Leonie Hall: Business Profile

Registered as a sole proprietor since 1994, Leonie Hall, trading as Interakt Development Network (IDN) is listed as a closed corporation and an accredited training provider with the MAPPP SETA. The business strategy is based upon the need to generate networks, spark business collaborations and form clusters within economic sectors that are performing badly, in order to stimulate sustainable economical growth. With a passion for creative thinking and the creative industries, IDN has developed interventions that strengthen the network of locally owned enterprises (from small to macro) and entrepreneurs. Specialising in capacity building and inspired by the principles of life-long learning; IDN has offered a wide variety of business solutions and has a proven track record of many successful projects and a select database of long-term, loyal and satisfied clients. Driven by a spirit of activism, guided by free-thinking and excellence principles and with a knack for simplifying complicated business constraints and a range of cost-effective solutions have been developed. You will find our business ethics amicable, and our product & services original and refreshing. IDN aspires and inspires entrepreneurial empowerment, continual improvement and maximised growth. This is further evident through our Quality Assurance systems, and an interactive organisational structure.

Strategic analysis of sectoral barriers to success Strategic development needs analysis Strategic Implementation Community Development. payroll & administration.Accreditation procedures QMS strategies and auditing tools Principles of OBE and lifelong learning Coaching and mentoring Best Practices Learnership management and administration Customer service HR Consultancy Performance management and organisational effectiveness: Capacity Building Creative Thinking Supervisory training Management development programmes Personal Effectiveness Skills Train-the-trainer interventions On-the-job training principles SA HRD Strategy and NQF . unionism. research & development Sectoral development strategies Coaching and Mentoring Management and administration systems for learning and employer organisations. resolving cases of poor performance Resolve organisational incapacity and/or incompatibility. Networking. change management Operational HRM: recruitment & selection. Human Resources. Human Resources and industrial relations consultancy services: Strategic HRM: Manpower planning. team building. conflict management and negotiation.Services ET&D Consultation Curriculum and Materials Development Motivation. Change Management. Motivational workshops and networking opportunities that focuses on creative thinking techniques and the development of business acumen. development and alignment of learning materials. Organisational Behaviour. at departmental and individual levels . Leadership.for both junior employees and senior management. productivity. SETA Accreditation Services Design. Industrial Relations. equity & skills strategies. Capacity-building workshops for facilitators. Organisational Development. RPL – the policy. Quality Assurance & Systems Management. CCMA Organisational audits: evaluation and legal compliance services Creative solutions enhancing organisational effectiveness. Community and industry research development services. what it means. mentors and coaches Entrepreneurship development and SMME growth. culture & diversity. how etc. motivation and reward packages. Industrial relations: labour law.

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