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JHS Monitoring Result

October 2, 2018
Policy on Retention and Promotion of Students

Vision – Mission Statement

School Policy & Administrative Manual

Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws

DepEd Recognition Certificate

Perception Survey of Students & Parents
on the School’s PVMGO

Joint Statement of the Stakeholder’s Shared Vision

Of the School and Student Learning

School Curriculum Learning Guides/Syllabi

Sample of teacher –made tests
Inventory list of instructional strategies

Minutes of Meeting on Articulation among Subject

and Level T eachers

Sample Questions

Students Academic Achievement and

Lesson/Learning Plans

List of Textbooks Per Subject/Level

List of Instructional Materials

List of Human and Community
Resources used in class

List of Instructional Technologies and Materials

Supervisory Plan
Grading System

Classroom Observation Reports

Summary of School’s Observation Reports

School Personnel

Personnel Handbook

Job Descriptions of School Personnel

List of Simenars/Professional Trainings Attended

Report on Personal’s Involvement in

Professional Organizations

Faculty and Staff Developement Plan

Teaching Assignment of Faculty

Class List

Personnel Evaluation Performance Report

Supervisory Plan

Enrollment Policy

Enrollment Data
Chart for the past 3 years

Policy on Retention and Promotion of Students

Report on Parent’s Assemblies

List of Medical Personnel

List of Medical Supplies/Equipment


Medical and Dental Records of Students

Guidance Development Plan

Students Cumulative Folders

Report on Guidance and Counselling Services

Samples of Guidance Tests given to Students

School Discipline Policy

Student Handbook
Campus and Security Guidelines

List and Schedule of Co-curricular Activities

List and Schedule of Social Action Programs

Health Certificate of Canteen Personnel

Campus Site Plan and Location Map

Land Property Title or Memorandum of Lease

School Builiding Inspection Report

Certificate of Building Compliance

Five-Year Physical Development Plan

Fire Drill and Safety Inspection Certificate

Fire and Earthquake Disaster Management Plan

Certificate of Water Potability

Inventory List of Campus Facilities

List of Equipment and Facilities for

instructional Rooms

Copy of Floor Lay-out Sizes of Spaces used for

Administrative and Services Purposes
Inventory List of Sanitary Toliets and Lavatories

Library Floor Lay -Out Plan

Faculty and Student Lounges

Library Orientation Program and Schedule

Statistics on the Use of Library

Library Handbook
Library Development Plan

Library collection data list of recently-acquired


Updated Inventory of Facilities and Equipment

Inventory List of Basic Laboratory
Equipment and Apparatuses

List of Science Experiments

and Activities by year level

Laboratories Development Plan

Laboratory Schedule

Inventory list of campus facilities

SEC Report
Goverment Recognition

File copy of the Minutes of School Board

Administrative Manual

Manual of School Produres and Policies

Inventory list of Administrative Files and Records

Parents Manual
Report on the teachers Association or Family Council

Organizational Chart
School’s Outreach Program

Socio-Economic Profile of the Community

Annual budget

Budget Performance Reports

Copy of DepEd-approved tuition , miscellaneous and
other frees

School Income and Expenses Statement

(past 3 years)
Audited Financial Statement

List and Amounts of Grants. Gifts and Donations

(past 3 years)

Performance Indicators (past 3 years)

School Statistical Data and duly-Accomplished BEIS

School Improvement Plan with budget allocations

Report on the Implementation and Evaluation of

the SIP