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God is one his conscious, obligation, requirement is also one. Quran

says, for salvation, in every human being the one creator has already
installed the software of right and wrong, consequently no human
being can say that he doesn’t know the right way. But all religious
leaders are stressing to follow only their stereo type law/name/ways. It
is absolutely wrong. All right working human being is right (Muslims) if
they are the follower of welfare (Islam).

In the beginning, when peoples were following the teachings of

Muhammad their master, parents were not say them to not be a
Muslim but they only say not favour the justice or not be judicious. The
word “Muslim” in Makkah was not the proper noun but a simple verb,
noun of Arabic.

In every language and every territory natives know their proverbs

prevailing since long in them that is the voice/requirement of the one
creator. I try my best to introduce the following proverbs well known in
English language and Urdu as well.

It is requested to please check the law of reiteration not only in

yourselves but also in your surrounding to know how the voice of
God/Allah/Eshwar is working scientifically. If your good self find better
you may reply me so that we move forward rightly.

I require your comments so that I may work further to study

comparatively all revealed books now and prevailing philosophy with
the evidence of history, please.


A bad name is worse than bad ‫بد اچ ھا بدنام برا‬

All prophets were not at their beginning were famous but
notorious. It was due to they work against the conventional, hi-fi,
common sense of their peoples, prevailing in them since long. So
you also work against the poverty, oligarchy etc, corruption not
only in yourself but also in your society.

A blind man is no judge of ‫اند ھا کیا جان ے بسنت کی ب ہار‬

Here the blindness is the pictogram of conventional orthodox man
who never study his revealed book (A to Z, completely) in his
mother language. So just like that man he bark on other religion as
an animal does.

When we trace that the creator of the whole is one so the right way
will also the one. Eventually, he will away from any prejudice.

A burnt child dreads the fire ‫دود ھ کا جل چ ھاچ ھ ب ھی پ ھونک‬

‫پ ھونک کر پیتا ہے۔‬
We all very well know that how carefully Moses deals the wrong,
injustice of his time so we have to follow their foot steps with

It is important that Zachariah was cut by saw, Elijah was cut into
pieces and thrown before the animals and Jesus Christ was hanged
up so our time also requires most circumspectly.

A friend in need is a friend ‫دوست و ہ جو مصیبت میں کام‬

indeed ‫ائ ے‬
A good name is better than ‫نام بڑا ن ہ ک ہ دام‬
A lie has no legs to stand ‫ج ھوٹ ک ے پاوں ک ہاں‬
If you are facing any problem, check it is due to your fault or the
wrong system of your government i.e. in capitalist (secular,
communist, socialist etc) countries poverty, unemployment,
injustice, broken homes etc, are the causes by the wrong system.
But when you have lost any good chance then it is due to your
naive, ignorant state of mind.

A little knowledge is a ‫نیم حکیم خطر ہ جان‬

dangerous thing
Always consult the specialist, the religious figures are biased. But
the spiritual personalities are good man

A man is known by the ‫آمی اپنی صحبت س ے پ ہچانا‬

company he keeps ‫جاتا ہے‬

Better alone than in bad

‫بیکار س ے بیگار ب ھلی‬
Better to wear out than to
rust out.
Most of the peoples never try their best to trace the without biased
society, company. They as per their routine pour their attention in
their nearest dealings.

If you are not busy in your requirement, necessity then helps

others without considering important their race creed religion.

A nod to the wise ‫عقلمند کو اشار ہ کافی ہے۔‬

How many peoples pour their attention to know the flow of times.

A stitch in time saves nine ‫وقت کا ایک ٹانکا ب ے وقت ک ے‬

‫دس ٹانکوں س ے ب ہتر ہے‬
Right guided people always vigilant.

All is well that ends well ‫انت ب ھل سو ب ھل‬

As you sow so shall you reap ‫جیسی کرنی ویسی ب ھرنی‬
You never think that your mind is polluted and its result will ended
with blessings.

Beauty needs no ornament ‫ن ہییں محتاج زیور کا جس ے‬

‫خوبی خدا ن ے دی‬
Cleanliness is next to ‫صفائی پارسائی س ے دوسر ے‬
godliness ‫درج ے پر ہے‬
Contentment is a great ‫قناعت بڑی دولت ہے‬
Cut your coat according to ‫جتنی چادر اتن ے پاوں پ ھیلو‬
your cloth
Do well good have well ‫کر ب ھل ہو ب ھل‬
Don’t cry before you are hurt ‫پیش از مرگ واویل‬
East or west home is the best ‫اپنا گ ھر ہی اچ ھا ہے‬
All prophets and right guided people woks in their own nations,

Easy come easy go ‫مال مفت دل ب ے رحم‬

Corruption based wealth spoil your offspring, generation, children.

