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Northville High School

45700 Six Mile Road  Northville, MI 48168  Phone: 248-344-3800  Fax: 248-344-3801
Principal: Tony Koski
Assistant Principals: Jim Gordon  Janice Loomis  Krystal Muhammad  Diana Patterson
Athletic Director: Bryan Masi

April 26, 2019

Re: Ms. Ireland Van Eck

Please accept my highest recommendation of Ms. Ireland Van Eck for employment as a secondary Spanish
teacher. She was my student teacher from January 7 to April 26, 2019. She shows great excitement for and is
proficient in Spanish, her major field of study. Her dedication, enthusiasm and desire to become a teacher were
reflected in her daily lesson plans and delivery of instruction.

Ireland assumed complete control of four sections of Spanish 2 and assisted with my Spanish 3 and Spanish
Language and Cultures classes. She adapted very well to our 87 minute block schedule and always had ample
activities in which the students participated. Her lesson plans were complete in advance, and the different types
of activities that she presented showed her use of best instructional practice and creative style. Technology and
the integration of culture into many lessons were Ms. Van Eck’s strongest teaching strategies. Many of her
lessons were taught using the Google platform or other online resources.

Throughout her student teaching, Ireland promoted a classroom of mutual respect and encouragement. The
students responded very well to her constructive criticism and support. Many students took a quick liking to Ms.
Van Eck and her warm personality and concern for the student’s best interest. She also had the opportunity to
read and score multiple essays using the International Baccalaureate rubrics. Additionally, Ireland had the
chance to observe other language teachers where she picked up other tips and tricks and shared pedagogical
ideas and resources with them.

During her student teaching experience, Ms. Van Eck became involved in many extra-curricular efforts,
including attendance at a department chair meeting, school improvement meeting, student staff meeting, high
school pep assembly, and participated in Parent Teacher Conferences where she interacted with over 30
different families. Most notable was her work in preparing, organizing, and implementing cultural presentations
about Spain that she delivered throughout her lead teaching days. Her passion for the culture and people of
Spain were obvious in her presentation. The students responded positively and enjoyed the cultural lessons
during class.

I feel that Ireland will be an important asset to any staff or program. She brings a wonderful passion and clear
dedication to the field of education.

Please feel free to contact me if I can provide further information.

Most sincerely,

Matt Creighton
Chair, World Language Department
Spanish Teacher