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The research area is located in the Water Region Anyir and surrounding areas in Talawi Mudik Village
Talawi Subdistrict Sawahlunto City, Sumatra Western Province. Geographically, the research area is
located at 100° 45' 51.3574" - 100° 44' 14.2222" BT dan 0o 35’ 54.5518” – 0o 34’49.7986” LS,
which is included in the map map of West Sumatra 1: 12.500 map scale with a research area of 2 x 3
Km2. The purpose of his research and geological mapping of this area is to determine the
geomorphological characteristics, which include geomorphological elements consisting of morphography,
morphogenesis, morphometry, and geomorphology based on that aspect. The research method used is
geomorphology analysis, lithology analysis, stratigraphic analysis, geological structure analysis and
settlement environment analysis. Based on the genetic geomorphology of the research area is divided into
2 (two) geomorphological units, namely the Geomorphology Unit of the Ramps Pedataran and
Geomorphological Units of Roughly Curam. River flow pattern in the research area is sub-dentritic
drainage pattern. Stratigraphy In the research area based on observation results of direct rock distribution
in the field and regional geology. So obtained two units of rock consisting of unit of sandstone and Unit
silt rock flake Structure that developed in the study area include the presence of folds and stocky.