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Battle of the Bands


1. The competition is open to all colleges of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila.

2. Each college shall only send one (1) band.

3. A band must consist of not less than four (4) students, and not more than eight (8).

4. All members must be bona fide students of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila; it is up to the college
student councils if they will set a standard, qualifications, limitations, and the likes in forming their
bands. (For College of Medicine, only those who are enrolled for of 2 nd Semester, A.Y. 2017-2019 and
are still qualified to enroll for 1st Semester, A.Y. 2018 – 2019 are eligible to join.)

5. Members of the Organizing Committee are not allowed to join the competition.


1. The CSC must pass a Band Profile to register their band.

2. Band Profile Sheets must be disseminated by the organizing committee on or before June 13, 2018.
Band Profile contains the following:
(a) Band Name
(b) Song titles to be played and its genre.
(c) Band members, year and course, contact numbers, and instruments.
(d) Band background

3. Two (2) compositions must be submitted by the band. One of the two compositions must be an
original composition, the other one must be a cover of an OPM song.

4. Attached with the Band Profile should be the lyrics of the songs to be played.

5. Attached with the Band Profile should be the photocopy of each member’s ID and registration form.

6. Band Profile Sheets must be submitted on June 13, 2018, on this gmail account Failure to comply will result to deduction of (.25) point to their final score
every day until they’ve submitted their requirements.
1. The orientation and pictorial shall be held on June 8, 2018.
2. There will also be a draw lots to determine the theme (Karunungan, Kaunlaran, Kadakilaan) for each
participating band’s original composition.


1. The competition will be held on June 20, 2018, 5:00pm – 10:00pm at the Tanghalang Bayan.

2. The band shall not exceed 10 minutes in their performance, including set-up. The band that will
perform beyond the given time shall be given one (1) point deduction on the first second plus (.1)
point deduction on the following seconds in their final score.

3. The band that will not comply on the dates given will be given a (.25) point deduction on their final
score every day until they’ve submitted their requirements.

4. The participating bands shall prepare a 2 – minute teaser video. A point one (.1) per second will be
deducted to their final score if they exceed the 2 min. limit.

5. The use of pyrotechnic gadgets, smoke, or combustible materials as props is not allowed.

6. Obscene, lewd, or green words in the lyrics are not allowed.

7. No band should be repeating other bands cover songs.

8. The band must bring their own instruments as the organizers will only provide the following:
(a) Drums
(b) Guitar Amplifier
(c) Bass Amplifier
(d) Keyboard amplifier
(e) Microphones
a. Criteria for Judging
Musicality (Harmony, Rhythm, Sound Quality) 35%
Originality and Creativity 35%
Quality of Performance/Stage Presence 20%
Audience Impact 10%_
TOTAL 100%

b. The original composition and the cover song shall be judged based on the aforementioned criteria.
c. Over-all Criteria
Original Composition 50%
Cover Song 50%_
TOTAL 100%


1. The champion shall receive a 24 inches 3-legged trophy.
2. The 1st runner-up shall receive an 18 inches 3-legged trophy.
3. The 2nd runner-up shall receive a 12 inches 3-legged trophy.
4. All participants shall receive a certificate of participation.


1. Starting on June 8, 2018 the committee will be publishing photos of the participating bands on
2. Starting on June 17, 2018 the committee will be posting the teaser videos of the participating bands
on Facebook and the bands will be given up until 11:59 pm of June 20, 2018 to gather heart reacts on
their teaser video.
3. The PCA Awardee shall be given to the band that will garner the most number of heart reactions on
their teaser video on Facebook.
4. The PCA Awardee shall be given 1.5 points on their final score.
5. The PCA Awardee shall receive a plaque of recognition.


Any problem or discrepancy, which could be raised by the participants or the organizing committee itself,
during the competition, must be brought to the attention of the organizing committee that shall address it
with the Head Judge, and/or the Head Committee of the Battle of the Bands; final respective decision/s made
will be final and irrevocable.