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Danielle Clark, PSD Communications (970) 490-3427
Recent rumors in the Wellinton communit! that claim Pou"re School District is
currentl! sta#n a committee to "iscuss construction o$ a ne% Wellinton &i""le
School on 'ro'ert! across the street $rom the e(istin school are $alse) *""itionall!,
rumors rear"in +uil"in a hih school in the Wellinton area are also $alse) *t this
time, there are no 'lans $or construction o$ ne% schools or reno,ations outsi"e o$
those a''ro,e" throuh the 20-0 .on" Plan)
/o%e,er, PSD is acti,el! 'lannin $or $uture $acilities to han"le chanin communit!
"emora'hics) 0he "istrict is currentl! in the 'rocess o$ collectin "emora'hic "ata
as 'art o$ its 1acilities &aster Plan) 0he 2rst ste' in this 'rocess is to $orm a 3on
Rane Plannin Committee, %hich %ill stu"! the "ata an" $orm a "ra$t &aster Plan)
0his committee, %hich %ill meet in the ne(t $e% months, is com'rise" o$ PSD sta4
as %ell as 'lannin e('erts $rom the Cit! o$ 1ort Collins an" 3arimer Count!) 0he
committee %ill recommen" a "ra$t 'lan an" the PSD communit! %ill +e aske" to
'ro,i"e in'ut an" $ee"+ack on it)
5nce the 1acilities &aster Plan is a''ro,e" +! the .oar" o$ 6"ucation (sometime in
S'rin 20-7), the 3RPC ma! $orm su+-committee(s) to re,ie% im'lications o$ the
'lan inclu"in +oun"ar! chanes, the nee" $or ne% $acilities an"8or a""itions to
e(istin +uil"ins an" the 'otential $or a ne% .on" election to 'a! $or $acilit! nee"s)
6(tensi,e communit! outreach an" in'ut %ill also +e athere" rear"in an! su+-
committee recommen"ations8'ro'osals)
PSD9s $acilities 'lannin 'rocess is as $ollo%s:
Action Timeline
* thir"-'art! "emora'her athers "ata
a+out the PSD communit! rear"in
antici'ate" ro%th, economic
"e,elo'ment, enrollment 'ro;ections,
Currentl! in 'rocess
Su'erinten"ent $orms a 3on Rane
Plannin Committee (3RPC) com'rise"
Summer 20-4
2407 3aPorte *,enue
1ort Collins, C5 =072-
o$ PSD sta4 an" Cit!8Count! 'lanners
that re,ie%s im'lications o$ the
"emora'hic "ata
PSD con"ucts communit! outreach to
ather $ee"+ack rear"in the 'ro'ose"
Dra$t 1acilities &aster Plan) *ll im'acte"
communities %ill ha,e the o''ortunit!
to 'ro,i"e $ee"+ack
1all 20-4
0he 3RPC mo"i2es the Dra$t &aster Plan
(i$ necessar!) +ase" on communit!
1all 20-48Winter 20-7
0he 3RPC recommen"s a &aster Plan to
the Su'erinten"ent
1all 20-48Winter 20-7
0he .oar" o$ 6"ucation re,ie%s an"
a''ro,es the 1acilities &aster Plan
S'rin 20-7
3RPC creates su+ committees (i$
necessar!) to a""ress im'lications o$
1acilities &aster Plan
1all 20-7
>ee"s rear"in schools in Wellinton ma! arise an" +e a""resse" in the 1acilities
&aster Plan) ?$ a''lica+le, these nee"s can +e "iscusse" "urin initial outreach
e4orts in 1all 20-4) ?$ it is "etermine" that $urther action is necessar! (i)e) +oun"ar!
chanes, ne% +uil"ins, e(tensions to e(istin schools), communit! in'ut an"
$ee"+ack %ill +e athere" $rom the Wellinton communit!)
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