota'ato.
0ast May "# Ri!era-s family reported that he 1as forci'ly ta+en 'y armed men from their residence in
2oronadal# .outh Cota'ato. 3o1e!er# the military su'se4uently presented and claimed him as one Feli5
Armodia# an alleged ran+ing 6PA leader operating in the areas of .outh Cota'ato# .arangani and 7a!ao
del .ur# 1ho 1as allegedly arrested during a military operation in *ampa+an# .outh Cota'ato.

*his 8fall guy- tric+ used 'y the AFP is highly condemna'le. *his 1as used during the "$$9 enforced
disappearance of :onas Burgos# 1ho 1as also a'ducted 'y military operati!es in a mall in ;ue<on City.
*his is also the same pattern used 1ith the illegal arrest of security guard Rolly Panesa# Rep. Zarate said.

/n =cto'er "$%"# Panesa# an innocent security guard# 1as arrested and presented 'y the AFP as one
Ben>amin Mendo<a# a supposed ran+ing CPP leader 1ith a P?.9 million re1ard on his head. 3o1e!er# in
August "@# "$%A# the Court of Appeals ordered Panesa-s release follo1ing a ha'eas corpus petition filed 'y
his family. /ronically# despite the court-s ruling that Panesa is not Mendo<a# the already claimed and paid
'ounty is yet to 'e returned 'y the AFP# said Rep. Zarate.
*his is an old condemna'le tric+ of the security forcesB arresting innocent ci!ilians and con!eniently
presenting them as leaders of the underground mo!ement. From Arroyo-s Bantay 0aya to the present
=plan Bayanihan counter)insurgency campaign of the A4uino administration# the pattern remains the same.
First# they 1ill !ilify critics of the regime and e!en ordinary citi<ens as leaders of the CPP)6PA)67F# and
then they 1ill 'e su'>ected to sur!eillance# harassment# illegal arrests or e!en 8neutrali<ation- 'y 'eing
!ictims of enforced disappearance and e5tra>udicial +illings# Rep. Zarate said. Congress must
in!estigate this and craft possi'le la1 that 1ill put an end to this despica'le practice. CCC
For more information, please contact Bayan Muna 0e1ia officer Carl "la at 01!211042