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A PPP Lesson plan

Level: Intermediate

Skills: Speaking

Topic: Imaginary Situations.

Aim: students to express and talk about imagined or hypothetical situations.

Structures: If I were you, I would--------

If you weren't -----------, you would--------------

Subsidiary aim: Related vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking skills.

Personal aims: To involve students through writing and reading about imaginary

Anticipated problems:
1. Using wrong forms of irregular verbs in the past simple tense.
2. Students might be unable to catch the form " subject + would + base form"
1. Teacher will revise, quickly, irregular past tenses through cross word activity.
2. Regarding second problem, Teacher can use finger coding to make it easier.

1. Pictures for the vocabulary words.
2. Prompts for the situation.
3. "Auction chart" (controlled practice).
4. 'If conditional' worksheet (less controlled practice).
5. Worksheet for mingling game.
6. Reading sheet.
7. Story completion sheet
8. Transparency for writing.
9. A card with a topic written in it.
10. An overhead
11. Homework Handout.
Stage Procedures Interaction Materials Time

Lead in / warmer Teacher asks students: Teacher / Whole 3 min.

Can you drive? class interaction
Have you tried before?
Tell me three things you
hate in our streets? etc.---

Vocabulary elicitation 1-During the lead in, I 1- Teacher / Pictures 6 min.

will elicit related Whole class.
vocabulary 2- While drilling
Ex: it will be pair /
1. While driving, group work.
you should
2. We have to wait
for the……
(Pedestrians) to
cross the road.
3. And we have to
…… in order not
to hit them.
(Watch out)
2- For each word, I will
use concept questions
before drilling.
Ex: "concentrate": Is it a
good/ bad thing? (Good)
Do we use this word
with cars or people?
"Watch out": Is this
word used when
somebody is in danger?
3- Students will drill
chorally, individually,
and groups.
4- I will ask "what kind
is the word?" to elicit
the word form, syllables
and stress. I'll put the
word in a sentence to
make it easier.
Ex: con.cen.trate (v.)
Watch out (PHR V.)
Pe.des.trian. (N.)
Presentation Teacher will create a Teacher only 2 min.
situation where the T.L
appears naturally.
I will say it without any

Concept checks 1- Is the woman learning Teacher / Whole 2 min.

how to drive?(yes) class.

2- Is she relaxed?(No)

3- Is the street full of

cars? (Yes)

4- So, what is the woman

doing? (hoping –

5- Is the man happy with

her speaking? (No)

6- Does he advise her?

Fully controlled I will say the dialogue 1- Teacher / Prompts for 5-6 min.
practice. once more, while putting Whole class the dialogue
the prompts on the board.
2- Students drill
in groups

3- in pairs closed
/ open
Consolidation 1- I will ask the students Whole class 4 min.
to help me to fill in the
dialogue (The T.L will
2- I will let the students
copy from the board and
their work will be
3- I'll consolidate the T.L,
meaning, form and use.
Controlled practice "Auction game" Group work, Auction 6 min.
1- Teacher will introduce Teacher/ whole worksheet (3 min. for
the game by giving an class interaction. the game, 1
example to illustrate the min. for
meaning of the word giving and
"auction". checking
2- I will give the instructions
following instructions: and 3-4 min.
 You are going for the feed
to work in back)
pairs, each
pair will get
1000 $.
 You will have
five sentences
on the board,
try to buy as
many as you
can. Each
sentence costs
 The winner
group is the
one who will
have more
sentences and
much money.
3- checking instructions:
 How much
money do
you have?
 what are you
going to do
by the
money?( buy
 Are all the
correct? (no)
 Are you
going to work
alone? (no, in
4- I'll give the handout to
the Ss.
5- Then, I will put the
sentences on the board
and start the game.
6- After finishing the
game, I will make class
correction using students'
7- The meaning, form
and use will be clearer.
Less controlled practice To complete one Student working If conditional 4 min.
sentence on their own. worksheet/ (2 min. for
1- I will give the cards. answering
instructions for the T./ class and 2 min. for
activity: interaction feedback)
 I will give each
one a card.
 You are going to
complete the
sentence written
in that card.
 You are going to
work alone.
 And you have got
2 min.
2- checking instructions:
 What are you
going to do
by the card?
(complete the
 How are you
going to
work? (alone)
 How much
time do you
(2 min.)
3- After finishing the
activity, students will say
the answer and have the
feedback using students'

