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General information

OMNICOM was established as a system integrator in informational

technology and electronic communications domain.
We possess a special combination of technologies, equipments
and innovative communication systems worldwide known, so we
have the ability to assure good-structured solutions.


Omnicom is axed on a
single nucleus: customer's
satisfaction. We wish to
become trustworthy
partners of our customers
and to offer them best
solutions on demand.

The Company's mission is to offer our beneficiaries reliable and

high quality solutions, differentiating from price-oriented
competitors through our high levels of professional service and

Strategic Objectives
We are supporting our national and international customers
including banking system, mobile operators, governmental
agencies, enterprises, financial institutions, transportation, retail,
utilities, and communications service providers.
OMNICOM has already established a line of loyal customers and
it is situated at a prestigious level, by providing the searched
solutions and by serving our customers at the highest level.

Organizational structure

The Chief Executive Board - provides strategic planning and

administration of the organization;

The Sector of Analysts and Research - provides analytical studies

and research in the field of infocommunication systems and

The Sector of Generation, Integration and Maintenance of Projects provides generation, implementation and support of complex hightech infocommunication solutions;

The Board of Experts - Group of Experts of national and international

level, working in various areas of social activity and participating in
the implementation of integrated infocommunication projects.

During its 5 years of activity Omnicom successfully collaborated
with S&T Mold SRL, Axiconst SRL, Centre of Special
Telecommunications, UNDP, Ministry of Justice of Moldova,
Ministry of External Affairs and European Integration of Moldova,
Ministry of Finances of Moldova, Main State Tax Inspectorate of
Moldova, BCMobiasbanca-Groupe Societe GeneraleSA,

Services and solutions

Omnicom takes you to the next dimension of system integration.
The focus: Meaningful solutions that foster measurable results.

We believe in long term

relationship with our
customers and to add more
and more to our client list
from the reference of our
existing once

Omnicom always strives to provide customer satisfaction through

its best services at an affordable price. We believe in long term
relationship with our customers and extend our client list by
references of our existing clients.


Development, integration and maintenance of

complex informational systems

Construction, maintenance
of structured data networks

and creation


Construction, maintenance, operation and

creation of radio and television stations

Construction, maintenance and creation

of radio and television cable networks

Construction, maintenance and creation

of structured electricity networks


Informational tehnologies

Radio & TV

Electric systems


24/7 Hot-Line Services

Repar and maintenance of IT equipment

Interactive Order Entry Services


We believe in long term

relationship with our
customers and to add more
and more to our client list
from the reference of our
existing once

Omnicom is strategical partner of Telectric Romania company that offers

turn-key solutions for Server Rooms. One such solution was offered to BCR
Data Centre solution for BCR Chiinu is developed using most innovative
technologies in the modern Data Centres and the experience of Telectrik
certified by successful implementation of such national value projects in
Romania as: Romtelecom Ciber Host Data Center, Romtelecom Corporate
Data Centre, AlfaBank Data Centre, etc..
Omnicom, in collaboration with Telectric implemented such projects in the
field of Data Centre as: BCR Moldova, Moldcell, FinPar, RapidLInk.
Nexans, as global expert in cabling and cabling system, offers its services
worldwide and Omnicom is proud to be one if its partners.
Nexans cabling solutions are used in all projects that require cabling
infrastructure. One of such projects is implementation of cabling network in
54 executive offices of Ministry of Justice of Moldova.

Omnicom is official partner of Legrand company that offers a wide range of Cable Management and Power
Legrand solutions were successfully implemented in such projects in the field of Cable Management and Power
Solutions as: BCR Moldova, Moldcell, FinPar, RapidLInk, BCMobiasbanca-Groupe Societe GeneraleSA.
In the field of marking equipment Omnicom collaborates with Zebra Technologies leader in marking industry. Our
finest project in tandem with Zebra Technologies was the implementation of a complex system consisting of 15
industrial printers, used for printing bar-code labels and other markings.

Omnicom actively interacts

with the government, scientific
and educational institutions,
international organizations,
national and international
business companies and

Contact us
Republic of Moldova, Chisinau,
Gh.Asachi str. 71/7, MD-2068,
Tel.: (+373 22) 820 834,
Fax: (+373 22) 820 831

Project details:
Factory infrastructure management
Project realization is based on existing Omnicoms technical support
resources in Moldova.
All offered systems are of high industrial quality and correspond to all
international and local standards, being supported locally by certified
specialists and professionals.
Cabling infrastructure and management is developed on best solutions
given by world-known company Nexans. Its solutions are well-known
for quality, fiability and unique patented technologies. The quality of
Nexans products guarantees the continuous operation of all elements
of the factory infrastructure.
The solution consist of integrated Cabling Infrastructure, Video
Security and Access components, including the statistics of all events
accompanied by corresponding video records.
For power supply system we offer equipment manufactured by
Inform, leading Turkish company. The equipment has an unified
management system that permits scalability of many UPS-es,
increasing the system capacity and offering required balance between
efficiency and reliability.
Additionally, we can offer the implementation of an intelligent power
commutation interface from different sources of power: power
network, UPS and Generator.