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Date of observation: 25TH August 2017 Observer: Angela Andrea Pérez Roa

Class (or level): INTERMEDIATE ONE Teacher observed: NOELIA VILLAMIZAR

The aim of this observation task is to provide you with some general information and data about the
lesson, especially how successful the teacher was in achieving the lesson aims and in creating an
environment that contributes to learning.


Answer the questions below. Try to be descriptive, not evaluative. Your answers should be brief and to
the point.

1. What were, in your opinion, the main aims of this lesson? Were they achieved? How do you

This lesson aims at evaluating how report speech , it was achieved because students participate
during the class, then they developed an exercise to increase and resolve doubts about the topic.

2. Briefly describe the general atmosphere of the class. In what ways did the teacher's personality
and behavior contribute to that atmosphere?

The atmosphere of the class was active, teachers and students participate with enthusiasm and
teacher’s personality and behavior contribute to generate confident and promote active
performance in the students.

3. Briefly describe the learners' general behavior/attitude and their involvement in activities and
tasks. What, in your opinion, most contributed to their behavior/attitude and their involvement?

In general learners were active during the classes, they participated and made questions to understand
better the topic. I think that teachers contributed to their behavior and their involvement during the
class because teacher encourage them, and for example in that classroom, they were who explain the
topic because they had already studied at home, so teachers helped them and reinforce some flaws that
they had about the topic but most of the time knowledge was built between students.

4. List all materials and equipment used in this lesson (course book, blackboard, audio-visual aids, etc.)

Blackboard and copies.

5. Estimate, in percentage, the amount of time the teacher talked (TTT) compared to the amount of
time students talked (STT)
TTT: 45% STT: 55%

6. Estimate, in percentage, the amount of time the teacher used English compared to the students’
mother tongue?

French:70% Spanish: 30%

7. List all the different language activities in the order they occurred and how much time was spent on
each of them (e.g. social chit-chat, 1 min; revision of ..., 5 minutes, 1st listening, 2 mins, Q-A, 3 mins.,
2nd listening, ...).

1) Revision reported speech indirect in the different tenses 1h 30 minutes

2) Exercise of practice 20 minutes

3) Correction of exercise 10 minutes

8. In each of the spaces below, note down one specific thing (teacher's personal quality or teaching
skill, activities and tasks, classroom atmosphere, etc.) that you noticed in the course of the lesson and
would like to make your comment on, discuss or learn more about.

a. One thing I particularly liked in this lesson was that teacher motive students to participate, it is so
important that students learn how to teach some topic because we are teacher in training.

b. One thing I found rather ineffective in this lesson was

I did not find anything ineffective in this lesson, I think all what teacher do was in order to increase
knowledge of students.

c. One thing I would like to be discussed in more detail in this course is

I think that the development of the class was so significant for students and teachers for
that I would not like to discuss about the course.