More less controlled "Mingling game" Whole class Mingling 14 Min.:

practice 1- I will give instructions -------------------- game
for the activity: -- worksheet. 6 min. for
 You will have Student working ---------------- mingling
five questions in on their own. - game.
this sheet. -------------------- Reading text. (3 min. for
 Try to find -- the game, 1
answers for these Pair work. min. for
questions from instructions
your friends in and 2 min. for
the class. (Feel feedback)
free to move -----------------
around the class). 8 min. for
 Write the answers reading
of your friends. 3 min.
 You have got 3 skimming,
min. 2 min.
2- checking instructions: thinking time,
 What are you 3 min. pair
going to do? works.
(answer these
questions from
our friends).
 How many
questions do you
have? (5)
 Are you going to
write anything?
 How much time
do you have? (3

3- After finishing the

activity, each student will
say the answer of these
questions and have the
feedback using students'
Reading activity:
4- I will give instructions
for the next activity:
 You will take a
text (dialogue).
 Read first the
question on the
What's up with Alex?
 Then, Skim (read
quickly) this
dialogue alone.
 Tell me the
answer of the
 You have got 3
5- Checking instructions:
 Are you going
to read the text
first or the
question? ( the
 Are you going
to write
anything? (No).
 How much time
do you have? (3
6- After getting the
answers, I'll ask the
 Imagine that you
are "Alex", what
are you going to
 You've got 2 min.
to think.
7- I'll give instructions:
 Work in pairs.
 one would be
"Alex" the other
would be "Joe"
 Then change
 You've got 3
8- Checking instructions.

Free practice 1- I'll open a discussion Teacher/whole Story 3 min. for the
about "if you had billions class interaction. completion discussion.
and billions of dollars, sheet
what would you do?" Pair work 2 min. for
"Are you going to go on a story
world tour?" Group work A card with a completion.
2- After brainstorming, topic written 1 min. for
I'll give them instructions in it. sharing ideas.
for the story completion 2-3 min. for
sheet: An overhead feedback.
 I'll give you a -----------------
story. -
 Read it
 Write two 6-7 min. for
sentences to writing.
complete it.
 You're going to 5 min. for
work alone. correction.
 You've got 2 min.
3- Checking instructions:
 What are you
going to do?
 How are you
going to work?
 How much time
do you have?
4- I'll ask the students to
share their ideas in pairs.
5- Each student will share
ideas to the whole class
and get feedback.

Writing activity
I'll give instructions for
the writing:
 You are going to
be divided into
three groups.
 Each group will
have a card with
the topic:
"If you could be anyone
in the world, who would
you be? Why? What
will you do?"
 Write a paragraph
on the
(showing them
the transparency)
 You've got 6 min.
6-Checking instructions:
 What are you
going to do?
(write a paragraph
 How are you
going to work? (in
 How much time
do you have? (6
 Where are you
going to write? (in
7- After writing, I'll use
the overhead to make a
class correction.
Assignment/Homework 1- I'll give a brief idea T. /whole class. Homework 3 min.
about the homework. Handout.
(brain storming)
2-The topic is "If you
could change something
about your life in the
past, what would you
3- I'll hand them the
4- I'll ask them about
things we have learned
during the lesson.


1- Learning ESL - Conditional Sentences - Grammar and Vocabulary

3-Grammar book: WRITING CLEARLY.