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CATEGORY 4 3 2 1

Background Background does Background does Background does Backgro

not detract from text not detract from text not detract from text it difficul
or other graphics. or other graphics. or other graphics. or comp
Choice of Choice of other gra
background is background is the page
consistent from card consistent from card
to card and is to card.
appropriate for the
Graphics Sources Graphics are hand- A combination of Some graphics are Some gr
drawn. The hand-drawn and from sources that borrowe
illustrator(s) are stock graphics are clearly state that that do n
given credit used. Sources are non-commercial use copyrigh
somewhere in the documented in the is allowed without stateme
presentation. presentation for all written permission. not state
images. Sources are commer
documented in the allowed,
presentation for all sources
"borrowed" images. docume
Text - Font Choice Font formats (e.g., Font formats have Font formatting has Font form
& Formatting color, bold, italic) been carefully been carefully makes it
have been carefully planned to enhance planned to difficult t
planned to enhance readability. complement the material
readability and content. It may be a
content. little hard to read.
Content - Accuracy All content Most of the content The content is Content
throughout the is accurate but there generally accurate, confusin
presentation is is one piece of but one piece of contains
accurate. There are information that information is clearly one fact
no factual errors. might be inaccurate. flawed or inaccurate.
Sequencing of Information is Most information is Some information is There is
Information organized in a clear, organized in a clear, logically sequenced. plan for
logical way. It is logical way. One An occasional card organiza
easy to anticipate card or item of or item of informat
the type of material information seems information seems
that might be on the out of place. out of place.
next card.
Use of Graphics All graphics are A few graphics are All graphics are Several
attractive (size and not attractive but all attractive but a few are unat
colors) and support support the do not seem to AND det
the theme/content of theme/content of the support the the cont
the presentation. presentation. theme/content of the presenta
Effectiveness Project includes all Project includes Project is missing Project i
material needed to most material more than two key several k
gain a comfortable needed to gain a elements. It would element
understanding of the comfortable make an incomplete inaccura
topic. It is a highly understanding of the study guide. make it a
effective study material but is guide.
guide. lacking one or two
key elements. It is
an adequate study
% Bones & Stones: Passage I Presentation (powerpoint)

CATEGORY 8 - 7 6-5 4-3 2-1

Background Background Background Background Background
does not does not does not makes it
detract from detract from detract from difficult to see
text or other text or other text or other text or
graphics. graphics. graphics. competes with
Choice of Choice of other graphics
background is background is on the page.
consistent from consistent from
slide to slide slide to slide.
and is
appropriate for
the topic.

Text - Font Font formats Font formats Font formating Font formatting
(e.g., color, have been has been makes it very
Choice & bold, italic) carefully carefully difficult to read
Formatting have been planned to planned to the material.
carefully enhance complement
planned to readability. the content. It
enhance may be a little
readability and hard to read.

Title Slide Title slide is Title slide is Title slide is Topic slide is
present, clearly present, clearly present and present and
identifies topic, identifies topic clearly identifies topic.
creative and and is identifies topic.
attractive. attractive.

Use of All graphics are A few graphics All graphics are Several
attractive (size are not attractive but a graphics are
Graphics and colors) and attractive but all few do not unattractive
support the support the seem to AND detract
theme/content theme/content support the from the
of the of the theme/content content of the
presentation. presentation. of the presentation.

Content - All content Most of the The content is Content is

Accuracy throughout the content is generally typically
presentation is accurate but accurate, but confusing or
accurate. There there is one one piece of contains more
are no factual piece of information is than one
errors. information that clearly flawed factual error.
might be or inaccurate.

Sequencing Information is Most Some There is no

organized in a information is information is clear plan for
of clear, logical organized in a logically the
Information way. It is easy clear, logical sequenced. An organization of
to anticipate the way. One slide occassional information.
type of material or item of slide or item of
that might be information information
on the next seems out of seems out of
slide. place. place.

Spelling Presentation Presentation Presentation Presentation

has no has 1-2 has 1-2 has more than
and misspellings or misspellings, grammatical 2 grammatical
Grammar grammatical but no errors but no and/or spelling
errors. grammatical misspellings. errors.

Effectivene Project includes Project includes Project is Project is

all material most material missing more lacking several
ss needed to gain needed to gain than two key key elements
a comfortable a comfortable elements. It and has
understanding understanding would make an inaccuracies
of the topic. It is of the material incomplete that make it a
a highly but is lacking study guide. poor study
effective study one or two key guide.
guide. elements. It is
an adequate
study guide.

Oral Interesting, Relatively Delivery not Delivery not

well-rehearsed interesting, smooth, but smooth and
Presentatio with smooth rehearsed with able to hold audience
n and delivery that a fairly smooth audience attention lost.
Format holds audience delivery that attention most All
attention. All usually holds of the time. backgrounds,
backgrounds, audience One of the sounds, and
sounds, and attention. following takes transitions add
transitions add Backgrounds, away from the to the theme.
to the theme. sounds, and presentation: The
transitions are background, presentation
appropriate. sound, or holds the
transitions. audience

Handout Handout Handout Handout Handout

present and present and present and printed.
ontime. ontime. ontime. Handout
Handout Handout Handout presented at a
printed with 6 printed with 6 printed with 1 subsequent
slides per page slides per page. slide per page time. Handout
and and printed with 6
background not background not slides per
present so it's present so it's page.
easy to read. easy to read.