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Words Definition/meaning

held the past tense and past participle of hold (to make an
event, especially a meeting,)
attend Come to some place or an event:
significant Having a special meaning
apportunity an occasion or situation that makes it possible to do
something that you want to do or have to do, or the
possibility of doing something
refreshment Food and drink

available able to be obtained, used, or reached

honor great respect for someone, or the feeling of pride and

pleasure resulting when respect is shown to you
reply to give a spoken or written answer
demonstrate Show something clearly by giving froop or
evidence or show and explain how something
work or how to do something
confirm to make an arrangement or meeting certain, often by
phone or writing

Match the word in column A with the synonim in column B

1. Held a. approve, justify
2. attend b. snack
3. significant c. answer
4. opportunity d. show and tell
5. refreshment e. Praise, glory
6. Available f. Important, powerful
7. Honor g. taken
8. reply h. Go to, visit
9. Demonstrate i. chance
10. confirm j. Obtainable, prepared

Complete the letter with suitable word you have learned.

SMA Negeri 2 Ciamis

K.H. Ahmad Dahlan Street No. 2
Ciamis 46211
August 20, 2018

Mrs, Hendra Sudrajat

The Head of Supervision
Education and Culture Office West Java Province
Division XII

Dear Mr. Hendra,

We need to inform you that our school is going to develop the entrepreneurship
programme for the students this year. We believe that we should give our students better
understanding about the programme.

As the preparation for that, we are going to have a training related to entrepreuneurship, so
I would like to to ..........(1). the training, and give our students motivation to be
good entrepreuneurs.

The training will be ........(2). on 25th August 2018 at 09.00 o’clock at our school auditorium.
In this program we will also get some .......... (3) students to.............. (4).their skills at
creative works ............ (5).and lunch is ...............(6). for all participants. With this training we
expect that our students will have good .............(7) to make good earning in their future life.

It ‘s a great ....................(8) for us if you could come to the training. Would you please
...............(9) this letter three days before the schedule to .............(10) whether or not you
could attednd this programme.

We look forward to seeing you there


Widia kusumah

C. After completing the letter above, Please tell what information the letter tells about.