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6/15/2014 Space Enterprise Symposium Agenda 1/4
Space Enteprise Symposium
Seattle, Washington
Museum of Flight
Saturday, November 13, 1999
All speakers subject to change.
8:45 am
- 9:00
Opening Remarks

Rick Tumlinson - President, Space Frontier Foundation
The Space Frontier Foundation is a public policy research and advocacy group that works
with government and business leaders to promote industry initiatives and government
policies that will open the space frontier to the people of Earth.
9:00 am
- 10:30
Cheap Access to Space and Reusable Launch Vehicles

Gary Hudson - President and CEO, Rotary Rocket Company
Rotary Rocket Company is developing a revolutionary reusable, piloted, single-to-stage-to-
orbit launch vehicle called Roton. Rotary recently completed the first successful flights of
its Roton ATV atmospheric test vehicle.
Dr. Bill Gaubatz - President, Space Clipper International
Space Clipper International is a division of Universal Space Lines, a company founded by
Apollo 12 astronaut Pete Conrad and other members of the former McDonnell Douglas
Delta Clipper team, which built and flew the Delta Clipper Experimental (DC-X) for the
US military and NASA.
Mike Kelly - Chairman and CTO, Kelly Space and Technology
KST is developing the Eclipse Astroliner, a commercial spaceplane that will be towed off
the ground by a Boeing 747. The company also has a contract to develop a new Space
Transportation Architecture for NASA.
Debra Facktor Lepore - Payload Systems Manager, Kistler Aerospace
Kistler Aerospace is a Kirkland, Washington-based company developing a reusable two-
stage rocket, the K-1. Kistler plans to test-launch the K-1 from Australia next year and
conduct operational launches from Australia and Nevada.
Rob Wolfe - Chief Engineer, Pioneer Rocketplane
A California-based company working on a spaceplane that uses mid-air refueling before
boosting into orbit. Pioneer plans to relocate to the new commercial spaceport near Cedar
City, Utah.
10:35 am
- 12:05
Spaceports and Space Tourism
6/15/2014 Space Enterprise Symposium Agenda 2/4

Bill King - Director of Aerospace Programs, Washington State CETD
Bill King is director of the Washington State Spaceport project, a government effort
promoting the establishment of a launch site for reusable launch vehicles near Grant County
International Airport at Moses Lake.
Pat Ladner - Executive Director, Alaska Aerospace Development Corp.
The Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation manages Alaska's commercial spacport,
the Kodiak Launch Complex on Kodiak Island.
Thomas Arnold - Director, Idaho Office of Spaceport Development
The state of Idaho is proposing a commercial spaceport in the high country near the Snake
Eric Anderson - General Manager, Space Adventures
Space Adventures is a travel company that offers zero-gee training and other space-related
tours and vacaitions to the general public. It is working with commercial rocket companies
to ofer suborbital space travel to the public in the near future.
David Ashford - Managing Director, Bristol Spaceplanes
Bristol Spaceplanes is a British company developing a four-place suborbital rocketplane for
astronaut training and space tourism.
Jeff Greason - President, XCOR Aerospace
XCOR Aerospace is developing rockets for space tourism and sport aviation, including the
engine for a full-scale flying replica of the Bell X-1, the first plane to break the sound
pm -
1:40 pm


Breast of

1:40 pm
- 3:10 Commercial Space Exploration and New Technology
6/15/2014 Space Enterprise Symposium Agenda 3/4

Jim Benson - President, SpaceDev, Inc.
SpaceDev recently announced the first commercial customer for its privately financed Near
Earth Asteroid Prospector mission. SpaceDev also offers low-cost Mars and lunar missions
using a standard spacecraft bus.
Dr. Alan Binder - Director, Lunar Research Institute; President, Lunar Exploration, Inc.
Through the Lunar Research Institute, Dr. Binder developed and ran the highly successful
Lunar Prospector mission, which confirmed the existance of ice at the north and south poles
of the Moon. Dr. Binder plans to develop follow-on missions through LRI and Lunar
Exploration, Inc.
David Gump - President, LunaCorp
LunaCorp is developing an unmanned lunar rover mission, Lunar Icebreaker, to explore for
ice at the lunar pole. LunaCorp is working closely with Dr. Alan Binder and Dr. Red
Dr. Red Whittaker - Director, Field Robotics Laboratory, The Robotics Institute,
Cargenie Mellon University
The Field Robotics Laboratory is developing mobile robots for commercial space
exploration. Current projects include LunaCorp's Lunar Icebreaker and Solar Blade, a
miniature vehicle that will be the first spacecraft to propel itself without engines, using the
pressure of the Sun¹s light on a solar sail.
Denise Norris - President, Applied Space Resources
ASR is developing a robotic sample return mission, Lunar Retriever. Using technology
similar to Russian landers of the 1960's, Lunar Retriever will collect rocks and soil samples
for sale to scientific and educational institutions, NASA, and private collectors.
Dr. Robert Hoyt - President, Tethers Unlimited, Inc., Deorbit Corporation
Tethers Unlimited is a Washington-based company developing an orbital tether with
applications for commercial satellites, space stations, and other applications. Deorbit Corp.
is a wholly owned subsidiary developing a commercial tether for deorbiting outdated
3:20 pm
- 4:30
Finance, Policy, and Markets for New Space Ventures
Sponsored by Constellation Services International

Shubber Ali - Vice President of Strategy, Bay Enterprises
Shubber Ali is a space industry consultant who managed the Space Practice at KPMG Peat
Marwick. He has experience in developing business planning and market strategy for
spaceports, launch vehicles, and satellite communications.
Dr. Earl Renaud - Chief Operating Officer, TGV Rockets
TGV Rockets is developing a piloted reusable sounding rocket for microgravity, high-
altitude research, and other scientific applications.
Charles Miller - President, Constellation Services International
Constellation Services will provide satellite retrieval and repair services, using existing
technologies, at a fraction of the cost of satellite replacement.
6/15/2014 Space Enterprise Symposium Agenda 4/4
Ransom Wuller - President, ProSpace America
ProSpace, the Citizens' Space Lobby, works to support government policies that open the
space frontier.
4:40 pm
- 6:10
Space Station Commercialization and Business Opportunities
Sponsored by Constellation Services International

Charles Lauer - Partner, Spacevision
Spacevision plans to use the Internation Space as a base for freeflying commercial remote-
sensing cameras.
Dennis Wingo - President, Skycorp
Skycorp plans to use the International Space Station as an assembly site for commercial
communications satellites.
Bob Werb - Partner, Orbital Properties LLC
Orbital Properties is a consulting and property development company that originated and is
promoting the concept of space business parks.
John Cassanto - President, Instrumentation Technology Associates
Instrumentation Technology Associates provides flight-proven hardware for microgravity
experiments, including protein crystal growth experiments for commercial drug
Michael Harrington - Associate Director, Engineering Programs, Center for
Macromolecular Crystallography, University of Alabama
The CMC is a NASA-sponsored Center for Commercial Development working with
companies such as Merck, Eli Lilly, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Schering-Plough, Vertex, and
BioCryst Pharmaceuticals to determine protein structure and interactions for drug design.
6:15 pm
- 10:00
Russian Cosmonaut Reception

Guest of Honor - Yuri Prikhodko
Champagne, prime rib, roast lamb, roast turkey, and other food sponsored by FINDS - the
Foundation for International Nongovernmental Development of Space.