Every man does his job well ‫جس کا کام اسی کا ساج ھے‬
Every human being has his own experty, no other can do that.

Fortune favours the brave ‫جیت ہمت ک ے ہات ھ ہے‬

God helps those who help ‫ت مرداں مدِد خدا‬
ِ ‫ہم‬
Believe, God is in us. Every human being living on this earth has
the same power of Almighty God, Allah as others have. It is the
true meaning of trust in God/Allah.

Handsome is that handsome ‫کام پیارا ن ہ ک ہ چام‬

Beauty, honour, respect, prestige is due to good work

He gives twice who gives in a ‫ م ہا کلیان‬،‫ترت دان‬

He who digs a pit for others ‫چا ہ کن را چا ہ درپیش‬
falls into it himself
Corruption based wealth spoil your offspring, generation, children.

Health is wealth ‫تندرستی ہزار نعمت ہے‬

Human body is assigned to you by the one creator. So carefully
maintain it. Those wrong spiritual personalities do deny and preach
that body is not important those are all wrong. It is a beautiful gift
by God, Allah to human.

Honesty is the best policy ‫ایمان داری ب ہترین حکمت‬

‫عملی ہے‬
Hope lasts with life ‫جب تک سانس تب تک اس‬
Be hope full at the end of your last moment of life. This world is
result oriented. This orientation will welcome you at the end of the
phase of this life.

Ill gotten, ill spent ‫مال حرام بود بجائ ے حرام رفت‬
Let us see which way the ‫تیل دیک ھو تیل کی د ھار‬
wind blows.
Be vigilant in your all moments and their instant requirement.

Loves begets love ‫دل کو دل س ے را ہ ہوتی ہے‬

Many men many words ‫جتن ے من ہ اتنی بات‬
Much coin, much care ‫جتنی دولت اتنی مصیبت‬
Single man never earns a lot of money. When ever you see a man
against this statement then it will be a fact that he had snatched
the surplus wealth of his workers. He is actually a thief, or by white
collar crime.

Moreover, in welfare states when a man see he has a lot of money

then he must share the same with other good persons so that he
may value add in it consequently, the circle of goodness will boast
in a society.

Nip the evil in the bud ‫برائی کا شروع میں قلع قمع‬
‫کرنا چا ہئ ے‬
No pains no gains ‫سیوا بن میوا ہ ن ہیں‬
No vice like avarice ‫للچ بری بل ہے‬
Always trust in your earning and ability.

Nothing venture, nothing ‫بغیر جرأت ک ے کچ ھ ن ہیں ملتا ۔‬

Truth, right way is not free. When you follow a religion which is
with you by birth then it is wrong. You yourself trace, struggle for
your truth.

Patience bears good fruit ‫صبر کا پ ھل میٹ ھا ہوتا ہے‬

Practice makes a man perfect ‫مشق انسان کو کامل بناتی ہے‬
Prevention is better than ‫پر ہیز علج س ے ب ہتر ہے‬
Pride hath a fall ‫غرور کا سر نیچا‬
Riches have wings ‫دولت کو پر لگ ے ہوت ے ہیں‬
Self done is well done ‫اپ کاج م ہا کاج‬
Slow and study wins the race ‫مستقل مذاجی ک ے سر س ہرا‬
Spend and God will send. ‫خرچ کرو الل ہ اور د ے گا‬
Believe in law of reiteration or be judicious.

Think before you speak. ‫پ ہل ے تولو پ ھر بولو‬

Look before you leap. ‫تیل دیک ھو تیل کی د ھار‬

Time and tide wait for none, ‫وقت کسی کا انتظار ن ہیں کرتا ۔‬
Time once gone can never be
Tit for tat ‫ادل ے کا بدل ہ‬
To coast pearls before swine ‫ب ھینس ک ے اگ ے بین بجانا‬
Truth is ever green ‫سانچ کو انچ ن ہیں‬
Trust in God

Two man cooks spoil the ‫دو ملوں میں مرغی حرام‬
Religious peoples quarrel each other always.

Uneasy lies the head that ‫ نیند ائ ے اچ ھا‬،‫بال ن ہ بچ ہ‬

wears the crown
Union is strength ‫اتفاق میں برلت ہے۔‬
What cannot be cured must ‫ق ہر درویش بر جان درویش‬
be endured
Where there is a will there is ‫ج ہاں چا ہ و ہاں را ہ‬
a way
Work is worship ‫کام عبادت ہے‬
Your every action is worship. The one creator is seeing you in your
every moment.